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Gilchrist County Land Patents Jan-Apr 1890

This is a list of all Homestead, Cash Entry and Armed Occupation Act Patents for the portion of Alachua County that became Gilchrist County in 1925. Compiled from the
Bureau of Land Management Web Site.
A "C" at the end of the Authority column indicates a link to a Comment
A "B" at the end of the First Name column indicates a link to Burial Information
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Last Name First Name Signature 
 Authority Acres
HINES WILEY B 03/03/1890 FL0790__.416 Homestead Entry 160.37
OSTEEN JOHN H B 03/03/1890 FL0790__.423 Homestead Entry  160.87
YAWKEY WILLIAM C 04/28/1890 FL0640__.221 Cash Entry Sale  240.84
YAWKEY WILLIAM C 04/28/1890 FL0640__.222 Cash Entry Sale  482.81
YAWKEY WILLIAM C 04/28/1890 FL0640__.223 Cash Entry Sale  320.63
YAWKEY WILLIAM C 04/28/1890 FL0640__.224 Cash Entry Sale  639.75
YAWKEY WILLIAM C 04/28/1890 FL0640__.225 Cash Entry Sale  641.5
YAWKEY WILLIAM C 04/28/1890 FL0640__.226 Cash Entry Sale  639.5
YAWKEY WILLIAM C 04/28/1890 FL0640__.227 Cash Entry Sale  556.94
YAWKEY WILLIAM C 04/28/1890 FL0640__.228 Cash Entry Sale  120.37
YAWKEY WILLIAM C 04/28/1890 FL0640__.229 Cash Entry Sale  321.5
YAWKEY WILLIAM C 04/28/1890 FL0640__.230 Cash Entry Sale  401.25
YAWKEY WILLIAM C 04/28/1890 FL0640__.231 Cash Entry Sale  482.44
YAWKEY WILLIAM C 04/28/1890 FL0640__.232 Cash Entry Sale  160.75
YAWKEY WILLIAM C 04/28/1890 FL0640__.233 Cash Entry Sale  638.75
YAWKEY WILLIAM C 04/28/1890 FL0640__.234 Cash Entry Sale  478.5
YAWKEY WILLIAM C 04/28/1890 FL0640__.235 Cash Entry Sale  560
YAWKEY WILLIAM C 04/28/1890 FL0640__.236 Cash Entry Sale  40.24
YAWKEY WILLIAM C 04/28/1890 FL0640__.237 Cash Entry Sale  79.63
YAWKEY WILLIAM C 04/28/1890 FL0640__.238 Cash Entry Sale  160.25
BASS WILEY 04/29/1890 FL0800__.280 Homestead Entry  159.89
BEAUFORD WASHINGTON 04/29/1890 FL0800__.281 Homestead Entry  160.7
BONNELL ANTHONY W 04/29/1890 FL0800__.287 Homestead Entry  150.51
COLLINS WILLIAM J 04/29/1890 FL0800__.194 Homestead Entry  159.85
DOUGLASS SARAH 04/29/1890 FL0800__.304 Homestead Entry  C 160.69
EVERETT WILLIAM H 04/29/1890 FL0800__.197 Homestead Entry  159.85
FORD CHARLES P 04/29/1890 FL0800__.298 Homestead Entry  162.46
GRIFFIN ELBERT J 04/29/1890 FL0800__.193 Homestead Entry  159.81
JOHNS JOHN W 04/29/1890 FL0800__.050 Homestead Entry  159.92
JONES SARAH E 04/29/1890 FL0800__.257 Homestead Entry  C 160.14
JONES GREEN B 04/29/1890 FL0800__.268 Homestead Entry  160.26
KNIGHTON HENRY E 04/29/1890 FL0800__.302 Homestead Entry  86.58
MACK HENRY 04/29/1890 FL0800__.258 Homestead Entry  159.86
MATTHEWS SAMUEL G 04/29/1890 FL0800__.202 Homestead Entry  159.87
MCCRAY JOHN W 04/29/1890 FL0800__.231 Homestead Entry  161.8
MIKELL THOMAS H 04/29/1890 FL0800__.279 Homestead Entry  160.12
NASH NEWTON 04/29/1890 FL0800__.299 Homestead Entry  189.28
REILLY NAPOLEON B 04/29/1890 FL0800__.196 Homestead Entry  159.02
SANDERS JOHN H 04/29/1890 FL0800__.198 Homestead Entry  166.84
SLAUGHTER SAMUEL J 04/29/1890 FL0800__.267 Homestead Entry  159.94
SMALLWOOD SUSAN C 04/29/1890 FL0800__.195 Homestead Entry  C 160.75
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