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ECFGSC Family History Bibliography - S

Books are located in the following libraries:

CBL Central Brevard Library, Cocoa
IRCL Indian River County Main Library, Vero Beach
LDSFH LDS Family History Center, Fort Pierce
MBL Morningside Branch Library, Port St. Lucie
MCPL Martin County Public Library, Stuart
MPL Melbourne Public Library, Melbourne
NBPL North Brevard Public Library, Titusville
OCL Okeechobee County Library, Okeechobee
OCLS Orange County Library System, Orlando
OSCLS Osceola County Library System, Kissimmee
SLCHM St. Lucie County Historical Museum, Fort Pierce
SLCL Saint Lucie County Library, Fort Pierce
WPBPL West Palm Beach Public Library, West Palm Beach

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Sabin Morris OCLS The Descendants of William Sabin of Rehoboth Massachusetts 1994
Safford Ward IRCL The Follett-Dewey-Safford ancestry of Captain Martin Dewey Follett (1765-1831) and his wife Persis Fassett (1767-1849). 1896
Sage Ball WPBPL The march of the Sages. 1967
Sahler From OCLS The American Sahlers (spelled with an 'H') 1978
Salley Salley OCLS History of the Salley Family 1690-1965 1977
Salls Salls WPBPL Salls families of the U.S. and Canada. 1973
Salyer Salyer WPBPL The Salyer family genealogy and records of their first 250 years in America. 1982
Sampson Sampson IRCL The Sampson Family. 1914
Sampson Moody OCLS Massachusetts' Deborah Sampson 1975
Sanchez Hebel OCLS Sanches Family of St. Auguestine, Florida [collected for Ruth Waldron Hill] 1958
Sand/ Sandt UNK MCPL Sandt Family of Northampton, PA. nd
Sanders Parker WPBPL The Sanders family of Grass Hills. 1966
Sanders Sanders WPBPL Genealogy of the Cortland County, N.Y. branch of the Sanders family. 1908
Sandford Bendigo OCLS Pierce Sandford of Orange County, VA: Genealogy and Personal Glimpses 1978
Sandford Schlee OCLS The Isaac Sandford Family 1796-1975 1975
Sandgren Rosvall OCLS Sandgren Family 1781 - 1860 nd
Sanford Molloy OCLS Henry Shelton Sanford 1823-1891: A Biography 1952
Sanford Owsley WPBPL Register - Henry Shelton Sanford papers. 1960
Sanford Sanford OCLS [Fragile] Thomas Sanford, The Emigrant to New England: Ancestry, Life and Descendants 1632-4 Volumes 1 & 2 1911
Sanford Tennessee State Library OCLS Register: Henry Shelton Sanford Papers 1960
Santee Santee OCLS Genealogy of the Santee Family in America 1927
Sapp Harris LDSFH The Ancestors and Descendants of Ella Tibbits Cook and William Badger Tibbits Ronalds. Includes Surnames: Sylvester, Lloyd, Cook, Leuel, Bonefant, Moorman, Sapp. 1985
Sapp Lee MPL The Sapp Family of Clay County, FL. 28 pages. 1966
Sargent Sargent OCLS Genealogical Record of the Sargent Reunion Family, 1888-1961 by Its Members 1961
Sargent Darnell WPBPL James Sargent of Maryland and His Descendants: A Revision. 1980
Sargent Mann WPBPL The Sargent family and the old Sargent homes [Cape Ann]. 1919
Sargent Sheppard IRCL Reminiscences of Lucius Manlius Sargent : with an appendix containing a genealogy of his family, and other matters. 1871
Sargent Fisher IRCL The descendants of William Sargent of Malden, Massachusetts. 1995
Sargent Sargent OCLS Sargent Genealogy: William Sargent of Ipswich, Newbury, Hampton, Salisbury and Amesbury; New England, U. S. A. 1964
Sargent Sargent OCLS Sargent Record: William Sargent of Ipswich, Newbury, Hampton, Salisbury and Amesbury, New England, U. S. with His Descendants and Their Intermarriages 1899
Sargent Sargent IRCL Epes Sargent of Gloucester and his descendants. 1923
Sargent Sargent IRCL WPBPL Genealogy of the Sarge(a)nt family : descendants of William, of Malden, Massachusetts. 1858
Sargent Sargent IRCL WPBPL Sargent genealogy. Hugh Sargent and his descendants in England and William Sargent and his descendants in America. 1895
Sasser Weller OCLS Of One Dozen Sassers - With Allied Families: McCroan, Hall and Lacy 1981
Sauerwein Berry MPL Concluding Discoveries (Berry, Hontz, Sauerwein, Brown and Nothstein). Vol.VII. 40 pages. nd
Sauls Sauls OCLS A Tale of Two Families: Inez Gibbs & Twig Sauls Whose Ancestors Were in Florida Even When It Was a Spanish Territory 1973
Saulsbury Wilson MCPL Descendants of Dr. Lewis DeRochbrune of Queen Anne County, Maryland. nd
Saunders Saunders OCLS The Saunders: Lineal, of England and America nd
Savage Burghard IRCL WPBPL America's first family, the Savages of Virginia. 1974
Saxbe Saxbe WPBPL Thomas Saxbe [1810-1860] and his descendants. 1980
Saxe Eilers OCLS Queen Victoria's Descendants (2 Copies) 1987
Sayles Hunter WPBPL Genealogy of the Sayles family [1793-1914]. 1914
Sayles Hurst IRCL WPBPL Sayles country : a social history, 1600-1986 : and some descendants of John and Mary (Williams) Sayles of Providence, Rhode Island. 1986-1990
Sayward Sayward WPBPL The Sayward family - Henry Sayward of York, Maine. 1890
Scarborough Scarborough OCLS The Descendants of William Scarborough 1652-1986 nd
Scarlott Slutz MPL Some Descendants of John Slutz of MD and OH. Nancy Slutz/George Scarlott Line. 75 pages. 1986
Schadt Schadt IRCL WPBPL Echoes : Genealogies of Pennsylvania families with lineages to Schadt, Heinemann, Poorman, Kinley, et al. 1983
Schaeffer Schaeffer WPBPL Memoirs and reminiscences together with sketches of the early history of Sussex County, New Jersey. With notes and genealogical record of the Schaeffer, Shaver or Shafer family. 1907
Scharnhorst Carter OCLS Scharnhorst, Lynch, Barnett, Thornton 1980
Schempp Schempp OCLS MPL The Schempp Family History. 448 pages. 1989
Scherrer Johnson WPBPL Mink-Scherrer-Hickman-Harshman-Dickay. 1978
Schleppi Schleppi CBL OCLS MPL WPBPL Descendants of Hans Ulrich Schleppi. 1977
Schlosser Vandlen WPBPL Pifer-Schlosser ancestry of Geraldine Williams Vandlen: ancestry of the Londons of Lakeview, Michigan. 1995
Schluetz Slutz MPL The Descendants of Johannes Schluetz. 100 pages. 1984
Schmeiser Schmeiser WPBPL Schmeiser family history. A summary of the Schmeiser family archives. 1973
Schmeltz Fisher IRCL The descendants of Andreas Schmeltz 1751-1834. 1995
Schmucker Davidson OCLS Descendants of David Renno Smoker and Lydia Stoltzfus Smoker, Lancaster Co, PA 1978
Schneck Williams OCLS Im Schneckengang 'At a Snails Pace': A Genealogy and Early History of Several Schneck Families in America (1741-1985) 1985
Schooley Schooley IRCL The journal of Dr. William Schooley : pioneer physician, Quaker minister, abolitionist, philosopher, and scholar, 1794-1860, Somerton, Belmont County, Ohio. -- Zanesville, Ohio. 1977
Schooley Ivey OCLS A Pioneer Schooley Family 1941
Schoonmaker Heidgard WPBPL The Schoonmaker family: descendants of Hendrick Jochemsz Schoonmaker, 1624-1683. 1974
Schoonmaker Peltz WPBPL Schoonmaker Record. Certain of their companies. A sequel of Peltz-DeWitt Record, 1948. 1953
Schreiber Baxter and Baxter IRCL A Schreiber family from Indiana : a genealogical memoir of August Schreiber, immigrant from Germany, and his descendants. 1992
Schroder Stebbins OCLS Charles C. Schroder [born 1820] and His Descendants: Schroder, Schroeder, Schrader 1967
Schultheiss Schultheiss MPL IRCL The Schultheiss Family. (Gantz) 22 pages. 1991
Schultz Schultz OCLS The Schultz Family in Winter Park, FL1890-1982: Lines of Descent of Schultz, Robeson, Lea, Livezey, Farmer, Wallace, Heck and Allied Families 1626-1982 1982
Schutz Waugh WPBPL The Schutz family 1710-1904 from Wohlen, Bern Canton, Switzerland to the United States. 1984
Schuyler Cowen IRCL The Herkimers and Schuylers: an historical sketch of the two families with genealogies of the descendants of George Herkimer, the Palatine, who settled in the Mohawk Valley, New York, in 1721. 1903
Schuyler Humpreys OCLS Catherine Schuyler [Women of Colonial and Revolutionary Times] 1897
Schwarztrauber Schwartztrauber OCLS Schwarztrauber, Stewart and Related Families 1996
Scofield Scofield OCLS A Scofield Survey: Daniel Scofield (d. ca. 1669) and Richard Scofield (1613-1670) and Their Descendants for about Six Generations -- Rufus Scofield (1773-1851) and His Descendants 1972
Scott Gilmor WPBPL Gilmor-Hanna-Scott-Hamilton, 1729-1929, the union of the four families in the marriage of William Gilmor and Agnes Scott, 1820. 1932
Scott Baker IRCL Genealogical record of John Brown (1755-1809): and his descendants: also the collateral branches of Merrill, Scott and Follett families. 19??
Scott Rice OCLS The Ancestry and Descendants of Benjamin Thixton Scott 1894
Scott Allen IRCL Descendants of William Scott of Hatfield, Mass., 1668-1906 and of John Scott of Springfield, Massachusetts, 1659-1906. 1906
Scott Scott OCLS The Family of Thomas Scott and Martha Swan Scott: A Century in America 1856-1956 -- a Sketch by a Grandson. 1956
Scott Benkelman WPBPL Importation of James and Rachel Holmes Scott. 1971
Screiber Baxter OCLS A Schreiber Family from Indiana: a Genealogical Memoir of Auguest Schrieber, Immigrant from Germany, and His Descendants 1992
Scudder Cochran WPBPL Scudders in the American Revolution. 1976
Scudder Peets WPBPL Lillian Griffith's Soper, Scudder, Platt, Ketcham, Conklin ancestors. n.d.
Seaburn Nutting IRCL Nutting genealogy in progress: Ebenezer, third son of John Nutting and his descendants for thirteen generations, including surnames, Willard, Seaburn, Carpenter, Jenney, Blackwell, Chevraux, and Richard Warren. 1989
Seaman Bailey MPL The Seaman Story. History of the Seaman Family of Drummond Island, MI. (Gantz) 40 pages. 1991
Seaman Vogt OCLS Descendants of William Seaman of Washington Co, PA and Allied Families: Hunt, Brasher, McCammant, Wright 1981
Sears May WPBPL Descendants of Richard Sears [Sares]. 1890
Seaver Leonard OCLS Seaver Family Notes nd
Sebree Guss OCLS Sebree Studies: Lineage of Charles Jenkins Sebree (1854-1913) and Collateral Lines Traced to Col. Virginia: Conjugate Lines Including Barnett, Butler, Butts, Carter, Gibbs, Hord, Jarrell, Johnson, Sage, Shreves, Tomason, Watts, Wilson 1984
Sebrell Hart WPBPL The Sebrell family in Virginia: descendants of Nicholas Sebrell of York County. 1993
Sebring Sebring WPBPL Sebring collections: the genealogy and history of the family. 1987
Sedgley/ Sedgeley Sedgley IRCL Genealogy of the Burbank family: and the families of Bray, Wellcome, Sedgley (Sedgeley) and Welch. 1928
Selden Rogers WPBPL Selden ancestry, a family history: giving the ancestors and descendants of George Shattuck Selden and his wife, Elizabeth Wright Clark. 1931
Selden Kennedy WPBPL Seldens of Virginia and allied families. 1911
Sellards Cox WPBPL Appalachia crossroads. Descendants of Hezekiah Sellards. vol. 1. 1977
Sellens Sellens OCLS Sellens of Kansas: A Genealogy of a Pioneer Family 1977
Seller Peterson & Kosirnik NBPL Sellers-Kinsaul-Kaigler-Bryan: The History of Our Family in Southern United States. 1971
Sellers Schweizer IRCL Descendants of James and Rhoda (Sellers) Faulk - Vol. 3. 1985
Semmes Newman OCLS The Maryland Semmes and Kindred Families: A Genealogical History of Marmaduke Semme(s), Gent., and His Descendants, Including the Allied Families of Greene, Simpson, Boarman, Matthews, Thompson, Middleton and Neale 1956
Seney Unk IRCL Seney Newsletter. V.6-21 1987-1997 Inc.
Senteney Stepler MPL The Senteney-Haney Families. 150 pages. 1987
Sessions Crostic OCLS The Family of George Sessions nd
Sessions Sessions OCLS Materials for a History of the Sessions Family in America: The Descendants of Alexander Sessions of Andover, MA, 1669. 1890
Settle Reese WPBPL The Settle-Suttle family. 1974
Sevenker Hughes MPL Brisbin, Rose, Sevenker, Hayden, DeVol, Ward Family History. 150 pages. 1991
Sevier Driver OCLS John Sevier, Pioneer of the Old Southwest 1932
Sevier Sevier OCLS Sevier Family History With the collected Letters of Gen. John Sevier, First Governor of Tennessee and 28 Collateral Family Lineages: Borden, Campbell, (2 Copies) 1961
Sevier Sevier and Madden IRCL Sevier family history : with the collected letters of General John Sevier first Governor of Tennessee. 1961
Seward Seward WPBPL Seward and related families [Bradleys, Corbells, Days, Eleys, etc.] and we remember Carroll. 1994
Seward Seward OCLS A Nurse of Yesteryear 1979
Seward Seward CBL WPBPL Seward and related families [Swegers, Rughs, Kloennes, McKays, etc.]. 1987
Sewell Sewell WPBPL History of the Sewell families in America. 1955
Seyle Seyle WPBPL Seyle family scroll, including the descendants of Mary Susannah Wesner and her brothers and sisters 1991
Shafer Marvin OCLS Shafer-Huston Famaily History 1952
Shaffer Frost WPBPL Ancestors of Jacob Shaffer and his wife Cordelia Hunt. 1927
Shapleigh Berry OCLS MPL WPBPL The Shapleigh, Shapley and Shappley families: a comprehensive genealogy, 1635-1993. 1993
Shapleigh Tibbetts WPBPL The descendants of Alexander Shapleigh the immigrant. 1968
Shapley Berry OCLS MPL Ten Generations of Descendants of Fisherman David Shapley, Marblehead, MA. 141 pages. 1991
Shapley Berry OCLS MPL Westward the American Shapleys: The Famly and Descendants of David Shapley, a Seventeenth Century Marblehead Fisherman, with Pedigrees of the Spouses: Atwater, Berry, Chapman, Coleman, French, Parks, Talmage, Utter and ... 1987
Sharkey Murray OCLS NBPL From Louth to Louisiana: The Story of the Sharkey Family and Their Kindred 1974
Sharman Sherman OCLS The Ancestry of James Morgan Sherman and His Descendants 1940
Sharpe Tompkins WPBPL Kessler, West, Sharpe, ancestors of my mother, Adelia Russell Sharpe 1981
Sharples Anderson IRCL The Sharples - Sharpless family, Vol. 1. 1966
Sharpless Cope OCLS Genealogy of the Sharpless Family, Descended from John and Jane Sharples, Settlers Near Chester, PA 1682; Together with Some Account of the English Ancestry of the Family Including Research by Henry Fishwich and Joseph Chester ... 1887
Shaw Chew OCLS Shaws of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Kansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Virginia and New York -- Index 1992
Shaw Farwell IRCL Shaw records : a memorial of Roger Shaw, 1594-1661. 1904
Shed Shedd IRCL Daniel Shed genealogy : ancestry and descendants of Daniel Shed of Braintree, Massachusetts, 1327-1920. 1921
Shelby Camp WPBPL Our ancestors and kinsmen: The Shelbys, Polks, Mc Lartys, Perkersons, Tarpleys and Camps. 1976
Sheldon Sheldon Family Assn OCLS Sheldon Magazine: A Genealogical List [of] Sheldons in America with Biographical and Historical Notes. 1957
Sheldon Helldon OCLS Sheldons Prior to 1700 1961
Shelton Schwier WPBPL Bray-Shelton-Jameson. n.d.
Shepard Shepard LDSFH The Shepard Families of New England. Volume 1 - Ralph Shepard of Dedham. 1971
Shepard Shepard WPBPL The Shepard families of New England. 1971-73
Sheppard Sheppard OCLS Sheppard Family Genealogy 1964
Sherard Sherad WPBPL The Descendants of James Sherard and Nancy Cornelison, 1984
Sherer Wilson WPBPL The history of the Hickman-Sherer families. 1878
Sherertz Sherrod WPBPL The Sherertz - Sherrod Family 1714-1984; 1984.
Sherman Sherman WPBPL Sherman directory: an alphabetical listing of over 25,000 Shermans with known vital records and relationships. 4 vol. 1991
Sherman Sherman OCLS Sherman Directory: An Alphabetical Listing of over 25000 Shermans with Known Vital Records and Relationships - Volume 4: Rockford to Zora 1991
Sherman Sherman OCLS IRCL Sherman Genealogy Including Families of Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk, England..Some Descendants of the Immigrants Captain John Sherman, Reverend John Sherman... 1920
Sherrod Sherrod WPBPL The Sherertz - Sherrod Family 1714-1984; 1984.
Sherwin Houston WPBPL The history of the Houston-Sherwin family of Pendleton County, Kentucky. 1950. 1963
Shetler Slutz IRCL Descendants of John Slutz of Maryland and Ohio. The James Slutz Line, husband of Rachel Shetler. 1995
Shew Burley MPL Timber (Burley, Reed, Haines, Nicholson, Howse, Shew). (Gantz) 9 pages. 1977
Shipman Hendricks IRCL Descendants chart, Harmon Shipman, Sr. (1717-1805). 1994
Shipp Shipp OCLS The Shipp Family Genealogy, Revised 1985
Shirk Shirk OCLS The Shirk Family History and Genealogy 1665-1914 1914
Shirk Cary NBPL Shirk Family History. 1981
Shisler Baker LDSFH A Portrait of our Ancestors. Jury, Troxel, Shisler, Parrish. Vol. 1 - Jury. 1986
Shockney Stoleson CBL Through the generations: a genealogy of the Coffin family, Shockney family, Wasson family, Lindberg family, Jones family. 1989
Shores Heverly OCLS Samuel Shores Family [from Address on Shores Family by C. F. Heverly] nd
Shoun Neal OCLS Leonard Shoun and His Wife Barbara Slemp of Johnson County, TN and Their Descendants 1957
Shreve Chambers OCLS Poems of Elizabeth Kille Shreve-Chambers: Sketches of Her Life and Reminiscences; Compiled by Her Son, Binford T. Shreve 1919
Shreve Allen WPBPL The genealogy & history of the Shreve Family from 1641 1901
Shumate Von Stauffenberg OCLS The Shumate Family: A Genealogy 1964
Shuptrine Shuptrine IRCL The Shuptrine family. 1992
Shurtleff Shurtleff WPBPL Descendants of William Shurtleff, 1976 rev. ed. taken from the original edition published in 1912, 2 volumes 1976
Sias Sias CBL OCLS The Sias Family in America 1677 to 1952 - the first 275 years; Supplement 1958 (3 books) 1952
Sibert Sibert LDSFH Sibert Family. 1992
Sibert Sibert OCLS Sibert Family of South Carolina and Alabama nd
Sides Sides OCLS Early American Familes: Sides, Spach, Nading, Rominger, Longworth, Foltz, Rothrock, Shoaf, Vogler 1963
Siegs Ward OCLS Siegs in Eight Generations 1976
Sill Sill WPBPL Sketch of the ancestors and descendants of Thomas Sill and Clarissa Treadway of Middletown, Connecticut 1897
Simmons Simmons CBL Joshua Simons III and his descendants. 1986
Simmons Simmons WPBPL The Simmons family at Harvard University 1931
Simmons Simmons OCLS History of The Simmons Family from Moses Simmons 1st (Moyses Symonson) - Ship Fortune 1621 To and Including the 11th Generation in Some Lines and Very Nearly Complete to th 3rd and 4th Generation from Moses I 1931
Simmons Hoffman WPBPL Hoffman, Manning and Simmons Families of Dutchess Co., NY.
Simmons Bjorkman WPBPL The Descendants of Peter Simmons of Brunswick County, Virginia with allied lines of Hiatt, Mills, Patton, James, Harless and McGriff 1973
Simons Simons WPBPL From the landing of the Pilgrims in 1620: A genealogy of the Simons family nd
Simons Gilcher IRCL The Dr. Francis Lloyd Simons family : a genealogy. 1989
Simonson McNeill OCLS Simonson Misc. Research Date Volume XII 1981; Volume VII 1980 1981
Simpers Simpers CBL Simpers-Peirce (sic) family tree. 1971
Sinclair Sinclair Family OCLS The Sinclairs of England 1887
Singletary Cook MCPL Charles Cook of Generoslee. nd
Sisson Berry IRCL Yankee Heritage : a Sisson ancestry. 1991
Sisson Olson OCLS Ancestry and Descendants of Ezra Sisson (1824-1898) and Amerlia Plemon (1828-1914) plus Descendants of Elihu B. Gifford (1830-1898) and Catherine Sand 1991
Skelton Skelton CBL OCLS MPL PCBL John Skelton of Georgia. 1969
Skelton Baskervill MPL The Skeltons of Paxton (Powhatan Co., VA.). 119 pages. 1922
Skene Morton OCLS Philip Skene of Skenesborough [Bicentinnial Issue] 1959
Skinner Smith OCLS A Sporting Family of the Old South...The Story of Five Generations of Sportsmen, Starting with John Stuart Skinner, 1788 and Ending with His Great-great Grandson 1936 1936
Skinner Skinner WPBPL Skinner kinsman update: a quarterly 1984+
Skinner Fernald IRCL The Skinner kinsmen : the descendants of John Skinner of Hartford, Connecticut. 19??
Skinner Fernald IRCL The Skinner kinsmen : the descendants of Thomas Skinner of Malden, Massachusetts. 1939
Skipwith Price MPL The Price, Blakemore, Hamblen, Skipwith and Allied Lines. 929 pages. 1991
Slagle Bingley WPBPL The Slagle Family in America, Descended from the Schlegel Von Gottleben Family in Germany 1967
Slagle Slagle OCLS The Slagle Family in America - Descended from the Schlegel von Gottleben Family of Germany 1967
Slaughter Slaughter OCLS IRCL Slaughter and Price Genealogy: Our Ancestors, Cousins, and Descendants 1990
Slaughter Slaughter IRCL History of a Missouri farm family : the O.V. Slaughters, 1700-1944 :with letters, documents, genealogies, photographs. 1978
Slaymaker Slaymaker WPBPL History of the Descendants of Mathias Slaymaker who emigrated from Germany and settled in the eastern part of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania about 1710. 1909
Slocum Meginness IRCL Biography of Frances Slocum, the lost sister of Wyoming. 1991
Slocum/Slocumb/Slocomb Slocum IRCL A Short History of the Slocums, Slocumbs, & Slocombs of America: Genealogical & Biographical: Embracing Eleven Generations of the first-named family, from 1637-1881: with their alliances and the descendants in the female lines as far as ascertained. 1882.
Slosson Tompkins WPBPL Harding ancestors of my father, Henry Mills Harding: Also Slosson. 1981
Sloughton Prime LDSFH Descendants of John Nelson and of His Children With Notes on the Families of Tailer and Sloughton. nd
Slutz Slutz IRCL LDSFH Descendants of John Slutz of Maryland and Ohio. The Margret Slutz line, wife of John McCreary. 1994
Slutz Slutz IRCL Descendants of John Slutz of Maryland and Ohio. The James Slutz line, husband of Rachel Shetler. 1995
Slutz Slutz IRCL Descendants of John Slutz of Maryland and Ohio. The Josiah Slutz line, husband of Mary Hales. 1995
Slutz Slutz IRCL Descendants of John Slutz of Maryland and Ohio. The Samuel Slutz line, husband of Sarah Hague. 1995
Slutz Slutz IRCL Slutz family history. 1991
Slutz Slutz IRCL Ancestor book of Rose Marion Vierling and descendants of Elizabeth Karlsson: of Skaraborg, Sweden, and Minnesota - Vierling, Karlsson, Slutz, Carlson. 1995
Slutz Slutz MPL Some Descendants of John Slutz of MD and OH. Nancy Slutz/George Scarlott Line. 75 pages. 1986
Small Underhill OCLS Descendants of Edward Small of New England with the Allied Families with Tracings of English Ancestry Volume I, II, III 1934
Smalley Smalley OCLS IRCL John Smalley and his descendants in America : June 5, 1632-January 1, 1960. 1960
Smarr Shannon OCLS The Smarr Family 1971
Smiley Sullivan MPL Smiley Family Research Data. Vol.I-II-III-IV-V. 858 pages. 1989
Smiley Berry MPL The Cary Family in England and America. Vol.II. 52 pages. nd
Smith Hayes IRCL Captain John Smith : a reference guide. 1991
Smith Napoli SLCHM The Smith Genealogy: Being an Account of Some of the Descendants of Henry and Elizabeth Smith of Dedham and Medfield, Massachusetts, 1637, and an Account of Some Related Families.
Smith Miller OCLS The Genealogy of the Descendants of Samuel Smith Sr. and Elizabeth (McCleave) Smith 1922
Smith McBee NBPL The Life and Times of David Smith, Patriot, Pioneer and Indian Fighter. 1959
Smith Konkle WPBPL The Life and Times of Thomas Smith (1745-1809) a Pennsylvnia Member of the Continental Congress. 1903 ca
Smith Sims OCLS Smith Papers 1985
Smith Hook IRCL Lieut. Samuel Smith : his children and one line of descendants and related families. 1953
Smith Sims WPBPL Smith Papers: A genealogical research aid and clearing house for Smith researchers 1980
Smith Cable OCLS Hundreds of Early Immigrants and Settlers in the Pedigree of Edith Smith 1991
Smith Brown OCLS Life and Times of Henry Smith, The First American Governor of Texas 1887
Smith Brady OCLS Records of the Rev. Henry Smith (Puritan Pastor) and His Family nd
Smith Anderson OCLS Ancestry and Posterity of Joseph Smith and Emma Hale with Little Sketches of their Immigrant Ancestors All of Whom Came to America between the Years 1620-1685 and Settled in the States of Massachusetts and Connecticut 1929
Smith Ipswich MA MPL Richard Smith, Ipswich, MA., and Some of His Descendants. 26 pages. 1900
Smith Smith WPBPL The Smith family: Pioneers of the South. 1991
Smith Russell WPBPL Reese Kelso Watkins: His Ancestry and his Descendants and collateral lines: Smith, Kelso, Cleveland, Bryan-Smith, Allison, Outlaw 1973
Smith Smith LDSFH The Tangier Smith Family. Descendants of Colonel William Smith of the Manor of St. George, Long Island, New York. 1978
Smith Smith LDSFH The Family of Richard Smith of Smithtown, Long Island. 1967
Smith Smith IRCL Philadelphia Quaker : the letters of Hannah Whitall Smith. 1950
Smith Smith OCLS Smith, Youngs and Allied Families 1971
Smith Smith OCLS Our Ancestors by Generation, with Historical Notes [Smith-Robison] 1979
Smith Smith OCLS Genealogy of the Descendants of Robert Smith, Who Settled near Castle Shannon, Washington Co, Now Allegheny Co, PA, 1772. 1923
Smith Smith OCLS Family Tree Book: Genealogical and Biographical - Listing the Relatives of General William Alexander Smith and of W. Thomas Smith. 1922
Smith Sims and Sims IRCL Ancestors and their families - compiled by the publishers of Smith papers from charts submitted by subscribers and readers of the periodical, Smith papers - Vol. 1 and 3 only. 1985
Smith Wulfeck OCLS Smith of Virginia Volume I, II, III 1966
Smithson Smithson OCLS Smithsons and Relatives 1981
Smithson Smithson MPL Index to Ancestors and Descendants of Hezekiah Powell Smithson and Related Families. 5 pages. 1975
Smithson Smithson MPL Smithsons and Relatives. 370 pages. 1981
Smythe Davis CBL Family history of Mrs. Bruce (Virginia) Mastin. 1949
Snelson Abstance OCLS Our Snelson Family Tree: Prepared for Descendants of Decie and Robert Snelson 1987
Snow Snow OCLS The Snow-Estes Ancestry; The Snow Family Volume I & II 1939
Snowden Cook IRCL Montpelier and the Snowden family. 1976
Snyder Adams OCLS Snyder Family Genealogy: The Descendants of John W. Snyder and Elizabeth Kampf of Westmoreland Co, PA 1995
Soane McLean WPBPL Henry Soane, progenitor of Thomas Jefferson. 1985
Soper Peets OCLS Ancestors of Lillian Evelyn (Soper) Griffith 1981
Soper Peets WPBPL Lillian Griffith's Soper, Scudder, Platt, Ketcham, Conklin ancestors. n.d.
Soto Keebler OCLS Hernando DeSoto, Conquistador (1496-1542) nd
Soule Soule WPBPL Soule family newsletters. 1967 -
Southard Potter WPBPL Early Southards of New York and New Jersey. 1974
Southwich Southwick OCLS The Line of Orin Southwick (1789-1881): A Descendant of Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick of Salem, MA 1932
Spach Foltz OCLS WPBPL Descendants of Adam Spach: Autobiography and Memoirs of Adam Apach 1924
Spalding McIntosh CBL Mom's book: the early New England connections of Mary C. S. McIntosh. Part I. 1993.
Spalding Spalding OCLS The Spalding Memorial: A Genealogical History of Edward Spalding of Virginia and Massachusetts Bay and His Descendants... 1897
Sparhawk UNK WPBPL Samuel Rathbone and Lydia Sparhawk, his wife. A record of their descendants and notes regarding their ancestors. 1937
Sparks Sparks WPBPL The Sparks quarterly: the official publication of the Sparks family association. 1953 -
Sparn Spahr WPBPL Sparn-Sparr-Spahr family. n.d.
Sparr Spahr WPBPL Johann Georg Sparr (1699-1777) nd
Spear Spear IRCL The descendants of George Spear who settled at Braintree, Massachusetts, 1642-1988. 1988
Speare Speare WPBPL The Speare Family from 1642 1938
Speer Boone WPBPL Our Family Heritage, with Speer, Hobson, Oates, Ivey, Faison and related families. 1956
Speigner King OCLS Settlers of the Wiregrass: The Descendents of Thomas Jefferson Speigner 1981
Spence Fowler OCLS David and Mary (McElyea) Spence: Their Ancestors and Descendants 1986
Spence Hooper IRCL Seven trails into the past: a compilation of some of the lineages and family lines of Hooper, Poarch, Wilbanks, Spence, Clardy, LaFoy, Watkins, and Lumpkin, with genealogical notes. 1980
Spence Spence CBL Promise, The. 1992
Spencer Pendergraft WPBPL The Cardwells of Virginia. 1973
Spencer Walters WPBPL The 1876 diary of Abraham Spencer of Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. 1973
Spencer Deever IRCL Nathaniel Butler Banks and Anna Barbara Artman: ancesors and descendants, with Baber, Farrell, Johnson, Mercer, Spencer, and other related lines. nd.
Spiegel Spiegel OCLS Your True Marcus: The Civil War Letters of A Jewsih Colonel edited by Frank L. Byrne 1985
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Symons Daniel OCLS Symons-Simons Family Newsletter 1971-2
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