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Index For Gilchrist County, Florida Cemetery Records

Copyrighted 1990 by Donna J. Oakley

Index compiled by Jim Powell Jr.



Last Name First Name Cemetery
EARLE Elijah E. Wayfair
EARLE Lois Margaret Blitch Trenton
EARLE Lula C. Wayfair
ECKHART Howard Ellsworth New Hope Advent Christian
EDWARDS E. Roy Bethel Church
EDWARDS May W.T. Bethel Church
EDWARDS William R. Cherry Sink
ELDRIDGE Laura Lynn Union Baptist
ELLIS Louise S. "Marie" Union Baptist
ELLIS William A. "Bill" Union Baptist
ELLISON Alfred E. Cherry Sink
ELLISON Clayton Calvin Cherry Sink
ELLISON Larry V. Cherry Sink
ELLISON Lee  Cherry Sink
ELLISON Lucy Ella Cherry Sink
EMMONS Mildred H. Cherry Sink
ERGLA Mamie Wise Trenton
ESPEY Joseph H. Wayfair
ESTES J. Al New Hope Advent Christian
ESTES Oma M. New Hope Advent Christian
EVERETT Bettie B. Jennings Lake
EVERETT Cora P. Jennings Lake
EVERETT Daphne Dorcas Cherry Sink
EVERETT Dorothy T. Bell City
EVERETT Eva Bell City
EVERETT Green W. Jennings Lake
EVERETT Ida B. Jennings Lake
EVERETT James Murphy Cherry Sink
EVERETT Jeb Jennings Lake
EVERETT Jenette Boyd Cherry Sink
EVERETT John L. Bell City
EVERETT John L. Jennings Lake
EVERETT John T. Cherry Sink
EVERETT Laura M. Cherry Sink
EVERETT Lonnie B. Cherry Sink
EVERETT Mary C. Jennings Lake
EVERETT Minnie M. Cherry Sink
EVERETT Nora O. Cherry Sink
EVERETT Paul L. Cherry Sink
EVERETT Samuel M. Jennings Lake
EVERETT Zora I. Jennings Lake