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Publisher   Ray Wilson        rebard@mindspring.com               Date  November 8, 2004           

Here are some new sites I have discovered this past month. Hope some of them will prove useful to you.


1860 Census Images for Illinois

This site contains digitized images of the 1860 U.S. Federal Census for the state of Illinois.



No one translates German better than a native German!WILHELM JOHANNES GEORG ERIC KIESSELBACHGerman to English/English to GermanGENEALOGY TRANSLATING.



Geographic directory of funeral homes that have web sites, with links to each.



Genealogy Buff - A great place to get started

A surname information tool and a growing library of state by state data.



Questions answered by professional genealogists

Get questions answered by professional genealogists in an online discussion forum.



1891 London Census Transcription

A Transcription of the census records from the 1891 London Census.



Online parish clerks for the County of Sussex, England.



0pn.com Search Engine

Not your usual search engine. New technologies used to bring visitors better results. Webmasters get listed instantly, under the words you choose, in this brand new search engine.



1805 Georgia Land Lottery

Official website of the book 1805 Georgia Land Lottery: Fortunate Drawers and Grantees. Includes history and Georgia land research discussion forum.



Adoption Registry Connect is a worldwide adoptee and birth parent search registry designed to reunite adoptees with their birth parents and siblings.



Newspaper Obituaries On The Web

A directory of newspaper obituaries and obituary archives on the internet.



American Cultural History: The Twentieth Century - a series of web guides on the decades of the twentieth century. The pages are being prepared by the Reference Librarians. Period pictures used are those of the family of the web author(s).



American Cultural History: The 19th Century

In 1800, everyday life had changed little since the year 1000. Yet, by 1900 the Industrial Revolution had transformed the world's economy. The United States was still new and making its way to becoming a world power. Watch it happen as you browse your way through each decade. Then visit the suggested links for more information. Because we are librarians, we must point out that the best way to immerse oneself in a topic is to use both Internet and library books. Nothing like getting your hands on books! The smell alone is intoxicating! Our intention is to offer an overview of the century in a 'semi-essay' form - and to let the links we have chosen take users even further.



The New York Genealogy Guide

The New York Genealogy Guide provides links to valuable genealogical databases including- military history, birth, death, and marriage records plus obituaries and cemeteries inscriptions.



Bourbon County Kentucky genealogy resources for family history research.



Diaspora Connections: Irish Families in Stafford, 1830-1919

The site has information on over 120 Irish families who lived in the town of Stafford, England, in Victorian times. It is part of a research project exploring what happened to the emigrant Irish who both settled in the town and passed through it on their way to emigration overseas.



MacGenealogy.org - Genealogy News & Information for Mac Users

Genealogy News & Information for Mac Users - The latest news and information about genealogy on the Apple/Macintosh platform. Everything from genealogy application updates to Mac-specific genealogy information.



British Genealogy Group

One of the leading MSN Genealogy Groups. We are a growing friendly and helpful group for Family Researchers, Historians and Genealogists. Whether you are just beginning the fascinating journey which is "Genealogy" or are well advanced in your research then you will find much that will help you here. The group is friendly and helpful and members share their knowledge and experience and get to know each other as

they do so.



JPrise Inc. JPriseMerge a tool for merging genealogy databases

JPriseMerge is a tool which has been designed for the purpose of taking data from two GEDCOM databases and merging it into a single data base. Have you gathered new data with the Pocket Genealogist and need to put it into your primary database? Has your Aunt Mary sent you her database? To merge these databases usually requires a lot of careful hand work. JPriseMerge has been designed to address these issues and help

you, the user, easily merge Gedcom databases while retaining complete control over the process.



Obituaries Research Guide

Includes online indexes, finding aids and helpful tips for obtaining copies of mewspaper obituaries and death notices.



Clarke County Alabama Genealogy

Resources for researching your family history in Clarke County Alabama.



Madison County Alabama Genealogy

Resources for researching your family history in Madison County, Huntsville, Alabama.



Jefferson County Texas Genealogy

Resources for researching your family history in Jefferson County Texas.


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