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Publisher Ray Wilson   January, 2007


Here are some new sites I have discovered this past month.

Hope some of them will prove useful to you., Inc. Changes Corporate Name to The Generations Network
PROVO, Utah, Dec. 19 /PRNewswire/ --, Inc., the leading online network
for connecting families across distance and
time, today announced that it is changing its
name to The Generations Network, Inc., effective
immediately. The company will continue to serve
families online through its portfolio of leading brands and websites.,,, and together form the No. 1 network of
family history websites in both the United
States and United Kingdom; Ancestry's
OneWorldTree(SM) is the world's largest online family tree
For more information on The Generations Network visit
Places in Canada
This free site includes place information and mapping resources
for over 28,000 places in Canada. Open a map for a place using
your preference of Google Maps, Live Local, MapQuest, or Yahoo! Maps.
Civil War Microfilm -- A New Look at Old Documents
Civil War Microfilm allows anyone with a web browser and an Internet
connection to access hundreds of thousands of important historical
documents which have previously only been available on microfilm in
the National Archives and at select libraries and universities. Whether
you're researching a specific soldier in your family tree or want
detailed information on the American Civil War that you can't get from
any other source, you've come to the right place!.
Rogue Valley Genealogy Society Library
Jackson County, OR records plus others.
Featuring Pennyslvania will feature original
historical documents available for the first time on the internet and
tools to help you organize and share your discoveries.
Genealogy List
Searchable directory with relevant ancestry and genealogy data for
nearly 10 million names.
A History of the Irish Settlers in North America from the Earliest
Period to the Census of 1850
A fascinating account of the Irish in America, including details of
many of the distinguished men and families who impacted on the
of the country. The book covers such areas as the Irish in Barbadoes,
Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas, , New
Hampshire, Maine, etc., etc., as well as touching on military campaigns
in Mexico. Also included are chapters on the United Irishmen in
America, and the American response to the Irish Famine of the
1840s. The appendices contain “Irish Settlers and the Indians”,
“Particulars of some Irish Settlers in Pennsylvania”, “Irish Services
to Education and Science”, etc.
Civil War Florida -- THE source for information on Florida's Civil
War Soldiers
Civil War Florida is a website dedicated to furthering our knowledge
of the Florida's Civil War soldiers. Using Civil War Florida, anyone
can very quickly research specific soldiers and events from Florida's
Civil War past. Civil War Florida is also unique in that it allows
members to add content to the site in an organized fashion, while
providing enough (but not too much) editing and control over the
content to keep things legitimate.
Northeast Wisconsin Historical County Plat Maps & Atlases
This collection of historic materials includes plat books and atlases
providing accessibility to early information about Northeastern
Wisconsin, specifically Brown, Door, Kewaunee and Shawano
counties. A variety of plat books and atlases were chosen because of
their frequent use and fragile condition.
Historic Indiana Atlases
Historical atlases of various Indiana counties including Hamilton, Henry,
Madison and Putnam, dating from 1875-1901. Also includes narratives,
brief biographies, illustrations, etc.
Introduction to U.S. Census
Overviews of the data captured in each census along with access to
the directory of available states.
Hidden Dublin: Huguenot names
List of Huguenot names on memorial stone in Dublin, Ireland.
Aviation Archaeological Investigation and Research, AAIR
 Massive free database listing over 80,000 USAAF/USAF accidents
from 1941 through 1951. Over 250,000 USAAF/USAF and USN
names of personnel listed in accident reports.
Also a source for military accident reports from 1918 though 1955.
The Museum of Family History
This virtual (Internet only) museum honors and preserves the memory
of Jewish families, history and culture, and offers much information
of relevance to those who might be researching their Jewish roots.
Texas Obituaries and Death Records
This collection of some 2,000 records spans the 1870s through the
1990s and largely represents the north central portion of Texas;
though it also reaches the western gateway city of Abilene and the
southeastern city of Houston. Full transcripts are frequently given
for earlier newspaper death notices, while later obituaries appear
in a condensed form. Practically all entries represent individuals
born no later than 1920.Site is updated monthly.
The Scotch-Irish in America
A truly fascinating account of the (mainly) Ulster Presbyterians who
emigrated to America in the 18th century. As well as useful
genealogical information contained therein, the book provides a
wealth of detail on the social and political conditions that the
immigrants faced during that period. An extensive index is
included which provides a useful means of locating names easily.
Native American Resource Search Engine
Search for anything related to Native American.
Massachusetts Archives: Our Collections
Links to the online searchable databases from the collections of the Massachusetts State Archives.
Massachusetts Archives Collection Database (1629-1799)
Online searchable descriptive index & catalog for documents of
eighteen volumes of the Massachusetts Archives Collection dating
from 1629-1799 & covering a variety of topics.

Massachusetts Archives: Vital Records 1841-1910
Online searchable database of the indexes to Massachusetts vital
records from 1841-1910. Each index entry will include the
person's first & last name, the town or city where the event occurred,
the year, volume number, & page number. The database is searchable
by first and last names, year, & location.

The Second Regiment of Engineers - WW1
The history and roster of The Second Regiment of Engineers,
Many names of grantees of land in Nova Scotia
A grant by King William IV dated in 1821 giving the names of
many grantees of land in Vova Scotia, who were for the most part
soldiers of various British regiments.
Passenger Lists, 1865-1922
This database when complete will provide access to passenger
lists for the Canadian ports of Quebec (1865-1921), Halifax
(1881-1922), Saint John (1900-1912), North Sydney
(1906-1908), Vancouver (1905-1912) and Victoria (1905 to 1912).
Brief History of the 69th Regiment Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers...
Digital copy of an 1889 book detailing the history of the 69th Regiment,
Pennsylvania Infantry, a predominantly Irish regiment (mostly from
Philadelphia) which saw extensive service during the American Civil War.
Belgian Passengers to America in 1856
Digitized book 'Passagers Belges partis vers l'Amerique en 1856'
includes names, year of birth, place of birth, destination, etc.
British Home Children Society
100,000 British Home Children were sent to Canada to work as
indentured farm labourers and domestic servants as part of the
British Child Emigration Scheme to Canada (1870-1957).
Their familial ties were broken once ‘in care’ and sent to Canada.
Many British Home Children spent their lives trying to find
their parents and siblings. Many of their descendants have inherited
their ancestors’ lifelong search for their identities.The primary
goal of the British Home Children Society is to maintain a
comprehensive database of individual British Home Children
records called the British Home Children Registry (50,000 records).
Genealogy Blog Search
A custom search engine that returns results from more than 200
family history weblogs.
Australian Genealogy Blog
A blog to discuss various aspects about researching your family
history in Australia.
Salem, Mass. Crew Lists: 1799-1879
Between 1799 and 1879 over 7900 voyages to foreign ports
sailed from Salem, Massachusetts. Prior to sailing the shipmaster,
or captain of each vessel was required to file a crew list containing
information about the vessel's destination and its crew. This website
provides an index to those crewlists. Containing over 75,770 names,
it also provides access to crew members based upon age, complexion,
birthplace and residence place.
Irish Graveyard place
Graveyard photographs from Ireland for the most part. Different counties -
links to web sites with information from Irish gravestones.
Free Genealogy Search Engine
The Free Genealogy Search Engine is different! We are different
from other Search Engines because here you can search literally
thousands of genealogy sites for free. The site is totally dedicated
to Genealogy.
Historical County Plat Maps from South Central Wisconsin and
Early Madison City Directories
This digital collection of historic plat books and city directories
provides accessibility to early information about South
Central Wisconsin, specifically Columbia, Dane, Portage and
Wood counties. A variety of the oldest plat books, atlases and city
directories were chosen because of their frequent use and
delicate condition. They are widely used by the public for local
history and genealogy and even for those trying to find out why a
street got its name. The historic plat books help people to
trace neighborhoods and streets from what was once farmland.
Local Histories of Columbia, Dane, Portage, Wood, and Sauk
The most recent addition to this collection of works that describe
 and document the early histories of South Central Wisconsin is
The History of Columbia County, Wisconsin, published in 1880.
County histories offer details about flora and fauna, the environment
and landscape, native peoples as well descriptions of important
events and people. These histories are immensely popular with
genealogists as they contain biographical sketches of the early
of the county.
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