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Gilchrist County Land Patents for 1897

This is a list of all Homestead, Cash Entry and Armed Occupation Act Patents for the portion of Alachua County that became Gilchrist County in 1925. Compiled from the
Bureau of Land Management Web Site.
A "C" at the end of the Authority column indicates a link to a Comment
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Last Name First Name Signature 
Authority  Acres
FOWLER AARON B 01/21/1897 FL0920__.029 M Homestead Entry 160.68
NELSON ALLEN C 01/21/1897 FL0920__.068 Homestead Entry  160.38
ROSIER JOHN F 01/21/1897 FL0920__.065 Homestead Entry  160.5
WILLIAMSON WILLIAM E 01/21/1897 FL0920__.067 Homestead Entry  160.63
JAMESON NATHANIEL A 01/29/1897 FL0430__.110 M Cash Entry Sale  41.81
FELDER PELHAM P 03/03/1897 FL0920__.111 Homestead Entry  39.81
GILBERT MILTON B 03/03/1897 FL0920__.112 Homestead Entry  157.14
KNIGHT THOMAS J 03/03/1897 FL0920__.113 Homestead Entry  162.67
LANGFORD LEWIS L B 03/03/1897 FL0920__.086 Homestead Entry  128.12
WEEKS JOHN E 03/03/1897 FL0920__.087 Homestead Entry  160.2
BAKER SARAH J 03/03/1897 FL0920__.132 M Homestead Entry  80.35
BETHEA JOHN H 03/22/1897 FL0920__.190 M Homestead Entry  C 131.21
BROWNING MUNROE 03/22/1897 FL0920__.156 Homestead Entry  40.33
HINES JOHN H B 03/22/1897 FL0920__.131 Homestead Entry  159.88
KNIGHT MARY J 03/22/1897 FL0920__.125 Homestead Entry  160.32
KNIGHTEN NANCY E 03/22/1897 FL0920__.129 Homestead Entry  C 85.41
LANE DANIEL N 03/22/1897 FL0920__.119 Homestead Entry  80.34
OSTEEN JOHN G 03/22/1897 FL0920__.157 Homestead Entry  79.62
OWENS HENRY M 03/22/1897 FL0920__.158 Homestead Entry  161.29
PERRYMAN HARMON L 03/22/1897 FL0920__.135 M Homestead Entry  160.9
SIMMONS AZMON B 03/22/1897 FL0920__.133 M Homestead Entry  160.71
SLAUGHTER JOSEPH T 03/22/1897 FL0920__.155 Homestead Entry  41.07
THOMAS HENRY A 03/22/1897 FL0920__.134 M Homestead Entry  160.71
TOUNSEN JOHN H B 04/06/1897 FL0430__.117 M Cash Entry Sale  C 41.82
ANDERSON LEMUEL 05/25/1897 FL0920__.294 M Homestead Entry  160.94
FOWLER DARLIN 05/25/1897 FL0920__.337 M Homestead Entry  160.78
OSTEEN JAMES A B 05/25/1897 FL0920__.301 Homestead Entry  160.83
TOWNSEND JOHN L B 05/25/1897 FL0920__.293 M Homestead Entry  40.19
WARD JAMES A B 05/25/1897 FL0920__.321 M Homestead Entry  120.28
OSTEEN LEONARD F B 07/19/1897 FL0920__.431 Homestead Entry  159.25
ARRINGTON PETER D 09/20/1897 FL0930__.018 Homestead Entry  160.01
FEAGLE ANDREW 09/20/1897 FL0930__.058 Homestead Entry  162.54
FEAGLE AUGUSTUS B 09/20/1897 FL0930__.062 Homestead Entry  159.89
NIBLACK SILAS L 09/20/1897 FL0930__.057 Homestead Entry  161.13
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