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Ray's Newsletter


           Publisher Ray Wilson    Date  July, 2006


Here are some new sites I have discovered this past month.

Hope some of them will prove useful to you.

Your Guide to Using Newspapers for Genealogical Research
Links and resources to help you make use of information in
newspapers in your genealogical research efforts.
Winthrop University Archive
Archive, Family History, History of Winthrop University,
York County, SC based historical documents, Collections, etc.
ArchivesUM: Archival and Manuscript Collections at the University
of Maryland Libraries
ArchivesUM is a portal to help researchers locate materials described
in finding aids to archival and manuscript collections at the University
of Maryland Libraries.Through ArchivesUM, researchers may browse subject categories, such as 'Family History' or 'History, 1820-1965'
or geographical locations, such as 'Baltimore.'.
Genealogy Software News
The latest news and information about genealogy software.
Your Guide to Finding and Using Passenger Records
Advice and links to help you learn how to find your ancestors'
passenger records.
'Twistory' is a freeware history browser. It displays the lifetimes and travels of historic figures, and the dates and locations of historic
events. It is a tool for keeping track of when and where things
happened, and their relationships to each other. It is meant to
provide a way to keep track of the multitude of different peoples, dynasties, empires and developments throughout history.
Genealogy Journeys
Genealogy Journeys is devoted to family historians that have the
 “must hunt ancestors” itch. As a genealogy enthusiast, you will find many and varied opportunities to scratch that itch while having fun, sharpening your skills and perhaps learning about an obscure
source to help you in your personal research. It’s free, and it’s fun!.
Using the Freedom of Information Act for Genealogy Records
A brief guide to the most commonly requested genealogy-related
records using the FOIA.
1890 Census Substitutes - A Research Guide
A guide to some alternate resources for finding your ancestor in
circa 1890 records.
Quaker Records
Books, cemetery listings, maps, photos and more covering Quaker Records.
United States Cemetery Project
We are working on providing a site that has headstone photos for
every cemetery in every state. It will also include obituaries
and biographies of the people listed.
Irish Philadelphia
This site contains links and message boards specifically aimed at
those whose ancestors were Irish settlers in the Philadelphia,
New Jersey, and Wilmington, DE, region, as well as cultural and historical information about the Irish in the Philadelphia area.
=~=~=~= The Basics
This site was created by CyndisList to respond to the types of
questions and statements seen each day regarding,
how to use it, what they have/don't have, what is free or for a fee;
and several common misconceptions
There are currently 8,395 surname/County combinations and
11,020 individual slaveholder names on the large slaveholder lists, representing a total of 792,219 slaves in 158 Counties (Parishes in Louisiana) in 10 States.
This total represents 49.8% (approximately one half) of the slaves that were held in these Counties, and 20.05% (1 out of every 5) slaves
held in the United States in 1860. The Counties and Parishes included here had 40.27% (2 out of 5) of the slaves held in the United States in
1860, and almost one half of those were held by the slaveholders listed at this site.
Madison Co. Illinois Trails History and Genealogy
Original site for FREE online genealogy.
=~=~=~= Jewish Internet Research
Jewish Internet Research begins May 4 at Learn how to navigate the Internet for information on your Jewish ancestors. This class covers information on many websites and databases covering the Holocaust,, JewishGen, Jewish Records Indexing
- JRI Poland, Sephardic genealogy, archives, museums, general and Jewish sites and many more resources. Jewish genealogy experts Micha Reisel and Schelly Talalay Dardashti co-teach the four-week class, which includes a detailed syllabus, two lessons to download each week, two
online class chats per week, a dedicated website and message board. Class fee ($29.95) includes access to databases so students can research family records. The Internet offers ever-increasing research possibilities. The challenge is to try to make sense of the many
websites with information on Jewish genealogical matters. Doing research with others and sharing information is a great way of learning how and where to go for the best results. Micha and Schelly also teach Basic Jewish Research which provides the essential tools to begin a family history project. Students in both classes have made great strides in discovering family information and continue to work together on
mutual interests long after each class ends.
Matanuska Susitna Valley, Alaska
Cemetery, obituaries, census information for south central Alaska.
Specifically 1900-1930, including a lot of Alaska Native genealogies.
A directory to United States genealogy records on the Internet
organized by locality even down to the county and town level.
Free Genealogy Guide
A free Genealogy Guide providing information and resources for all levels of genealogists.

Lebanon Public Library, Lebanon , IN - Genealogy - On-line Database
Index to Obituaries from the Lebanon (IN) Reporter from 1986
through 2004.

UKICensus - 1901, 1891, 1881, 1871, 1861 & 1851 online
A site the details down information on Census records and much
more. Search surnames, genealogy chat sites, BMD records all
updated daily and many free links.
St. Vincent Memories
A website about the history of St. Vincent, Minnesota and surrounding area, including Emerson, Manitoba; Pembina, North Dakota; Humboldt, Minnesota; Noyes, Minnesota; Hallock, Minnesota - the rural towns and villages of the northern end of the Red River Valley.
Old family-name maps of Pennsylvania towns
Quality reproductions of Pennsylvania town maps from county
atlases published 1860-1880.
AncestryBank - Genealogy database of private documents
Brand new genealogy database of one-of-a-kind documents from
private collections. Archive your pre-1875 document images and
earn from them indefinitely!.
Strafford County, NH
Strafford Co.NH is a free research site for genealogy. All residents
of the county, pre-1850, will have some information on this site.
Cemeteries of Lawrence Co., TN.
Photographic tour of many of the cemeteries of Lawrence County, TN.
Front Page Books
We're happy to announce the addition of the FAMILY MAPS LAND PATENT BOOKS. The Family Maps series of Land Patent Books are published county by county, state by state, for original settlers whose purchases are indexed in the U.S. Bureau of Land Management
database For the first time, you can locate your ancestor's federal land purchase by simply finding them in a surname index, then an all-name
index, which directs you to a map of first-land-owners. And now you can learn who your ancestors' neighbors were! The Family Maps books
are a helpful visual reference tool that make your federal lands research easier than ever. We also carry Used and out of print genealogy books
and materials. Family history, local history, county history, state history, as well as church and cemetery records. Surnames and locations
indexed. The inventory includes many states, including Pennsylvania, New York, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, New Jersey, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Arka!nsas, Mississippi, Michigan, Wisconsin, Tennessee,
New England States, and many more.
Genealogy Roots Newsletter and Blog
A newsletter to help find online genealogy databases, records and resources. Major topics include death indexes, military, census,
and immigration records. Available by email or as a blog.
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