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Gilchrist County Land Patents 1893 - 1894

This is a list of all Homestead, Cash Entry and Armed Occupation Act Patents for the portion of Alachua County that became Gilchrist County in 1925. Compiled from the
Bureau of Land Management Web Site.
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Last Name First Name Signature 
Authority  Acres
LIGHTSEY MOSES 01/21/1893 FL0880__.399 Homestead Entry 39.66
EVERETT JOHN L 02/14/1893 FL0650__.461 Cash Entry Sale  41.71
MATTHEWS JOHN E 02/21/1893 FL0880__.478 Homestead Entry  161.86
GILL EMILY 03/03/1893 FL0870__.044 Homestead Entry  C 122.65
CANNON MARIA 03/27/1893 FL0870__.086 M Homestead Entry  167.78
COLSON MARTHA A 03/27/1893 FL0870__.084 Homestead Entry  161.34
COLSON CORNELIUS R 03/27/1893 FL0870__.085 Homestead Entry  162.42
PHILMON WILLIAM W 03/27/1893 FL0870__.114 Homestead Entry  161.76
RUTLEDGE HENRY S 03/27/1893 FL0870__.083 Homestead Entry  159.14
EVERETT GREEN W 05/06/1893 FL0870__.191 Homestead Entry  158.88
LOCKE MARY S 05.26/1893 FL0870__.223 Homestead Entry  39.81
LIGHTSEY JACOB C 08/14/1893 FL0870__.242 Homestead Entry  163.3
THOMAS CHARLES A 10/13/1893 FL0870__.304 M Homestead Entry  167.91
SMITH WILLIAM H 10/20/1893 FL0660__.003 Cash Entry Sale  119.97
JOHNSON JAMES C 11/04/1893 FL0870__.346 Homestead Entry  82.27
WHITE WILLIAM E 11/25/1893 FL0660__.011 Cash Entry Sale  79.62
GRIFFIN JESSIE H 12/14/1893 FL0870__.385 Homestead Entry  C 81.17
MIKELL SLEETY 12/28/1893 FL0870__.418 Homestead Entry  160.38
NETTLES RHODA A 12/28/1893 FL0870__.434 Homestead Entry  160.46
VIDEON JOHN E 12/28/1893 FL0870__.435 Homestead Entry  159.07
HUGHES PATRICK 02/01/1894 FL0660__.016 Cash Entry Sale  120
WATSON JOSHUA G 03/08/1894 FL0860__.137 Homestead Entry  162.55
BAILEY TIM B 04/10/1894 FL0860__.222 Homestead Entry  158.3
BLITCH JEFFERSON C 04/10/1894 FL0860__.244 Homestead Entry  159.92
COLSON JOHN R 04/10/1894 FL0860__.211 Homestead Entry  160.07
HAGAN HENRY 04/10/1894 FL0860__.198 Homestead Entry  158.66
SANCHEZ FERNANDO 04/10/1894 FL0860__.210 Homestead Entry  161.8
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