Hamilton Marriage Index 1866

Sorted by Bride

Author and Source Unknown

This index was on the website when I became the coordinator. There was no information on the source,the author or the submitter. It does not appear to be a complete index as there are several years when no marriages are listed, or just one or two. I took all the records and sorted them by year, then by name and removed all duplicate entries.

If you have a date of marriage or any other information about any of the people in this index please contact me so it can be added in the Notes column. I would love to have a complete record of marriages including the date of marriage so if anyone has one please consider allowing it to be displayed on this website. Also if anyone knows who the author, submitter or what the source of the existing index is, please contact the County Coordinator. I would be pleased to credit your work to you.

As with all transcriptions or extractions it is only meant to be used as a guide in your search for your ancestors. Always refer the original document whenever possible.

Underlined names link to the Marriage Notes and Comments Page. Click the name to go to the notes.

Bride Groom Year Notes/Comments
Adams, Margaret Ratliff, James 1866  
Barron, Julian Hammons, Samuel F. 1866  
Bates, Caroline Wood, Mitchell 1866  
Bell, Flora Claridy, Isaac 1866  
Belote, Winniie Staten, Nelson 1866  
Blair, N. V. Williams, R. L. 1866  
Broomfield, Sabry McRae, Joseph 1866  
Brown, Julian Hammons, Samuel 1866  
Bullard, W. N. Buttler, S. A. 1866  
Burnam, Mary A. Blaird, William H. 1866  
Burnete, America E. Hall, N. S. 1866  
Collier, Anarchy Collier, Stephen 1866  
Crews, C. A. Shaw, Wiley A. 1866  
Dorcey, Emma Linza, John 1866  
Downing, Nancy Herndon, Levi 1866  
Ellis, Caroline Brock, Garison 1866  
Ellis, R. C. Pennington, Wllis P. 1866  
Ewen, Die Cowen, Joe 1866  
Ferguson, Nancy Curtice, Lawrence 1866  
Ford, Eliza Ratliff, Benjamin 1866  
Frink, Clementine Calhoun, Isaac 1866  
Frink, Luvenia Davis, Peter 1866  
Futell, Leanah Boyd, Moses 1866  
Goodbread, Mariah Bryan, Antony 1866  
Hall, Nancy Marlowe, John 1866  
Harris, Francis Newsome, John 1866  
Harris, Martha Ellis, Joseph P. 1866  
Haskins, Elizabeth Haskinds, Aaron 1866  
Hatcher, Julia Hatcher, Tony 1866  
Hodges, R. C. Smith, A. A. 1866  
Holden, Eliza Holden, Thomas 1866  
Holton, Martha A. Brinson, Charles H. 1866  
Howell, Pheby Zeigler, Larry 1866  
Hunter, Mary M. Altman, William L. 1866  
Jenkins, Mary Granvill, Isaac 1866  
Jennings, Salomy Lee, James T. 1866  
Jerry, Ann O. Younge, Alex 1866  
Johns, Patience Hogans, Joseph 866  
Lee, Ava C. Sessions, John 1866  
Lee, Emeline Hunter, Richard 1866  
Lewis, Catherine Smith, Zeremiah L. 1866  
Lewis, Celia Turkett, George M. 1866  
Lewis, Mary Poree, J. H. 1866  
Lewis, Nancy Poree, J. H. 1866  
Marion, Rebecca Bell, Abraham 1866  
McCullers, Ellen Morgan, Thomas 1866  
McCullers, Martha Worth, John J. 1866  
Mills, Selia Haris, Jacob 1866  
Mirchell, Cherry Mitchell, Robert 1866  
Mitchell, Ann Mitchell, Henry 1866  
Mizell, Rebecca Jackson, Turner 1866  
Mosley, Sarah Mosley, William 1866  
Parker, Betsey Parker, Caleb 1866  
Pelote, Winnie Pelote, Samuel 1866  
Person, Mary Jane Walker, Benjamin R. 1866  
Powell, Elende E. Cribbs, D. J. 1866  
Prosen, Martha Prosen, Jacob 1866  
Prosen, Sophia Ivey, Frank 1866  
Ratlifff, Rebeca Green, J. G. 1866  
Rine, Malinda Jennings, W. T. 1866  
Robertson, Harriett Cook, Sam 1866  
Robinson, Mary McLeod, William H. 1866  
Sheffield, Florida Hodges, M. W. 1866  
Singleton, Eliza Elizabeth Holley, Robert 1866  
Thomas, Rosetta Cason, Napolean B. 1866  
Tucker, Mary A. Burnam, S. 1866  
Williams, Caroline Blount, John 1866  
Yeates, Jane Brown, Franklin J. 1866  
Ziegler, Patsy Howell, Solloman 1866  


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