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Ray's Newsletter


Publisher   Ray Wilson                  Date  August, 2005


Here are some new sites I have discovered this past month.

Hope some of them will prove useful to you.

The Missouri Land Records Office

We provide Northwest Missouri land records documentation and research from our abstract office

records which date from 1837 to the present.




Fast growing & cleverly searchable databases of UK parish records, census, diaries, one name

studies. Free to access and use. Unusual and hard-to-find records and collections.



World War II Military Service Units - I Dream of Genealogy

Free online database of WWII Military Service Units - Access this and over 75,000 other online

databases at I Dream of Genealogy.



Virginia Historical Counties

Provides on-demand, printable, large-scale maps of every boundary change of every county and

independent city of Virgnia. User chooses any day and month from 1634 to 2000 and can zoom

in or out or alter the map in other ways. An easy-to-use HELP file and supplementary texts

support the maps. From the Newberry Library.

West Virginia Historical Counties

User chooses any day and month from 1863 to 2000

Virginia Historical Counties

User chooses any day and month from 1634 to 2000

California Historical Counties

User chooses any day and month from 1850 to 2000

Wyoming Historical Counties

User chooses any day and month from 1843 to 2000



Rooted in Tuskegee

News articles and personal genealogy focused on Tuskegee, Alabama - Macon County.



Washington State Public Schools

A virtual library of historical information, documents, phographs and objects pertaining to

the Washington State public schools.



101st New York Infantry

Site devoted to the 101st New York Infantry from the Civil War. It's an attempt to compile

information on the unit and men from scattered sources.



131st New York Infantry

A site devoted to the 131st regiment, with a particular emphasis on the men who served in it.



179th New York Infantry

Site dedicated to the 179th New York Infantry during the Civil War.



Wisconsin Public Land Survey Records: Original Field Notes and Plat Maps

Digitized field notes and plat maps created between 1833 and 1866 provide valuable original

land survey information and document Wisconsin's landscape history. Cartographers created

sketch maps, based on notes from their extensive field survey. This work established the township,

range and section grid for Wisconsin and is the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) upon which

land ownership and land use is based. These plat map images are presented with enhanced zoom

and rotate tools using JPEG2000, options that greatly improve use and navigation of large digital

images. This project was completed in cooperation with the Wisconsin Board of Commissioners

of Public Lands.



The Social Security Death Index - Online Searching

Lists 4 popular ways to search the SSDI online and notes which versions are the most up-to-date.



Database of Canadians Who Served in the American Civil War

The most comprehensive list of Canadians who served in the American Civil War.



DNA Profiles of America

DNA testing for those who have been adopted and searching for birth parents or birth families.



1891 London Census Transcription

A Partial Transcription of the 1891 London census, listing people, places and streets.



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