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Publisher Ray Wilson   April, 2007


Here are some new sites I have discovered this past month.

Hope some of them will prove useful to you.

Counties in Time
Counties in Time, National Archives of Ireland, Published
by Eneclann. A sample of records held in the National Archives
of Ireland, examples from all 32 counties,almost 1,000
documents included.The variety of documents ranges from
proclamations against Catholics holding arms during the penal
days to family returns for the 1901 and 1911 Censuses to
mid-nineteenth century crime reports and Fenian photographs.
Connecticut Genealogy and History Guide
Guide to free Connecticut records online in census, marriage,
birth, death, and other genealogy records databases. Includes a
condensed history of Connecticut.
Slavery in the North
History of African-American slavery in the northern
colonies & states.
Life in Western Pennsylvania Preservation
Basic preservation information for family & small business
collections. Includes a timeline of photographic techniques,
identification & preservation techniques for albumen,
ambrotype, daguerreotype, gelatin-silver, and other
photographic types.
This site is for people that want to learn how to research military
records. It shows samples of every type of military record.
Ancient Petitions, Henry III - James I
Online searchable images of over 14,000 images of Ancient
Petitions which draws together petitions addressed to the king,
council, parliament, the chancellor & to certain other officers
of state. The petitions include detailed information about the
circumstances of the parties involved & the conditions of the
locality in the Middle Ages. Most of the petitions are in Anglo-
Norman French, although some early examples are in Latin,
while English was increasingly used as the fifteenth century
progressed. From the National Archives of the United Kingdom.
U.S. Army Guide To Oral History
How To guide for planning, conducting, recording &
transcribing oral interviews. This publication reflects the
Army’s long-term experience with oral history, particularly
the prodigious work of Army historians to document Army
history in the words of participants.
Immigration to the United States, 1789-1930
Web-based collection of selected historical materials from
Harvard University's libraries, archives, and museums that
documents voluntary immigration to the US from the signing
of the Constitution to the onset of the Great Depression.
Kansas Genealogy and History Guide
Guide to free Kansas records online in census, marriage,
birth, death, and other genealogy records databases.
Includes a condensed history of Kansas.
Windsor County, Vermont Business Directory ~ 1883-84
Gazetteer and Business Directory of Windsor County, Vt. For
1883-84. Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child. Printed
At The Journal Office, Syracuse, N. Y, 1884.
Historic Map Works
A whole new method of genealogy research with the first
GIS-linked, address-searchable collection of 19th and early
20th century American maps. Linked to modern GIS latitude
and longitude coordinates, residential addresses, and other
records (antique directories, census records, phone books, etc.),
the history of locations can be viewed throughout time.
Individuals can be traced to their homes, schools, clubs,
cemeteries, and businesses. Maps show location and
footprint of nearly all structures existing during these
two centuries, often with the contemporaneous owner's
and/or occupant's names. Our contemporaneous directories
can be searched by family names, occupations, or addresses
from the past 250 years.Our antique atlas collection used to
create HMW's database currently covers nearly the entire
East Coast, most of the Mid-West, much of the United States
West Coast, and Ontario, Canada. The number of individual
maps numbers more than 100,000.
Offers searchable online access to newly digitized current
and archive newspaper from small towns in the US.
The History of Idaho
Idaho's history and settlement patterns can be explored through
place names. Idaho's place names vary in origin, but follow a
few patterns. Many places are named after people; others were
influenced by Native American names or figures. Early explorers,
miners, and travelers along the Oregon and California trails provided
many names, as did railroad construction and Mormon settlers.
American Surnames in 1790
In the states for which the schedules of the First Census still
exist there were 27,337 surnames in 1790. It is impossible to
compute from this figure the number of surnames in the entire
United States at the date of the First Census, but the fact that
the states for which the schedules are lacking, with the exception
of New Jersey, were settled largely by English immigrants,
suggests the probability that the names in addition to those
appearing upon the existing schedules were comparatively few
in number. It is thus probable that the entire number of surnames
in the United States at that period did not much exceed 30,000.
Florida affiliate of the National Huguenot Society, Inc.
Chapter affiliate of the Huguenot Society of Florida, Inc.
Mdewakanton Reference Site
Research site of the Sioux Indian Nation.
Perpetual Calendar Calculator
Use the online calculator to find the calendar for any month and
year - past or future.

Online New York City Death Records Indexes and Obituaries
Directory of NYC death indexes, including some cemetery
and obituary indexes. Also includes ordering information for
NYC death certificates, offline finding aids, and other NYC
genealogy resources.

1865 New York State Census
Full transcription and complete index for Bolton, Warren County, NY.
American Civil War
It's about the American Civil War 1861-1865 and the slavery
history and it?s greatly with information. It?s includes the
history of the slaves in america.
Local Photos
Large collection of Scottish photos. Included are Berwickshire,
Dumfriesshire, Peeblesshire, Roxburghshire, Selkirkshire,
Midlothian, Ayrshire and the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright.
Some are postcards, others are old family photos and the rest
are our own photos of the local area. We have decided to put
these on the website and give free access to all.We hope
genealogists, local people and anybody else with an interest
in Scotland will appreciate this collection.
Nevada Birth Notices (1870-1871)
Nevada birth notices from newspapers 1870-1871.
Western Emigrant Trails Research Center 1820 - 1870 Map
The Western Emigrant Trails Research Center is the publisher
of the 'Western Emigrant Trails 1820 - 1870 Map.' This map
displays in great detail the many trails used by the emigrants
during the westward expansion of the United States between
the years 1820 and 1870.
New Hampshire Towns in 1839
Cities, counties, towns, mountains, lakes, rivers, and
manufactures of New Hampshire in 1839, from
Hayward's 'New England Gazetteer.'.
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