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Ray's Newsletter


           Publisher Ray Wilson    Date  Septomber, 2006


Here are some new sites I have discovered this past month.

Hope some of them will prove useful to you.

FotoTagger image annotation tool for annotating family photos
FotoTagger is a free software tool that enables you to annotate family photos.
Touch the Elbow - Blogging the Civil War
From the authors of 'The Civil War Research Guide' - Stackpole Books, comes a
blog dedicated to researching the Civil War, along with news and events and our
thoughts on each.
Prison Records
Historical and current prison records from every state in US.
The Long, Long Trail
A resource for military historians, genealogists and others with an interest in the
Great War of 1914-1918.
Louisiana Cemeteries
La-Cemeteries© presents this unique one stop resource of more than 3100 Louisiana cemeteries. The most comprehensive data available for 32 of Louisiana's parishes is
presented in an engaging format.
HUGUENOTS-TOURJEE/TOURGEEarrived in NO.Kingstown,RI in 1686 were
burned out-fled and returned where many descendants remain today.
Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online
Mennonite family names, biographies, and historical articles for Mennonite and related groups.
My Home Town Schools
My Home Town Schools, helping you to locate and contact your old school, college and university friends.
Pennsylvania History & Genealogy Blog
History, Articles, Old Photographs, and other items of genealogy interest.
Norwegian Links
Links from Norway and a lot of information.
German Links
All kinds of info and Links from Germany.
12th Massachusetts (Phinney's/Brewer's Regiment) American Revolutionary War
12th Massachusetts – also known as Phinney’s Regiment, or Samuel Brewer’s
Regiment. The regiment was recruited out of Massachusetts Colonists living in what
is now Maine. Efforts to recreate a complete regimental muster list, share information,
and research tips is the goal of this site.
FamilyChest is a FREE searchable database of 1000s of original historical family
and property deeds from UK and WALES that will help with research into family and
house history. Original manuscripts for sale as well as transcriptions.
The Fifteenth Kentucky Infantry (U.S.)
Civil War regiment drawn from Louisville and the counties south and east. Site
includes a complete roster with sufficient data -- dates of birth/death and parentage -- for
researchers, in many cases, to identify their family members. Many descendants have discovered their relatives' service here.
Fayette County Cemetery Trust
Fayette County, Lexington, Kentucky, USA. Most of the Surnames in Fayette
county between settlement and present time.
Lexington Genealogical & Historical Society, Lexington, Illinois
Located in McLean County, Illinois, this site covers McLean, Livingston,
Woodford and Ford counties in Illinois.
Maryland and Delaware
Membership based. Contains abstracts of Delaware and Maryland Records. New
records are added frequently. Clicking 'Documents on this site' will tell what is
uploaded to site.
The Scotch-Irish in Ohio
An historic account of the Influence of the Ulster and Scottish settlers in Ohio, taken
from the Proceedings of the Scotch-Irish Congress, in Pittsburgh, PA., 1890.
Chicago Tribune archives
Chicago Tribune archives from 1854 to present.

The Scotch-Irish of Pennsylvania
An account of the early Scotch-Irish settlers in Pennsylvania, mentioning many of the prominent people and families of Ulster and Scots origin in the state.

Swedish Genealogy
This page is all about Swedish genealogy for the English as well as Swedish speaking audience. Sweden has a population of 9 million people today but during the 19th century
about half of the population emigrated, mainly to the US, especially around the lake area but they also travelled to other locations around the world. If you have Swedish ancestors and are interested in Swedish genealogy, perhaps this site can help with your family tree
and tracing your roots.
Genealogy guide.
A useful guide for those interested in tracing their family trees!.
The First Fleet Discussion List Homepage
A mailing list for anyone who has an interest in genealogy or history regarding ancestors who came to New England on the First Fleet, their lives, why they came here, their
ancestors and descendants wherever they may be, as well as those who married into these families. The First Fleet includes that group of ships known as The Winthrop Fleet including the ships: the Arbella, the Ambrose, the Jewel, the Talbot, the Charles, the Mayflower (not the Pilgrim's Mayflower), the William and Francis, the Hopewell, the Whale, the Success, and the Trial. Also included are certain other early ships that
became part of 'The Great Migration'.
Columbus Public Library Genealogy Department
The Genealogy and Local History Department serves as the Chattahoochee Valley area’s primary repository for genealogical and historical research materials. Genealogy and
local history reference services and materials are located on the second floor of the Columbus Public Library. Visitors searching their ancestry in Georgia or one of the states of the American Southeast will find the Library's Genealogy Department to be of valuable assistance.The Department provides the beginning and experienced researcher with a broad and well-rounded collection of research materials.
Columbus Public Library Genealogy Blog
News, notes, events and recent additions from the Columbus Public Library
Genealogy & Local History Department.
A massive website of individuals whose picture were published in the news of the day.
DESCRIPTION: Where and how to research your
Civil War ancestors. Addresses to write to, websites to visit.
Archival Resources in Wisconsin: Descriptive Finding Aids
The Archival Resources in Wisconsin: Descriptive Finding Aids presents archival finding aids prepared and contributed by the following institutions: The University of Wisconsin Archives and Records Management Service, University of Wisconsin Memorial Library
Department of Special Collections, Wisconsin Historical Society, and the Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures. These finding aids describe unpublished primary resources held in institutions throughout the Midwest. They serve as the primary access point for more detailed research information found in archival and manuscript repositories. In general, archival collections can include a variety of materials such as correspondence, diaries, maps, government records, film, photographs, and audio.
Minnesota Marriage
(US-Minnesota, websites at Rootsweb) Contains marriages in Minnesota.
Minnesota Obituaries
(US-Minnesota, websites at Rootsweb) Contains Obituaries from Minnesota.
Mount Vernon Genealogical Society
The Mount Vernon Genealogical Society was organized in 1991. The society is located
near Alexandria, VA. The society was established to encourage persons interested in
the pursuit of their ancestral heritage throughout the world and to promote fellowship as
well as cooperation among its members. The society provides instruction in the use of
genealogical research, methodology, and adherence to standards of accuracy and thoroughness in research. The society provides a forum for the sharing of knowledge
gained by individual members in their own research. The society collects, preserves, and disseminates genealogical information.
Minnesota Birth Certificates Index
Searchable index of Minnesota birth records offered by the Minnesota Historical Society.
Minnesota Death Certificates Index
Searchable index of Minnesota death records offered by the Minnesota Historical Society.
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