Hamilton Marriage Index 1841 - 1845

Sorted by Groom

Author and Source Unknown

This index was on the website when I became the coordinator. There was no information on the source,the author or the submitter. It does not appear to be a complete index as there are several years when no marriages are listed, or just one or two. I took all the records and sorted them by year, then by name and removed all duplicate entries.

If you have a date of marriage or any other information about any of the people in this index please contact me so it can be added in the Notes column. I would love to have a complete record of marriages including the date of marriage so if anyone has one please consider allowing it to be displayed on this website. Also if anyone knows who the author, submitter or what the source of the existing index is, please contact the County Coordinator. I would be pleased to credit your work to you.

As with all transcriptions or extractions it is only meant to be used as a guide in your search for your ancestors. Always refer the original document whenever possible.

Underlined names link to the Marriage Notes and Comments Page. Click the name to go to the notes.

Groom Bride Year Notes/Comments
Anderson, James B. Hurst, Polly 1842  
Beal, Thomas Turner, Elizabeth 1842  
Brice, Cornelius Swilley, Mary 1843  
Brown, Rigdon Gay, Martha 1843  
Brownlow, Joseph Whitehurst, Fanny 1843  
Clardy, Peter Burch, Nancy 1842  
Dinsmore, Thomas Singletery, Anna Elizabeth 1842  
Driver, George Griffin, Susannah 1842  
Durrance, Francis Zipperer, Ann Mary 1843  
Hall, Francis Gigger, Rebecca 1845  
Haven, William G. Bryan, Sarah 1842  
Herndon, Isham Overstreet, M. M. 1842  
High, Daniel Holmes, Jincy 1843  
Holmes, William Cheshire, Mary 1841  
Hunter, James Green, Lucy 1841  
Ivey, Jessee R. A. Ivey, Cora P. 1845  
Ivey, John M. Pouchin, Jane 1844  
Lancer, John Dees, Elmina 1844  
McCall, Elhanah Knight, Elizabeth 1842 Actual marriage date is Feb. 06, 1842
McCredie, James Lee, Sarah 1843  
Pafs, William C. Turner, Martha 1842 Could William's surname be Pass?
Parrish, James Whitton, Nancy 1842  
Peterson, William Edingfield, Amelia Mary 1841  
Peterson, William Edingfield, Amelia Mary 1842  
Pierson, John Hunter, Elizabeth 1842  
Roberts, Joshua H. Lee, Nancy 1841  
Tayler, John L. Law, Elizabeth 1841  
Thompson, Edmond Blackburn, Marjory 1841  
Tuten, John E. Bell, Lacyan 1841  
Walker, James Mathis, Eliza 1844  
Walls, Joseph B. Breward, Serahan 1841  
Williams, Peter Herndon, Eliza 1843  
Zipperer, John J. Knight, Frances 1842


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