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Gilchrist County Land Patents for 1892

This is a list of all Homestead, Cash Entry and Armed Occupation Act Patents for the portion of Alachua County that became Gilchrist County in 1925. Compiled from the
Bureau of Land Management Web Site.
A "C" at the end of the Authority column indicates a link to a Comment
A "B" at the end of the First Name column indicates a link to Burial Information
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Last Name First Name Signature 
Authority Acres
KNIGHT JAMES 01/20/1892 FL0850__.086 Homestead Entry  C 39.62
WILKERSON WILLIAM 01/25/1892 FL0650__.307 Cash Entry Sale  175.12
CONERLY ELIZABETH 02/08/1892 FL0850__.101 Homestead Entry  159.25
ROBERTS SIMEON 02/08/1892 FL0850__.097 Homestead Entry  165.32
DOKE AUGUSTUS J 02/23/1892 FL0850__.153 Homestead Entry  80
LOVE JOHN M 03/26/1892 FL0850__.181 Homestead Entry  162.56
BROWN PHILLIP M 04/01/1892 FL0850__.252 Homestead Entry  162.98
CHANCEY ELIJAH J 04/01/1892 FL0650__.329 Cash Entry Sale  160.88
GAY THOMAS A 04/01/1892 FL0850__.253 Homestead Entry  120.91
JONES ELLEN R 04/01/1892 FL0650__.330 Cash Entry Sale  160.25
ROOKS JOHN R 04/01/1892 FL0650__.340 Cash Entry Sale  160.88
SIMONS GEORGE M 04/01/1892 FL0650__.337 Cash Entry Sale  160.58
STALVEY WILLIAM 04/01/1892 FL0650__.338 Cash Entry Sale  81.33
HARRIS JOHN W 04/09/1892 FL0850__.259 M Homestead Entry  160.88
BRYAN MIRAM D 04/20/1892 FL0650__.355 Cash Entry Sale  161.8
JONES JAMES G 04/20/1892 FL0650__.356 Cash Entry Sale  161.14
LANIER C E 04/23/1892 FL0850__.348 Homestead Entry  C 160
MILLER JAMES J 04/23/1892 FL0850__.340 Homestead Entry  120.52
TURNER OSCAR T 04/29/1892 FL0850__.367 Homestead Entry  40.23
MILLER JOHN 05/04/1892 FL0850__.412 Homestead Entry  79.96
JONES EDDIE H 05/16/1892 FL0650__.372 Cash Entry Sale  160.25
HILLIARD ALEXANDER H 05/26/1892 FL0850__.416 Homestead Entry  79.93
LINDSEY JAMES E 05/26/1892 FL0850__.439 Homestead Entry  160.49
MOONEY ALONZO M 05/26/1892 FL0850__.417 Homestead Entry  160.2
PARRISH JAMES M 05/26/1892 FL0850__.429 Homestead Entry  81.87
CANNON JAMES 06/06/1892 FL0850__.474 M Homestead Entry 167.91
CANNON JOHN 06/06/1892 FL0850__.475 M Homestead Entry  159.84
CANNON WILLIAM J B 06/06/1892 FL0850__.477 M Homestead Entry 160.38
CREWS DAVID M 06/06/1892 FL0850__.478 M Homestead Entry  87.49
SHEPPARD JOSEPH G 06/15/1892 FL0880__.006 Homestead Entry  C 40.36
CLAY WILLIAM R 07/11/1892 FL0880__.062 Homestead Entry  159.07
FORSBERG CHARLES 07/11/1892 FL0880__.039 Homestead Entry  162.65
SLAUGHTER MOSES H 08/08/1892 FL0650__.394 Cash Entry Sale  83.02
HALBROOK WILLIAM H 09/09/1892 FL0880__.138 Homestead Entry  159.78
MATTHEWS JOHN B 09/09/1892 FL0880__.137 Homestead Entry  123.21
RODDENBERRY JAMES H 09/27/1892 FL0880__.157 Homestead Entry  119.94
SPEARS JOSHUA 09/27/1892 FL0880__.166 Homestead Entry  80.07
BETHEA JAMES J 10/08/1892 FL0880__.181 M Homestead Entry  174.96
BETHEA WILLIAM P 10/08/1892 FL0650__.421 Cash Entry Sale  159.62
PARISH STEVEN 10/08/1892 FL0650__.412 Cash Entry Sale  160.75
STEVENS GEORGE W 10/08/1892 FL0880__.190 Homestead Entry  151.97
HILLIARD IRVIN 11/15/1892 FL0880__.206 Homestead Entry  160.11
WILLIAMSON NOAH 11/15/1892 FL0880__.205 Homestead Entry  160.82
WRIGHT JOHN W 11/28/1892 FL0880__.296 Homestead Entry  161.8
JONES MITCHELL 12/03/1892 FL0880__.322 Homestead Entry  159.4
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