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Gilchrist County Land Patents for 1898

This is a list of all Homestead, Cash Entry and Armed Occupation Act Patents for the portion of Alachua County that became Gilchrist County in 1925. Compiled from the
Bureau of Land Management Web Site.
A "C" at the end of the Authority column indicates a link to a Comment
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Last Name First Name Signature 
Authority  Acres
HOLDER DANIEL W 01/07/1898 FL0930__.192 Homestead Entry 161.24
MCCALL JOHN W 02/03/1898 FL0930__.205 Homestead Entry  160.25
NIPPER JOHN F 02/03/1898 FL0930__.206 Homestead Entry  164.53
WILLIAMSON REBECCA E 02/03/1898 FL0930__.236 Homestead Entry  C 160.4
FOWLER WILLIAM N 02/24/1898 FL0930__.282 M Homestead Entry  159.62
MCCOLISTER BENJAMIN F 02/24/1898 FL0930__.252 Homestead Entry  161.24
THOMAS LEWIS R 02/24/1898 FL0930__.281 Homestead Entry  165.28
WEEKS BEDFORD D B 02/24/1898 FL0930__.283 M Homestead Entry  160.32
ASBELL ELIJAH 04/06/1898 FL0930__.331 Homestead Entry  83.56
RHODEN JANE 04/06/1898 FL0930__.363 Homestead Entry  C 106.98
THOMAS WILLIAM 04/06/1898 FL0930__.330 Homestead Entry  167.16
WARREN MASON 04/18/1898 FL0300__.063 Cash Entry Sale  46.34
BRYANT JOHN E 04/27/1898 FL0930__.404 Homestead Entry  40.03
FOWLER PATIENT 04/27/1898 FL0930__.423 M Homestead Entry  C 40.19
MUSSELWHITE JAMES R 04/27/1898 FL0930__.402 Homestead Entry  164.64
WELCH WILLIAM 04/27/1898 FL0930__.403 Homestead Entry  40.08
MIKELL SOLOMON D B 05/02/1898 FL0930__.436 Homestead Entry  165.6
THOMPSON JAMES P 06/29/1898 FL0940__.077 M Homestead Entry  160.76
FREENEY FREDERICK F 07/18/1898 FL0940__.109 Homestead Entry  161.13
FREENEY RUBEN 07/18/1898 FL0940__.118 Homestead Entry  160
HENDRICKS THOMAS J 07/18/1898 FL0940__.111 Homestead Entry  161.13
LEGREE NATHANIEL 07/18/1898 FL0940__.110 Homestead Entry  80.56
SINGLETON HENRY 07/18/1898 FL0940__.108 Homestead Entry  80.43
CURRY WILLIAM C 08/15/1898 FL0940__.151 Homestead Entry  83.55
GAUT WILLIAM 08/15/1898 FL0940__.162 Homestead Entry  159.58
JONES JACK 09/19/1898 FL0940__.178 Homestead Entry  160.19
MCCASKILL AMOS W 10/04/1898 FL0940__.229 Homestead Entry  158.7
PALMER JOHN J 10/04/1898 FL0940__.230 Homestead Entry  161.2
COX JOHN M 12/12/1898 FL0940__.300 Homestead Entry  125.59
DOUGLAS ELIAS H 12/17/1898 FL0940__.330 Homestead Entry  160.86
SIMPSON JAMES A 12/17/1898 FL0940__.331 Homestead Entry  155.34
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