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1850 Census of Alachua County, FL
transcribed by Jim Powell Jr.

There are 39 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Abott, Mary L.
Adams, Clarisa
Adams, Henry
Adams, John
Adams, William
Adams, William
Aiken, Wesley
Aldrich, Moses
Aldrich, Nancy
Allen, Amelia
Allen, Joel T.
Allen, Josaphene
Allen, Robert S.
Allen, Virginia
Allen, Wyatt C.
Alvarez, William C.
Ault, Doneiti
Ault, Harriet 
Ault, Martha J.
Barber, Conelius
Barber, Emanuel
Barber, Jane
Barber, Lucretia
Barber, Martha
Barber, Nancy A.
Barrow, Belinda
Barrow, Elija
Barrow, Martha R.
Bates, George W.
Bates, Mary S. L.
Bates, Wilson
Baxley, Samuel
Baxter, John
Baxter, Mary 
Bell, Elizabeth
Bell, Haywood T.
Bell, Joseph C.
Bell, Laura C.
Bennett, Daniel
Bennett, Hiram
Bennett, Isaac
Bennett, Jacob
Bennett, Jane
Bennett, Matilda
Bennett, Nancy
Bennett, Noah
Bennett, Richard G.
Bennett, Wiley S.
Bennett, William
Bevan, John
Bevan, Mary
Bevan, Robert
Bevil, James
Bevil, James W.
Bevil, Jane E.
Bevil, Jane E.
Bevil, John M.
Bevil, Martha A.
Bevil, Mary J.
Bevil, Sarah F.
Blackshear, Civil
Blackshear, Louis
Blanton, Claudia
Blanton, Margret
Blanton, Mary
Blanton, Sumpter S.
Blanton, Thomas
Bouknight, Ansley E.
Bouknight, Carey M.
Bouknight, Henry
Bouknight, Hiliard P.
Bouknight, Levi B.
Bouknight, Mary A. L.
Bouknight, Mary M.
Bouknight, Nathan C. H.
Bouknight, Salena D. C.
Bouknight, Wade E.
Brooker, John G.
Brooker, Joseph
Brooker, Sidney
Brooker, Silas E.
Brown, George L.
Brown, John R.
Brown, William H.
Bryan, Calvin
Bryan, George
Bryan, John G.
Bryan, Mary H.
Bryant, Asbury
Bryant, Charity
Bryant, Elizabeth
Bryant, Georgian
Bryant, John
Bryant, Martha A. D. L.
Bryant, Oliver
Bryant, Wade
Bryant, William M.
Burnett, Charles L.
Burnett, Giles J.
Burnett, James
Burnett, James F.
Burnett, John G.
Burnett, John W.
Burnett, Levisa
Burnett, Mary J.
Burnett, Rebeca P.
Burnett, Ruth A.
Burnett, Samuel H.
Burnett, Samuel J.
Burnett, Samuel W.
Burton, Edward
Burton, Elizabeth
Burton, Jackson
Burton, John
Burton, Robert
Button, Eugenia
Button, James
Button, Walter
Cameron, James G.
Campbell, James
Campbell, Leonora
Campbell, Rafaila
Campbell, Rafaila
Campbell, Robert
Campbell, Robert Jr.
Cannon, Berrien
Cannon, Cornelia
Cannon, James
Cannon, Joel G.
Cannon, John
Cannon, Mary J.
Cannon, William
Carlton, Anna
Carlton, McKeen W.
Carlton, Nancy
Carlton, W. A. 
Carpenter, Ann E.
Carpenter, Benjamin F.
Carpenter, Martha C.
Carpenter, Samuel W.
Carpenter, Sarah M.
Carpenter, Walter C.
Carpenter, William H.
Carroll, Ellen
Carroll, John
Carter, Ann
Carter, Elisha
Carter, Elizabeth
Carter, Isaac J.
Carter, Jesse
Carter, Jesse L.
Carter, Polene
Carter, Sarah A.
Carter, Thomas W.
Carter, William E.
Carter, William I.
Carter, William W.
Cason, Andrew J.
Cason, Berrien
Cason, Cassa A.
Cason, Elizabeth
Cason, George W.
Cason, Henry
Cason, James
Cason, James
Cason, James G.
Cason, John B.
Cason, John R.
Cason, Leonard J.
Cason, Lucy
Cason, Malinda A. F.
Cason, Martha A. P.
Cason, Phebe
Cason, Phebe
Cason, Ransom
Cason, Ransom
Cason, Ransom
Cason, Rebeca
Cason, Simeon
Cason, William F.
Castin, Samuel
Caston, Jefferson
Caston, Samuel
Caston, Samuel
Chamberlin, Garrett V.
Chamberlin, George S.
Chamberlin, John H.
Chamberlin, Mary A.
Chesser, Alexander
Chesser, Cintha A.
Chesser, Eliza J. S.
Chesser, Elizabeth
Chesser, James
Chesser, James S.
Chesser, John
Chesser, John W.
Chesser, Joseph
Chesser, Lecia S.
Chesser, Louisa
Chesser, Louisa A. M.
Chesser, Louisa C.
Chesser, Margret
Chesser, Martha
Chesser, Mary A.
Chesser, Mathew
Chesser, Nancy
Chesser, Rachael
Chesser, Samuel
Chesser, Sarah
Chesser, Sarah
Chesser, Sarah C.
Chesser, Sarah E.
Chesser, Susan E.
Chesser, Thomas W.
Chesser, William H.
Child, James
Clark, Albert
Clark, Alexander W.
Clark, Ann
Clark, Asa
Clark, Asa Jr.
Clark, Delila
Clark, Elias B.
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, Hester A.
Clark, James A.
Clark, Jane
Clark, John E.
Clark, John J.
Clark, Julia A.
Clark, Louisa
Clark, William D.
Colding, Amanda
Colding, Ann J.
Colding, Fredona F.
Colding, George W.
Colding, Henry H.
Colding, James B.
Colding, James L.
Colding, Jemima
Colding, Joseph B.
Colding, Julia A.
Colding, Samuel
Colding, Samuel B.
Colding, Samuel B. Jr.
Colding, Terrissa C.
Colding, Thomas
Colding, William H.
Cole, John L.
Collins, Daniel J.
Collins, Elizabeth
Collins, Enoch
Collins, Enoch
Collins, Hardy
Collins, James N.
Collins, Jessa
Collins, John
Collins, John
Collins, Mary E.
Collins, Perry
Collins, Samuel
Collins, Sarah J.
Collins, William
Colson, Abraham
Colson, Bernard
Colson, Clarasa
Colson, Elizabeth
Colson, Elizabeth
Colson, Georgian A.
Colson, Hope H.
Colson, James
Colson, Jonah
Colson, Louisa
Colson, Malinda
Colson, Martha A.
Colson, Mary E.
Colson, Matilda
Colson, Matilda
Colson, Matilda E.
Colson, Paul
Colson, Paul
Colson, Paul B.
Colson, Penelope
Colson, Philip
Colson, Rachael
Colson, Rachael W.
Colson, Sarah
Colson, Sarah
Colson, Simeon D.
Colson, Terresa
Colson, Thomas
Colson, Thomas W.
Colson, Virginia *.
Colson, William
Colson, William
Colson, William
Colson, William H.
Conyers, Acensth
Conyers, David
Conyers, David
Conyers, Mary
Conyers, Thomas
Counts, Jane
Counts, Jane
Counts, John
Counts, Salena
Counts, William
Crosby, Angeline
Crosby, James
Crosby, Judy
Crosby, William H. H.
Dampier, Elizabeth
Dampier, James
Dampier, Josaphine
Dampier, Poncheta
Dampier, Stephen
Davidson, Elizabeth
Davidson, Mary A.
Davis, Amy
Davis, Jane
Davis, Lucinda
Davis, Margret
Davis, Renna
Davis, Susan
Davis, William M.
Dean, Eliza I.
Dean, James S. H.
Dean, Jane S.
Dean, Jessa A.
Dean, John A.
Dean, Mary E.
Dell, Amos L.
Dell, Bennet M.
Dell, Delia B.
Dell, Eliza D.
Dell, George W.
Dell, Henrietta
Dell, James M.
Dell, John B.
Dell, Martha M.
Dell, Mary M.
Dell, Philip
Dell, Sarah A.
Dell, Simeon
Dell, Talula E.
Dell, Willa M.
Dell, William
Dell, William T.
Desha, Adaline
Desha, Franklin
Desha, William
Dias, Christopher
Dickson, John
Dickson, Madison
Dixon, Britton
Dixon, Josiah
Dixon, Mary C.
Dixon, Shelaw A.
Dixon, Susan A.
Douglass, Clenia
Douglass, James
Douglass, Jane M.
Douglass, Nancy A. M.
Douglass, Susanna
Douglass, William
Durance, Caroline
Durance, George
Durance, Jane
Durance, Ketin
Duskin, Elizabeth
Duskin, Gracy H.
Duskin, Sophia L.
Edwards, James
Edwards, James Jr.
Edwards, Mary
Edwards, Nancy
Elliot, Samuel S.
Ellis, Elmina
Eubank, Elizabeth C.
Eubank, Mary E.
Eubank, William D.
Everett, Anthony E.
Everett, Gracy A.
Everett, Jane P.
Everett, Joseph A.
Everett, Mary V.
Everett, Silus M.
Fagan, Francis A.
Fagan, Margret E.
Fagan, Maria
Fagan, Martha S.
Fagan, Mary C.
Fagan, Stephen
Fagan, Thomas J.
Feaster, Jacob M.
Feaster, John P.
Fennell, Catrine
Fennell, Harriet
Fennell, James
Fennell, James Jr.
Fennell, John
Fennell, Levisa
Fetner, John Z.
Fitches, Charles F.
Fitches, Isaac W. L.
Fitches, Martha W.
Flinn, Delphene
Flinn, Eliza
Flinn, Elizabeth
Flinn, James M.
Flinn, Julia A.
Flinn, Levina
Flinn, Mary
Flinn, Nicy
Floyd, Arthur
Floyd, Florida A.
Floyd, Francis M.
Floyd, Isaiah
Floyd, John C.
Floyd, Madison R.
Floyd, Maria
Ford, Edward
Ford, Garrey
Ford, Lewis
Ford, Nancy
Ford, Rebeca
Ford, Reuben
Frye, John B.
Frye, John B. Jr.
Frye, Sarah
Furgason, James
Furgason, Joseph
Furgason, Robert
Furgason, Sarah
Fussell, Arnold
Fussell, Arnold B.
Fussell, Berrien
Fussell, Columbus
Fussell, Elizabeth
Fussell, Jacob
Fussell, James L.
Fussell, Lucretia
Fussell, Mary
Fussell, Mary M.
Fussell, William S.
Galpin, George M.
Galpin, Hannah E.
Geiger, A. E.
Geiger, Allen
Geiger, Anson
Geiger, Caroline
Geiger, Charles
Geiger, Daniel S.
Geiger, Elizabeth
Geiger, Emily
Geiger, Enoch T.
Geiger, John M.
Geiger, Joseph
Geiger, Julia A.
Geiger, Martha
Geiger, Martha E.
Geiger, Noah
Geiger, Pliny
Geiger, Samuel
Geiger, Sarah A.
Geiger, Sarah J.
Gengreutener, John
Gibson, Bethny C.
Gibson, Elizabeth
Gibson, James L.
Gibson, Mary
Gibson, Nancy
Gibson, Peter A.
Gibson, Rebeca
Gillett, Candacia
Gillett, David
Gillett, George
Gillett, Louisa
Gillett, Mary
Gillett, Robert G.
Gillett, Vetum
Glisson, Bryant
Glisson, Dennis W.
Glisson, Elizabeth
Glisson, Emarea
Grantham, Sarah
Green, Ann H.
Green, Bennett
Green, Caroline E. S.
Green, Elizabeth
Green, Mary J.
Green, Napoleon B.
Green, Thomas W.
Green, William J.
Greg, Hester
Guthry, Abraham
Guthry, Abraham M.
Guthry, Adaline
Guthry, Clatus E.
Guthry, David
Guthry, Eliza
Guthry, Jasper
Guthry, Jasper S.
Guthry, John
Guthry, Mary
Guthry, Nancy
Guthry, Rutha
Guthry, Salena
Guthry, Samuel
Guthry, Sarah E.
Guthry, William
Hagan, Amy
Hagan, Elizabeth
Hagan, Francis J.
Hagan, J. U. B.
Hagan, Jerusha
Hagan, Jesse
Hagan, Martha
Hagan, Mary A.
Hagan, Peter T. J.
Hague, Amanda
Hague, Geideon
Hague, Henry B.
Hague, James
Hague, John C.
Hague, John R.
Hague, John R. Jr.
Hague, Sarah
Hague, Sarah A.
Hague, Stephen
Haliday, S. F.
Hall, Joseph
Hancock, Allen
Harrington, Philip
Harris, Caroline V.
Harris, Elizabeth
Harris, Laura J.
Harris, Margret E.
Harris, Ransom
Harris, Urenia
Harris, William W.
Harrison, Asa H.
Harrison, James E.
Hart, Cathrine
Hart, Christopher C.
Hart, Daniel C.
Hart, Elias
Hart, Elva J.
Hart, Isaiah D.
Hart, Isaiah M.
Hart, Jerusha M.
Hart, John H. B.
Hart, Mary A.
Hart, Mary A. S.
Hart, Semantha M.
Hart, Serena
Hart, William B.
Hart, William I.
Harvard, Christianna
Harvard, David G.
Harvard, Hardy
Harvard, Moses J.
Harvard, Sarah A.
Harvard, Stephen W.
Harvard, William H. H.
Harvard, Zachary T.
Harvell, Jesse
Harvell, John M.
Harvell, Martha R.
Harvell, Samuel R.
Hately, John C.
Hawkins, Joshua P.
Helvenston, John J.
Hendry, Abigal
Hendry, John M.
Hendry, Saleme N.
Hendry, Saphrema C.
Hendry, William A.
Hennis, Henry W.
Hicks, Eli
Hicks, Elizabeth
Hicks, Henry
Hicks, Isabella
Hicks, James
Hicks, Wiley
Higginbotham, Caleb
Hires, George A.
Hires, Jane I.
Hires, Lavissa
Hodges, Elizabeth
Hodges, Martha A.
Hodges, Mary
Hodges, Simon
Holbrook, Eliza
Holbrook, Jacob
Holbrook, Jacob I.
Holbrook, Jeremiah R.
Holbrook, Martha
Holbrook, Martha A.
Holbrook, Phebe C. E.
Holbrook, Sarah A.
Holbrook, William T.
Holder, Elizabeth
Holder, Elizabeth
Holder, Hannah
Holder, Hannah
Holder, Joseph B.
Holder, Joseph J. B.
Holder, Joseph J. B.
Holder, Mary
Holder, Rebeca
Holder, Richard
Holder, Thomas B.
Holder, Thomas B.
Holder, Thomas B. Jr.
Hooker, James W.
Hooker, Sarah
Hooker, Stephen I. S.
Hooker, William
Hope, John C.
Hornsby, Rebeca
Hornsby, William
Howard, George 
Howard, Jane
Howard, Mary
Howard, Richard
Howell, John W.
Howell, Joseph S.
Howell, Louisa M.
Howell, Nancy A.
Howell, Sarah
Howell, Thomas C.
Howell, Thomas W.
Hulbert, John D.
Hunt, Ardillis A.
Hunt, John M.
Hunt, Mary A.
Hunt, Thomas H. H.
Hunt, William W.
Hunter, Mary A.
Hutson, Elizabeth
Hutson, Garrett
Hutson, Hamilton
Hutson, James B.
Hutson, James M.
Hutson, Joseph
Hutson, Martha
Hutson, Rebeca
Hutson, Samuel
Hutson, Samuel Jr.
Hutson, Samuel W.
Hutson, William J.
Hyatt, Charles
Infinger, William
Jackson, Francis
Jackson, Leonard
Jackson, Lucy
Jackson, Susan
Jarald, Elendur
Jenkins, James
Jenkins, Rebeca
Johns, Andrew J.
Johns, Avy
Johns, Bemben L.
Johns, Cornelius
Johns, Hester
Johns, Isaac
Johns, Isaac
Johns, Jeremiah
Johns, Kisiah
Johns, Levi
Johns, Levi J.
Johns, Maria
Johns, Martha
Johns, Mary
Johns, Mary
Johns, Nancy A.
Johns, Perry
Johns, Polly A.
Johns, Sarah A.
Johns, Sarah A.
Johnson, David G.
Jones, Abner
Jones, Archibald H.
Jones, Avey R.
Jones, Charles
Jones, Charles McK.
Jones, Ellen
Jones, Ellen
Jones, James
Jones, Jerome
Jones, Jerome
Jones, Jesse N.
Jones, John
Jones, Josiah
Jones, Kisiah
Jones, Mary S.
Jones, Nancy
Jones, Nathaniel
Jones, Thomas J.
Joyce, Daniel
Keil, Adam
Keil, Clarissa
Keil, Eliza A.
Kenady, Andrew J.
Kenady, Charlotte I.
Kenady, Charlotte S.
Kenady, John A.
Kenady, Margret E. R.
Kenady, Rebeca B.
Kenady, Sarah A. B.
Kenady, Thomas S.
Kettler, Esther
Kettler, George
Kettler, Hetty A.
Kettler, Jane E.
Kettler, John
Kettler, Josiah M.
Kettler, Mary
Kistlin, Francis
Kistlin, Josaphine
Kistlin, Martha
Kistlin, Mitchel
Knight, Eliza
Knight, George
Knight, George
Knight, Jeptha
Knight, Levy
Knight, Margret F.
Knight, Thomas J.
Krenshaw, McKaja
Lancaster, David
Lancaster, Joseph H.
Lancaster, Mary
Lane, Amelia
Lane, Edward
Lane, James
Lane, Nancy
Lane, Nicey
Lanier, Mary
Lee, Wesley
Link, Amelia
Link, Crestina
Link, Crestina
Link, Franklin
Link, Jacob
Link, Jacob Jr.
Link, Joseph
Link, Mary
Little, Charles W.
Little, Elizabeth
Little, John
Little, John W.
Little, Joseph G.
Little, Sarah A. E. G.
Little, Tisha M.
Livingston, Ellen
Livingston, Jehu
Livingston, Julia
Livingston, Kate
Livingston, Susan
Lourbrey, Maria
Lynn, Candacy L.
Lynn, Caroline
Lynn, Daniel
Lynn, Daniel Jr.
Lynn, Joseph
Lynn, Mary E.
Lynn, Miney
Lynn, Sarah L.
Lynn, Susan E.
Maiten, Elizabeth
Malfous, Elizabeth
Malfous, Isam
Malfous, James 
Malfous, John
Malfous, John H.
Malfous, Joseph
Malfous, William
Malphurs, Giles J.
Malphurs, Isham E.
Malphurs, James T.
Malphurs, Joseph W.
Malphurs, Nancy
Malphurs, Sarah
Malphurs, Sarah L.
Malphurs, William
Malphurs, William T.
Martin, Mary
Massengale, Elender
May, George H.
May, John H.
May, Joseph N.
May, Joshua p.
May, Mary E.
May, Susan R.
May, William T.
McCarroll, Michael
McCarroll, Sarah
McCarroll, Susan
McDonald, ****? E.
McDonald, Elva
McDonald, George F.
McDonald, John F.
McDonald, Mary C.
McDonald, Nelson P.
McDonald, William H.
McGoven, John
McGoven, Mary
McGuyer, Alexander
McKain, James
McKinley, John
McKinley, John Jr.
McKinley, Margret J.
McKinney, Caleb
McKinney, Francis M.
McKinney, George W.
McKinney, Isaiah
McKinney, James J.
McKinney, James M.
McKinney, Joseph
McKinney, Malinda
McKinney, Martha A.
McKinney, Mary A. S.
McKinney, Mathew
McKinney, Stephen S.
McMinn, Charley J.
McMinn, John D. A.
McMinn, Mary E.
McMinn, Mary H.
McMinn, William
Merry, Cornelius W.
Merry, Elizabeth
Merry, Horace
Mesamie, Ann
Miller, Jane A.
Mills, Benjamin
Mills, Delphia
Mills, Elizabeth
Mills, John
Mills, Martha 
Mills, William
Mizell, David
Mizell, David Jr.
Mizell, Enoch E.
Mizell, John R.
Mizell, Joseph
Mizell, Joshua
Mizell, Martha
Mizell, Mary
Mizell, Mary
Mizell, Morgan
Mizell, Nancy
Mizell, Sarah
Mizell, Sarah A.
Mizell, Thomas
Moody, Abigail L.
Moody, David A.
Moody, Joseph J.
Moody, Mary A.
Moore, Amanda
Moore, Amelia
Moore, Archibald
Moore, Columbus
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Francis
Moore, Henry
Moore, Jackson
Moore, James
Moore, Rebeca
Moore, Riley
Moore, Stephen
Morgan, Ann M.
Morgan, John J. W.
Morgan, Levander
Morgan, Martha A. E.
Morgan, Rebeca
Morgan, Sophia 
Morgan, William J.
Morrison, Angeline
Morrison, Columbus J.
Morrison, Daniel
Morrison, Daniel Jr.
Morrison, H. A.
Morrison, Mary
Morrison, Sarah
Morrison, Sarah C.
Morrison, Washington
Mott, Abraham
Mott, Abraham
Mott, Andrew M.
Mott, Ann E.
Mott, Benjamin
Mott, Catharine
Mott, Elizabeth
Mott, Francis
Mott, Hellen M.
Mott, Hope
Mott, Hope E.
Mott, Jane
Mott, Laura
Mott, Marrion
Mott, Mathew
Mott, Robert B.
Mott, Sarah
Mott, William C.
Mott, William W.
Murphy, Peter
Murphy, Thomas
Nettles, Hesakiah
Nettles, Isaac
Nettles, William
Nobles, Benjamin
Nobles, Celia
Nobles, Isham
Nobles, John
Nobles, Levinia
Nobles, Mahalia
Nobles, Margret
Nobles, Nathaniel
Nobles, Thomas
Olmsted, Francis P.
Osteen, Annice
Osteen, California
Osteen, James A.
Osteen, Jane E.
Osteen, Leander B.
Osteen, Martha E.
Osteen, Miles A.
Osteen, Pricila
Osteen, Seanera A.
Paisley, Elizabeth
Paisley, Margret W.
Paisley, Stephen S.
Paisley, Thomas
Paisley, William R.
Parker, Caroline
Parker, Charles
Parker, Elizabeth C. C.
Parker, Florida
Parker, Hannah
Parker, Henry C.
Parker, Richard
Parker, Richard H.
Parker, S. B.
Parker, William A.
Parrish, Alexander
Parrish, Eliza A.
Parrish, Ezekiel
Parrish, Irene
Parrish, John W.
Parrish, Maria
Parrish, Mary S.
Parrish, Rebeca J.
Parrish, William W.
Parsons, John
Payne, Cathrine
Payne, George B.
Payne, Ida
Payne, Marion L.
Peden, James A.
Pendarvis, Eurastus
Pendarvis, James
Pendarvis, James R.
Pendarvis, Mary
Perry, Andrew J.
Perry, Henry
Perry, James W.
Perry, Joshua
Perry, Madison S.
Perry, Madison S. Jr.
Perry, Martha P.
Perry, Peter B.
Perry, Rachael K.
Perry, Sarah J.
Perry, Sidney
Peterson, Michael
Peterson, Violet J.
Philips, Lucretia
Piles, Ann S.
Piles, Jane
Piles, Julia
Piles, Mary E.
Piles, Samuel R.
Piles, Thomas
Piles, Thomas W.
Platt, Amy
Platt, Joshua
Platt, Senersy
Polk, James K.
Prentiss, Augustus
Prescot, Ely
Prescot, Harriet
Prescot, Harriet A.
Prescot, James D.
Prescot, Jesse S.
Prescot, John
Prescot, John H.
Prescot, John W.
Prescot, Julia A.
Prescot, Martha A.
Prescot, Mary A. J.
Prescot, Nelson
Prescot, Noah W.
Prescot, Rebeca
Prescot, Robert
Prescot, Thomas
Prescot, Trinity
Prescot, Trinity
Prescot, William A. J.
Prevatt, Dicy
Prevatt, E. R.
Prevatt, Elizabeth
Prevatt, George W.
Prevatt, Henry Z.
Prevatt, Hulda
Prevatt, James K. P.
Prevatt, John L.
Prevatt, Joseph F.
Prevatt, Joseph R.
Prevatt, Peter
Prevatt, Surmia
Prevatt, Thomas J.
Prevatt, Valentine R.
Prevatt, William T.
Priest, Isabella
Prior, John
Prior, Rachael
Rain, Cornelius
Rain, Cornelius Jr.
Rain, Elizabeth
Rain, Jackson
Rain, Margret
Rain, Martha
Rain, William
Ramsey, Eli F. S.
Ramsey, Francis L. C.
Ramsey, Letitia
Ramsey, Moses
Ramsey, Thomas G.
Randall, James
Randall, John
Randall, Julia A.
Randall, Luther
Randall, Phebe
Randall, William
Rice, Cathrine
Rice, Jane
Richard, Harvey N.
Richard, Honoria J.
Richard, Jane A.
Richard, Job T.
Richard, John C.
Richard, John C.
Richard, Leanna V.
Richard, Malinda
Richard, Mary J.
Richard, Mason T.
Richard, Oceola W.
Ridout, David
Robb, Andrew
Roberts, Albert G.
Roberts, Anne E.
Roberts, Sarah
Rogers, Elender
Rogers, Ellen
Rogers, John
Rollins, Benjamin
Rollins, Dorcas A.
Rowan, Harriet
Rowan, William F.
Russell, Ada L.
Russell, Ann E.
Russell, David G.
Russell, Mary C.
Russell, Mary J.
Russell, Samuel
Russell, Simeon D.
Ryan, Eugenia D.
Ryan, John G.
Ryan, William H.
Sanchez, Edmund P. G.
Sanchez, Francis R.
Sanchez, Gabriel S.
Sanchez, Gadsden
Sanchez, George W.
Sanchez, Henry C.
Sanchez, Jane A.
Sanchez, John J.
Sanchez, John W.
Sanchez, Rafaila S.
Sanchez, Sarah A.
Sanchez, Simeon
Sapp, Daniel E.
Sapp, Dicey
Sapp, Josiah J.
Sapp, Marth E.
Sapp, Sarah E.
Sapp, William
Saunders, Ann E.
Saunders, Anzozello
Saunders, Caroline E.
Saunders, James
Saunders, John G.
Saunders, John R.
Saunders, Samuel
Saunders, Samuel Jr.
Saunders, Sarah C.
Saunders, Tabitha
Sealon, Asa
Sealon, James W.
Sealon, John A.
Sealon, Margret L.
Sealon, Misaniah
Secinger, Cintha R.
Secinger, John C.
Secinger, Josiah
Secrest, Harriet C.
Secrest, Harvey
Secrest, James F.
Secrest, John C.
Secrest, William
Sharp, George
Sharp, John B. T.
Sharp, Mary A.
Sharp, William H.
Shepherd, Caroline
Shepherd, Delia
Shepherd, James L.
Shepherd, Mahaila
Shepherd, Mary A.
Shepherd, Miles
Shepherd, Nathaniel
Sherhouse, Clatus
Sherhouse, Delphia A.
Sherhouse, Gadliffe
Sherhouse, Israel
Sherhouse, Israel E.
Sherhouse, James E.
Sherhouse, Jane
Sherhouse, Jane E.
Sherhouse, John E.
Sherhouse, Lewis
Sherhouse, Mary
Sherhouse, Moses E.
Sherhouse, Sarah
Sherhouse, Sittle B.
Sights, John
Sights, John Jr.
Sights, Mary
Sights, Matilda J.
Silcox, David
Simpkins, McDuffy
Sinclair, Alexander
Sisk, Elender
Sisk, William
Sistrunk, Martha E.
Sistrunk, Mary J.
Sistrunk, Sarah
Sistrunk, William D.
Skipper, Daniel
Skipper, Delia
Skipper, Eliza
Skipper, William
Slade, Francis C.
Slade, Mary
Slaughter, Charles L.
Slaughter, Eliza L.
Slaughter, Elizabeth
Slaughter, Elizabeth
Slaughter, Mary A.
Slaughter, Moses
Slaughter, Moses H.
Slaughter, Samuel B.
Slaughter, Thomas M.
Smith, America
Smith, Bryant
Smith, Cathrine
Smith, Charles C.
Smith, Elizabeth A.
Smith, Elizabeth O.
Smith, Florida
Smith, Francis
Smith, Hamilton
Smith, James *.
Smith, James H.
Smith, James H. Jr.
Smith, James W.
Smith, Joel B.
Smith, Joel H.
Smith, John
Smith, Lidia A.
Smith, Louisa
Smith, Margret A.
Smith, Martha
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary C.
Smith, Milton
Smith, Nancy
Smith, Patience E.
Smith, Susan W.
Smith, Thomas W.
Smith, William F.
Smith, Zilpha A.
Snowden, Charity
Snowden, Edward
Snowden, Henry
Snowden, James
Snowden, James M.
Sparkman, Albert
Sparkman, Andrew J.
Sparkman, Ann
Sparkman, Carey
Sparkman, Carey
Sparkman, Daniel
Sparkman, Daniel J.
Sparkman, Edward
Sparkman, Elizabeth
Sparkman, Francis M.
Sparkman, George W.
Sparkman, Hannah J.
Sparkman, Harriet
Sparkman, Harriet M.
Sparkman, Henry
Sparkman, Hetty
Sparkman, Hetty P.
Sparkman, Isane
Sparkman, James
Sparkman, James J.
Sparkman, James M.
Sparkman, Joel
Sparkman, Joel
Sparkman, John
Sparkman, John
Sparkman, John S.
Sparkman, Kisiah
Sparkman, Kisiah
Sparkman, Levi
Sparkman, Lewallen
Sparkman, Lewis
Sparkman, Lucinda
Sparkman, Luke
Sparkman, Martha
Sparkman, Mary
Sparkman, Mary
Sparkman, Mary E.
Sparkman, Nancy
Sparkman, Nathan N.
Sparkman, Penelope
Sparkman, Peter
Sparkman, Peter W.
Sparkman, Phebe
Sparkman, Polly
Sparkman, Polly L.
Sparkman, Sarah
Sparkman, Sarah E.
Sparkman, Sidia
Sparkman, Sinah
Sparkman, Stephen
Sparkman, Stephen
Sparkman, Susan
Sparkman, Wade H.
Sparkman, Wade H. Jr.
Sparkman, Washington
Sparkman, William
Sparkman, William M.
Stafford, Elizabeth A.
Stafford, Ezekial
Stafford, Francis
Stafford, James R.
Stafford, John E.
Stafford, Joshua
Stafford, Julia
Stafford, Martha A.
Stafford, Mary
Stafford, Sarah S.
Stanley, James
Stanley, John B.
Stanley, John C.
Stanley, John R.
Stanley, Laura
Stanley, Penelope
Stanley, Thomas C.
Stanley, William S.
Stanley, Zilpha
Stepauski, Anthony
Stevens, Gadsden W.
Stevens, James
Stevens, James U.
Stevens, John K.
Stevens, Mary L.
Stokes, Alphi
Stokes, Bunnell
Stokes, Celia
Stokes, Celia
Stokes, Counsel
Stokes, Henry
Stokes, Hester
Stokes, John
Stokes, Joseph
Stokes, Louisa
Stokes, Martha
Stokes, Mary A.
Stokes, Mary A.
Stokes, Nancy
Stokes, Richard
Stokes, Thomas
Stoughton, Elizabeth
Stoughton, Erelena
Stoughton, Reuben S.
Strictland, Charity
Strictland, Isham
Strictland, John
Strictland, Lucretia
Strictland, Martha
Strictland, William
Strictland, William
Stroba, Alexander N.
Strobel, Angeline
Strobel, Arrabella
Strobel, Daniel
Strobel, Daniel 
Strobel, David
Strobel, David S.
Strobel, Jacob
Strobel, Susan C.
Strobel, Washington
Strobel, William
Studivant, Nancy
Sugs, Aaron
Sugs, Avey
Sugs, Edith
Sugs, Elija
Sugs, Ezekeil
Sugs, John
Sugs, Kitsa
Sugs, Lorenza
Sugs, Noah P.
Sugs, Pandy
Sugs, William
Sumpkin, Preston
Sweeny, Ann C.
Sweeny, Hannah
Sweeny, Henry
Swift, Mary R.
Sykes, Caroline
Sykes, Gilford
Sykes, John M.
Sykes, Laura C.
Sykes, Mary J.
Sykes, Sarah A. E.
Sykes, Sydney M.
Sykes, William G.
Sylivant, Berien
Sylivant, Henry
Sylivant, Henry W.
Sylivant, James M.
Sylivant, Rebeca
Taimes, Arthur
Taimes, Frances A.
Taimes, James W.
Taimes, Spicy J.
Terrell, Albert
Terrell, Andrew
Terrell, Cinderella
Terrell, Nathaniel
Terrell, Reason S.
Thigpen, Arnold
Thigpen, Blenio F.
Thigpen, Caleb C.
Thigpen, Eliza
Thigpen, Elizabeth A.
Thigpen, Gregory Y.
Thigpen, John C.
Thigpen, Jonathan
Thigpen, Oscar
Thiner, Nancy
Thomas, Ava A.
Thomas, Celia
Thomas, Charles
Thomas, Charles
Thomas, Columbus M.
Thomas, Cornelius
Thomas, Elizabeth
Thomas, Emma A.
Thomas, Harbard H.
Thomas, James
Thomas, James T.
Thomas, John J.
Thomas, Joseph
Thomas, Judge F.
Thomas, Lucy
Thomas, Mary
Thomas, Nancy
Thomas, Presley
Thomas, Priscilla
Thomas, Rachail
Thomas, Samuel
Thomas, Samuel
Thomas, Sarah
Thomas, Susan
Thomas, William N.
Tillis, Amelia
Tillis, Elender
Tillis, Harriet
Tillis, Joseph
Tillis, Joseph A.
Tillis, Mary R.
Tillis, Prudence F. M.
Tillis, Susan
Tillis, Susan H.
Tillis, Taplin
Tillis, Temple
Tillis, Thomas
Tillis, Thomas Jr.
Tompkins, Alfred D.
Tompkins, Ann
Tompkins, Ann E.
Tompkins, David S.
Tompkins, James
Tompkins, James A.
Tompkins, John W.
Tompkins, Joseph R.
Tompkins, Mary E.
Tompkins, Wilson P.
Townsend, Delany J.
Townsend, Elizabeth
Townsend, Francis C.
Townsend, John
Townsend, Julia E.
Townsend, Lucretia E.
Townsend, Mary A.
Townsend, Nancy A.
Townsend, Noah
Townsend, Rachael J.
Townsend, Roxy A.
Townsend, Sarah
Tucker, Elija
Tucker, Louisa J.
Tucker, Margary A.
Tucker, Margret A.
Tucker, Rufus S.
Tucker, Sarah A.
Turner, Alice J.
Turner, Benjamin
Turner, Caroline
Turner, Charles A.
Turner, Francis
Turner, Francis
Turner, Henry
Turner, Henry B.
Turner, Isabella I.
Turner, James A.
Turner, John
Turner, Jonathan
Turner, Martha A.
Turner, Martha E.
Turner, Mary
Turner, Mary A.
Turner, Mary E.
Turner, Mary J.
Turner, Matilda C.
Turner, Thomas O.
Turner, William *.
Turner, William H.
Turner, Zilpha
Tuten, George
Tuten, John
Tuten, Mary
Tuten, Reading
Tuten, Susan
Tuten, William
Tyson, Benjamin
Tyson, Cathrine
Tyson, Emaline
Tyson, Georgian
Tyson, James
Tyson, James H.
Tyson, Jane
Tyson, Joel W.
Tyson, Lete
Tyson, Louisa J.
Tyson, Matilda J.
Tyson, Susan
Tyson, William
Tyson, William
Tyson, William S.
Underwood, Cathrine
Underwood, Ferdinand A.
Underwood, Julia
Underwood, Maria
Underwood, Mary
Walker, Berry
Walker, Eliza
Walker, Elizabeth
Walker, George
Walker, Levina
Walker, Mary J.
Walker, Susan
Walker, Thomas
Walker, Thomas Jr.
Warren, Benjamin
Warren, Joseph
Warren, Joseph
Warren, Rebeca J.
Warren, Solomon
Warren, Solomon Jr.
Warren, Thadeus
Waters, William
Watson, Caroline A.
Watson, Eliza
Watson, George
Watson, George W.
Watson, Mary A.
Watson, Susan A.
Weeks, David
Weeks, Harriet
Weeks, James S.
Weeks, Joel T.
Weeks, John P.
Weeks, Kisiah
Weeks, Kisiah
Weeks, Madison
Weeks, Mary
Weeks, Rebeca
Weeks, Robert B.
Weeks, Serida
Weeks, Silas
Weeks, Simeon S.
Wells, Andrew
Wells, Andrew J.
Wells, George W.
Wells, Henry
Wells, James
Wells, Mary
Wells, Thomas A.
Wells, William
White, Benjamin D.
White, Benjamin D.
White, Francis C.
White, John B.
White, Mary
White, Pleasant A.
White, Sarah A.
White, Sarah A. E.
White, Thomas N.
Wiggins, Adelin
Wiggins, Benjamin
Wiggins, Burrell
Wiggins, Caroline
Wiggins, Delphia A.
Wiggins, Elizabeth
Wiggins, George
Wiggins, Jesse
Wiggins, John
Wiggins, Oscar
Wiggins, Perry
Wiggins, Sarah
Wilkason, Calhoun
Wilkason, Christopher
Wilkason, Ellender
Wilkason, Mary A.
Wilkason, Sarah
Williams, Hampton
Williams, Lewallen
Williams, Manerva
Williams, Nancy
Williamson, Cornelius
Williamson, David B.
Williamson, Irene J.
Williamson, Maria
Williamson, Stephen
Williamson, William
Williamson, William
Williamson, William H.
Wilson, Charles L.
Wilson, Lemuel
Wilson, Lemuel Jr.
Wilson, Lidia
Wilson, Martha J.
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Nathaniel
Wilson, Rafaila S. M.
Wilson, Susan E.
Wilson, William D.
Wimberly, Adelia
Wimberly, Delany
Wimberly, Martin
Wimberly, William
Wimberly, Wurous
Winn, Eliza
Winn, Thomas S.
Wymer, Angeline
Wymer, Daniel
Wymer, Emaly
Wymer, Idella
Wymer, Irne
Wymer, John
Wymer, Marcilla
Wymer, Mary
Wymer, Olivia
Wymer, Townsend
Youngblood, Robert
Zawadzki, John H.
Zetrower, Albert J.
Zetrower, Caroline
Zetrower, Daniel M.
Zetrower, Eliza
Zetrower, Francis
Zetrower, Georgian
Zetrower, James C.
Zetrower, John R.
Zetrower, John R. Jr.
Zetrower, Lucy A. E.
Zetrower, Margret L.
Zetrower, Mary A.
Zetrower, Solomon