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           Publisher Ray Wilson    Date  November, 2006


Here are some new sites I have discovered this past month.

Hope some of them will prove useful to you.

Alabama Census Records
Census information with a directory of census links and genealogy records for the
state of Alabama.
The History & People of Connecticut
Connecticut's history can seem highly cyclical at times, going from depression,
to war, to economic prosperity, and back again. However, between those major trends, Connecticut created a unique culture. The people of Connecticut have worked to produce an economy of varied industries, using diversification
successfully. Scores of different people have settled in the state, ranging from religious
radicals of the 17th century, to immigrants in flight of poverty in the 19th and 20th centuries. These people have come together to create a solid, yet diverse, cultural,
political, and economic history.
Albemarle County, Virginia Genealogy Blog
Albemarle County, Virginia is a place where family roots run deep. This blog was
started as a place for people to share their research and ask questions concerning
Albemarle County, Virginia Genealogy.
Accomack County, Virginia Genealogy Blog
Accomack County, Virginia is a place where family roots run deep. This blog was
started as a place for people to share their research and ask questions concerning
Accomack County, Virginia Genealogy.
Cemeteries and Cemetery Symbols
Explores the meaning of cemetery symbols and other graveyard oddities from angels to secret societies.
Churches of Our Ancestors: A Pictorial
Includes old photographs of churches in AR, KS, NY, MA, MI, NH, NJ, OH,
OK, PA, SC, VA and VT.
GEDmagic Products - GEDxlate
GEDxlate quickly and easily translates genealogy data from standard GEDCOM
format into MS Access dB (*.mdb), MS Excel Worksheet (*.xls), comma
delimited (*.csv), and text file (*.txt) formats. Pick a GEDCOM file to
translate; select which fields you want to include in your dB, spreadsheet, csv, or txt
file; choose an output format and file name to save the translated data in; and you're
there! FREE!.
The Antient Press
Transcriptions of Virginia Court Records ... DEEDS, WILLS, ORDER BOOKS ... and
other Miscellaneous Books & Information for Researchers of Virginia ancestry.
Surnames are indexed in all books. Historical records transcribed range through the Colonial period from approximately 1650 to 1850.
Trace your Dutch roots
Weblog on Dutch genealogy.
 Trace your Dutch roots
A guide to genealogy research in The Netherlands
The History of Massachusetts
Since the arrival of the Pilgrims and the Puritans in the 17th century, Massachusetts
has grown, changed, and evolved in a number of ways. The state's conservative history begins with Puritan roots, only to be changed dramatically by 19th century immigration
into a state whose largest religious group is Catholic. The state witnessed a change
from a rural-agricultural area to an economic and educational metropolis.
Genealogy Web Resources, Pikes Peak Library District
Genealogy databases organized into 19 categories, focusing primarily on broad
geographic areas and general research topics for the U.S., that are free to search or
have a significant amount of free genealogical information. Does not include
family history pages and commercial-only webbies.
Colorado Genealogy Web Resources, Pikes Peak Library District
Colorado Genealogy Web Resources is an organized group of free genealogy databases
developed by local residents to help those with Colorado genealogy research on the Internet.
Pikes Peak NewsFinder, Pikes Peak Library District, Colorado Springs, CO
Pikes Peak NewsFinder contains citations to local news articles from the Colorado
Springs Gazette and other regional newspapers, 1872-present. The "Pikes Peak Region"
not only covers Colorado Springs but also includes the following counties: El Paso
County and Teller County, Colorado. (Teller grew out of El Paso in 1899).
Pikes Peak Library District Photograph Archives, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Digitized, searchable collection of historical photographs online covering the Pikes Peak region, from the photo archives of the Pikes Peak Library District, Colorado Springs,
Colorado. The "Pikes Peak Region" not only covers Colorado Springs but also includes
the following counties: El Paso County and Teller County, Colorado. (Teller grew out
of El Paso in 1899).
Laurie's Indiana Cemeteries
Photos of gravestones in Northern Indiana counties. Names are indexed by section.
Funeral homes directory
Providing funeral homes infromation for the entire U.S along with Free obituray listings.
Pennsylvania Genealogy and History Guide
Pennsylvania Genealogy guide to free records in census, marriage, birth, death,
and other records databases online.

 The Burial
 Military Burial Records world wide in a searchable database. Cemeteries, Ships,
Submarines, POW/MIA's and American involved wars lists. Air Force, Army, Navy Marines, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, Naval Armed Guard, Army Air Corps,
WAVES, WACS, Confederate Army.

USA Family Tree
Welcome to USA Family Tree, your premier resource for free Internet genealogy
resources concerning the United States of America.
1878 Historical atlas of Wisconsin, by Snyder Van Vechten, at
A detailed atlas of Wisconsin. Complete, detailed state and county maps, city & village plats, together with separate state and county histories; also special articles on the
geology, education, agriculture, and other important interests of the state.
[NOTE: there is a more direct link to this atlas, but it's long and it will probably confuse people - suggest people find it through this link. has many spectacular,
free, downloadable atlases of use to genealogists.].
American Civil War
American Civil War 1861-1865 and the history of slavery.
Acton Massachusetts History & Genealogy
Resources for local history and genealogy of the town of Acton, Middlesex County,
Massachusetts, USA
Independence County, Arkansas
Census, Wills & Probate, Photos, Tax Lists, Land records, etc. for genealogical
and historical research in Independence County. An affiliate of AGHP.
The History of Rhode Island
Rhode Island was settled by a diverse group of religious non-conformists, and
has carried on a tradition of uniqueness through its varied economy, population, and culture. The land grew from a jumbled congregation of fishing villages, into a royal
and ultimately a state. Through hard work and perseverance, settlers from throughout Europe and Canada helped fortify the cultural and economic foundation of
the state, making it home to new migrants and immigrants today.
Using Archival Boxes
Article on selecting archival boxes to preserve your heirlooms.
=~=~=~= - Events That Touched Our Ancestor's Lives, chronicles the events that touched our ancestors' lives - train
wrecks, fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, storms, mining explosions,
ship wrecks, drownings, and accidents. Transcribed newspaper accounts, excerpts from historical books and photographs detail hundreds of life's tragedies that our ancestors' endured, from the 1800s to the 1950s. New material is being transcribed and added daily. Searchable.
Immigrant Servants Database
The Immigrant Servants Database is a project designed to help Americans trace the
European origins of their colonial ancestors. It is predicted that over 100,000
immigrant servants will be identified.
Registry of War Ration Books
Searchable online database
Genealogy Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
Cemetery headstone photos and obituaries for the Cornwall (Stormont county) area of Ontario.
Scotland History: A Complete Resource Guide
Scotland resource guide for Scottish history, religion, music, battles, royalty and much more. Suggested reading materials and historical references are included in addition to Scottish bands, musicians, books, genealogy, and other information.
Surname Origins, Their Source and Significations
English last name meanings from the 1875 book by Charles Wareing Bardsley.
Completely free.
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