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Russ Family
Jackson County, Florida


                Genealogybecame a passion of my mother's when she was in her thirties and forties.Though the task was made somewhat simpler by the fact that our ancestors hadall been in Marianna for so many generations, she decided to delve back muchfurther than that and trace their roots as far back as she could.

                Ihave a large box of her genealogy papers that I've never even delved into; itjust seems too overwhelming. But in one of her scrapbooks, I found this briefwrite-up of the Russ family history. It's not very comprehensive, but it givesa brief summation of the Florida line of the family.  Merritt Dekle


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The name of Russ is derived from the word“Rous” meaning “ yes” and is said to have been first used with reference to thehair or complexions of its original bearers. It was originally a baptismal nameand was later taken by the sons of those so called as their patronymic.

The name is found as ancient English andearly American records in the forms of Rous, Rouse, Rus, Ruse, Russe, Rushe,Rush, Rust, Rush, and Russ.

Families of this name were to be found atearly dates in the English Counties of Cambridge, Lincoln, Somerset, Surry,Essex, North Hampton, Oxford, Salford, and Wilts, as well as in the city andvicinity of London and in Several parts of Ireland. They were for the mostpart, of the landed gentry and yeomanry of Great Britain.

Our lines as best we know is as follows:

                ReingoldeRuss-of Cranford, County Suffolk, England. died  c 1458.


                SirThomas Russ- of Saffolk, at Chapmans c 1490-1565

Knighted June 1, 1522 at Coronation of QueenAnne Bullen or Boleyn, second wife of Harry V111., Married 1510 AnneSymond of Suffolk, daughter of John Symond.

                Had3 Sons:

     our line_

                ThomasRuss. Born  C 1538- MarriedPriscilla Clovile Eastace, of Essex. Among children of this marriage was :

                JohnRuss 1, Immigrant ancestor. Born c 1612, came to America 1635 withbrother Thomas, Died March 4, 1691/2. age 80, Andover, Mass. Married Margaretbefore coming to the American Colonies.

                5Sons, 2 Daughters:

Among those were:

                JohnRuss 11 , born June 24, 1641, Newbury Mass. Died c 1715.- MarriedAug.28,1663, Deborah Osgood, daughter of Christopher & Margory (Fowler )Osgood. Had many children among which was :


                 John Russ 111 , born  March 1671-Died July 1,1717.St. ThomasParish, Berkley Co., S.C..

                Married  May 6,1695. To Hannah Ross. John was aweaver by trade and owned land.

                Had4 Sons, 1 Daughters:


                JohnRuss IV, Born 1707- 1789- Married Mary Wood, had 5 sons. Born SouthCarolina.


                ThomasRuss, born 1747, Bladen Co. N.C- D- Brunswick Co. N.C. . Married c 1770 toHannah Bell, daughter of John & Feoby Bell of Brunswick Co., N.C. 

                Had5 sons, all moved to Florida by 1824. First Russes in Fla. Thomas, James Bell,(Floie & Julia Crigler’s ancestor) -

Joseph William our ancestor? Some relation,Robert Masters.

As it was said the five Russ Brothers came toFlorida in the 1820’s. Thomas was probably the first.

                JosephWilliam Russ, son of Thomas & Hannah:

                                Bornc 1780. in N.C.- D- 1849 in Jackson County Fla.

                                MarriedSarah Anna Lewis In 1810. Daughter of William Henry & Rachel Lewis, S.C.

                                AnnaRuss Died before 1820 in N.C. and Joseph married Mrs. Eliz. Attaway of JacksonCo., Fla.

                Josephwas active in County affairs. He was appointed associate judge of County Courtof Jackson County. in 1825.

                Childrenof Joseph & Anna Lewis Russ.         

                WilliamHenry, Joseph Washington  OurLine.

                Childrenof Joseph & Eliz. Russ, Second Wife:

Mary E. Morris, Henry Humphreys, Margaret Bell,lived with Joseph Washington until her death as a minor.

                JosephWashington Russ- Great Grandfather- B-1813 Brunswick Co. N.C.- D-1883Jackson Co., Fla. Married Mary Williams Beman. - Green  Co., Ga. -Daughter of Henry D. &Caroline Frances (Myrick) Beman. Buried in St. Lukes Cemetery, Marianna, Fla.-Joseph & wife Mary was buried in Russ Cemetery on Russ St. moved to St.Lukes when land was developed on Russ St.

Joseph W. served in the army during Fla.Indian wars, enlisted Dec. 14, 1835. Discharged Jan. 1836. Description. at timeof enlistment- 5 ft.10 in. Light complexion, blue eyes, black hair. Member ofBean’s Co., Florida Volunteers.


                 Anna Beman b.1849,  Married Moses Guyton 111.

                Caroline Frances B. 1852- MarriedJohn Milton, son of Gov. John Milton & his second wife Caroline Howse.(Nell Milton Robb’s line) John Milton was father of Nell Milton’s father.

                JosephWashington Jr. my Grandfather- Land owner and merchant- 1866-1930.

Built the beautiful Russ Home on Lafayette& Russ St. in the late 1800’s. Remodeled c 1900. Lived there 5 years withmother Mary Beman. After her death married Bettie Erwin Philips- 1899, daughterof Col. Frank E. Philips & Margaret Nickels.

                1Child. Frances Philips Russ - Born July 13, 1900. Died Nov. 3, 1989 inMarianna, Fl. Married George Clark Dickerson, July 1920. Son of Mary Bishop & John Funston Dickerson,Collin Co., Texas - Died July 9, 1938. :Los Angeles, California.



                BettieRuss Dickerson, b. July 11, 1921 d. Nov. 7, 1994.

                Marriedson of Mathew L. & Marie Smith Dekle -.Clifton M. Dekle - b. Oct.12,1921 d.Nov. 14, 1974, Marianna Fla.


                                    Clifton Merritt Dekle Jr, b. 14Jun 1952, Atlanta, GA

                                    Margaret Philips Dekle b. 6 April 1949, WinterPark, FL


                GeorgeClark Dickerson Jr. b. Aug. 7,1926. d. Dec.17, 1997 In Jacksonville Fla.

                MarriedKatherine (Maiden name withheld)

                                Three Children.

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