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Ray's Newsletter


           Publisher Ray Wilson    Date  June, 2006


Here are some new sites I have discovered this past month.

Hope some of them will prove useful to you.

A agroup of genealogy sites worldwide
Pre-1907 Vital Records
The Pre-1907 Wisconsin Birth Index was made by digitizing a microfiche index
and then expanding it with tens of thousands of delayed births, or births that were filed many years after the event, that were previously indexed separately. The result is free public access to more than 1,000,000 Wisconsin births, dating from the 1840s through 1907. The index can be searched in a variety of ways — using just a last name or browsing by county and year. Users can try various names and locations to find
Wisconsin ancestors. When an ancestor is found, a copy of the birth record can be ordered from the Wisconsin Historical Society online. The Society plans to add
pre-1907 death and marriage indexes in the next few months, creating a comprehensive
vital records index that will be entirely free and publicly searchable.
This website deals with the genealogy of Clinton County, NY. Their are hundreds of
local family histories both on disc and in printed format that are found nowhere else
in the US. Our library is located in Keeseville, NY.
Frontier Women: Hardships & Triumphs
A look a the women behind the frontier settlements in American History.
The NYE INDEX was created by Mary Greene Nye, the Editor of State Papers,
1927-1950, as a name and subject index to Manuscript Vermont State Papers (Record Series SE-118) and the Stevens Papers. The Vermont State Archives automated more
than 53,000 cards from the NYE INDEX, covering all 18th century records indexed
by Mary Greene Nye. The NYE INDEX database is searchable by name, record
description, and date. The index for 19th century records will be added as time and resources allow.
The Treacherous Blue Books of 1847
The 1847 Government Report on Education is important for social historians of
mid nineteenth century Wales because of the wealth of information contained in it on
not only the appalling state of the education system in the country, but also on everyday life and work in both the industrialised & rural areas. Genealogists can use these reports to learn the conditions of the schools, literacy rates, prevailing wages & social structure of parishes of interest. It also contains direct comment on the religious and moral standing of the people of Wales. But the blue-covered report is infamously
remembered for the furore and agitation it caused in Wales because of the remarks of
the three non-Welsh speaking Anglican commissioners regarding the Welsh language, Nonconformity and the morals of the Welsh people in general. Complete scanned
images of the printed report from the National Library of Wales.
Trade Union Ancestors
For social and family historians wanting to find out more about their family's
involvement in the trade union movement of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Contains lists of the 5,000 trade unions known to have existed in the UK in that time.
Northern New York Genealogy
Contains the complete transcription of 'Genealogical and family History
of Northern New York' by Orcutt.
Korean-American Family Tree
A site for recording family legacies of Korean-Americans.
Looking 4 Kin Genealogy Links & Chat
Search for your ancestors in this comprehensive listing of Worldwide genealogy
links and resources,post your research queries in the message boards or join in the genealogy chat room that is open to anyone researching their family history.
Nassau County Florida Genealogy and History
This site contains Nassau County Florida census records (1850 and 1895), cemetary
records, surname lists of pioneer families, family histories of pioneer families and local contacts for genealogy.
Chester County Genealogy
Providing genealogy records for Chester County, PA and the surrounding area.
Source of books on Canadian Military History, Regimental histories and military biographies.
LDS Historical
A lineage linked database of Utah Pioneers and the U.S. Mormon Battalion. An
alphabetical list of Battalion members at bottom of home page to help you find them.
Boone County Arkansas Historical & Railroad Society, Inc.
 The Boone County Historical & Railroad Society is a non-profit organization
devoted to the preservation of the historical heritage of Boone County, Arkansas. The Society sponsors and operates the Boone County Heritage Museum in Harrison, Arkansas, USA.
Easy Gen Solutions - Using Technology in Family History
An ongoing collection of articles, reviews and tutorials to help aid family historians make better use of software and the choices that are available to them.
British Columbia Vital Stats Checker
BC Vital Stat Checker is the only privately owned collection of Birth, Marriage and Death Registrations in British Columbia. The same collection that is found in BC Archives.
Kentucky Lines Genealogy Website
A place to help you find and search for your Kentucky ancestors. You can add
or search photos,documents, forums but you must be a member. This is a totally free website !.
Tracing your English and Welsh Ancestors
Beginners guide to sources of information on English and Welsh ancestors with
an extensive set of associated links.

I Dream of Genealogy - Glendale Cemetery - Cass Co. Nebraska
Complete list of burials from 1864-2005 at Glendale Cemetery in Cass Co., Nebraska.

Peoria County, IL History and Genealogy Trails
Free raw on-Line data: Census, Interment Records, Obituaries, Vital Records and
History about the County and it's people.
Johnson County, Illinois.
Illinois Trails - Johnson County Illinois Genealogy & History Site.
Pulaski County, Illinois.
Pulaski County, Illinois Trails History and Genealogy.
Virginia's Descendants
Genealogy information on Virginia immigrants and their descendants.
Warwickshire, UK -info
A Collection of Warwickshire Baptisms and Marriages, mainly for Aston,
Birmingham and Coventry in the UK, with a few other bits and pieces.
Alabama Coal Mine Fatalities Database
The Alabama Coal Mine Fatalities Database consists of 2188 records compiled by the
Birmingham Public Library using available annual reports of Alabama mine inspectors from 1898 through 1938. Search by last name, mine, year, occupation, cause of death, and race.
Red Mountain Cemetery Interments, 1888-1906
Red Mountain Cemetery, sometimes called Southside Cemetery, was used by the City
of Birmingham, Alabama from 1888 to 1906 as a place to bury the indigent dead. The cemetery contains 4,711 burials and was located south of the city on the site that is now Lane Park and the Birmingham Zoo. The graves were not removed, but decades after the cemetery ceased to be used, the park and zoo were built over the graves.
Commonwealth War Cemeteries
The visit of Commonwealth War Cemeteries, Communals Cemeteries & Churchyards
in Belgium & France with data base for each cemetery.
Longford Ancestry
FREE Genealogical Website for ANYONE with origins in Co. LONGFORD, Ireland.
PEDIGREES of 1,360 families, and Genealogical NOTES on thousands more. Unique ARCHIVES include Databases for NEWSPAPER EXTRACTIONS (15,000),
MEMORIAL INSCRIPTIONS (2,100), WILLS, DEEDS and LISTS. Over 30 years in preperation, a unique website for anyone with Longford Ancestry.
Westchester Co, NY South Salem Church Records
Masonic Library and Museum Association
The mission of the Masonic Library and Museum Association is to assist and
support, through education, facilitation of communication, coordination of effort,
and other means, those individuals charged with the collection, management, and preservation of the Masonic heritage.
51st Illinois Infantry
Regimental History of the 51st Illinois Volunteer Infantry: letters, diaries, essays.
Butler Area Public Library Obituary Index
This index covers the obituaries listed in Butler County, Pennsylvania newspapers
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