The Zipperer Family Bible
Transcription provided by: Myra Sims

Bible in possession of: Virginia F. "Tina" Golden of Gainesvile, FL. Tina is the granddaughter of Frank and Bertha Hammock of Madison County

Family Record

John M. Zipperer Was born September 25th 1793
Ann Mary Zipperer was born June 29th 1793
John M. Zipperer was born February 1816
Joseph Alexander Zipperer was born August 22nd 1817
Ann Mary Zipperer Born July 7th 1820
Solomon Edward Zipper was born June 28th 1822
Thomas Joab Zipperer was born July 16th 1824
Stephen Godlip Zipperer was born January 2nd 1827

Sarah Lucretia Zipperer was born January 9th 1830
Benjamin Franklin Zipperer was born may 20th 1832
Esther Elizabeth Zipperer was born June 27th 1835
Thomas Marion Durrance was born March 28th 1845
Mary Jane Durrance was born September 11th 1846
Elizabeth Mitilda Durrance was born November 26th 1843
John James Sharp was born the first day of March 1857


John M. Zipperer Was married to Ann Mary Millen March 30th 1815
Frances Durrance and Ann Mary ZippererWas Married February 24th 1843
Joseph A. Zipperer and Lydia Ann Padget Was Married April 6th 1848
Charles W. Sharp was married to Sarah L. Zipperer August 7th 1851
Thomas J. Zipperer & Mary B. Law Married January 12th 1858


Joseph Alexander Zipperer Jr. Was born March 27th 1847
Charles W. Sharp was born July 3rd 1830
John Martin Zipperer (IV) Was born December 13th 1850
Mary B. Law was born September 5th 1837
Ann Elizabeth Zipperer was born November 14th 1852
Charles W. Sharp was born December
Lidia Ann Zipperer Was born October 29th 1830
Willaim Marvin Durrance was born September 4th 1849
Benjamin Franklin Zipperer Jr. was born October 4th 1845
Martha Ann Durrance was born January 23rd 1850
Julia Durrance was born June 25th 1853
John A. Durrance was born July 5th 1852
Thomas E. Durrance Was born April 30th 1859
Sarah L. Durrance was born February 28th 1854
Clarry Ella Jackson was born
Mary L. Zipperer September 20th 1867
T. E. Hogan was born January 30th 1888
Emma Jackson was bornMarch 11th 1869
J. J. Hogans was born January 15th 1890
Laura T. Zipperer was born th 9 Janry 1868
A. W. Hogans was born August 10, 1892
Robert B. Zipperer was born January 29th 1872
Mary S. Zipperer was borned 4 of Oct 1875
Clifford V. Zipperer was borned August 10 1869
Melvin R. Zipperer was born March 5th 1893
Lilla Cleolia Zipperer was born December 5 1875


John Thomas Sharp died August the 5th 1861
Stephen G. Zipperer died Nov the 9th 1862


Mary Jane Durance was born September 11th 1846
William Marvin Durance was born Sept. 4th 1848
Martha A. Durance was born January 23rd 1850
John M Durance was born July 5th 1852
Sarah L. Durance was born February 23rd 1854
Thomas E Durance was born April 30th 1859
Caroline L. Durance was born May 29th 1862


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