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Publisher: Ray Wilson Vol # 2 Date: February 10, 2003

Genealogy Sites

Here are some new sites I have discovered this past month.

Hope some of them will prove useful to you.

26 counties of northern middle TN
A wealth of genealogical data for researchers of 26 counties of northern middle TN. 
It is sponsored by Rootsweb and includes a corresponding mail list. To subscribe to the mail list, send an email to:

500 family surname websites
Surname website that links to over 500 family surname websites in alphabetical order. 
 Table to convert the old English system to year A.D. 
Table of dates given in terms of year of monarch's reign. 
Table to convert the old English system (i.e. typical of old English documents) of "year of monarch's reign" to year A.D. 

Scottish Occupations.
Scottish Occupations. Over 800 occupations, their definitions and variants, taken from Scottish records 1500-1901.

Illinois Death Certificates 1916-1947 
Copies of Illinois Death Certificates 1916-1947. 
Applicant will obtain copies of Illinois death certificates via mail.

Irish county maps of 1839 by Samuel Lewis 
Irish county maps of 1839 by Samuel Lewis. Free to download. 
Also click on the arrow at the bottom of the maps, then select Midi Music Files for some nice Irish songs.
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Welsh county maps of 1833 by Samuel Lewis Tom's Big Chest of Old Welsh Maps. Welsh county maps of 1833 by Samuel Lewis. Free to download.,1833.htm Netherlands Genealogy Resources Links to genealogy resources and informational websites in and about the Netherlands. The Quarterly, York County South Carolina The Quarterly, York County South Carolina. A publication of the York County Genealogical and Historical Society. - On Rootsweb World Vital Records is here to help people find genealogy information on the Internet. As we grow, we hope to add thousands of different genealogy web sites from allover the world. For now, we have Internet sites from all over the 50 states as well as timelines of states and countries to help in genealogy research. Scanning Basics 101 Get some helpful advice for scanning photos. Census Tools, Electronic Spreadsheets Organize census records with these free spreadsheets. Sources2go Sources2go is a site from Family has a lot to offer family historians. URGENT!!!! Governor Bush is cutting the funding for the Florida State library resources. Please write Governor Bush and make him aware of this very grievous error that he is about to commit. We cannot lose Florida's treasures. Send your letters to: Governor Bush The Capitol Tallahassee, FL 34399-0001 Addresses for the House of Representatives and Senators can be found at: Be sure to write a handwritten letter. E-mail and typed letters are considered SPAM and are discarded. Page 2