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Two New Books Compiled by GSS in 2012 and Updated again in February 2014!

Listings of the Genealogy Books in the Genealogy Section of Selby Public Library, Sarasota, Florida!

The Genealogical Society of Sarasota, Inc., in conjunction with the Selby Public Library Staff, has produced a shelf listing of the “Non-Circulating” and “Circulating” resources in the Genealogy Area of Selby Public Library. Two books with this information have been published in April 2013.

The “Non-Circulating” titles are listed by shelf location, which is helpful to the library researcher. For example, the titles of the resources for New York State are listed by their call number, which is how they are positioned on the shelves in the New York Section. There are a total of 6,074 titles in “Non-Circulating.” This listing is useful to check what is available at Selby Public Library to plan your visit to the library to do your research.

The “Circulating” titles are listed in the same groupings, with one additional group, “How-To” research various genealogy locations, has been added. All of these books are shelved in one area and are arranged by ascending “Call Numbers.” There are 1,061 titles in “Circulating.” About two thirds of them are duplicates of items in “Non-Circulating”, but the other one third are items only available in “Circulating.” These “Circulating” items can be checked out and taken home to be studied.

Also, the Listing of the Genealogy Books at Selby is available on this website.  Click on the "Selby Book List" button on the left side of any page on this GSS website to access the listing.
The listings of several sections are currently available. More section listings will be added as they are prepared.

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GSS has purchased library access to the online New England Historic Genealogical Society, NEHGS, databases.

You can access these records now at Selby Library!        January 2014

New England Historic Genealogical Society, NEHGS, description of their American Ancestors databases.

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