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Index For Gilchrist County, Florida Cemetery Records

Copyrighted 1990 by Donna J. Oakley

Index compiled by Jim Powell Jr.



Last Name First Name Cemetery
DANIEL Martin P. Trenton
DANIEL Nettie Edmona Trenton
DANIELS Lillie Mae Mt. Horeb Church
DANIELS William Mt. Horeb Church
DAUPHIN Bobby Gene Trenton
DAUPHIN Coston Trenton
DAUPHIN Pearl R. Trenton
DAVIDSON Julia Mae Mt. Horeb Church
DAVIDSON Norma F. Mt. Horeb Church
DAVIS Albert Trenton
DAVIS Annetta "Punkin" Union Baptist
DAVIS Annie Mae Pleasant Hill Baptist
DAVIS Arthur Alvin Cherry Sink
DAVIS Betty Mae Trenton
DAVIS Boshie W. Union Baptist
DAVIS Earl F. Jr. Union Baptist
DAVIS Effie L. Union Baptist
DAVIS Eliza Everett Cherry Sink
DAVIS Frank Union Baptist
DAVIS Hudson Union Baptist
DAVIS Ibri Bethel Church
DAVIS Jack Bethel Church
DAVIS John Felton Townsend
DAVIS John S. Pleasant Hill Baptist
DAVIS Josephine Union Baptist
DAVIS Marie Trenton
DAVIS Nellie Union Baptist
DAVIS Perry W. Union Baptist
DAVIS Sidney D. Union Baptist
DAWSON Ben Union Baptist
DAWSON Effie Mt. Horeb Church
DAWSON Goletha Union Baptist
DAWSON Jim Union Baptist
DAWSON Mary Ann Union Baptist
DAWSON Noleta S. Union Baptist
DAWSON Thomas H. "Bud" Union Baptist
DAY Bessie L. Mt. Horeb Church
DAY Frank Arnold New Hope Advent Christian
DAY Linnie D. New Hope Advent Christian
DAY Rev. Festus E. New Hope Advent Christian
DE CHANT Richard  Trenton
DEAVER Everett G. Trenton
DEEN Cecil E. Trenton
DEEN Daniel W. Trenton
DEEN Frank Gray Union Baptist
DEEN Frankie Pittman Trenton
DEEN Imogene M. Trenton
DEEN Ira J. Union Baptist
DEEN Joseph Lawton Union Baptist
DEEN Katie Union Baptist
DEEN Kizzie Lou Union Baptist
DEEN Maggie M. Trenton
DEEN Ray Carroll Sr. Trenton
DEEN Robert A. Sr. Trenton
DEEN William Edward Trenton
DEEN William Riley Union Baptist
DEES Annie Bell (Mrs.) Mt. Horeb Church
DEES Exie Mae Pleasant Grove Church
DEES James Clinton Mt. Horeb Church
DEES Mamie Mt. Horeb Church
DEES Thomas D. Wayfair
DEES Wash Mt. Horeb Church
DEHART Ellen G. Wayfair
DEHART Frances L. Wayfair
DEHART M.D. Jr Wayfair
DEHART Melvin D. Wayfair
DEHART Milton L. Wayfair
DEHART William W. Wayfair
DENMARK Catherine  Jennings Lake
DENMARK Clara Jennings Lake
DENTON Roy Lester Trenton
DENTON Virginia Union Baptist
DEURLOO Douglas A. (MD) Trenton
DEURLOO Evelyn Grace Trenton
DIETZMAN Louise G. Priscilla Baptist
DIETZMAN Wilbur G. Priscilla Baptist
DOBBINS Betty Jo Trenton
DOKE J.B. Trenton
DOUGLAS Adell L. Mt. Horeb Church
DOUGLAS Alexander Wayfair
DOUGLAS Council Sr. Mt. Horeb Church
DOUGLAS Daryll M. Bell City
DOUGLAS Donnie L. Mt. Horeb Church
DOUGLAS Henrietta Cherry Sink
DOUGLAS Irvin L. Mt. Horeb Church
DOUGLAS Juanita Lavonia Cherry Sink
DOUGLAS Lillie M. Mt. Horeb Church
DOUGLAS Marion W. Cherry Sink
DOUGLAS Marvin C. Cherry Sink
DOUGLAS Mary Margaret Mt. Horeb Church
DOUGLAS McCoy Mt. Horeb Church
DOUGLAS Penny Bell City
DOUGLAS R.M. Mt. Horeb Church
DOUGLAS Rosa Ella Mt. Horeb Church
DOUGLAS W.C. Mt. Horeb Church
DOUGLAS W.E. Mt. Horeb Church
DOUGLAS William I. Pleasant Grove Church
DOWNING Author D. Cherry Sink
DOWNING Florence V. Cherry Sink
DOWNING James Arthur Cherry Sink
DOWNING James C. Cherry Sink
DOWNING Laura F. Cherry Sink
DOWNING Laurie C. Cherry Sink
DOWNING Lizzie Ora Cherry Sink
DOWNING Tommy B. Cherry Sink
DOZIER Gladys I. Priscilla Baptist
DOZIER Hobson "Bill" Priscilla Baptist
DRAWBY Annie Mae Wayfair
DRAWBY Bruce Alton Wayfair
DRAWBY Wilbur Wayfair
DRAWDY Essie Union Baptist
DRAWDY Perry O. Union Baptist
DRUMMOND Carl O. Trenton
DRUMMOND Council C. Mt. Horeb Church
DRUMMOND Nora M. Trenton
DRUMMOND William C. Trenton
DUBOSE Elizabeth A. Center Hill Church of Christ
DUBOSE Frank Center Hill Church of Christ
DUBOSE Irving Center Hill Church of Christ
DUBOSE John Erving Center Hill Church of Christ
DUBOSE Maggie Center Hill Church of Christ
DUBOSE Mary H. Center Hill Church of Christ
DUBOSE Samuel L. Center Hill Church of Christ
DUBOSE Thomas H. Center Hill Church of Christ
DUPREE Almena Jones Midway Church Of Christ
DURDEN Amanda Joyce Cherry Sink
DURDEN James D. New Hope Advent Christian
DURDEN Mary E. New Hope Advent Christian
DURDEN Otis J. New Hope Advent Christian
DURDEN Rhoda Bell New Hope Advent Christian
DURDEN Willis S. New Hope Advent Christian
DURRANCE Clara C. Trenton
DURRANCE Hazel  Trenton
DWYER Catherine R. Trenton
DWYER Dennison Trenton
DWYER Lutie Mason Trenton
DYAL Ezel New Hope Advent Christian
DYAL Irvin D. New Hope Advent Christian
DYAL Leon New Hope Advent Christian
DYAL Nannie New Hope Advent Christian
DYALS Benjamin Joseph Jennings Lake
DYALS Lola Ann Jennings Lake