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 Before traveling to a library, confirm its hours of operation; likewise, check on their dollar-change-making (and photocopying) equipment and policy.

 When you first arrive at a library, solicit staff help to locate their family history holdings and to learn their cataloging system. Most family history books follow Dewey Decimal convention (929.2); most family history books are non-circulating.

 Be aware that some facilities are linked, electronically (i.e. share a computerized catalog of each other's holdings -- e.g., the Brevard County Public Library System).



Consider invoking the ECFGS Co-op Research Assistance Policy (see below) in lieu of travel to distant libriaries -- and in lieu of asking library staff to send photocopies to you.


Research Assistance Policy

The member societies of the ECFGSC have agreed to provide assistance to researchers from fellow-member societies, at a nominal fee, according to the following rules:

 Minimum charge = $2 (covers labor and first 5 photocopies)

 Additional copies = 10 cents per sheet (plus additional postage, as necessary for the additional sheets).

 Research request must be as specific as possible.

 Request must be accompanied by an SASE (Self-addressed, Stamped Envelope).


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