Hamilton County Death Certificate Index 1984

Extracted by Laverne Tornow

This index was extracted from Hamilton County Clerk's records. Every attempt has been made to assure the accuracy of this extractionn however that does not exclude the possibility that mistakes were made. As with any transcription, this should only be used as a guide, you should always refer to the original document whenever possible.

Deceased Name Date Instrument No Book/Page
O'GUINN, Emma Meeks 07-31-1984 198404195 171/16
McCALLUM, Nettie 10-08-1984 198404654 173/146
MOODY, Cecil 02-03-1984 198402886 165/875
BAILEY, Carroll 02-06-1984 198402915 166/32
DANIELS, R. J. 12-19-1984 198405111 175/190
HARDWICK, William Arthur 01-16-1984 198402731 165/655
LEVY, Martin 04-30-1984 198403494 167/138


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