Hamilton County Marriages 1932 Page 2

Sorted By Brides Name

This marriage index was already on the site when I became the coordinator. Unfortunately there was no information as to the identity of the submitter or transcriber. Also it includes only the name of the Bride and Groom and the year the marriage took place.

If you were the transcriber and/or submitter or you know who they are, please contact the County Coordinator. I would love to credit you/them for the work.

As specific dates of marriage and the Book and Page it is recorded in is made available to me, I will add those to this index or replace this index if someone will submit a complete index of marriages.

Manning, Roxie Burdett, Ronald 1932  
Mathis, Alice Eunice Stalvey, M. L. 1932  
McCall, Charlotte Saders, Joe 1932  
McCall, Laverne McCall, Leslie 1932  
McCall, Vera Elouise Cameron, J. D. 1932  
McDaniel, Florence Cain, E. P. 1932  
McDaniel, Neta Tompkins, Clifford 1932  
McGhin, Rosa Lewis, J. C. 1932  
McLendon, Ethel Spaulding, M. D. 1932  
Medows, Marie Baisden, Charlie B. 1932  
Milton, Tencie Elizabeth Crews, Leo 1932  
Mims, Tracy Arflin, Bransom 1932  
Mixon, Margaret Robin, Joe 1932  
Mixon, Vina Brantley, Jessee H. 1932  
Mobley, Velma Nesmith, J. B. 1932  
Moore, Alice Carter, Jake 1932  
Morgan, Olive Agnes Ray, E. L. 1932  
Moseley, Mabel Holton, Robert 1932  
Moses, Essie Cummerford, Weldon 1932  
Neal, Leilie Braswell, Calvin 1932  
Neher, Virginia May, T. R. 1932  
Odom, Ola Bell Mills, Oscar 1932  
Oliver, Ruth Griffin, J. D. 1932  
Overstreet, Tressie Crosby, Dewy 1932  
Paul, Lizzie Anderson, R. E. 1932  
Payne, Louis Lucille Parrish, Thomas Wiley 1932  
Petty, Lonie Hodges, Cecil 1932  
Phillips, Gladys Lawrence, Bill 1932  
Pierce, Emmer Howell, Julius 1932  
Posey, Emma Jane Harrison, E. B. 1932  
Pridgen, Elene Smith, Charlie D. 1932  
Pyles, Bell Croft, George 1932  
Reinschmidt, Sophie Christie, Purom 1932  
Rhoden, Lessie Ellis, J. H. 1932  
Ricks, Lucille Zipperer, James Robert 1932  
Riley, Grace Ann McCall, Yvonne C. 1932  
Rillly, Francis Petith, Charles 1932  
Rix, Ruby Garrison, Ovary 1932  
Roberts, Minnie Mattox, W. C. 1932  
Robitvsch, Hazel Davis, Franklin 1932  
Sauls, Viola Holland, O. D. 1932  
Shiver, Lula Heolis Phillips, Wesley C. 1932  
Sills, Marie Darley, G. W. 1932  
Simmons, Nina Martha Newburn, W. C. 1932  
Simmons, Pheby Christie, C. J. 1932  
Sirmans, Arie Mae Smith, Herbert 1932  
Smith, Ellen Plumer, Fleming F. 1932  
Stokes, Mildred Shelton Brooke, Arther Lee 1932  
Strickland, Lillie Mae Jones, D. H. Jr. 1932  
Strickland, Louise Sinclair, J. G. 1932  
Sumner, Mariam Decker, R. A. 1932  
Sutton, Billie Nabors, Eugene 1932  
Taylor, Rosa Dyess, Fred 1932  
Thigpen, Helen Roundtree, Lamar 1932  
Thomas, Mary McCray, Samuel 1932  
Thomas, Willie Mae Brown, Albert 1932  
Thompson, Mattie Cribbs, Frank 1932  
Tillman, Gladys Ellis, Deckle 1932  
Tomason, Susie Howell, Wesley 1932  
Touchton, Irma Simmons, Robert R. 1932  
Townsend, Retha McNiel, W. T. 1932  
Tucker, Jewell Fletcher, Lewis H. 1932  
Turnery, Truly Rhymer, R. S. 1932  
Vann, Willie Lee Wood, Carl 1932  
Walker, Mae Frank Harper, Jessee Mark 1932  
Ward, Daisey Hurst, Ozie 1932  
Webb, Willie Eudell, Melton 1932  
Welch, Victoria King, Ed 1932  
Wetherington, Clydie Hinton, W. H. 1932  
Wetherington, Pauline Hunter, J. T. Jr. 1932  
Whatley, Alma Adkins, H. T. 1932  
White, Ada Cason, Rosevelt 1932  
White, Lillie Mae Bellflower, C. C. 1932  
Whitford, Queenie Esthers Gibbs, Rubin Thomas 1932  
Whittle, Mirtie Justice, L. E. 1932  
Williams, Alice Powell, E. C. Jr. 1932  
Williams, Tula Thornton, Randolph 1932  
Wilson, Sue Mattox, Julian 1932  
Wingate, Pearl Causey, John F. 1932  
Wordlow, Julia Bracy, J. B. 1932  
Wyandt, Virginia Carlo, Edward 1932  


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