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Index For Gilchrist County, Florida Cemetery Records

Copyrighted 1990 by Donna J. Oakley

Index compiled by Jim Powell Jr.



Last Name First Name Cemetery
FAIRCHILD Frederick H. Pleasant Hill Baptist
FAIRCLOTH Caleb Jennings Lake
FAIRCLOTH J.M. Jennings Lake
FAIRCLOTH Laura Ellis Mee Jennings Lake
FAIRCLOTH Muskogee W. Jennings Lake
FAISON David Glenn Cherry Sink
FAISON Jasper G. Trenton
FARR Alvin Union Baptist
FARR Mable Union Baptist
FINLEY Oliver Union Baptist
FINLEY Samantha Union Baptist
FJELDE Alma Trenton
FJELDE Otto Trenton
FLEMMING F. Florence Mt. Horeb Church
FLEMMING Oscar Mt. Horeb Church
FLETCHER Arthur James Bell City
FLETCHER Edna Pauline Bell City
FLETCHER Frank Jennings Lake
FLETCHER Hall Pleasant Hill Baptist
FLETCHER Harriet Bell City
FLETCHER Henrietta Pleasant Hill Baptist
FLETCHER Henry V. Pleasant Hill Baptist
FLETCHER Horace J. Pleasant Hill Baptist
FLETCHER Janie Ledora "Dora" Bethel Church
FLETCHER Marcus B. "Mark" Bethel Church
FLETCHER Mary Jennings Lake
FLETCHER Mary J. Jennings Lake
FLETCHER Mrytle B. Pleasant Hill Baptist
FLETCHER Nancy Wayfair
FLETCHER Newton F. Wayfair
FLETCHER W.E. Jennings Lake
FLETCHER William D. Union Baptist
FLOYD Albert Frederick. Center Hill Church of Christ
FLOYD Albert William Center Hill Church of Christ
FLOYD J.C.  New Hope Advent Christian
FLOYD Jack Jr. Center Hill Church of Christ
FLOYD Julia P. Center Hill Church of Christ
FLOYD Lillian Warren Center Hill Church of Christ
FLOYD Marcelle Alicia Center Hill Church of Christ
FLOYD Marcelle H. & Infant Center Hill Church of Christ
FLOYD Thomas Doran Center Hill Church of Christ
FOLLIS Edward C. Bell City
FORD C.P. Union Baptist
FORD Carrie L. Wayfair
FORD David Mitchell Union Baptist
FORD Elisha Union Baptist
FORD Elizabeth H. Union Baptist
FORD Gussie Marlowe Union Baptist
FORD James Dempsey Union Baptist
FORD Jasper D. Union Baptist
FORD John Levi Union Baptist
FORD Laura Union Baptist
FORD Ludy Fairby Union Baptist
FORD Rhoda Union Baptist
FORD Robert lee Union Baptist
FORD Robert W. Wayfair
FORD Zora Union Baptist
FOREHAND Hennie Osteen Cherry Sink
FOREHAND Jake Covasso Trenton
FOREHAND John B. Trenton
FOSBURG Charlie Center Hill Church of Christ
FOULKS Maybelle Mt. Horeb Church
FOWLER Affie B. Wayfair
FOWLER Cader Wayfair
FOWLER Carl Mt. Horeb Church
FOWLER Carrie Bell City
FOWLER Catherine Wayfair
FOWLER Chesley Bell City
FOWLER Cleatus Bell City
FOWLER David Leon Wayfair
FOWLER David Leroy Wayfair
FOWLER Elbert Wayfair
FOWLER Elbert Evanda Bell City
FOWLER Ernest A. Center Hill Church of Christ
FOWLER Evis Wayfair
FOWLER Frank Bell City
FOWLER Harriet Dyal Bell City
FOWLER Hazel Bell City
FOWLER Isaac Union Baptist
FOWLER J. Bishop Wayfair
FOWLER Jimmy D. Wayfair
FOWLER Johnnie J. Mt. Horeb Church
FOWLER Joseph E. Bell City
FOWLER Leon Wayfair
FOWLER Lucinda Wayfair
FOWLER M. Lorena Wayfair
FOWLER Martha A. Priscilla Baptist
FOWLER Mary Baldree Bell City
FOWLER Mary Catherine Wayfair
FOWLER Mary Lorace Wayfair
FOWLER Minnie Lee Mt. Horeb Church
FOWLER Nehemiah E. Bell City
FOWLER Oliver P. Wayfair
FOWLER Ruby Bell City
FOWLER Ruby J. Wayfair
FOWLER S. Diane Wayfair
FOWLER Truman W. Wayfair
FRALICK Johnson Shady Grove Primitive Baptist
FRALICK Mary Shady Grove Primitive Baptist
FRALICK Stella Shady Grove Primitive Baptist
FRAZIER Glenn O. Trenton
FRAZIER Mildred A. Trenton
FREYERMUTH Cecil G. Union Baptist
FREYERMUTH Willie M. Union Baptist
FRIAR Alice Boyd Midway Church Of Christ
FROST Bernice B. Mt. Horeb Church
FROST Geneveive S. Mt. Horeb Church
FROST Joan A. Mt. Horeb Church
FROST John A. Jr. Mt. Horeb Church
FRYMAN Norman H. Bell City
FUSSELL Earl Bethel Church
FUSSELL Freddie Mae Bethel Church
FUTCH Blanche Cherry Sink
FUTCH Jimpsey B. Cherry Sink
FUTCH William Oscar Shady Grove Primitive Baptist