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                           Publisher   Ray  Wilson         rebard@mindspring.com         Date  May 12, 2005            

                                                     Genealogy Sites

Here are some new sites I have discovered this past

month. Hope some of them will prove useful to you.


Google has some new options designed just for the genealogist.The engine is located at:
There are several search options including a specific search for photos , another for newspapers , & a list of directories. For each search, there are 'help' options & tips to make the most of the search.
In the case of newspapers, researchers can look for a specific area, narrowing down to a town or widening to include an entire country. Another search leads to directions for 'antiquated' words (which can include medical terms), Latin terms, acronyms, & terminology used in deeds & other documents. And when you find that a great-grandfather owned land, but the deed gives the
land size in rods, the search engine page includes a calculator that will transfer that into modern dimensions.
Another option of the search engine is handy for locating a place. Unlike most map programs, this engine will search by keyword & location, even if you don't have the proper name. For instance, a search for 'cemetery' & 'Logan, Utah,' brings up half a dozen primary sites & several related sites.
If a trail of an ancestor has led to a foreign land, the engine offers options to search for surnames in specific countries & to search for sites in a specific language. There are several programs available to translate languages & this search engine includes that option. In this case, a word or series of words can be pasted into the translation box & Google will translate. Or,
type in the address & Google will translate an entire web page.The search engine's home page includes tips, suggestions & links, all with the genealogist in mind"


A Chronology of US Historical Documents



Order Birth and Death Records Online
from Ancestry.com and VitalChek




Gen Mag Online

Unique online magazine devoted to genealogy, family & local history. Although it is a digital magazine,it has the look and feel of a paper magazine.



Tracing Trees genealogy Bokks & CD's
Specializing in selected eastern states, we offer an array of exciting titles. 15 Generation Pedigree Charts available.



Finding Our Roots
This is a group for anyone doing genealogy research.We have surname boards, a lookup board and a brickwall board.




Message board for Hungarian surname and locality queries.



TITLE: 76th Overseas Battalion, C.E.F.
DESCRIPTION: Roster and other historical information pertaining to the 76th Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force during World War One.



Gaelic-Irish, Scots-Irish, & Anglo-Irish Genealogical Research : Heir Searches in Ireland.



Ancestry - Biographies - Lineages - Memoirs - Sketches - Surnames
Hudson-Mohawk Valley and Wisconsin Biographies All With New York Origins - Gathered From Various Sources.




Dave's Graves
Listings of cemeteries throughout the United States. Detailed information for cemeteries and listing of people buried there.




New York State Men Biographies and Photos
Photo Biographies from New York State Men: Biographic Studies, Character Portraits.
High School Finder
Directory of nearly every public high school in the U.S. Provides address, district, and contact information.
Find County Records
Public records resource for nearly every county in the U.S.
Life in Upper Canada
Reprints of first-hand accounts of life in Upper Canada (early Ontario, Canada, 1791-1841), including excerpts from old newspapers, diaries, letters, travel journals and contemporary publications. Learn how your ancestors lived in early pioneer times, in the words of people living at the time.
History of the City of Denver, from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time to Which is Added a Full and Complete Business Directory (1866)
 This is a transciption of the first history written about the city of Denver, Colorado, USA; with a "Complete Business Directory." It includes an every name index compiled by the transcriber.
Amateur Genealogists Association
The Amateur Genealogists Association was formed in February 2005 as a "Professional" Association for all Amateur Genealogists. We are an organisation for all amateur Genealogists who want to share with other genealogists and to pursue the very highest standards of professionalism in their research.
Aurora Illinois Area Cemeteries
An alphabetical listing of consolidated burial (several cemetery databases) and obituary information related to the Northern Illinois area, centered on Aurora Illinois. Obituary data is from the Aurora Beacon News since May 2002 and updated about every two months.


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