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Gilchrist County Land Patents 1904 - 1907

This is a list of all Homestead, Cash Entry and Armed Occupation Act Patents for the portion of Alachua County that became Gilchrist County in 1925. Compiled from the
Bureau of Land Management Web Site.
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Last Name First Name Signature 
Authority Acres
LEE WILLIAM B 01/27/1904 FL1050__.472 M Homestead Entry  160.4
MATTHEWS JOHN B 01/27/1904 FL1050__.451 Homestead Entry  40.67
BARNES JACOB 05/05/1904 FL1070__.062 Homestead Entry  160.92
BURNETT JAMES F 08/30/1904 FL1070__.213 Homestead Entry  40.05
LINDSEY MABEL 08/30/1904 FL1070__.217 Homestead Entry  C 159.74
THOMAS JOHN O 08/30/1904 FL1070__.201 Homestead Entry  41.79
TRAMEL DAWSON T 08/30/1904 FL1070__.210 Homestead Entry  79.87
WHITE WILLIAM J 08/30/1904 FL1070__.212 Homestead Entry  159.65
HAMM THOMAS J 09/16/1904 FL1070__.158 Homestead Entry  120.89
FOWLER CHARLEY 09/27/1904 FL0300__.475 Cash Entry Sale  167.12
JONES GREEN B 11/15/1904 FL1070__.281 Homestead Entry  159.88
LANGFORD MADISON L 11/15/1904 FL1070__.275 Homestead Entry  85.41
LORD WILLIAM J 11/15/1904 FL1070__.279 Homestead Entry  159.88
SIKES GEORGE R 11/15/1904 FL1070__.280 Homestead Entry  159.7
CANNON JOHN J 12/20/1904 FL1070__.435 M Homestead Entry 79.97
REHBERG ALEXANDER S B 03/08/1905 FL1070__.426 M Homestead Entry  160.31
BRYANT JOHN E 06/30/1905 FL1090__.168 Homestead Entry  119.7
CANNON LEWIS E 06/30/1905 FL1090__.193 M Homestead Entry  80.25
CANNON WILEY F 06/30/1905 FL1090__.192 Homestead Entry  166.1
GRIFFIN JAMES C 06/30/1905 FL1090__.167 M Homestead Entry  166.48
HUNT LAWYER 06/30/1905 FL1090__.164 Homestead Entry  80.19
JONES ROBERT J 06/30/1905 FL1090__.166 Homestead Entry  161.12
LEWIS MOLLIE M 06/30/1905 FL1090__.194 Homestead Entry  C 116.5
LOCKHART JOSEPH H 06/30/1905 FL1090__.165 Homestead Entry  80.4
POPE THOMAS 06/30/1905 FL1090__.195 Homestead Entry  39.75
SANCHEZ JAMES A 06/30/1905 FL1090__.113 Homestead Entry  159.68
SHEPHERD NATHAN 06/30/1905 FL1090__.205 Homestead Entry  157.72
SMITH GEORGE P 06/30/1905 FL1090__.158 Homestead Entry  159.74
WALKER LUTHER L 06/30/1905 FL1090__.169 M Homestead Entry  166.48
CARAWAY ROBERT F 07/13/1905 FL1090__.232 Homestead Entry  79.69
HODDER JAMES F 08/08/1905 FL1080__.205 M Cash Entry Sale  120.57
HODDER THOMAS E 08/08/1905 FL1080__.204 Cash Entry Sale  125.34
MILLER TOMEY L 08/08/1905 FL1080__.206 Cash Entry Sale  125.37
MARTIN LEWIS N 09/11/1905 FL1090__.265 Homestead Entry  159.77
JOLLY HUGH J 11/03/1905 FL1080__.274 Cash Entry Sale  79.57
MUNN OLIVER A 11/03/1905 FL1080__.228 Cash Entry Sale  158.3
DOWNING SARAH R 11/08/1905 FL1090__.283 Homestead Entry  122
CONETON SYLVESTER 01/30/1906 FL1090__.484 Homestead Entry  80
SMITH WILLIAM F 03/08/1906 FL1110__.001 Cash Entry Sale  160.87
POPE JOSEPH L 03/28/1906 FL1100__.060 Homestead Entry  40.03
WELCH JAMES 03/28/1906 FL1100__.058 M Homestead Entry  160.32
BASS MILES 06/04/1906 FL1100__.225 Homestead Entry  159.9
CURRY JOHN G 06/04/1906 FL1100__.192 Homestead Entry  159.39
DOUGLAS CHARLIE 06/04/1906 FL1100__.159 Homestead Entry  125.34
TOLBERT JOSEPH M 06/04/1906 FL1100__.204 Homestead Entry  40
TOWNSELL MARION F 06/04/1906 FL1100__.193 Homestead Entry  79.82
DONALDSON WALTER C 06/30/1906 FL1100__.253 Homestead Entry  158.22
JERKINS IRENE A 09/14/1906 FL1100__.335 M Homestead Entry  C 159.25
POLK FRANCIS L 10/15/1906 FL1100__.345 Homestead Entry  163.68
GAMBLE JAMES G 10/24/1906 FL1100__.361 M Homestead Entry  163.18
SANCHEZ WILLIE J 11/19/1906 FL1110__.245 Cash Entry Sale  160
TOWNSEND JOHN C B 03/08/1907 FL1100__.444 M Homestead Entry  160.5
MIKELL SAMUEL B B 04/01/1907 FL1100__.469 Homestead Entry  162.66
PHILMAN ELIZABETH 04/01/1907 FL1100__.467 Homestead Entry  C 160
LANCASTER WILLIAM 05/10/1907 FL1110__.340 Cash Entry Sale  158.96
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