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Ray's Newsletter


Publisher   Ray Wilson         Date November, 2005


Here are some new sites I have discovered this past month.

Hope some of them will prove useful to you.

 Railroad Photos ... Depots, Stations, Trains, Switches, Trolleys, Railroad Workers
Old Photos of depots, train stations, train wrecks, railroad workers across the US.

Crew List Index Project (CLIP)
 CLIP was set up to improve access to the records of British merchant
seafarers of the late 19th century and has gathered the largest database of entries from crew lists for the period 1861 to 1913.

1841 Census for the Parish of Uphall
The 1841 Census for the Parish of Uphall in West Lothian, Scotland.

Missouri History: The First Inhabitants Through the Truman Presidency
A historical overiew of Missouri from the first the first Native inhabitants
through the Truman presidency. Topics include: Early explorers, First Settlements, Spanish Control, American Control, War of 1812, Statehood, Life in Missouri, Mormons in Missouri, Immigration, Civil War, Reconstruction, New
Immigration, The Granger Movement, World War I, the Roaring Twenties, The Great Depression, World War II and Harry S. Truman.

Complete Bible Genealogy - Jesus family tree - Kings of Judah and Israel
Every person in the Bible with complete genealogy and family tree. Includes
Bible cross reference, genealogy of Jesus and synchronization of the kings of Judah and Israel.

Surnames Derived From English Occupations
"Our family did not consciously choose our family names," writes Myra Vanderpool
Gormley. "Hereditary surnames came into being primarily because the eternal tax collectors needed a way to identify people."

"Cherokee-White Intermarriages " -- Or Citizenship by Intermarriage -- in the Cherokee Nation
Under the provision of Section 21 of the Act of Congress, approved in 1898, the
Department of the Interior recognized "citizenship by intermarriage" in the Cherokee Nation. An applicant had to prove that he or she was married in accordance with Cherokee law. Clearly, many citizens by blood had more Anglo ancestry than Native American.

Antiquus Morbus
A Glossary of Archaic Medical Terms, Diseases and Causes of Death.



Irish Genealogy Books
A series of genealogical books covering over 30 towns of Ireland that include
all the 1901/1911 census, the 1854 Griffiths Valuation and the 1940's electors registers for each specific Irish town, along with 1850 maps, townland maps and old photos to help one find their roots at their own ease.

Confederate Veterans Buried In Illinois
This is a listing of all known Confederate veterans buried in Illinois, not
including the more than 13,000 men who died as POWs in IL during the Civil War. This is a work in progress and is updated several times a year.

Genealogy And Family History Directory
Directory of genealogy resources on the Web.

Ancestry census matching aid software
Software is designed to match either 2 or 3 people that appear on the same
census page together or a page following person # 1. You have the ability to Sort by Name, Birth Year, Census Parish, Census County or Matching records. It is then simply a matter of clicking on the icon to go to the page in question.

GSC Associates Historical Record Products
A 70 volume digital library containing all of the early records of Bedford
County, Tennessee from the formation of the county in 1807 up to 1870.

GSC Associates Microfilm Camera Mount
An inexpensive mount that attaches a camera to most microfilm readers. This
allows stable and consistent direct photography of images on a microfilm reader using your camera.


Information found in deeds
This extensive tutorial with examples shows the types of information that can
be found in deeds and how to use that information in research.

All the latest obituaries from every state in the US, and Canada. Quick and
easy drill-down to any specific obituary. Lookup prominent obituaries. Search historical obituary archives.

New data sources from Canadian Government

A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland
The complete online text of the 1837 edition of Samuel Lewis' Topographical Dictionary of Ireland.

Irish Local Names Explained
Complete online text of P.W. Joyce's Irish Local Names Explained.

SpyralSearch Historian's Reference Directories
1930-1979 U.S. City Directories & Telephone Directories archived on CD's in PDF format - fully text searchable.
Colorado Historical Records Name Index
The Colorado State Archives has recently added to its' website a new name index
database that has been compiled from historical records in the State Archives' custody. Researchers may type in the name of their relative and hit the search button to see those entries that have been recorded. The information
found will identify the type of record the name was found in (i.e. prison record), what county it is from and the date of the record. This index will be expanded monthly as new information is added to the database.
Mid Atlantic Archives
Databases, Maps and Photos covering DE, MD, NJ, PA, VA, WV and DC.
Historical Books and pamphlets, Newspapers, Births, Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths, Burials, Church records, Tax lists, etc.
Kentucky Genealogy Data
Anderson County Kentucky Marriages 1830-1835
Bourbon County Kentucky Marriages Breckinridge_County_Kentucky_Marriages 1827-1829
Clark County Kentucky Marriages
Daviess County Kentucky Marriages 1815-1820 Kenton_County_Marriage_License-November-1871
Lincoln County Kentucky Marriages 1781-1800
Madison County Kentucky Marriages 1792-1854
Mason County Kentucky Marriages 1788-1800
Mercer County Kentucky Marriages 1800-1870
Montgomery County Kentucky Marriages 1817-1851 Ohio_County_Kentucky_Marriages_1799-1840
Pulaski & Rockcastle Counties Kentucky Select Marriages 1850-1900
Bullock Burdine Fletcher Inabnitt Marler McClure McKinney Murray
Murry Payne Pitman Price Robbins Steele Stephens Taylor
Whitaker Russell County Kentucky Marriages-1826-1839
Woodford County Kentucky Marriages 1789-1823
Misc Kentucky Data Buena Vista Cemetery - Kenton County Kentucky Descendants of Samuel and Melvina Price - Pulaski County Kentucky!
History & Member List-Blue Springs Church-Mt. Vernon KentuckyIndependence Cemetery - Kenton County KentuckyRiggs Families ­ Kentucky Marriage
Records Riggs Families - Obituaries/Births - Kentucky/OhioKentucky County Formations Cruise Creek Church & CemeteryBoone County, Kentucky,
Naturalizations, 1840-1903
Boone Co., KY, Guardian Bonds Book, 1820-27, IndexBoone Co., KY,
Delinquent Taxpayer Lists for 1800, 1801 & 1806
Members of Sand Run Baptist Church, Boone Co., Kentucky,18191867
Members of Forks of Gunpowder Baptist Church, Boone Co., Kentucky,
IndianaRiggs_Family_Indiana_Marriages_1815-1851 Riggs_Family_Burials_IndianaRising Sun, Ohio County, Indiana Marriages
 (partial listing)Riggs Burials - Noffsinger Cemetery, South Bend IndianaMisc DataPotters Field CincinnatiCarthage Church of the Nazarene - Cincinnati,
Ohio - Pastor listRiggs Families - Obituaries/Marriages - Missouri.
The 38th Alabama Infantry Volunteers
Contains the original muster rolls of the 10 companies that made up the
regiment, burials, photographs of veterans and details of a descendants reunion in 2005.


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