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ECFGSC Family History Bibliography - M

Books are located in the following libraries:

CBL Central Brevard Library, Cocoa
IRCL Indian River County Main Library, Vero Beach
LDSFH LDS Family History Center, Fort Pierce
MBL Morningside Branch Library, Port St. Lucie
MCPL Martin County Public Library, Stuart
MPL Melbourne Public Library, Melbourne
NBPL North Brevard Public Library, Titusville
OCL Okeechobee County Library, Okeechobee
OCLS Orange County Library System, Orlando
OSCLS Osceola County Library System, Kissimmee
SLCHM St. Lucie County Historical Museum, Fort Pierce
SLCL Saint Lucie County Library, Fort Pierce
WPBPL West Palm Beach Public Library, West Palm Beach

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Macalister Berry MPL The Macalisters VI. 7 pages. nd
MacDonald unk WPBPL Captain Gerald MacDonald: A memorial biographical. 1930
MacDonald Seaver WPBPL The MacDonald genealogy. n.d.
MacDonell Lee OCLS In Their Several Generations nd
MacFarlane Fraser WPBPL The Clan MacFarlane. vol. 2. 1869
MacFarlane Little WPBPL History of the Clan MacFarlane. 1893
MacGill McGill OCLS The Macgill-McGill Family of Maryland: A Genealogical Record of Over 400 Years Beginning 1537, Ending 1948. 1948
Mack Cotner WPBPL The Descendants of John Christopher Miller and Hanna Franciska Stratman and their seven children in the Miller, Mack, Martens & Roessler families 7 volumes 1985
MackDaniels Daniels MPL Some Descendants of John MackDaniels of Groton, CT. 200 pages. 1959
Macklin Macklin OCLS The Macklins of Ireland nd
MacLean McLean WPBPL History and genealogy of one branch of the Clan MacLean. 1972
MacLeod Mackinnon WPBPL The MacLeods: the genealogy of a Clan. Section 3. 1970
MacMillan MacMillan Reunion OCLS The Story of the MacMillans and MacNaughtons of Michigan 1968
MacNab MacNab IRCL The diary of Sophia MacNab. 1968
MacNauchtan McNitt CBL MacNauchtan saga: A storybook history of an ancient clan and its branches. 1951
MacNeil MacNeil WPBPL Castle in the sea..the MacNeil of Barra, 45th chief of Clan Neil. 1964
Macon Macon OCLS Gideon Macon of Virginia and Some of His Descendants 1956
Macon Macon CBL Gideon Macon of Virginia and some of his descendants, allied families. 1956, revised 1979.
Macrae Berry MPL Northern Neck Families: The Ancestors of Susan Frances Chapman. 125 pages. nd
Macy Morgan IRCL The Macy Family of Pine Castle: and other Related Familied of Central Florida. 1997.
Macy Flack WPBPL Genealogy of the Gordon-Macy-Hiddleston-Curtis and allied families. 1967
Maddock Maddock NBPL Genealogy of Clyde, Jr. and Lynn Steel Maddock - Pedigree Charts of Brevard Genealogical Society. 1982
Magelssen Magelssen IRCL Familien Magelssen. 1928 (In Swedish)
Magoun Breck OCLS (Microcard) Descendants of John and Rebecka Magoun Who Settled in Pembroke, Mass about 1665 1834
Magoun Breck OCLS (Microcard) Descendants of Aaron and Mary (Church) Magoun of Pembroke, Mass, with Illustrations and a Complete Index 3rd Ed. 1810
Maiden Rollins OCLS The Maiden Family of Virginia and Allied Families 1623-1991; Aker, Alburtis, Butt, Carter, Fadely, Fulkerson, Grubb, Hagy, King, Landis, Lee, Scudder, Stewart, Underwood, Williamson and Others. 1991
Maine Childress OCLS Descendants of Ezekiel Maine of Stowington, CT 1905
Makepeace Makepeace IRCL The genealogy of the Makepeace families in the United States, from 1637 to 1857. 1858
Mallery Baldwin IRCL The Candee genealogy: with notices of allied families of Allyn, Catline, Cooke, Mallery, Newell, Norton, Pynchon, and Wadsworth. 1882.
Malone Boyd IRCL WPBPL The Parrish family, including the allied families of Belt, Boyd, Cole and Malone, etc. 1988
Maltby Verrill OCLS IRCL Maltby-Maltbie family history. 1916
Mandeville Berry MPL The Berry Family of New Jersey. Vol.III. 38 pages. nd
Mann Seward CBL One Mann's family and assorted relatives. 1991
Manning Hoffman WPBPL Hoffman, Manning and Simmons Families of Dutchess Co., NY
Mansfeald/ Mansfeil/ Manfeild/ Mansfield Daland CBL Mansfield genealogy: Descendants of Robert and Elizabeth Mansfield and sons Andrew and Joseph who came to Lynn 1639-1640. 1980
Mansfilld Daland CBL Mansfield genealogy: Descendants of Robert and Elizabeth Mansfield and sons Andrew and Joseph who came to Lynn 1639-1640. 1980
Mapes Ham MPL The Mapes Family in America. 513 pages. 1962
Marchant Rentmeester MPL Our Marchant Relatives. 380 pages. 1995
Marden Getchell OCLS Marden Family Genealogy 1974
Markham Markham OCLS A History of the Markham Family nd
Markham Marcum OCLS The Way It Was with Our Ancestors: Markham, Marcum, Cobia, Watters, Gilbert, Butler, David, Gorman, Hutchinson, Kendrick, Roberts, Richebourg, Webster 1983
Marks Burbank IRCL The Ancestors & Descendants: Lieut. Daniel & Mary (Marks) Burbank, Williamstown, Massachusetts. 1983.
Marsh Davis CBL Family history of Mrs. Bruce (Virginia) Mastin. 1949
Marsh Willey MPL Marsh-Burnap-Coffin Genealogies. 21 pages. 1959
Marshall UNK OCLS Our Kith and Kin: Marshall, Brouwer, Jonal, de la Montagne, Jansen, Bogardus, Waldron, DeMotte nd
Marshall Gladden IRCL Descendants of Stephen C. Hawkins of Campbell County, Kentucky: with reference to the allied families of Barton, Clephane, Eckert, Marshall, and Thomasson. 1965
Marshall Gladden WPBPL Descendants of Moses and Mary [Adams] Marshall of Columbiana County, Ohio with reference to the Adams, Aleshire, Clark, Durst and Edmundson families. 1965
Marshall Marshall OCLS I, Alone, Remember: Indiana Historical Society 1956
Marston Marston OCLS George White Marston: A Family Chronicle (2 volumes) 1956
Martens Cotner WPBPL The Descendants of John Christopher Miller and Hanna Franciska Stratman and their seven children in the Miller, Mack, Martens & Roessler families 7 volumes 1985
Martin Sisson WPBPL Martin, Stevens, Perkins. n.d.
Martin Martin OCLS Martin Family of New England: Weymouth & Hingham 1635-1667 1850
Martin Seaver WPBPL Martin family. 1971
Martin Martin WPBPL The Martin family. n.d.
Martin Martin OCLS Emanuel Henry Martin Family Genealogy 1800-1962 1963
Martin Farmer MPL Martin Family. Vol.I-II. 125 pages. 1975
Martin Coulter IRCL Martin Family History. 1931
Martin Ratchiff OCLS James T. Martin, Anson County, NC: His Ancestors and Descendants 1985
Martz Martz MPL The Martzes of Maryland. 200 pages. 1973
Marvin Marvin and Marvin IRCL Descendants of Reinold and Matthew Marvin : of Hartford, Connecticut, 1638 and 1635, sons of Edward Marvin, of Great Bentley, England. 1904
Marye Eberhart OCLS MPL The Maryes of Virginia 1730-1985. 408 pages. 1985
Mason Mason WPBPL The Masons of eastern North Carolina. 1982
Mason Sagendorph OCLS Steven Thomson Mason, Misunderstood Patriot 1947
Mason Mason NBPL Preliminary Notes on the Genealogy of Sampson Mason Family. 1897
Mason Miller OCLS George Mason, Gentleman Revolutionary 1975
Mason McCrary OCLS Southern Families: Genealogy & Biographical Sketches of the Masons, Wilsons, Ridleys, Weissingers, Palmers nd
Mason Mason IRCL Genealogy of the Mason family of Greene County, Pennsylvania and eastern counties of Ohio and genealogy of the Thomas family of Hilltown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. 1930
Mason Miller OCLS George Mason of Gunston Hall 1958
Mason Rutland OCLS George Mason, Reluctant Statesman nd
Massey Kellar CBL OCLS Jane Massey's Journal 1897-1900 in Oconee County, SC 1991
Massey Massey OCLS Massey on Censuses nd
Massey Massey OCLS My Massey Family in England, Book I & Book II; Addendum & Index in Separate Volume nd
Massie Abstance OCLS Branches of the Massie-Francis Family Tree nd
Masters Connolly WPBPL Genealogical source records, families of Joshua Eells [Ells] and Mary Bill of Milton, Mass. and Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. 1984
Masters Masters OCLS Masters Family History 1691-1989 1989
Masterson DAR OCLS Masterson Family (GRC Series 2, Vol 41) nd
Mastin Davis CBL Family history of Mrs. Bruce (Virginia) Mastin. 1949
Matchett Gray OCLS The Matchetts and their Descendants of Florida nd
Mather Mather OCLS Lineage of Rev. Richard Mather 1890
Mather Sherman WPBPL Descendants of William Lain and Keziah Mather with her lineage from Reverend Richard Mather. 1957
Mather Holden OCLS Journal of Richard Mather 1635 (Number 3) 1850
Mathis Edwards WPBPL Ancestors and descendants of the Edwards - Mathis - Delozier and related families. 1985
Mathis Mathis OCLS The Thomas Mathis and Allied Families - Anderson, Barrow, Billups, Bonner, Cantey, Cox, Dupree, Fulton, Gary, Hunter, Messer, Minter, Nelson, Richardson, Rutherford and Others 1977
Matteson Matteson WPBPL Mattesons in America. Original records of the early Matteson Pioneers. 1967
Matteson Matteson WPBPL Mattesons in America. A genealogical history of the descendants of Henry Matteson, the emigrant, 1646-1690. 2 vol. n.d.
Matthews Boots OCLS The Mat(t)hews Family nd
Matthews Matthews OCLS Luke Matthews of Brunswick County, VA 1739-1788 and His Descendants nd
Matthews Boots OCLS A Genealogy of the Matthews Family with Chapters on Related Families: Archer, Boots, Brewer, Busher, Daniel, Fulkhouser, Hybart, Morris, Paul, Roberts nd
Maulsby Barnard OCLS The Maulsby Genealogy 1909
Maurer Maynard MPL History and Genealogy of Maynard, Maurer and Related Families. Vol.I-II-III. 2673 pages. 1984
Maurice Tioga Chapter OCLS A Memorial of Charlotte Marshall Holbrooke Maurice nd
Maury Maury WPBPL Intimate Virginiana. A century of Maury travels. 1941
Maxtone Maxtone-Graham OCLS Katrina Maxtone-Graham, An Adopted Woman: Her Search, Her Discoveries - a True Story 1983
Maxwell Norman OCLS Thomas Maxwell of Virginia and Georgia 1956
Maxwell Maxwell WPBPL Ancestors 1971
May Edwards WPBPL Richard Edwards and wife Catherine Pond May. 1931
May May OCLS May, Poor and Allied Families 1953
May Robertson MPL The Robertson and May Families with Allied Families. 249 pages. 1989
May Banks OCLS The English Ancestry & Homes of the Pilgrim Fathers 1965
Mayham Raymond OCLS The Mayham Family 1795-1950: The Family of Henry Maham of Blenheim Hill, Schoharie County, NY 1950
Maynard Maynard OCLS MPL History and Genealogy of Maynard, Maurer and Related Families. Vol.I-II-III. 2673 pages. 1984
Mayo Mayo OCLS IRCL WPBPL John Mayo of Roxbury, Massachusetts, 1630-1688 : A Genealogical and Biographical Record of his Descendants. 1965
Mays Mays OCLS Genealogy of the Mays Family and Related Families to 1929 1929
Mc Larty Camp WPBPL Our ancestors and kinsmen: The Shelbys, Polks, Mc Lartys, Perkersons, Tarpleys and Camps. 1976
McArthur McArthur OCLS McArthur-Barnes Ancestral Lines 1964
McCaleb Garrett WPBPL The Thompson Connection to McCaleb, McComb, Woodsides, Evans, Ponder, Gray, Lovell, MdacAlpine, Arden, Thornsberry and many related lines nd
McCall McCall OCLS McCall-Tidwell and Allied Families 1931
McCallum Farrell OCLS McCallums; Daniel McCallum, Isabel Sellars 1946
McCann DAR OCLS Some Descendants of John Keand McCann 1957
McCann Sturdevant OCLS Ancestral Lineage: Mildred Olive Bates McCann 1964
McCann McCann OCLS WPBPL Family of Eliza R. McCann Who Married Lytle Griffing: Bourbon Co, KY and Adams Co, IL 1963
McCann Graham WPBPL Ancestral Lineage of Mildred Olive Bates McCann 1964
McCann McCann OCLS WPBPL Family of Wesley D. McCann 1962
McCarley Kershaw OCLS A McCarley Family 1986
McCartney McCartney OCLS My Pioneering Forefather (J. D. McCartney) 1968
McCary Willett CBL McCary family recipes. 1993
McCaulay Zimmerman OCLS A Pint of Pearls 1967
McChesney DAR OCLS The Descendants of Robert McChesney and Mary Ann Welch 1966
McCheyne McCheyne OCLS Life and Remains: Letters, Lectures and Poems of the Rev. Robert Murray McCheyne...edited by Rev. Andrew Bonar. 1860
McClary Tompkins WPBPL Stark-McClary-Fletcher-Carey, Ancestors of my grandmother, Dorothy (Dolly) Calista Stark
McClellan Berges WPBPL Our Family Tree: Part One - The Ancestors of Edward Wheldon McClellan, Part Two - The Ancestors of Grace Trafford 1986
McClellan McClellan OCLS Descendants of William Brownlow McClellan 1946
McCluer McCluer WPBPL Following McCluer Ancestors: Life in Mississippi in the teens with a line each of LaRue, Parrill, Moore, Cox Genealogy 1974
McClung McClung WPBPL The McClung Genealogy: A Genealogical and Biographical Record of theMcClung Family from the Time of their Emigration to the year 1904 1904
McComb Garrett WPBPL The Thompson Connection to McCaleb, McComb, Woodsides, Evans, Ponder, Gray, Lovell, MacAlpine, Arden, Thornsberry and many related lines nd
McConnaughey Elliott OCLS William McConnaughey/Ellen Berry and Descendants nd
McConnell McConnell WPBPL Genealogy of McConnell Family, Descendants of Hugh McConnell and Jane Furguson 1955
McCormick McCormick OCLS The Henry McCormick Family 1979
McCoy Hayward WPBPL John McCoy, His Life and His Diaries 1948
McCoy Jones CBL Hatfields and the McCoys. 1948
McCoy McCoy WPBPL Notes on the McCoy Family 1939
McCracken Younglove CBL Revolutionary War experiences of the sons of Isaiah Younglove; Part II: McCracken family of Massachusetts, Salem and Camillus, New York. 1988
McCracken McCracken OCLS The McCrackens of Haywood Co., N.C. nd
McCrary Fears OCLS IRCL Slave ancestral research : It's something else. 1995
McCreary Slutz IRCL Descendants of John Slutz of Maryland and Ohio. The Margaret Slutz line, Wife of John McCreary. 1994
McCree McCree OCLS The Hammer and The Pencil 1986
McCulloch Weeks OCLS Oscar Carleton McCulloch 1843-1891 1976
McCulloch Cook MCPL Charles Cook of Generoslee. nd
McCullough Summers OCLS Clan McCullough/McCulloch Newsletters 1983
McCune Knapp OCLS Some of the Descendants of Robert and Jane (---) McCune of Bourbon and Nicholas Co, KY. nd
McCuskey McCuskey OCLS A Tree of Four Ancient Stocks 1916
McCutchen McIntosh OCLS Genealogies: McCutchen-Anderson & Related Families 1971
McCutchen McIntosh OCLS McCutchen-Anderson-Way and Related Families 1983
McDaniel unk WPBPL The McDaniel Family 1961
McDonald Redfearn OCLS Alexander McDonald of New Inverness, GA and His Descendants 1954
McDonald McDonald OCLS The Lacroix Descendants 1611-1991: From France Via Quebec to Central Louisiana 1992
McElfish Davis CBL Family history of Mrs. Bruce (Virginia) Mastin. 1949
McElroy Graves OCLS McElroy Family Newsletters V. 1-3; Vol. 4 1979 1979
McFarland Worsham OCLS Short History on the Family of Patrick McFarland Sr. and Elizabeth Knox McFarland and Complete History of the Patrick McFarland, Jr. and Margaret White McFarland Family. 1992
McFarland unk WPBPL Descendants of Daniel McFarland who settled in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1727 - Photographs only nd
McFarland Crane WPBPL Descendants of Daniel McFarland. One of the Scotch Presbyterians who settled in Worcester, Massachusetts 3 vols. 1907
McFarquhar Reed WPBPL Alexander Reed [1776-1842] Washington, Pennsylvania and his descendants: Colin McFarquhar [1729-1822] father of Janet McFarquhar Reed. 1960
McGaffey McGaffey OCLS The McGaffey and Allied Families [McCall, Johnson, Garner] 1976
McGehee Grider OCLS McGehee Descendants, (3 volumes) 1987
McGinnis Dotson OCLS Our McGinnis Family: The Story of James and Sarah Davis McGinnis and Their Descendents, 1993; Supplement 1994 1993
McGregor DeRoo WPBPL The descendants of Donald Bannerman and Barbara McGregor of Kintrodwell, Sutherland, Scotland. 1992
McGriff Hill OCLS Captain James McGriff (1755-1830) and His Descendents 1979
McGriff Hill OCLS Col. Patrick McGriff of Chester Co, SC & Montgomery Co, GA: His Children and Grandchildren and Some Others Named Mcgriff 1973
McGuffey Ruggles NBPL The Story of the McGuffeys. 1950
McIntire McIntire WPBPL A Typical New England Ancestry: McIntire Family 1950
McIntosh Corbin OCLS A History and Genealogy of Chief William McIntosh, Jr. andHis Known Descendants 1775-1825 nd
McJunkin Rhyne WPBPL McJunkin: A Familty of Memories; 1989.
McJunkin Saye WPBPL Memoirs of Major Joseph McJunkin, Revolutionary Patriot Reprint 1977
McKay Seward CBL WPBPL Seward and related families. (Sweger, Rugh, Kloenne, McKay, Eley, Day, Corbell, Phillips). 1987
McKay McKay OCLS Genealogy of the McKay Family, Descendants of Elkenny McKay, Including Thirty Seven Generations of the Ancestors of the Family of Daniel McKay, AD 560-1890 (1330 years) 1896
McKee McKee CBL OCLS IRCL A history of the descendants of David McKee of Anahilt : with a general sketch of the early McKees. 1892
McKenna McKenna OCLS WPBPL Roots of Malcolm Carnegie McKenna 1992
McKenney McKenney OCLS MPL The McKenney Story: Hartwell, Cole and Allied Families 1989
McKinney Sayford WPBPL The Family McKinney 1983
McKinsey/ McKensey/ McKensie Barry OCLS NBPL The McKinsey's: McKensey, McKensie, McKinsey Family nd
McKittrick Taylor MPL The Amazing Story of the McKittricks in America. 90 pages. 1982
McKusick McKusick IRCL The descendants of John McKusick and Mary Barker, 1739-1993. 1993
McKusick McKusick CBL Genealogy of the McKusick family, 1739-1989: The descendants of John and Mary Barker McKusick of Hampton, New Hampshire. 1990
McLean McLean WPBPL Lumber River Scots and Their Descendants: The McLeans, The Purcells, The McIntyres, The Torreys and The Gilchrists 1942
McLeod Potvin OCLS Peter McLeod; The Second Founder of Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada 1937
McMaster UNK OCLS McMaster, South Carolina Branch (photocopy) nd
McMurtry LeBaron OCLS William McMurtry of Kentucky and Alabama and His Descendants (Kentucky Series V. II) nd
McNair Brodie MPL A Genealogical History of the Rubel, White, Rockfellow, McNair and Allied Families. 263 pages. 1977
McNeill Berry MPL The McNeills. Vol.V. 51 pages. nd
McNeill Rose WPBPL Thomas McNeill of Caswell County, North Carolina: His Forebears & Descendants 1984
McRaven McRaven OCLS Swift Current 1954
Mead Knapp MCPL Genealogy of Nicholas Knapp. nd
Mead Berry MPL The Berry Family of New Jersey. Vol.III. 38 pages. nd
Mead Prichard CBL WPBPL Mead Relations: Mead - Brown - Powell - Keyser - Kelly - Trumbo - Austin - Toler - Prichard in Virginia & Kentucky 1933
Means Foglesong OCLS The Means Family of America 1972
Medard Medard OCLS With the Presidents and Me 1983
Meeker Zoller WPBPL The Meekers in Iowa 1982
Meeks Sims WPBPL Meeks Family (A Computer Printout) nd
Megow Megow OCLS The Genealogical Records of the Megow and Allied Families 1974
Mehn Seubold MPL A Mehn is a Main is a Mayne...In Frederick County, MD., They Started with Georg. 39 pages. 1980
Meigs Meigs OCLS Record of the Descendants of Vincent Meigs from Dorsetshire, England to America about 1635 1990
Meigs Wilcox MPL Wilcoxson-Wilcox, Webb and Meigs Families. 395 pages. 1938
Meigs unk WPBPL Descendants of Vincent Meigs, Born 1583 (Photocopy) nd (pages assembled from "Descendants of Vincent Meigs" and "The Life of Josiah Meigs")
Melendy George OCLS The Melendy Family in America 1701 - 1981 1982
Mellon Hersh WPBPL The Mellon Family: A Fortune in History 1978
Mendall Smith OCLS Mendall, Mendell, Mandell 1638-1720 of Marshfield, Massachusetts 1984
Mendenhall Thompson WPBPL Thompson, Dawson, Mendenhall, Harlan Genealogies; Ireland, England, Canada, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kansas 1974
Mercein unk WPBPL Incidents in the Life of Thomas R. Mercein nd
Mercer Deever IRCL Nathaniel Butler Banks and Anna Barbara Artman: ancestors and descendants, with Baber, Farrell, Johnson, Mercer, Spencer, and other related lines. nd
Mercer ONT SIZE=2Paris MPL Robert Mercer 1759-1828 and His Wife, Eleanor Tittermary, 1766-1840. 19 pages. 1976
Mercer Wyatt IRCL The Reeves, Mercer, Newkirk families: a compilation. 1956
Mercier Hall MPL Donovan, Nichols, Woodbury, Yott, Mercier and Related Families. 200 pages. 1976
Meredith Wilson MCPL Descendants of Dr. Lewis DeRochbrune of Queen Anne County, Maryland. nd
Meredith Davis OCLS The Meredith Family 1973
Meriwether Reeves OCLS The Meriwethers nd
Meriwether Meriwether WPBPL The Meriwethers and Their Connections 1964
Meriwether Anderson MPL Lewises, Meriwethers and Their Kin. 650 pages. 1984
Merrell Merrell WPBPL Captain Benjamin Merrill and the Merrill Family of North Carolina 1935 Reprint 1977
Merrell Merrell WPBPL Richard and Sarah Merrell 1642 to Tom and Flora Merrell 1943 1988
Merriken Newman CBL Mareen Duvall of Middle Plantation: A genealogical history of Mareen Duvall, Gent., of the province o Maryland...1952
Merrill Merrill OCLS Jessie's Tree; A Branch Reminisces 1994
Merrill Baker IRCL Genealogical record of John Brown (1755-1809): and his descendants: also the collateral branches of Merrill, Scott and Follett families. 19??
Merrill Dow MCPL Book of Dow. nd
Merritt Shannon OCLS Merritt, Lynch and Allied Families 1979
Merritt Merritt OCLS MPL Historical Perspectives of Charles Merritt ca 1652-1718. 152 pages. 1986
Merry Merry WPBPL A 300 Year Record of Descendants of Cornelius Merry of Northampton, Massachusetts and Northfield, Massachusetts 1968
Messenger Patterson OCLS The Messenger Family in Portage and Geauga Counties, OH nd
Messer Yates NBPL Family Group Sheet Exchange: Surnames Lawrence, Messer & Morrison. 1988
Metcalf Metcalf IRCL Genealogy of a branch of the Metcalf family: that originated in West Wrentham, Mass. with their connections by marriage, and descendants. 1892
Metheral Booth WPBPL The Metherals and Perrys of Dunedin, Ont; Taylors and Fergusons of Quebec and Maple Valley, Ontario; Methurals of Sask.; 1979
Michener Shaddinger MPL The Micheners in America. (Gantz) 627 pages. 1958
Michiels Unk LDSFH Gibson and Michiels Family History. nd
Mickler Mickler OCLS IRCL The Micklers of Florida. 1991
Milam Sturgeon MPL Family Roots, Ties and Trails (Sturgeon, Nixon and Milam). 350 pages. 1991
Miles Strange WPBPL The Miles family from England to Maryland, Kentucky and Indiana: A genealogy 1988
Miles Holland OCLS Our Heritage V. IV: A Genealogy of the Desendants of John Miles 1974
Milk Warner OCLS History & Genealogy of the Milk-Milks Family 1952
Milledge Salley OCLS Correspondence of John Milledge, Governor of Georgia 1802-1806 1949
Miller Miller IRCL A narrative of the services of Brevet Major Charles Dana Miller in the War of the Great Rebellion, 1861-1865. 18??
Miller Miller NBPL History of the Miller Family of Appleton, Maine. 1968
Miller Miller OCLS Genealogy of Miller and Tillotson (by Elbert Miller) and Fraser, Christie, Smith, Wheeler (by Laura Miller) 1952
Miller Miller OCLS Genealogy of John Miller 1945
Miller Coleman OCLS Our Family Circle - Lawton; Erwin; Stafford; Maner; Willingham; Bostick; Wade and Screven (Separate Index) nd
Miller Miller OCLS Barnard-Miller and Allied Families 1952
Miller McFarland OCLS The Ancestry of John Wilson Miller 1988
Miller Cottner OCLS WPBPL The Descendants of John Christopher Miller and Hanna Franciska Stratman Through Catherine Margaret Miller and John George Mach, A Genealogical and Biographical History, Vol. 2 1985
Miller Cottner OCLS WPBPL The Descendants of John Christopher Miller and Hanna Franciska Stratman Through Christopher Philip Miller and Amanda Carpenter and Catherine Spears, A Genealogical and Biographical History, Vol. 7 1985
Miller Cottner OCLS WPBPL The Descendants of John Christopher Miller and Hanna Franciska Stratman Through Dorothea Elizabeth Miller and Christian Roessler, A Genealogical and Biographical History, Vol. 5 1985
Miller Cottner OCLS WPBPL The Descendants of John Christopher Miller and Hanna Franciska Stratman Through John Conrad Miller and Rebecca Rheidenhour, A Genealogical and Biographical History, Vol. 6 1985
Miller Cottner OCLS WPBPL The Descendants of John Christopher Miller and Hanna Franciska Stratman Through John Martin Miller and Catharine Baker, A Genealogical and Biographical History, Vol. 4 1985
Miller Cottner OCLS WPBPL The Descendants of John Christopher Miller and Hanna Franciska Stratman and Their Seven Children in the Miller, Mach, Martens and Roessler Families: A Genealogical and Biographical History, Vol. 1 1985
Miller Gallaher OCLS (Microcard) Genealogical Notes of the Miller, Quarrier, Shrewsbury, Dickinson, Dickenson Families and the Lewis, Ruffner, and other Kindred Branches 1845
Miller Reeves OCLS History and Genealogy of the Descendants of Jacob Miller, Sr. Patriot of Lancaster and Washington Co, PA and of the Allied Families of Andrew Deeds, Sr. and William Murphey nd
Miller Cottner OCLS WPBPL The Descendants of John Christopher Miller and Hanna Franciska Stratman Through Anna Catherine Miller and Frederick August Martens, A Genealogical and Biographical History, Vol. 3 1985
Millikin Ridlon OCLS History of the Family Millingas and Millanges of Saxony & Normandy Comprising Genealogies and Biographies of Their Posterity Surnames Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Milligan, Mulliken & Mullikin AD 800-1907 Containing Names of 3000... 1907
Mills Boyd MCPL Family History of Lt. Thomas Fortson, 1742-1824. nd
Mills Mills OCLS WPBPL History of the Simon Mills family Through his son John Mills and grandson Joseph Mills of Simsbury, Connecticut. 2 vol. 1984
Mills Mills OCLS Something About the Mills Family and Its Collateral Branches with Autobiographical Reminisces 1911
Mills Miller OCLS The Peter Mills Story 1994
Mills Honneycutt OCLS The Ones Who Came Before: A Family History and Memoirs [Mills, Stepp, Lyda, Whitesides, Freeman, Brewster, Whitaker, Lisle, Harper, Burgin] 1986
Mills Hill OCLS The Family of Captain John Mills of Medway and Sherborn, MA and Amherst, NH 1942
Mills Bjorkman WPBPL The Descendants of Peter Simmons of Brunswick County, Virginia with allied lines of Hiatt, Mills, Patton, James, Harless and McGriff 1973
Mims Mims WPBPL Mims family; leaves from the Mims family tree. 1961
Miner Miner OCLS A Business Life After the Golden Rule: Memorial of William Avery Miner 1861-1020 with an Introductory Sketch of the Miner Family 1920
Miner Miner OCLS IRCL The Lyon's Whelps: Descendants of Thomas Miner 1608-1900. 1970
Miner Sellect WPBPL Miner and allied families of Connecticut and Long Island. 1928
Mink Johnson WPBPL Mink-Scherrer-Hickman-Harshman-Dickay. 1978
Minkler Pett WPBPL A memoir of the forebears and descendants of Henry L. Fowler and Emma L. Minkler. 1987
Minor Miner OCLS Thomas Minor: Descendants 1608-1981 1981
Minthorn Minthorn MPL The Minthorn Family in America. Parts I-II. 50 pages. nd
Misc UNK OCLS (Microfiche) Genealogical Notes of Cape Cod Families nd
Misc UNK OCLS (Microfilm) Family Histories - Miscellaneous [Cunningham, Durand, Rhoads, Seaman, Shelburne, Sherman, Sibbet, Smith, Steel, Stephens, Swart, Van Anden, Van Benthuysen, Visscher, Waterbury, Webster] nd
Misc Gano OCLS (Microfilm) The John Allen Gano Papers: Letters and Family Papers, 1794-1948 (Mason Co, KY) nd
Misc Hollingswort OCLS (Microfilm) The Hollingsworth Card File nd
Mitchell Ford WPBPL 


Descendants of David Mitchell of Burnton., Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire, Scotland. [1979?]
Mitchell UNK MCPL Boyds and Connected Families. nd
Mitchell Mitchell OCLS Mitchell - Pearman Families of South Carolina 1981
Mitchell Johnson WPBPL Johnson-Mitchell Ancestry with allied families 1967
Mitchell Dyer MPL Bible Records of Black, Mitchell, Osborn and King. 20 pages. nd
Mitchell Casebeer MPL Gifford-Mitchell Family Records. 30 pages. 1959
Mitchell Brown WPBPL Genealogy, Brown, 1790-1980, and Mitchell, 1802-1980. n.d.
Mitchell Seaver IRCL Mitchell Family Records. [1929?]
Mix Williams WPBPL The Mix-Kent families history. 1992
Mixer Mixer OCLS In the Beginning There Was But One, Isaac: The Mixer Family Tree 1987
Mize Mize OCLS Mize Genealogy in America 1984
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Myers Myers WPBPL Myers of America. A research aid for all Myers, Meyers, Myres, etc. researchers. A quarterly journal. 1984 -
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