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Gilchrist County Land Patents for 1884

This is a list of all Homestead, Cash Entry and Armed Occupation Act Patents for the portion of Alachua County that became Gilchrist County in 1925. Compiled from the
Bureau of Land Management Web Site.
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Last Name First Name Signature 
 Authority Acres
BRYANT WILLIAM A 01/30/1884 FL0730__.259 Homestead Entry 160.47
BALEY JAMES S 02/13/1884 FL0490__.358 Cash Entry Sale  122.23
MARTIN S M 02/13/1884 FL0490__.038 Cash Entry Sale  79.93
POLK AARON 02/13/1884 FL0490__.154 Cash Entry Sale  40.6
TOWNSEND JOHN L B 02/13/1884 FL0490__.378 M Cash Entry Sale  40.09
TUCKER RUFUS S 02/13/1884 FL0490__.279 Cash Entry Sale  80.48
BELL JAMES C 03/31/1884 FL0500__.018 Cash Entry Sale  56.12
DOWNING REBECCA 06/30/1884 FL0740__.019 Homestead Entry  160
DOWNING JAMES 06/30/1884 FL0740__.238 Homestead Entry  160
ERISMAN JOHN B 06/30/1884 FL0730__.437 Homestead Entry  159.14
GAY WILLIAM H 06/30/1884 FL0520__.307 Cash Entry Sale  80
HILLIARD GEORGE W 06/30/1884 FL0730__.492 Homestead Entry  161.31
JOHNSON JAMES L 06/30/1884 FL0730__.438 Homestead Entry  159.37
MARTIN GEORGE A 06/30/1884 FL0740__.327 Homestead Entry  167.3
MCKINNEY GEORGE W 06/30/1884 FL0740__.023 Homestead Entry  159.24
NIPPER LOVETT W 06/30/1884 FL0740__.276 Homestead Entry  162.46
PARKER JOHN S 06/30/1884 FL0510__.335 Cash Entry Sale  160
PEACH JOHN C 06/30/1884 FL0740__.364 Homestead Entry  79.87
POLK LEVI 06/30/1884 FL0730__.480 Homestead Entry  162.58
SANDERS ALLEN W 06/30/1884 FL0740__.022 Homestead Entry  161.07
SWILLEY FRANKLIN N 06/30/1884 FL0740__.279 Homestead Entry  160.15
TOWNSEND JOHN H 06/30/1884 FL0740__.193 Homestead Entry  160
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