Hamilton Marriage Index 1867

Sorted by Bride

Author and Source Unknown

This index was on the website when I became the coordinator. There was no information on the source,the author or the submitter. It does not appear to be a complete index as there are several years when no marriages are listed, or just one or two. I took all the records and sorted them by year, then by name and removed all duplicate entries.

If you have a date of marriage or any other information about any of the people in this index please contact me so it can be added in the Notes column. I would love to have a complete record of marriages including the date of marriage so if anyone has one please consider allowing it to be displayed on this website. Also if anyone knows who the author, submitter or what the source of the existing index is, please contact the County Coordinator. I would be pleased to credit your work to you.

As with all transcriptions or extractions it is only meant to be used as a guide in your search for your ancestors. Always refer the original document whenever possible.

Underlined names link to the Marriage Notes and Comments Page. Click the name to go to the notes.

Bride Groom Year Notes/Comments
Angerson, Julia Clarady, Isaac 1867  
Brown, Bellah Leake, Robert 1867  
Bryan, Julia A. Tuten, Joseph D. 1867  
Bryon, Rachel C. Collins, Benjamin 1867  
Cason, Martha M. Oglesby, John 1867  
Cheshier, Sarah C. Sistrunk, S. O. 1867  
Cheshire, Lenora Sistrunk, William E. 1867  
Coleman,Julia Lee, Elbert 1867  
Connell, Nancy Law, Samuel Benjamin 1867  
Conner, Sarah Ham, W. T. 1867  
Couned, Sarah Postell Lake, Newton 1867  
Davis, Mary Harrison, Archa 1867  
Dawson, Ann Frink, Florida 1867  
Dees, Harriett Hale, Fleming 1867  
Dees, Sarah A. Fletcher, James B. 1867  
Ellis, E. Johnson, Moses 1867  
Elston, Arminda Whildren, Marion Jasper 1867  
Ficklin, Sarah Johnson, Charles 1867  
Goolsby, Mary Jane Caldwell, J. M. 1867  
Heig, Drucilla Prather, James 1867  
Hudson, Martha E. Shiver, Nathan 1867  
James, Sarah A. McCormick, Mathew 1867  
Jennings, Susan P. Lee, John C. 1867  
Johns, Mary J. Farnell, Augustus P. 1867  
Jones, Ellen Honda, George 1867  
Jones, Mary Chancy, George 1867  
Jowers, Elizabeth Wilson, Joseph H. 1867  
Lee, Harriett S. Hunter, Thomas 1867  
Lee, Lency Ann Wells, Alexander 1867  
Marion, M. J. Reynolds, John C. 1867  
McCall, Martha Adams, Thomas 1867  
Mims, Amanda E. Holland, William N. 1867  
Moran, Nancy S. Gill, Marion C. 1867  
Mosley, Jane Walker, George 1867  
Muslewhite, Christian M. Faust, Moses 1867  
Peterson, Elizabeth A. Sawls, James R. 1867  
Phillips, Mary Hall, David R. 1867  
Prather, James Heig, Drucilla 1867  
Purviance, Martha Williams, Samuel 1867  
Reid, Mollie Horne, Eli 1867  
Richardson, Alafore Ward, John O. 1867  
Riggs, Melisa Tillman, James 1867  
Robinson, Mariah Stewart, Alexander 1867  
Shiver, R. G. Hardee, Levi L. 1867  
Spears, Amanda Johnson, John 1867  
Spears, Jane Johnson, Tom 1867  
Taylor, Sarah Anderson, Thomas 1867  
Tillman, Susan L. Johns, Robert L. 1867  
Walston, Mary Raulison, Berrien E. 1867  
Wood, Sarah McCormick, John O. 1867  


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