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Publisher   Ray Wilson               Date  April, 2006


Here are some new sites I have discovered this past month.

Hope some of them will prove useful to you.

Early Vital Records of Massachusetts to the end of 1849
Essex County Massachusetts USGenWeb Projec
This is the USGenWeb site for Essex county, Massachusetts. Many links to Essex county resources can be found here as well as links to the towns of Essex county. Also includes wills of many early settlers. Time period is primarily from 1600 to late 1800s.
The Essex Antiquarian
The transcription of all 13 volumes of "The Essex Antiquarian." This is a
very rich resource. Transcription is ongoing.
Wisconsin Free Will Baptist Historical Society
This is a new non-profit group formed in Wisconsin to focus on the Free Will Baptist history of the state.
An alphabetical list, with addresses, of the inhabitants of Dublin City in 1850.
Ulster Towns Directory 1910: Richhill, County Armagh
A list of inhabitants of Richhill, County Armagh, in 1910.
Ulster Towns Directory 1910: Rostrevor, County Down
A list of inhabitants of Rostrevor, County Down, in 1910.
Ulster Towns Directory 1910: Saintfield, County Down
A list of inhabitants of Saintfield, County Down, Ireland, in 1910.
Ulster Towns Directory 1910: Sixmilecross, County Tyrone
A list of inhabitants of Sixmilecross from the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910.
Ulster Towns Directory 1910: Shercock, County Cavan
irish genealogy, County Cavan, Ireland.
Ulster Towns Directory 1910: Seaforde, County Down
A list of inhabitants of Seaforde, County Down, from the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910.
Ulster Towns Directory 1910: Scarva, County Down
A list of inhabitants of Scarva, County Down, from the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910.
1861 Census: Decline of the population in Ireland (Famine, Disease and Emigration)
A statistical summary of the numbers who emigrated from each county in Ireland during the years 1851-1860.
Celtic Surnames
A examination of the celtic origin of many surnames (mainly Irish, but
including Cornish, Breton, Scottish, Manx, and Welsh), and some Christian names, which have now become anglicised.
Number of Irish Emigrants, 1895-1905
A table showing the number of Irish emigrants, 1895-1905.
Ireland's Loss of Population
A table showing the decline in Ireland's population, 1821-1905, in comparison with the United Kingdom.
Ancient Irish Proper Names
An examination of the origin and meaning of some Irish surnames and forenames, taken from John O'Hart's "Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation".
Irish Adfixes
Some leading prefixes and affixes employed in the formation of Irish proper
names, e.g. Beag, Mac, Og, Muintir, etc. etc.
Scotch-Irish in New England
An informative and entertaining account of the early Scotch-Irish settlers in New England, and more particularly Worcester, Londonderry and Kennebec Country. Many surnames of these settlers are listed, and there is more
in-depth information on some of the families such as the GRAYS and YOUNGS. Also included are some excellent anecdotes, including one of a Rev. Matthew Clark of Londonderry, New England, whose death-wish in 1735 was to be carried to his grave by fellow soldiers from the 1689 Siege of Derry in Ireland!.

Royals of England: A Guide for Readers, Travelers, and Genealogists
"Royals of England" offers lively biographies of royal personages that
accompany detailed accounts of geographic sites and websites.Placed in chronological order, each profile can easily be read as a self-contained
narrative. With the information provided by authors Kathleen Spaltro and Noeline Bridge, you’ll be able to design a tour around a royal person of interest or search out all the royal persons associated with a certain locale. Fifty family trees, one or more for most chapters, help you identify members of different royal houses. You’ll be able to determine how the Jacobite
Pretenders passed their claim to the Kings of Sardinia, or how Lettice Knollys, wife to Leicester and mother to Essex, was related to Elizabeth I. "Royals of England" provides a useful resource for history enthusiasts, travelers, and genealogists alike.

Washington County, Pennsylvania - PA History Books
Washington County, PA history books and where to find them. Online
transcriptions, images, etc. of books about Washington County at
AskOxford Concise Dictionary of First Names
A searchable dictionary of over 6,000 given names from Oxford Dictionaries, with detailed description of origins, and short and pet forms.
=~=~=~= - The Ultimate Genealogy Search Engine
Our Intelligent Search Technology uses Boolean logic to find correct
genealogy data on the web with popular search engines and other web sites. Search a name,locality, or topic and our program will formulate correct search criteria to receive the most relevant results.
Kentucky Historical County Lines
Evolution of Kentucky's county lines, 1784-1834.
Texas Map
Features a detailed, scrollable road map of Texas as well as topographical and relief maps of the State of Texas. Any windowed portion of the road map can be printed on letter size paper.
Warren Ohio Old Postcards and Photographs
Postcards and Photos from Warren, Trumbull Co., Ohio including Street
Scenes, town views, old buildings and residences. Interesting look at Warren Ohio in the early 1900s - 1930s.
Confederate Genealogy
Confederate Genealogy (lineage) research, self help and proffessional service, particularly for NC families but serving all Southern families, provided by the NC Sons of Confederate Veterans lineage organization.
Northern New York newspapers
Digitized newspapers from Northern New York.
The Scotch-Irish in Virginia
An account of the influence of the Scotch-Irish emigration to Virgina, the Carolinas, and beyond.
Tracing Trees Genealogy Books
Genealogy Books for North Carolina, Tennesse, Virginia and much more!
Vital Records from 1875 Oneida Co., NY Census
Vital Statistics extracted from 1875 Oneida County, NY State Census. 471 marriages and 1,233 deaths.
GenSphere New York Genealogy Search Engine
Search across hundreds of free New York genealogy websites, organized by state, county and record type.
Free Public Records Directory
County by County listing of searchable public record resources nationwide. Empasis is on court records, assessor and property records.
Migration Trails
The Migration Trails maps will help your research as you trace your ancestors across the United States.
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