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Publisher: Ray Wilson Vol # 2 Date: Mar 10, 2003

Genealogy Sites

Here are some new sites I have discovered this past month.

Hope some of them will prove useful to you.

Free Online Census Genealogy Data -from GoGenealogy and Genswap 
Many links to online census data records from GenSwap and

US Ports of Arrival & Their Available Immigration Records 
A list of nearly every US port with links to their passenger lists, indexes & other finding aids. Includes Canadian
 & Mexican border crossing records. 
Pennsylvania Volunteers of the Civil War -Adarns County, Pennsylvania Pension Roll of 1883
List of Adams county veterans, widows and dependents receiving pensions for military service in 1883. Includes
 pensioner's name, town, cause for which pensioned, and monthly pension rate. 
Pennsylvania Volunteers of the Civil War - Civil War Medal of Honor Winners
 Pennsylvania men awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for their actions during the Civil War. Organized
 by county with full text citations and additional commentary. 

West Virginia Cemetery Records 
Largest collection of West Virginia cemeteries and links on the Web! All free to access, along with over 50,000
other genealogy databases from around the world.
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Largest collection of Wisconsin cemeteries and links on the Web! Wisconsin Cemetery Records All free to access along with over m50,000 other genealogy databases from around the world. Ohio burials List of Ohio burials (by County & cemetery) of over 350 surnames. Quick Tip - Googling For Counties A quick tip I've discovered can be called "Googling." Typing in the name of the county of one's ancestor into a search engine like can often link to a wealth of information for that location, including links to records, newspapers, history, groups, libraries, and associations. It may seem simple--but when at a dead end in research it is amazing what the Internet can do. Please send me any sites that you have found that you feel might be useful to our group and would like to include them in my next report. Ray Page 2