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Gilchrist County Land Patents 1882 - 1883

This is a list of all Homestead, Cash Entry and Armed Occupation Act Patents for the portion of Alachua County that became Gilchrist County in 1925. Compiled from the
Bureau of Land Management Web Site.
A "C" at the end of the Authority column indicates a link to a Comment
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Last Name
First Name
DOULING GEORGE 01/20/1882 FL0440__.424 Cash Entry Sale  39.96
POLK AARON 06/10/1882 FL0700__.086 Homestead Entry  161.34
SANDERS JAMES H 06/10/1882 FL0700__.087 Homestead Entry  160.12
SMITH MARY A 12/20/1882 FL0450__.312 Cash Entry Sale  C 121.24
DARBY T A 02/10/1883 FL0460__.149 Cash Entry Sale  120
CURRY JOHN L 03/10/1883 FL0700__.432 Homestead Entry  159.86
SMITH JAMES R 03/10/1883 FL0700__.431 Homestead Entry  160.04
FAIRCLOTH JOHN M 04/20/1883 FL0700__.500 Homestead Entry  169
MASON DENISON 04/20/1883 FL0700__.499 Homestead Entry  156.44
VANCE JOHN 04/20/1883 FL0700__.498 Homestead Entry  161.42
BARRON JOHN D 04/30/1883 FL0710__.007 Homestead Entry  158.88
KNIGHTON JEHU 04/30/1883 FL0470__.080 Cash Entry Sale  38.04
LYNN WILLIAM K 04/30/1883 FL0710__.005 Homestead Entry  158.88
MANLY JOHN B 04/30/1883 FL0710__.006 Homestead Entry  157.8
MASON JAMES M 04/30/1883 FL0710__.003 Homestead Entry  159.94
RICKS RICHARD L 04/30/1883 FL0710__.004 Homestead Entry  163.45
SLAUGHTER JOHN M 06/20/1883 FL0470__.371 Cash Entry Sale  83.62
MILLER ROBERT P 06/30/1883 FL0710__.479 Homestead Entry  160.64
OVERSTREET ALBERT H 06/30/1883 FL0710__.478 Homestead Entry  81.24
OWENS JULIA A 06/30/1883 FL0710__.379 Homestead Entry  C 161.37
SAPP HENRY H 06/30/1883 FL0710__.378 Homestead Entry  161.44
DOKE WILLIAM B 08/01/1883 FL0730__.071 Homestead Entry  161.32
DOKE JAMES B 08/01/1883 FL0730__.072 Homestead Entry  162.46
DOKE CHARLES C 08/01/1883 FL0730__.070 Homestead Entry  160.58
HODGE JOSIAH D 08/01/1883 FL0730__.101 Homestead Entry  160.8
JOHNSON WILLIAM A 08/01/1883 FL0470__.411 Cash Entry Sale  79.81
ROGERS ELI B 08/01/1883 FL0730__.069 Homestead Entry  161
BAILEY JAMES S 08/13/1883 FL0720__.230 Homestead Entry  122.23
CANNON JOHN G 08/13/1883 FL0720__.211 M Homestead Entry 79.97
CANNON WILLIAM 08/13/1883 FL0720__.472 M Homestead Entry  156.69
COLLINS SEABORN G 08/13/1883 FL0720__.209 Homestead Entry  159.02
CORBITT ISAAC C 08/13/1883 FL0720__.088 Homestead Entry  161.8
MARTIN ROBERT C 08/13/1883 FL0720__.210 Homestead Entry  119.94
OSTEEN ELIAS A 08/13/1883 FL0720__.338 Homestead Entry  160.5
POLK MARGARET A 08/13/1883 FL0720__.336 Homestead Entry  153.58
POLK SAMUEL W 08/13/1883 FL0720__.337 Homestead Entry  161
SLAUGHTER THOMAS M 08/13/1883 FL0720__.212 Homestead Entry  80.05
SYKES COLUMBUS W 08/13/1883 FL0720__.213 Homestead Entry  160.27
TRAMMEL DORSON 08/13/1883 FL0720__.214 Homestead Entry  80.53
POLK SAMUEL 10/01/1883 FL0730__.225 Homestead Entry  161.15
BAILEY JAMES S 10/05/1883 FL0480__.159 Cash Entry Sale  82.58
BAILEY JAMES S 10/05/1883 FL0480__.153 Cash Entry Sale  40.09
C B ROGERS & CO 10/05/1883 FL0480__.086 Cash Entry Sale  200.06
COOPER JAMES S 10/05/1883 FL0480__.198 Cash Entry Sale  642.4
COOPER JAMES S 10/05/1883 FL0480__.199 Cash Entry Sale  519.74
COOPER JAMES S 10/05/1883 FL0480__.200 Cash Entry Sale  202.9
COOPER JAMES S 10/05/1883 FL0480__.203 Cash Entry Sale  359.54
COOPER JAMES S 10/05/1883 FL0480__.197 Cash Entry Sale  640.55
MCKINNEY RHODA M 10/05/1883 FL0480__.149 Cash Entry Sale  39.81
SLAUGHTER SAMUEL B 10/05/1883 FL0480__.374 Cash Entry Sale  40.84
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