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Graveyard census-takers document the forgotten
(A story about James Williams and Lon Everett and the surveying of Cemeteries in Holmes, Washington and Jackson Counties Florida.)

Moving the Miles Family Cemetery

Florida Gravestones Database
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This is a place, for every county in Florida, to input a cemetery Listing from you computer to the internet.
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Secrets are buried in the Greenhead Cemetery
Marlene Womack

Wayne N Carpenter of Quincy, FL

Wayne has surveyed many cemeteries in Calhoun Co., Jackson Co., and Gadsden Co FL.  If you have information on a "lost" cemetery in any of these counties please e-mail Wayne and he will check out these "lost" cemeteries.

  Cemetery Search, Jackson Co FL
If you have a problem finding a ancestor in Jackson Co FL check with Denise.
Denise (Kirkland) Smiley
Denise has the database with lots of information not on the internet.

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