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Gilchrist County Land Patents 1902 - 1903

This is a list of all Homestead, Cash Entry and Armed Occupation Act Patents for the portion of Alachua County that became Gilchrist County in 1925. Compiled from the
Bureau of Land Management Web Site.
A "C" at the end of the Authority column indicates a link to a Comment
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Last Name First Name Signature 
Authority  Acres
BROWN JACKSON N 01/17/1902 FL1030__.410 Homestead Entry 159.8
CRAIG DANIEL R 01/17/1902 FL1030__.381 Homestead Entry  160.25
FREENY FRAZIER 01/17/1902 FL1030__.342 Homestead Entry  80.4
SAPP DRUCILLA 01/17/1902 FL1030__.379 Homestead Entry  C 83.73
STUCKEY ALEXANDER P 03/07/1902 FL1030__.439 Homestead Entry  120.89
LINDSEY LARKIN 04/17/1902 FL1030__.461 Homestead Entry  C 159.7
YEATES MINNIE 04/17/1902 FL1030__.462 Homestead Entry  C 159.88
WHEELER WILLIE 05/01/1902 FL1030__.497 Homestead Entry  72.1
EVERETT WILLIAM T 07/03/1902 FL1040__.207 Homestead Entry  159.21
NIBLACK ARCH 07/03/1902 FL1040__.126 Homestead Entry  60.21
LOVE JAMES A 10/11/1902 FL1040__.290 Homestead Entry  79.83
POLK JAMES D 10/11/1902 FL1040__.273 Homestead Entry  159.39
GRIFFIN J B 10/28/1902 FL1040__.309 Homestead Entry  83.67
MIKEEL JAMES F 12/30/1902 FL1040__.375 Homestead Entry  160.14
BARKER OSBORN G 01/21/1903 FL1040__.414 Homestead Entry  79.9
PRIDGEON ROBERT 01/31/1903 FL1040__.413 Homestead Entry  159.21
TURNER THOMAS J 01/31/1903 FL1040__.412 Homestead Entry  159.21
FOLSOM JONATHAN 03/17/1903 FL1040__.456 Homestead Entry  161.38
LOCK WILLIAM J 03/17/1903 FL1040__.483 Homestead Entry  159.65
PHILMAN JOHN J 03/27/1903 FL0870__.113 Homestead Entry  162.35
BONNELL JOHN T 05/25/1903 FL1050__.100 Homestead Entry  80.5
CARTER PINCKNEY P 05/25/1903 FL1050__.096 Homestead Entry  40.09
ROBERTS FRANK 05/25/1903 FL1050__.119 Homestead Entry  159.21
HILLIARD ALEXANDER H 06/01/1903 FL1050__.196 Homestead Entry  79.69
PAWLETTA DOMINIK J 06/01/1903 FL1050__.211 Homestead Entry  124.88
WILLIAMS CHARLEY C 06/01/1903 FL1050__.212 Homestead Entry  160.13
SAPP SOLOMON W 06/03/1903 FL0300__.329 Cash Entry Sale  88.57
ROBERTS SHEROD A 08/17/1903 FL1050__.288 M Homestead Entry  160.32
BAGLEY CHARLES T 09/05/1903 FL0300__.357 Cash Entry Sale  40.35
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