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  Ray Wilson   April, 2008


Here are some new sites I have discovered this

past month.

Hope some of them will prove useful to you.

Check out your old stomping grounds during the times of the penny postcard.
Click on the state and then on the county to see old
penny postcards from that
area.....pretty neat.
Click on the post card to enlarge them.

GeneSpice Picture Manager
GeneSpice Picture Manager makes it easy to organize your genealogy
picture library, label the people in your photographs, and create HTML
files to share your collection with friends and family by Internet or CD.
Free for up to 25 photographs.
International Society of Genetic Genealogy
The world's first society founded to promote and educate about
genetic genealogy. Membership is FREE!.
Using Land Records to Discover Your Genealogy
A detailed article on how to find and use land records to broaden your
genealogy search.
Italian Genealogy Online and all things Italian
Easiest Italian genealogy help and free research tips online to find your Italian surnames, Italy Roots Ancestral Heritage, and Immigrant Family Ties as you
trace your emigrant history back to Italy, includes Italian Form Letters, How
to Guides & more.
City Directory Lookup
I will lookup information in any of the directories in my collection.
Mormon Genealogy | LDS | Search Ancestry & Heritage!
Mormon LDS Genealogy Search & Info Site. Learn all about your
Mormon Ancestry, Genealogy and Heritage. Search for your family
name now!.
S.C. Cemetery GPS Mapping Project
This cemetery project provides LxL GPS Mapping for cemeteries located
within all (46) South Carolina counties. Links are also provided for
Google Map drawing, SCGenWeb Projects and Genealogical Societies.
Laois or Queen's Co., Ireland. Genealogy
A new web site for Laois, Queen's Co., or Leix, Ireland which contains
gravestone photographs, parish record extracts and will contain the index
to the Heads of Household as listed in the 1901 census plus more.
Created by a person from Laois who lives in Ireland.
Hertfordshire Names Online
Hertfordshire Name Index to pre 1837 Marriages; Settlements 1679-1823; Removals 1688-1882; apprentices 1599-1903; Coroners 1827-1883 and Newspapers Picture Index 1890-1935 from Hertfordshire, England.
Civil War Days & Those Surnames
This site deals with surnames of the wars of the United States, up to the
Civil War, and the civilians of the same era. It will also cover the surnames
of the Colonial era. This site is to help all searchers find a lead to their
family lines (including Native American ancestors). This site will cover
the years from 1700?’s to the early 1900?’s.
Family Tree Printing - Genealogy chart plotting
LMS Printing is a UK based company who can print Family Trees on a
single piece of paper 841mm high and 15m long.
Paper Trail
Paper Trail is the website database created by the Oregon-California Trails Association from thousands of trail-related documents of the mid-19th
century western migration. Whether people traveled west for gold, land,
religious freedom or new opportunity, they wrote diaries, letters, articles
and recollections about the journey. From over 3500 original documents
Paper Trail organizes information into an easy-to-search database, featuring names, dates, routes, travel parties, locations and interesting features. The
website also lists the library where each document or its copies may be
found. The information from each document is accessible by subject codes
and by a 6-page outline survey of each document in the Paper Trail website. Names searches are free. Reports require modest subscritption.
Bloodlines of Salem
Bloodlines of Salem is the place where visitors share ideas and information
about the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, its participants and their families.
Many of us have researched and proved our descents from one or more of
the participants. The trials unfolded more than three centuries ago and
continue to figure prominently in the studies of history, law and religion.
As amateur and professional Salemologists, however, our study of the
trials isn't limited to our lineages. While the facts about our infamous
ancestors might be the focus of our work, it's the celebration of their
memories and mysteries that continue to fascinate new generations of
their families and the public. We welcome you to explore with us.
Welsh Guards Reunited
WGR is a contact point for serving and ex Welsh Guards & their families.
With over 800+ members there is a lot of knowledge of the Regiment and
you may be able to help add to that information. It's free to join and easy to register.
Public Libraries in Genealogy
A detailed artcle about how to use public libraries in genealogical research.
Texas Death Certificates, 1903-1976
A research and photocopying service of Texas death certificates
(uncertified copies) filed between 1903 and 1976.
Civil War Genealogy
Civil War in the West,Indian Territory,Kansas,Texas,Missouri,Arkansas.
Family History - Treasures In Time
Pictures and personal details about your ancestors from high school
and college yearbooks from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio
Essex Country Life
Essex Country Life provides details of the lifestyle of people above and
below stairs n Victorian and Edwardian times in the Essex Region of the UK.Content includes recipes, etiquette, songs, home life and health to
give a picture of life in those days.
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