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Scope & Purpose

This document is a list of family histories in libraries throughout 9 counties in east-central Florida (Brevard, Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee, Orange, Osceola, Palm Beach, St. Lucie, and Seminole). This list is intended as a tool to optimize family history research efforts of potential patrons of these libraries.



This document is a compilation of sub-lists submitted by member societies of the ECFGSC (East Central Florida Genealogical Societies Co-op). It represents the holdings of the primary public libraries associated with each society (See Society/Depository Address list).


Data Base Size

This edition of the list represents over 4000 distinct family histories, most of which are unique to just one depository within the Co-op region.


Data Base Update Plans

 Expand survey to include the family histories in all public depositories within the Co-op boundaries.

 Expand survey to include family history holdings in all forms -- e.g., vertical files and microform, as well as bound volumes. (Note: some societies have already done this for this first edition.)

 Periodically (annually?) publish an update, to reflect newly-acquired holdings of libraries currently represented.

 Errors - A document of this magnitude, especially the first edition, will contain errors. Corrections will be incorporated in the next edition if they are mailed to:

Pamela J. Cooper P. O. Box 7066 Vero Beach, FL 32961-7066


How to Use:

Family histories have been organized alphabetically by surnames of the families contained in the work. Please note that while an attempt was made to point to each name in the work, a keyword search or using the "find" command on each page may turn up additional instances of a particular surname.

The abbreviations listed in the column labeled "Library" are codes for the library where the books are housed. If there is more than one library listed for an item, then each of the libraries has the work. Abbreviations are at the top of each page. Addresses may be located on the Member Societies page.



Family Histories at the Tebeau-Field Library of Florida History in Cocoa.


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Last updated on 5 August 2005