Hamilton County Marriages 1932 Page 1

Sorted By Brides Name

This marriage index was already on the site when I became the coordinator. Unfortunately there was no information as to the identity of the submitter or transcriber. Also it includes only the name of the Bride and Groom and the year the marriage took place.

If you were the transcriber and/or submitter or you know who they are, please contact the County Coordinator. I would love to credit you/them for the work.

As specific dates of marriage and the Book and Page it is recorded in is made available to me, I will add those to this index or replace this index if someone will submit a complete index of marriages.

Page 2

Adams, Gladys Allen, Ethan 1932  
Allen, Annie L. Walker, Hilton 1932  
Allen, Bertie McDonald, Myers 1932  
Andrews, Jonnie Bell Richardson, Charlie 1932  
Arnett, Ruth Schappe, Charles V. 1932  
Bailey, Louelle Faircloth, Early 1932  
Bailey, Lula Hagen, J. D. 1932  
Battle, Neta Norwood, Leroy 1932  
Bauder, Elizabeth J. Mathis, George D. 1932  
Biggles, Jewell Parting, James E. 1932  
Bogan, Minnie Lee Brown, Charlie 1932  
Boone, Margaret Lee, Frank 1932  
Branch, Elmira Thomas, Joseph P. 1932  
Brown, Ocie Mae Crumaly, Carl 1932  
Butler, Birtha Williams, Coy 1932  
Byrd, Dorothy Rivers, E. D. 1932  
Carter, Beverly Louise Peters, Robert F. 1932  
Chester, Kathleen Meeks, Harrison 1932  
Clark, Eva Skeen, Drew 1932  
Clifton, Della Mae Mickle, Ab 1932  
Collier, Alma Connell, T. G. 1932  
Corbett, Varana McCloud, C. L. 1932  
Cox, Sarah J. Skellie, O. C. 1932  
Crews, Dora McKnight, Ralph 1932  
Crews, Kelsie English, Jessee 1932  
Daniels, Lillian Mabel Miley, B. J. 1932  
Davis, Frankie Gause, William A. 1932  
Davis, Mildred Smith, Wilmer 1932  
Dees, Coztta Hughes, Dwight 1932  
Devine, Maggie Griffin, Lonnie 1932  
Dodson, Bertie Goode, W. T. 1932  
Doe, Mary Liza Jurdon, Charlie 1932  
Dorsey, Lucile Swindell, Lonnie 1932  
Downing, Mary Eason, C. S. 1932  
Dyess, Mildred Freeman, J. R. 1932  
Edenfield, Adel Wetherington, J. M. 1932  
Edenfield, Lillie B. Wells, Jessie D. 1932  
Elliott, Nelle Malloy, Clarence N. 1932  
Etheredge, Estelle Fender, E. F. 1932  
Forthe, Eudelle Holliman, Charles 1932  
Fiveash, Eloise Davis, G. L. 1932  
Flowers, Carry Barton, J. D. 1932  
Foster, Mae Stephens Jr., E. J. 1932  
Fourakers, Nancy Morgan, Ray 1932  
Freeman, Margaret Elizabeth Chandler, E. C. 1932  
Gill, Martha Braswell, J. L. 1932  
Gilley, Jessie Barfield, J. M. 1932  
Griffis, Sallie Royals, J. T. 1932  
Guest, Alberta Davis, Willie 1932  
Hambrick, Katie L. Henry, L. 1932  
Harris, Ada Hodge, Jessee 1932  
Hart, Maudine Deas, B. C. 1932  
Hatcher, Estella Nix, Tom 1932  
Henry, Mary Helen Garrison, Sidney A. 1932  
Hewitt, Arie Sealy, Wesley 1932  
Hill, Rebecca Rainy, James 1932  
Hindman, Ida Mae Caruthers, L. G. 1932  
Holland, Catherine Amundson, H.W. 1932  
Holman, Vermeille Galbreath, F. R. 1932  
Horton, Lara Goodman, Arthur 1932  
Howell, Ida L. Batterbee, William R. 1932  
Hunter, Mary Smith, Frank 1932  
Hurst, Edna Burnett, Horace 1932  
Hutchinson, Gladys Coleburn, W. B. 1932  
Jackson, Angie Mitchell, J. H. 1932  
Jackson, Lucille Towns, J. D. 1932  
Jacobs, Cleo Zipperer, Roy 1932  
James, Virdie Wargo, Ernest 1932  
Johnson, Ida Cole, George 1932  
Johnson, Leola Townson, Isiah 1932  
Johnson, Lillie Mae Alexander, A. 1932  
King, Dora Ward, Willie 1932  
Kinsey, Marie Ayers, Russell 1932  
Knight, Lillie Mae Gardener, Charlie 1932  
Laney, Oma Horner, H. L. 1932  
Langford, Mamie Sue Selph, Walter 1932  
Lee, Eloise Tomlinson, Clyde 1932  
Lee, Elsie Perry, Willie James 1932  
Lee, Minnie Clardy, J. M. 1932  
Lindsey, Emma Beles, J. P. 1932  
Lindsey, Myrtle Anderson, John 1932  
Lowe, Anna Jones, Tulen 1932  


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