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Hernando County Marriages Prior to 1877

The following marriages took place prior to 1848. These are the earliest known marriages in the area that became Hernando County in 1843 and the earliest after its creation by the State Legislature. The source for this information is the Polk County Historical and Genealogical Library in Bartow, Florida.

Groom Bride Date
William Hope Jane Crum June 14,1838
James Lanier Sarah Hagans December 25,1838
Richard R. Crum Charlotte Piles (Pyles) February 7,1839
John Lanier Margaret Hagans November 10, 1839
Henry E.Hancock Caroline Townsend February 27, 1846
Stephen T.Hancock Jane E.Townsend April 30, 1846
Jeremiah W.Hayman Martha Jane Carlton August 7, 1846
Henry Hennes Sarah K.Duskin January 6, 1848

One of the earliest known marriages to occur after Hernando County's creation was a triple wedding ceremony. The three Baisden sisters weremarried by a Circuit Riding Minister of the Gospel in 1845. They were as follows:

Groom Bride
Malcolm C.Peterson Rosa Baisden
Perry G.Wall Barbara Baisden
John F.Bassett M. Baisden

Other marriages prior to 1877 are:

Joseph P. Wall to Precious Edrington on Novenber 28, 1869
James Melville Hedick to Sarah Ann Mayo on January 27, 1876
Frank Elmore Saxon to Tululu Vernice Hope on February 10,1876