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Ray's Newsletter


           Publisher Ray Wilson    Date  December, 2007


Here are some new sites I have discovered this past month.

Hope some of them will prove useful to you.

Expert Links: England Family History and Genealogy
Is there anything online for English genealogists? You better
believe there is!!.
Genegenie Genebase
Genegenie. largest online database of genealogy and related
UK European International links. updated daily.
Colorado - Statewide Divorce Index (1870s - 1939)
This new index has been added to the Colorado State Archives
Historical Records Index. Please use the search function on the
web page to see if your relative's divorce is listed. The information
displayed will identify the county, date and usually the court case
number for the divorce. Divorces after 1939 are not available or
accessible for research.
Wonderin Bout Genealogy II
This is a site that endeavors to help everyone find their heritage and
to do it for free. Everyone should be able to find out where they
came from and do it for free. No one should have to pay to find out
where they came from. This is a outstanding site. Do you often
ponder about where your lineage came from or who your G G Great
Grand Parents came from or who they even are. Well your ancestral
roots your lineage is very very important and we are here to help you
to try to find out. A valid E mail is needed and a short summary as to
who you are researching and what surnames are involved. No one
admitted without a valid E mail and a summary.
Ireland American Ancestral Lineages & More
Welcome, Does Irish blood flow thru your viens ? Well If you are
reading this then most likely it does. Do you wonder how and where
your ancestors began their life in America Perhaps with the info here
and others help on the site you will find out. In Search Of Your Irish
Roots. We here wanted to design a guide to help you on your way to
finding your family roots. We will try to provide you with as much
information as we can, to the best of our abilities. We strive to help
everyone to find their ancestors and family lineage for free or little
to no cost. We love comraderie and open discussions ''Clean
Discussions.'' A summary of surnames and lineages you are
researching is needed and a working E mail address. No one without
these will be admitted.
Online Cleveland & Cuyahoga County, Ohio Death Indexes,
Records & Obituaries
Directory of some online cemetery, obituary and probate indexes.
Also includes ordering information for Ohio death certificates.
Free People Search - world connector!
Free People Search - Find people for free using names,
addresses, email, and phone numbers.
Plymouth, Pennsylvania Avondale Mine Disaster Sept 1869
Newspaper articles detailing the disaster that killed: William Allen,
Addistion Allibach, John Bowen, William Bowen, Elijah Bryant,
Patrick Burke, John Burtch, John Burtch Jr, John Clark, Peter
Conklin, Michael, Daly, John R. Davis, John Davis, Lewis Davis,
Thomas Davis, William Davis, Dowdle, William Edwards, E. W.
Edwards, John D. Evans, Matthew Evans, William J. Evans,
William R. Evans, William Evans, Charles Fear, Andrew
Frothingham, Hugh Gilrow, David Givens, Darrius Guyter,
Harding, John Harris, James Haskings, Thomas Hatton,
Willie Hatton, Shem Howells, Evan Hughes, John Hughes,
Thomas Hughes, David James, John Jenkins, Dave Johnson,
Johnson, Daniel Jones, Edwin Jones, Roland Jones, T. E.
Jones, Thomas Jones, William D. Jones, Reese Lewellyn,
Thomas Lewellyn, William Lewis, Reese Lunday, John
Mayer, James Mallon, Patrick McGurick, Samuel R.
Morgan, William T Morgan, Henry Morris, Joseph
Morris, Thomas Morris, William Moses, Matthew
Mosier, James Murray, Edward Owen, Richard Owens,
Thomas Phillips, Willam Porfit, James Powell,
John Powell, William Powell, D. P. Pryor, William
Reece, Evan Rees, William Rees, D. S. Reese,
David Reese Jr, Griffith Roberts, Thomas Roberts,
John Roberty, John Ruth, Thomas Ryan, William
Sind, Dennis Slocum, Henry Smith, William Spick,
George Stackhouse, Palmer Steele, Edward Taylor,
David Thomas, John Thomas, Morgan Watkins,
William Wildrich, James Williams, W. N. Williams,
W. T. Williams, William T. Williams, William
Williams, Daniel Wood, Richard WoolleyMore Mining
Disasters: Additional Events That Touched
Our Ancestors' Lives.
Armagh Ancestry Online
The update link was not working so I submitted this as a new link.
MAPCO : Map And Plan Collection Online
Free access website displaying high quality historical maps of
London, the British Isles, and Australia.
USA Funeral Homes
Listing of Funeral Homes Nation Wide.
1670 Connecticut State Census - Wethersfield
1865 Deaths from the Monroe County, New York State Census
1865 Deaths from the Monroe County, New York State Census
Mortality Schedules.
Edwards County Memories
This website is a collection of genealogy and local history resources
for Edwards County, Texas.
Okanogan County, Washington - Genealogy Resources & Links
Biographies, Census records, Cemetery transcriptions, Death
records, High School yearbook photos, Marriage records,
Obituaries & War Casualties.
Arkansas Ties
General Arkansas website featuring database of over 300,000
cemetery marker photographs, Arkansas Gazette articles,
and thousands of places photographed around Arkansas...
everything free of charge.
Somerset Online Parish Clerks
We are a worldwide group of volunteers who endeavour to provide free
information about Somerset parishes, the people and history, to assist
family historians.The OPC should in no way be confused with the
Parish Council appointed Parish Clerks.
1875 Death Records from the Genesee County New York State Census

Atlas and Cyclopedia of Ireland
The Atlas provides information on each of the 32 Irish counties,
including origin of the county name, size and population,
geographical features, ancient divisions and designations
(including the main clans associated with each). There is also
a map for each county, showing the cities, towns, villages and
baronies, as well as the rivers and roads etc. The information on
the population of the counties and major towns, and the clearly
marked baronies on the individual maps, should prove of use and
interest to genealogists involved in studying their Irish ancestry.

German Genealogy Translations
Translation of all German Genealogy Records, including Church
Records, Civil Records, Jewish Records, Handwritten and Typed
Letters, Wills, Emigration Records, Book Excerpts. Microfilm
Searches: German Genealogy Searches of available LDS Microfilms.
Illinois Ancestor's Woodford County
A free genealogy and history web site for Woodford County,
Illinois; Marriages, births, obituaries, cemetery burial lists;
headstone pictures; and family and area historical pictures.
1670 Connecticut State Census - Windsor
Illinois Ancestors Presents Fulton County
This website provides genealogical/historical data for Fulton
County, Illinois. Categories include biographies, churches,
cemeteries, military data, schools, obituaries and many more.
Illinois Ancestors Presents Peoria County
This website provides genealogical/historical data for Peoria County,
Illinois. Categories include biographies, churches, cemeteries,
military data, schools, obituaries and many more.
Illinois Ancestors Presents Stark County
This website provides genealogical/historical data for Stark County,
Illinois. Categories include biographies, churches, cemeteries,
military data, schools, obituaries and many more.
Illinois Ancestors Presents Knox County
This website provides genealogical/historical data for Knox County,
Illinois. Categories include biographies, churches, cemeteries,
military data, schools, obituaries and many more.
A free site that teaches to search in courthouses, Land Offices, and
libraries. You will be able to put stories to names. Unlock all the
missing pieces, in your family tree.
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