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Dothan City Cemetery, Houston County, AL

Copied Oct 1957 and March 1958 by Mr and Mrs Rodney Taylor, Mr and Mrs Ellsworth Moon, Mr and Mrs J R Phipps, Homer Meeks Jr, Mrs Bill Sherry, Mrs Adrene G Dean, and Ann and Virginia Neill. Originally typed  16 Sep 1959 by Adrene Gleave Dean

Typed by Peggy Riley for internet.

ACREE James L. 1 Jul 1866 26-Aug-1927 1 Un. Adult grave in lot

ADAIR Carrie B. 28 May 1873 22-Oct-1926 w/o ADAIR Dr. John D.

ADAIR Dr. John D. 5 Nov 1869 26 Feb 1897 h/o ADAIR Carrie B

ADAMS Alma Perdue 30 Sep 1878 05-Sep-1944

ADAMS Harvey O. 16-Aug-1907 15-Jul-1957 Father

ADAMS J. Luke 27 Nov 1875 25-Dec-1935

ADKINS B. A. "Boss" 31 Oct 1877 24-Dec-1944

ADKINSON J. C. Jr. 24-Nov-1930 09-Feb-1947

ALBERSON William J. 27-Apr-1919 23-Nov-1946

ALGIER Vinson B. 1862 1934 ?h/o ALGIER (ALZIER) Ardella

ALLEN Bristow 17 Nov 1875 23-Nov-1941 Allen lot

ALLEN Donald Crymes 16-Oct-1913 18-Apr-1930 Allen lot

ALLEN Elsie Carolyn 15-Jun-1945 17-Jun-1945 d/o ALLEN Paul & Elsie Allen lot

ALLEN Geraldine 14-Aug-1909 21-Aug-1910 Allen lot

ALLEN Marilyn Joyce 17-Jan-1947 13-Aug-1950 d/o ALLEN Dell & Jewell

ALLEN Paul Bristow 13-Dec-1941 20-Sep-1948 s/o ALLEN Paul & Elsie Allen lot

ALLEN Winston 16-Oct-1915 19-Feb-1916 Allen lot

ALZIER Ardella 1862 1928 ?w/o ALGIER (ALZIER) Vinson B.

AMAKER Abraham B. 30 Oct 1869 09-Sep-1913 h/o AMAKER Elizabeth E. In lot with Arietta Jeffcoat

ANDERSON Albert Moody 12-Oct-1924 16-Apr-1932 s/o ANDERSON A. R. & Marjorie

ANDERSON Ozzo Stevens 8 Apr 1890 28-Feb-1944

ANDERSON Sarah Elizabeth 14 Mar 1852 05-Aug-1915

ANDERSON W. Eugene 1893 1908 In blackshear lot

ANDRESS Bessie Bennett 30 Aug 1884 14-Jan-1946 w/o ANDRESS William Lee

ANDRESS William Lee 11 Mar 1883 22-Feb-1929 h/o ANDRESS Bessie Bennett

ANDREWS Dorothy L. 13-Apr-1929 07-Mar-1950

ANDREWS Fredrick D. 05-Feb-1926 15-Oct-1950

ANDREWS Mancil 12-Feb-1905 09-Feb-1955 h/o ANDREWS Elma Creamer B. 12 Nov 1907

ANDREWS William Lewis 9 Sep 1880 20-Mar-1950

ARMSTRONG James A 24-Jun-1908 23-Jul-1941

ARMSTRONG Mary A. 1831 31-Dec-1911 w/o ARMSTRONG O. G. 1 adult unm. Grave beside

ARNOLD Lulu A. 1886 1945 Mother

ARRINGTON Rev. J. M. 25 Apr 1854 06-Jul-1924 3 adult unm. Graves in lot

ASKEW James J. 15 May 1861 19 Nov 1893 s/o ASKEW P.H. & Maria L.

ASKEW Maria L. 28 Aug 1830 08-Feb-1911 w/o ASKEW P.H.

ASKEW P. H. 22 Mar 1822 21-Oct-1901 h/o ASKEW Maria L.

ASKEW William Henry III 25-May-1921 26-Feb-1949

AVERY Lena Watson 1886 1947

AZAR Simon Abraham 15 May 1880 02-Mar-1952

BAGGETT Jeff R. 9 Nov 1888 16-Mar-1947

BAILEY Benjamin Walter 20 Jan 1857 13-Dec-1938 ?h/o BAILEY Josephine Casey Buried in Wade H. Griffin lot.

BAKER Anna E. 25 Aug 1881 25-Nov-1907 w/o BAKER George D.

BAKER Chesley Herman 15-Sep-1904 02-Oct-1914 s/o BAKER F.M. & Pearl B.

BAKER Colie 7 May 1886 24-Sep-1937

BAKER Cyrus F. 11 Nov 1882 27-Oct-1930

BAKER D. L. 26 Mar 1887 31-Mar-1909 ?s/o BAKER John Wm. & Julia Elizabeth Buried by them.

BAKER David Fredrick 03-Aug-1946 04-Aug-1946

BAKER Ellis I. 29 Nov 1877 02-Oct-1932

BAKER Flossie Lee 24 Mar 1884 18-Jul-1907 ?w/o BAKER R. C. May be related to Geo. D. Baker

BAKER Fred M 15 Jul 1880 07-Apr-1935 h/o BAKER Pearl B.

BAKER George D. 10 Dec 1873 03-Nov-1918 h/o BAKER Anna E. Could be s/o John Wm. & Julia Elizabeth Baker, buried by them.

BAKER James D. 17 Jul 1877 5 Jul 1899

BAKER Jane 12 Apr 1849 06-May-1918 w/o BAKER Joe "Mother"

BAKER Joe Jr. 21 Mar 1869 26-Mar-1920 s/o BAKER, SR. Joe & Jane

BAKER Joe Sr. 16 Mar 1836 08-Dec-1900 h/o BAKER Jane "Father"

BAKER John William 27 Oct 1855 03-Nov-1934 h/o BAKER Julia Elizabeth

BAKER Julia Elizabeth 12 Dec 1853 18-Sep-1920 w/o BAKER John William

BAKER Leslie Evan 25 May 1880 19-Jan-1946 ?c/o BAKER John W. & Julia E. Buried by them.

BAKER Pearl B. Lasseter 18 Aug 1878 28-Jan-1934 w/o BAKER Fred M. Could be dau of Emery & Henrietta McNair Lasseter.

BAKER R. C. 31 Dec 1880 01-Aug-1914 ?h/o BAKER Flossie Lee May be related to Geo. D. Baker.

BAKER Sam Emery 03-Aug-1911 17-Feb-1936 ?s/o BAKER Fred M. & Pearl B. Lasseter

BALL Islay Cotton 11 Mar 1890 10-Mar-1944 In Cotton Lot

BALLARD Fronie 11-May-1907 19-Jul-1946 In H. S. Ballard lot.

BALLARD H. S. 27 Mar 1876 31-Mar-1950

BARFIELD T. Z. Sr. 1895 1955 Father

BARLOW Leroy H. 8 Apr 1849 05-May-1929 h/o BARLOW Russia Bryan

BARLOW Russia Bryan 6 May 1856 24-Mar-1954 w/o BARLOW Leroy H.

BARNARD John Will 25 Jan 1881 18-Oct-1954

BARNES Callie Smith 2 Apr 1867 04-Jul-1948 w/o BARNES Jasper

BARNES Clarence T. 16 Jul 1888 20-Dec-1934

BARNES Dora Garner 3 May 1874 10-Mar-1952 d/o GARNER Luther & Nancy L. Miller

BARNES Ida Belle Harper 23 Sep 1872 25-Jan-1943 w/o BARNES Thomas Sylvester

BARNES Jasper E. 22 Oct 1864 27-Jan-1916 h/o BARNES Callie Smith

BARNES Mabel Burgess 13 Jan 1892 27-Oct-1918 w/o BARNES Walter A.

BARNES Thomas Sylvester 2 Jun 1859 24-Jul-1939 h/o BARNES Ida Belle Harper

BARNETT May Malone 21 May 1872 25-May-1948 w/o BARNETT William W. In Malone lot

BARNETT William W. 28 Aug 1859 06-Nov-1925 h/o BARNETT May Malone In Malone lot

BARTLETT Ethel Harrison 31 Oct 1895 20-Sep-1915 Could be d/o J. W. & Lavicy A. Harrison

BARTLETT Helen 22 Oct 1873 08-Aug-1937 w/o RODGERS AND BARTLETT R. H. and J. E. Buried beside J. E. Bartlett with his grave marked "husband". See Helen Barnett Rodgers (same person.

BARTLETT J. E. 10 Nov 1865 09-Jan-1925 h/o BARTLETT Helen She could have married Rodgers after Bartlett.

BATCHELOR Council 15-Jun-1901 h/o BATCHELOR Flora A. 71 years old.

BATCHELOR Flora A. 10 Oct 1838 02-Mar-1924 w/o BATCHELOR Council

BATCHELOR George Clarence 8 Jul 1869 09-Jul-1941 ?s/o BATCHELOR Council & Flora

BATCHELOR Mary Emma 25 Sep 1856 25-Aug-1940 ?d/o BATCHELOR Council & Flora

BATCHELOR Willie C. 21 Jul 1875 23-Nov-1937 ?child/of BATCHELOR Council & Flora

BATES Irby Clyde 22 Jan 1888 16-Feb-1952 Dr.

BATTENHAUSSEN Emily Blaum 30 Sep 1855 16-Feb-1929 w/o BATTENHAUSSEN William

BATTENHAUSSEN William 24-Mar-1918 h/o BATTENHAUSSEN Emily Blaum

BAUGHMAN Edward Howard 2 Oct 1887 26-Dec-1948

BAUGHMAN J. W. Sr. 10 Mar 1861 08-Nov-1923

BAXLEY Grover 11 Sep 1892 25-Mar-1955

BAXLEY James 26 Sep 1838 10-Apr-1919 h/o BAXLEY Martha J.

BAXLEY James Howard 6 Apr 1895 14-Mar-1945 ?s/o BAXLEY Jeptha & Leecy

BAXLEY James Owen 3 Aug 1888 11-May-1951

BAXLEY Jeptha 24 Sep 1865 20-Sep-1952 h/o BAXLEY Leecy s/o James & Martha J. Baxley

BAXLEY Leecy 3 Dec 1870 20-Aug-1936 w/o BAXLEY Jeptha

BAXLEY Martha J. 22 Apr 1840 27-Jun-1919 w/o BAXLEY James

BAXLEY Mary Josephine 9 Dec 1860 08-Oct-1916 w/o BAXLEY William Joseph

BAXLEY William Joseph 6 Feb 1859 26-Jun-1929 h/o BAXLEY Mary Josephine

BEALL Alice Rouse 28 Nov 1875 26-Dec-1938 w/o BEALL William Wallace

BEALL Kitty Ruth 18-Aug-1918 20-Feb-1921 d/o BEALL Roy & Kitty

BEALL William Wallace 15 May 1876 15-Oct-1941 h/o BEALL Alice Rouse

BEASLEY John Clinton 8 Jan 1859 08-Jul-1928 h/o BEASLEY Sallie Ann Paulk "Father"

BEASLEY Sallie Ann Paulk 4 Sep 1868 08-Dec-1926 w/o BEASLEY John Clinton "Mother"

BEASLEY Willie Belle 26-Mar-1910 10-Jan-1943 w/o BEASLEY J. Ceaphus

BECK Dorothy Helen 01-Aug-1921 20-Oct-1922 d/o BECK R. W. & Mark

BECK S. J. 3 Dec 1886 01-Aug-1916 male

BELL Beatris Bonner 8 Sep 1894 25-Oct-1918 w/o BELL P. S. Adrene G. Dean has other info. On Bonner family, Bell lot.

BELL Infant 1 9 Mar 1896 12 Mar 1896 twins of BELL J. S. & N. E. Bell lot

BELL Infant 2 9 Mar 1896 17 Mar 1896 twins of BELL J. S. & N. E. Bell lot

BELL J. Henry 29 Mar 1888 27-Feb-1951 Bell lot

BELL John S. 3 Aug 1864 27-Jan-1926 h/o BELL Naomi E. Father. Bell lot

BELL Joseph Rodney 04-Nov-1940 02-Sep-1943 s/o BELL Mr. & Mrs. Joe

BELL Naomi E. 8 Oct 1866 19-Mar-1939 w/o BELL John S. Mother. Bell lot

BELL Ruth 19-Sep-1917 22-Dec-1917 d/o BELL P. S. & Beatris Bell lot

BENNETT Charles C. 11-Nov-1917 31-Dec-1936

BENNETT Joseph Thomas, Jr. 25-Dec-1943 s/o BENNETT Joseph Thomas, Sr. T.M. 2C U.S.M. died at Sea Atlantic Area USS Leary

BENNETT Joseph Thomas, Sr. 1881 1944

BENNETT Lillie Howell 22 Aug 1889 12-Feb-1957

BENNETT Samuel B. 26 Sep 1872 10-Nov-1937

BENNING Edgar T. Capt. 20 Jul 11898 16-May-1941 Buried in Watford plot

BENTLEY Oscar Lee 6 Mar 1880 30-Aug-1944 Mason 2 unm. Adult graves beside

BENTLEY Rufus A. 27 Jan 1859 07-Mar-1936 Born in Rockford, AL, died in Dothan, AL.

BENTON Ira J. 8 Jan 1886 05-Aug-1952 h/o BENTON Maggie D.

BENTON Maggie D. 7 Sep 1887 01-Jun-1955 w/o BENTON Ira J.

BERRY Charlie 9 Jul 1896 17-Oct-1927

BERRY John Colon 9 Jun 1865 ?? Sep 1932

BERRY William C. 4 May 1861 14-Jan-1950

BEVERETT Alto Lee 1883 1956

BEVERETT J. S. 8 Dec 1857 20-Aug-1929 h/o BEVERETT Mrs. J. S.

BEVERETT Mary Green 13-Jul-1918 14-Sep-1922

BEVERETT Mrs. J. S. 19 Jan 1856 03-Oct-1929 w/o BEVERETT J. S.

BLACK A. 10 Jun 1856 06-Dec-1925 h/o BLACK Mrs. A.

BLACK Irby A., Dr. 29 Jan 1882 27-Jul-1928 In Young lot

BLACK Mrs. A. 19 Mar 1857 14-Aug-1936 w/o BLACK A.

BLACKMON J. H. 11 Aug 1866 21-May-1932 h/o BLACKMON Susie Pierce

BLACKMON John Edwin 22-Nov-1919 21-Oct-1921

BLACKMON Lucy Lane 11-Oct-1932 Small grave in Borland lot

BLACKMON Malcom O. 13-Jan-1919 11-Jun-1944 PFC 18 Inf. WWII

BLACKMON Susie Pierce 29 Dec 1866 08-Jun-1948 w/o BLACKMON J. H.

BLACKSHEAR Anna Cooper 5 Nov 1877 05-Jul-1957 ?w/o BLACKSHEAR Dr. R. D.

BLACKSHEAR D. R. plot with no dates

BLACKSHEAR Gussie B. 31 Aug 1872 30-Jun-1951 w/o BLACKSHEAR Dr. W. J.

BLACKSHEAR Henry B. 06-Aug-1908 29-Jul-1932

BLACKSHEAR R. D., Dr. 8 Sep 1861 20-Jan-1941 ?h/o BLACKSHEAR Anna Cooper Buried by Cooper's

BLACKSHEAR W. J. Dr. 27 Mar 1865 19-Aug-1942 h/o BLACKSHEAR Gussie B.

BLAKEY C. E.,Dr. 25-Mar-1905 23-Jan-1957 h/o BLAKEY Thelma Griffin

BLAKEY Jesse M. 5 Apr 1868 30-Jul-1946

BLAKEY Thelma Griffin 28-Apr-1910 13-Jan-1935 w/o BLAKEY Dr. C. E.

BLANKENSHIP Mitchell 20 Sep 1886 11-Aug-1912

BLAUM Charles Thomas 29 Apr 1866 21-Apr-1931 ?s/o BLAUM Martha Norman Buried beside

BLAUM Martha J. Norman 10 Nov 1840 17-Dec-1914

BLOUNT William Madison 12-May-1904 03-Jun-1948

BOBBITT Lucy Lane 23-Aug-1918 This grave could be either adult or child - cannot tell

BOBBITT Mary 30-Jan-1919 This grave could be either adult or child - cannot tell

BORLAND Fannie J. Reeves 15 Jun 1859 24-Oct-1939 w/o BORLAND Thomas M.

BORLAND Ira T. 23 Mar 1879 18-May-1946

BORLAND Jodie L. 17 May 1881 14-Mar-1917 w/o BORLAND John H.

BORLAND John H. 18 Feb 1876 09-Nov-1955 h/o BORLAND Jodie L.

BORLAND Robert Maurice 14-Oct-1909 09-Nov-1927 s/o BORLAND John H. & Jodie L.

BORLAND Thomas M. 4 Aug 1848 17-May-1924 h/o BORLAND Fannie J. Reeves

BOTTOMS Christopher C. 30 Oct 1847 04-May-1928 ?h/o BOTTOMS Elizabeth Deason

BOTTOMS Elizabeth Deason 3 Mar 1854 21-Apr-1931 ?w/o BOTTOMS Christopher C.

BOTTOMS William B. 2 Mar 1894 05-Sep-1932 Pvt 358 M.G. Bn. 95 Div.

BOWEN Jessie Albert 22 Sep 1882 10-Jan-1952 h/o BOWEN Mamie Hinson

BOWEN Mamie Hinson 15 Nov 1882 living h/o BOWEN Jessie Albert

BOWMAN Miles 1916 1957 2 unm. Graves by this

BOX James Carl 21 Feb 1892 02-Feb-1953 In Hinson plot

BOX Mary Jane 3 Apr 1867 16-Apr-1949 In Hinson plot

BOYD Lillie Margaret 11 Jan 1883 19-Jun-1944 1 unm. Adult grave beside

BOYD Robert Maurice 16 Feb 1869 20-Jul-1944

BOYETT William Marcellus 26 Jun 1881 20-Nov-1935 1 adult unm. Grave beside

BOYSEN Kenneth Lee 10-Nov-1957

BOZEMAN M. D. 23 Jul 1878 22-Feb-1937 h/o BOZEMAN Mary M.

BOZEMAN Mary Dean 30 Aug 1881 21-Nov-1949 w/o BOZEMAN M. D.

BOZEMAN Riley 04-Dec-1907 12-Apr-1908 s/o BOZEMAN M. D. & M. M. Bozeman

BRACKIN Infant 12-May-1932 s/o BRACKIN Mr.& Mrs.R. S. died in Lakeland FL

BRACKIN Infant 29-May-1945 s/o BRACKIN Mr.& Mrs.R. S.

BRANDLEY John R. 17 Jan 1875 04-Sep-1951 h/o BRANDLEY Laura E.

BRANDLEY Laura E. 30 Dec 1876 19-Jun-1953 w/o BRANDLEY John R.

BRAY Pearl P. 1873 1955 w/o BRAY William F.

BRAY Williiam F. 1869 1915 h/o BRAY Pearl P.

BRETT Elizabeth Callaway 1853 1938

BRETT Jessie Graves 1866 1944

BRETT John ?h/o BRETT Serene Callaway Co. D. 6 Fla. Inf. C.S.A., 2nd Lt.

BRETT May 1869 1948

BRETT Serena Callaway 1830 1912 ?w/o BRETT John

BROCK Joseph Thomas 1881 1950

BROOKS G. W. Dr. 20 Apr 1891 2 unm graves in same lot

BROWDER Infant I/o BROWDER I. W. & Doris in Logue lot

BROWN Allen David 24 Jan 1884 25-Aug-1952 "Father" in same plot as William Marion Hayes and Alto Joseph Hayes

BROWN Baby 2 Oct 19414 ?c/o BROWN James V.,& Laura Parker In same lot

BROWN Barbare Gene 23-Jun-1934 child grave. 1 unm adult grave beside

BROWN Clyde Heath 23 Nov 1884 17-Oct-1939 ?w/o BROWN Robert McCullough

BROWN Edward Elonzo 2 Apr 1876 01-May-1939

BROWN Ethel Whelchel 29 Aug 1860 8 Feeb 1949 w/o BROWN Henry Hynds Born in Gainesville, GA.

BROWN Fletcher J. 30 Aug 1890 05-Oct-1925 Served in WWI 2 adult unm graves by his.

BROWN Florida Clark 12 June 1831 13-Dec-1916 Born iin Hall Co., GA

BROWN Flossie Lee 24 Dec 1895 09-Jul-1936

BROWN Francis Erwin 23 Jan 1885 20-Aug-1944

BROWN Geraldine 03-Feb-1910 02-Jan-1945 In Francis Erwin Brown lot

BROWN Hattie McGilvary Oct 1884 Nov-1932 w/o BROWN John Henry

BROWN Henry Hynds 7 Mar 1857 22-May-1941 h/o BROWN Ethel Whelchel

BROWN J. M. 24 Jan 1853 27-Oct-1920

BROWN James Vandiver, Jr. 19-Jun-1901 22-Mar-1912 s/o BROWN James V. & Laura P.

BROWN James Vandiver, Sr. 25 Aug 1869 21-Dec-1950 h/o BROWN Laura Parker Born 29 Mar 1??

BROWN John Francis 21-Jan-1911 11-Nov-1912 ?s/o BROWN James V. & Laura P.

BROWN John Henry 20 Jun 1874 11-Aug-1930 h/o BROWN Hattie McGilvary

BROWN Joseph Samuel 1882 1943

BROWN Judge L. 12 Sep 1892 13-Sep-1950 Pvt. 162 Depot Brigade WWI

BROWN Laura Parker 20 Jul 1899 03-Oct-1900 d/o BROWN James V. & Laura P., Sr. In same lot

BROWN Mittie Young 1880 1948 w/o BROWN Walter L.

BROWN Mollie E. 2 Sep 1854 15-Jan-1928 ?w/o BROWN Walter A.

BROWN Olliver C. 28 May 1887 24-Jul-1944

BROWN Robert McCullough 22 Jan 1882 29-Mar-1953 ?h/o BROWN Clyde Heath

BROWN Robert McCullough, Jr. 29-Oct-1917 26-Jul-1922 s/o BROWN Robert M & Clyde H., Sr.

BROWN Sanford Marshell 14 Jun 1885 08-Feb-1950

BROWN Sarah Elizabeth 16 Apr 1864 09-Jul-1943

BROWN Walter A. 1 Aug 1861 05-Oct-1927 ?h/o BROWN Millie E.

BROWN Walter L. 1873 1915 h/o BROWN Mittie Young

BROWN William Travis 24-Jul-1904 20-Aug-1905 ?s/o BROWN James V & Laura P, Sr. In same lot

BROWN Willie Gladys Parker 31 Jan 1889 10-Feb-1952 w/o BROWN Robert P.

BRUNER Charlie 1 Oct 1892 08-Oct-1950 AL Cpl 167 Inf. 42 Div. WWI

BRUNER Eldrado 23-Jan-1902 living w/o BRUNER Walter A.

BRUNER Walter A. 14 Aug 1884 22-Jul-1957 h/o BRUNER Eldrado

BRUSH ? Melvina ? Calhoun ? 01-May-1921 12-Aug-1921 very hard to read

BRYAN Hugh 11-Aug-1900 16-Jul-1901 s/o BRYAN T. L. & F. F.

BRYAN Wilbert Cornelius 19 Jun 1875 17-Jun-1900

BUCK Lela Beall Tatum 16 May 1887 19-Aug-1924 1 other unm grave in lot

BUIE Billy 14-Oct-1921 28-Feb-1946

BUNTIN Eley J. 18 Jan 1874 29-Dec-1931

BUNTIN Eugenia 23 Dec 1867 8 Oct 1898 w/o BUNTIN W. T.

BUNTIN George Roy 21 Apr 1894 30 Sep 1895 s/o BUNTIN W. T. & G. E.

BUNTIN Joe 20 Oct 1887 30-Dec-1936 Father

BUNTIN Joe, Jr. 05-Mar-1924 24-Dec-1946

BUNTIN Otis 24 Jun 1889 23-Sep-1932 ?s/o BUNTIN W. T. & Eugenia "Brother" on stone

BUNTIN W. T. 22 Jan 1862 10-Apr-1900 h/o BUNTIN Eugenia

BURDESHAW Eugenia Baughman 14-Mar-1911 28-Dec-1947 w/o BURDESHAW Loyce Loyce died May 1958

BURDESHAW James Abbott 1888 1948

BURKETT Eural 03-Nov-1906 01-Feb-1908 c/o BURKETT Doc. M. & Maude

BURKETT James W. 9 Nov 1860 01-Jan-1947 h/o BURKETT Permelia Dawsey

BURKETT Lillie V. 30 Jan 1876 20-Jan-1942 w/o BURKETT Samuel W.

BURKETT Mamie Iona 2 Mar 1886 28-Feb-1938 d/o BURKETT J. W. & P. E.

BURKETT Maude Hart 9 Jun 1890 13-May-1955 w/o BURKETT Doc. M.

BURKETT P. D. 15 Jun 1896 25-May-1945 In J. W. Burkett plot

BURKETT Permelia Dawsey 2 Sep1861 23-May-1948 w/o BURKETT James W.

BURKETT Samuel W. 12 Jan 1867 13-May-1934 h/o BURKETT Lillie V.

BURKETT W. T. 25 Dec 1884 24-Sep-1951 In. J. W. Burkett lot

BURNETT Rudolph 30 Apr 1897 16-Apr-1951 Father

BUSH C. C.III s/o BUSH C.C., Jr. & Dorothy Inf. Grave in Zachariah Bush lot

BUSH Clement Clay 31 Dec 1877 18-Apr-1941 h/o BUSH Dorothy In Zachariah Bush lot

BUSH G. W. 02-Jul-1903 22-Dec-1909 c/o BUSH C. C. & Dorothy

BUSH J. M. 12 Feb 1863 01-Feb-1920 h/o BUSH Teana

BUSH Joseph Travis 30 Jun 1880 02-Sep-1940 ?s/o BUSH Zachariah & Savannah

BUSH M. E. 26 Dec 1856 28-Oct-1928 h/o BUSH S. L.

BUSH Mrs. S. L. 29 Dec 1861 18-Jun-1933 w/o BUSH M. E.

BUSH Ralph W. 24-Jan-1900 21-Jan-1929 ?s/o BUSH M. E. & S. L.

BUSH Savannah A. 1858 1923 ?w/o BUSH Zachariah

BUSH Teana 16 Dec 1862 28-Dec-1925 w/o BUSH J. M.

BUSH Wendell W. 2 Feb 1890 5 Apr 1891 s/o BUSH M. E. & S. L.

BUSH Zachariah 1851 1917 ?h/o BUSH Savannah A.

BUTLER Cynthia Ella 4 Mar 1883 26-Jan-1910 w/o BUTLER C. P.

BUTLER Dovie D. 15 Apr 1879 18-Sep-1926 In the same plot with W. B. (Bill) Hutto

BYERS James W. 14-May-1923 02-Sep-1931 1 large unm grave by this in J. L. Byers lot

BYRD Carrie Wise 09-Aug-1903 04-Feb-1935 w/o BYRD Ransom O.

BYRD Charles Samuel 16-Dec-1914 27-Aug-1915 s/o BYRD M. B. & Janie

CALLAWAY Merrel, Jr. 9 Dec 1879 01-Jul-1942 In Jordon lot with 4 Jordon's

CALVIN Lola Mae 17 Jul 1883 12-May-1923 w/o CALVIN H. C.

CAMPBELL Plot with 4 adult unm graves

CANNADY Nicholas Boddie, Dr. 3 Aug 1888 15-Nov-1954 Wife living in 1959

CANNADY William Edward 1 Aug 1881 17-Oct-1927

CANNON Mary Kathryn 23-Sep-1935 02-Feb-1944

CANNON Warren Denson 12 Feb 1895 30-Sep-1956

CAPPS Erna Aubrey 18 Aug 1898 living w/o CAPPS James Samuel

CAPPS James Samuel 15 Jan 1885 08-Dec-1955 h/o CAPPS Erna Aubrey

CARAWAY Lenora McClellan 19-Jan-1913 06-Apr-1946 w/o CARAWAY George H.

CARDWELL Florence Pilcher 11 Aug 1877 23-Apr-1933 w/o CARDWELL Fox

CARDWELL Fox 16 Aug 1875 25-Apr-1947 h/o CARDWELL Florence Pilcher

CARMICHAEL Dan G. 21 May 1864 20-Feb-1945 h/o CARMICHAEL Mary E.

CARMICHAEL Duncan C. 1860 1937 h/o CARMICHAEL Idalu

CARMICHAEL Idalu 1874 1922 w/o CARMICHAEL Duncan C.

CARMICHAEL Marion Owens 24-Oct-1904 17-Apr-1952 w/o CARMICHAEL Archie D.

CARMICHAEL Mary E. 14 Aug 1854 24-Mar-1937 w/o CARMICHAEL Dan G.

CARR Arrie 3 Oct 1875 living w/o CARR Richard

CARR Early S. 12 Dec 1896 14-Oct-1939 3 large unm graves beside

CARR Nora Emma 1884 1944 w/o CARR Thomas Henry

CARR Richard 15 Feb 1876 27-Dec-1954 h/o CARR Arrie

CARR Thomas Henry 1870 1946 h/o CARR Nora Emma

CARROLL Aaron Burr 12 Mar 1867 28-Nov-1932 h/o CARROLL Nora Pilcher

CARROLL Allen J. 26 Jul 1861 15-Aug-1941 h/o CARROLL Ida Kinsey

CARROLL Effie 1867 1901

CARROLL Ida Kinsey 23 Jul 1875 15-Aug-1933 w/o CARROLL Allen J.

CARROLL Nora Pilcher 16 May 1875 23-Jun-1941 w/o CARROLL Aaron Burr

CARROLL Ophelia Shepherd 1864 1906

CARROLL 1 unmarked adult grave

CARROLL 1 unmarked adult grave

CARSWELL Robert W. 28 Aug 1880 22-Jan-1938 "Brother" buried in Marchman plot

CARTER 1 large unm grave

CHALKER William P. 22 May 1872 27-Nov-1930

CHANCY Annie B. Wright 08-Apr-1917 26-May-1942 w/o CHANCY Coy C.

CHANCY Coy C. 27-Jul-1912 09-Feb-1943 ?h/o CHANCY Annie B. Wright

CHAPMAN Clarence Carmichael 27 Aug 1894 26-May-1948

CHAPMAN Florrie Malone 10 Jun 1892 17-Apr-1920 d/o MALONE George H. & Berta

CHAPPELL John Wesley 1 Oct 1862 02-Nov-1946

CHEEK Nannie E. Baker 1872 1917 w/o CHEEK Leon B.

CHERRY G. W. Rev 20 Nov 1861 19-Apr-1930 h/o CHERRY Nancy M.

CHERRY Infant 08-Aug-1911 08-Aug-1911 s/o CHERRY M.

CHERRY Jessie Hortense 5 Mar 1891 23-Jul-1954 w/o CHERRY Joseph J.

CHERRY Minnie Eloise 03-Jan-1904 05-Oct-1904

CHERRY Nancy M. 21 Nov 1861 26-Apr-1947 w/o CHERRY Rev. G. W.

CHERRY William Ray 25-Aug-1906 17-Jun-1954

CLARK Billy 19-Nov-1916 05-Apr-1945 PFC 253 Inf. 63 Inf. Div. WWII

CLARK Daniel C. 1879 1944 h/o CLARK Ida M. Ida living

CLARK Dannie C. 28-Feb-1913 27-Oct-1928 ?s/o CLARK Daniel C. & Ida In Daniel C. Clark lot

CLARK George W. 15 Jul 1892 11-May-1957

CLARK John Oscar 28 Aug 1878 19-May-1939

CLENDINEN Benjamin White 10 Apr 1860 27-Mar-1943 h/o CLENDINEN Mattie Eugenia

CLENDINEN Mattie Eugenia 20 Aug 1860 30-Jul-1943 w/o CLENDINEN Benjamine White

CLINE William Hobart 11 Aug 1899 17-Dec-1953 "Pete"

COBB Max Eugene 26-Jul-1957 53 yr. 9 mo. 26 da.

CODY Frances Thornton 12 Dec 1837 22-May-1902 w/o CODY Michael

CODY Michael 6 Feb 1827 10-Aug-1910 h/o CODY Frances Thornton

COE Alto Lee 28 Jan 1879 24-Nov-1912 h/o BAUCHMAN Ellen Rebecca Name could be Baughman

COE Charlie E. 1877 1927

COE D. A. 12 Jun 1891 25-Apr-1924

COE Ellen Rebecca Bauchman 22 Jul 1871 02-Aug-1953 w/o COE Alto Lee

COE Ernest A. 5 Jun 1867 03-Nov-1905

COE Grover H. 8 Dec 1884 16-May-1911 s/o COE James A. & Louisa V. 26 yr. 5 mo. 8 da

COE Harold Graves 22-Aug-1900 25-Mar-1951

COE Howell Dean 22-Aug-1900 04-Mar-1948

COE James A. 25 Nov 1838 12-May-1906 h/o COE Louisa V.

COE James Raymond 17-Jan-1947 s/o COE R. W.& Beatrice

COE Jennie Clyde 5 Jun 1896 23 Feb 1897

COE Louisa V. 1 Jun 1842 16-Jan-1913 w/o COE James A.

COE Robert L. 8 Feb 1869 03-Jul-1937 h/o COE Stella A.

COE Stella A. 24 Nov 1878 03-Apr-1954 w/o COE Robert L.

COKER Hosea 1903 1946

COLE M. M. 1924 1937

COLEMAN Mayfield 02-Mar-1914

COLLIER Isaac D. 13 Oct 1887 19-Jul-1937

COLLINS Edna Green 7 Nov 1886 01-Apr-1924 w/o COLLINS C. L.

COLLINS Edna Harrison 11 Sep 1899 23-Apr-1948 w/o COLLINS Elton G.

COLLINS Elton G. 19 Jul 1895 14-Dec-1951 h/o COLLINS Edna Harrison

COLLINS Harry P. 17-Jul-1928 31-Dec-1953 s/o COLLINS Elton G. & Edna Harrison Sgt 2 Signal Co., 2 Inf. Div.

COLLINS Maude Evans 29 Jul 1878 12-Jun-1957 w/o COLLINS Willis Bryant "Mother"

COLLINS Willie Bryant 5 Dec 1858 08-Apr-1948 h/o COLLINS Maude Evans "Daddy"

CONNELL Mattie J. Cannon 18 Sep 1867 26-May-1946 w/o CONNELL W. H.

CONNER Margaret Inez 18-Jan-1916 24-Apr-1934

CONRAD Clarence Leroy 15 Dec 1886 12-Mar-1938

CONROY Janet E. 11-Nov-1949 13-Nov-1949

COOK Frank W., Sr. 2 Aug 1872 30-Apr-1938

COOK Sarah Candance 14 Mar 1869 17-Nov-1922 w/o COOK Wyley N.

COOK Wister Wayman 13 Aug 1885 11-Jan-1940 In Williams lot

COOLEY Marietta Riddle 17 Mar 1881 11-Dec-1949 w/o COOLEY Charles M.

COOLEY Martha June 03-Jun-1938 04-Jun-1938 d/o COOLEY G. M. & Laura

COOPER A. W. 14 Jan 1886 22-Jun-1911 ?c/o COOPER W. M.

COOPER Annie Lou 22 Dec 1898 17-Jun-1956 George T. Cooper lot

COOPER Carrie E. 25 Dec 1873 03-Mar-1943 ?w/o COOPER George T.

COOPER George T., Jr. 04-Mar-1904 18-Jul-1937 ?s/o COOPER George T., Sr. & Carrie E.

COOPER George T., Sr. 24 May 1863 24-Nov-1947 ?h/o COOPER Carrie E.

COOPER W. M. 17 Dec 1850 17-Jul-1916

COTTON Ella Cody 30 Aug 1868 21-Aug-1945 ?w/o COTTON George In Cotton lot

COTTON George 19 Sep 1853 06-Nov-1924 ?h/o COTTON Ella Cody

COTTON George, Jr. 13 Aug 1894 29-Aug-1932 ?s/o COTTON George & Ella Cody In Cotton lot

COTTON Michael H. 19Apr 1892 20-Apr-1914 In Cotton lot

COUCH Blanch 14 Apr 1893 06-Jul-1916

COUCH Ida Winbigler 11 May 1868 11-Jan-1923 w/o COUCH S. E.

COUNCIL Emma Lou 26 Feb 1891 25-Jun-1927 w/o COUNCIL Robert Kirby

COUNCIL Robert Kirby 8 Sep 1887 20-Jan-1950 h/o COUNCIL Emma Lou

COVINGTON Isaac D. 11 Jan 1899 04-May-1949

CRAWFORD Amon Leon 23 Sep 1899 07-Apr-1900 s/o CRAWFORD W. H. & Jennie

CRAWFORD Emmie Flowers 2 Aug 1883 27-Apr-1940 w/o CRAWFORD Robert Dixon

CRAWFORD Infant 17 Dec 1891 4 Feb 1892 s/o CRAWFORD W. H. & Jennnie

CRAWFORD James Read 7 Aug 1844 09-Apr-1918 h/o CRAWFORD Martha Ann

CRAWFORD Jesse O., Sr. 1887 1955

CRAWFORD Jessica Katherine one date only 09-Jul-1947 Could be birth & death

CRAWFORD Josephine 19-Nov-1911 09-Dec-1911

CRAWFORD Martha Ann Dickenson 12 Jun 1846 14-Aug-1930 w/o CRAWFORD James Read

CRAWFORD Mary E. 20 Jun 1887 19-May-1952

CRAWFORD Robert Dixon 3 Aug 1871 03-May-1951 h/o CRAWFRD Emmie Flowers

CRAWFORD Thomas C. 30 Oct 1876 11-Aug-1923 Buried next to Lucy Griffin Stanley

CRAWFORD Thomas James 8 Oct 1887 01-Dec-1908 ?s/o CRAWFORD James Read & Martha Ann

CREAMER Joe 1 Jun 1876 14-Jan-1953 h/o CREAMER Lucy

CREAMER Joe Tom 05-Apr-1915 11-Feb-1935 s/o CREAMER Joe E. & Lucy

CREAMER Lucy (Mrs. L.) 30 Sep 1874 11-May-1937 w/o CREAMER Joe E. & Lucy on stone it was listed 31 Sep as birth

CREAMER Onan 18-Jun-1909 13-Sep-1946 c/o CREAMER Joe E. & Lucy The parents names are from personal knowledge of Mrs. J. R. Phipps

CREECH Antoinette Owens 4 Mar 1874 23-Apr-1939 w/o CREECH Kenneth Douglas

CREECH Infant 03-Apr-1951 03-Apr-1951 s/o CREECH Kenneth & Hazel In Kenneth D. Creech lot

CREECH Kenneth Douglas 16 Aug 1870 12-Aug-1930 h/o CREECH Antoinette Owens

CREEL Elma Crawford 25 Dec 1875 15-Jun-1941 w/o CREEL J. R. May be d/o James Read & Martha Ann Crawford

CREEL Victoria 24 Feb 1889 26-Feb-1942 Female

CREEL 1 unm adult grave

CROSBY Amber Gould 3 Jul 1894 21 Nov 1895 ?d/o CROSBY John A. & Elizabeth B. Williams

CROSBY Annie 20 Jul 1899 12 Oct 1899 ?d/o CROSBY John A. & Elizabeth B. Williams

CROSBY Elizabeth Belle Williams 10 Sep 1870 14-Apr-1920 w/o CROSBY John Alexander also 1 unm grave in lot

CROSBY John Alexander 7 Mar 1856 21-Jan-1930 h/o CROSBY Elizabeth Belle Williams

CROZIER Walter C. 14 Aug 1893 05-Jul-1935

CRYMES John Albert 25 Jul 1850 30-Sep-1929 In McCarty lot with William Whiting McCarty

CULBRETH James M. 29 Jan 1870 13-Jul-1944

CULCLASURE Claude P. 1882 1926 h/o CULCLASURE Dixie Crymes

CULCLASURE Dexter 1916 1926 ?s/o CULCLASURE Claude P. & Dixie

CULCLASURE Dixie Crymes 1887 1926 w/o CULCLASURE Claude P.

CULPEPPER Charles Ralph 08-Sep-1909 19-Nov-1944

CULPEPPER John Wesley 26 Oct 1872 09-Jun-1937 h/o CULPEPPER Lena M. Clark

CULPEPPER Lena M. Clark 27 Apr 1883 12-Feb-1929 w/o CULPEPPER John Wesley

CULVER Allie Lee 11 Nov 1874 13-Feb-1950 w/o CULVER Francis B.

CULVER Clare Sterling 23-Apr-1923 15-Jan-1924

CULVER Francis B. 19 Sep 1867 23-Dec-1945 h/o CULVER Allie Lee

CULVER Lela L. 5 May 1891 09-Jul-1933

CULVER Lucinda Ann 29 Feb 1814 22 Feb 1893

CUMBIE William Albert 23 Nov 1899 17-Feb-1954

CUNNINGHAM Charlie 2 Aug 1875 living h/o CUNNINGHAM Sallie "Father"

CUNNINGHAM Sallie 11 Jun 1872 21-May-1945 w/o CUNNINGHAM Charlie "Mother"

CURENTON Jack 29-Apr-1907 12-May-1908 s/o CURENTON James Uriah & W. M.

CURENTON James Uriah 1877 1930 h/o CURENTON W. M. Could be s/o Wm. T. & Susan C. Lunsford. In Wm. T. lot

CURENTON Susan C. Lunsford 1847 1919 w/o CURENTON William T.

CURENTON William T. 1848 1913 h/o CURENTON Susan C. Lunsford

DAMON Lou E. 15 Jan 1873 21-Mar-1954 See James Crawford, Jr.

DAMON Marion F. 6 Jul 1865 31-Jul-1952 See James Crawford, Jr.

DANIELS Lucy Grey 12-Nov-1914 20-Jan-1952 w/o DANIELS Johnny

DARBY John I. (M.D.) 18 Jun 1851 04-Mar-1923 h/o DARBY Lavonia Hill

DARBY Lavonia Hill 21 Jan 1863 21-Oct-1949 w/o DARBY John I.

DARNELL James H. 1874 1912 s/o DARNELL Dr. B. F. & Malissa

DAUGHTRY Horace E. 29 Nov 1890 15-Dec-1922

DAVIE Mercer S. 1848 1905 One infant grave beside this that says "Malcom 1902"

DAVIE Mercer Stillwell 1873 1947 ?s/o DAVIE Mercer S.

DAVIS Alma J. 01-Sep-1900 14-May-1941 ?w/o DAVIS Rufus A., Sr.

DAVIS Billy 12-Nov-1919 28-Nov-1938

DAVIS Infant 26-Jul-1926 s/o DAVIS Malcom & Jewell

DAVIS Rufus A. Sr. 4 Dec 1894 11-Feb-1946 ?h/o DAVIS Alma J.

DEAL Armetta Ingram 23 Jun 1896 11-Feb-1951 w/o DEAL J. C.

DEAL Sarah King 3 Nov 1867 19-Oct-1956 w/o DEAL Wiley R.

DEAL Wiley R., Sr. 30 Apr 1863 08-Nov-1934 h/o DEAL Sarah King

DEAN Albert 1908 1942

DEAN Bulah Wilson 28 Apr 1871 19-May-1955 w/o DEAN Jesse Thomas

DEAN James E. 1904 1944 1 large & 1 small grave by this

DEAN James Toler 13 Jan 1881 03-Feb-1956 In Maggie Moore lot

DEAN Jesse Thomas 19 Dec 1869 14-May-1951 h/o DEAN Bulah Wilson

DEASON Fannie A. 1844 1921 w/o DEASON J. W.

DEASON J. W. 10 Mar 1840 11-Oct-1925 h/o DEASON Fannie A.

DEES plot with 1 adult unm grave

DeLACY "Little Dike" 16-Oct-1902 18-Oct-1902 s/o DeLACY J Dike & Leila I

DeLACY J. Dike 1876 1932 h/o DeLACY Leila I.

DeLACY Leila I. 1875 1936 w/o DeLACY J. Dike

DELL Georgie E. Daniel 6 Jun 1868 22-Sep-1940 w/o DELL James B.

DELL Julian L. 9 Sep 1890 18-Jun-1936

DELONY Infant 17-Feb-1914 17-Feb-1914 s/o DELONY J. W. & Jessie

DEMPSEY Charles C. 23 Dec 1879 27-Sep-1931

DENTON Harry Allen 3 Jun 1870 01-Jul-1933

DePORTER Ernest 9 Apr 1840 10-Jul-1902 h/o DePORTER Susan A.

DePORTER Susan A 31-Oct-1924 w/o DePORTER Ernest

DESAK Euveda Ballard 11-Sep-1914 01-Mar-1958 ?d/o BALLARD H.S. in lot with grave of H.S. Ballard

DEWSEY James Richard 30 Apr 1867 10-Jun-1941

DEWSEY John F. 05-Jan-1952 23-Aug-1941 h/o DEWSEY Nancy C.

DEWSEY Nancy C. 30 Jul 1848 15-Dec-1932 w/o DEWSEY John F.

DEWSEY Sanford M 27 Jul 1888 16-Jul-1936

DICKENS Eldoras (P.M.) 18-Jan-1908 15-Feb-1957 w/o DICKENS George T.

DICKENS George T. 28 Nov 1899 h/o DICKENS Eldoras (P.M.)

DICKEY Richard Taylor 22 Nov 1872 04-Feb-1947 In J. W. Burkett plot

DINKINS Effie E. 7 Jan 1862 29-Aug-1919 w/o DINKINS John D.

DINKINS Jay D. 23 Sep 1887 17-Dec-1946 ?s/o DINKINS John D. & Effie E In same lot

DINKINS John D 1906 infant s/o DINKINS T. J. & W. E. 2 adult & 1 medium size unm graves beside

DINKINS John D. 25 Sep 1856 3-Apr-1933 h/o DINKINS Effie E.

DINKINS Mary J. 3 Jul 1883 06-Jan-1919 ?d/o or dil DINKINS John D. & Effie E graves the same

DOCKERY Lewis W. 2 Sep 1888 03-Aug-1936 D. D.

DODD John Thomas 1872 1949 s/o DODD Thomas E & Margaret Mash

DOMINGUS Amelia Adams 26 Jan 1856 29-May-1928 w/o DOMINGUS J. T. (Tobe) 72 years

DOMINGUS J. T. (Tobe) 28 Mar 1860 02-May-1942 h/o DOMINGUS Amelia Adams and Maude Carrol Adams 82 years

DOMINGUS Maude Carrol Adams 19 Sep 1885 11-Dec-1934 w/o DOMINGUS J. T. (Tobe)

DOMINGUS plot, with 3 adult and 1 infant unm grave

DONALDSON Joseph E. 1889 1932 h/o DONALDSON Mary O. He was 43 yrs

DONALDSON Mary O. 1892 1938 w/o DONALDSON Joseph E. 46 yrs

DONNAN Plot with 1 adult and 1 infant unm grave

DOSTER Obed Collar 2 Oct 1877 30-May-1928

DOUGHTY Blanch G. 6 Oct 1879 22-Jul-1947 w/o DOUGHTY Mordecai E.

DOUGHTY Guy Leroy 03-Sep-1910 03-Nov-1911 ?s/o DOUGHTY Mordecai E.& Blanch G. In same lot

DOUGHTY Mordecai E. 3 Jul 1875 03-Feb-1935 h/o DOUGHTY Blanch G.

DOW Rebecca J. 26 Jun 1865 20-Sep-1954 ?w/o FOSTER Ezra Or may be his dau as theirs are the only two graves in lot

DOZIER Infant 22-Apr-1940 22-Apr-1940 s/o DOZIER Paul & Mary

DOZIER lot with 4 large unm graves

DRIGGERS Lee I. 18 Oct 1884 20-Oct-1913

DRIGGERS Susie 08-Oct-1910 14-May-1911

DUNCKLEY William W. 27-Jun-1940 T. Sgt. Fld Arty Penn.

DYKES William W. 24 Jul 1890 05-May-1957 h/o DYKES Bessie W. (living)

EDENFIELD R. E. 18 Aug 1873 27-Dec-1906

EDWARDS M. H. Mrs. 30 Oct 1882 25-Apr-1918

EDWARDS W. E. 1859 1906 In Bush lot

EDWARDS William Edmund, Jr. 13-Aug-1903 24-Aug-1948 ?s/o EDWARDS W. E. In Bush lot

ELLIS James Lewis, M.D. 12 Feb 1861 31-Aug-1920 ?h/o ELLIS Pearla Hobdy

ELLIS Pearla Hobdy 4 Jul 1868 09-Jun-1947 ?w/o ELLIS Dr. James Lewis

ELLISON Robert Clifford 6 Mar 1875 17-Dec-1935

EMBERTON Linda Mae 31-Mar-1945 04-Apr-1945 d/o EMBERTON Mr. & Mrs. N. D.

EMFINGER Linnie Alton 4 Aug 1883 06-Sep-1953 h/o EMFINGER Mary Stella "Father"

EMFINGER Mary Stella 3 Jun 1886 living w/o EMFINGER Linnie Alton "Mother"

ENFINGER E. L. 08-Oct-1925 24-Feb-1946 Have double marker

ENFINGER H. J. 05-Aug-1931 24-Feb-1946 Have double marker

ENNIS Hilliard Hunter 23 Dec 1889 27-Dec-1952 s/o ENNIS James Hilliard & L. Dee Searcy

ENNIS James Hilliard 25 Nov 1860 25-Apr-1948 h/o ENNIS L. Dee Searcy

ENNIS L. Dee Searcy 7 Mar 1874 27-Mar-1923 w/o ENNIS James Hilliard & L. Dee Searcy

EPSY Infant 05-Jan-1901 05-Jan-1901 s/o ESPY Thomas M. & Mamie L.

EPSY Seaborn Joseph 4 Oct 1862 20-May-1932

EPSY Thomas M. 2 Apr 1862 19-Aug-1933

ERB Infant 13-Mar-1942 s/o ERB Oscar Linwood & Mattie Mae

EVANS William Wright 15-Jun-1922 04-Jul-1948

FAIL William Walter 8 Feb 1879 17-Jan-1942

FAIRCLOTH Byron T. 25 Aug 1871 28 May 1895 ?s/o FAIRCLOTH James R. & Carrie L

FAIRCLOTH Carrie L. 13 Jun 1857 04-Dec-1934 w/o FAIRCLOTH James R.

FAIRCLOTH James R. 6 Apr 1856 11-May-1935 h/o FAIRCLOTH Carrie L.

FAIRCLOTH Lois 14 May 1891 10 Sep 1893 d/o FAIRCLOTH James R. & Carrie L

FARMER Alice Anderson 23 Jan 1876 15-Jul-1955 w/o FARMER Charles B.

FARMER Byrd G. 24 Aug 1858 04-Nov-1932 h/o FARMER Lucy C.

FARMER Charles B. 3 Aug 1860 17-Feb-1933 h/o FARMER Alice Anderson

FARMER Charles Russell 9 Feb 1898 06-Sep-1952

FARMER Lucy C. 22 Feb 1863 13-Oct-1949 w/o FARMER Byrd G.

FAULK Attie Lula McRae 4 Mar 1866 14-Dec-1931 w/o FAULK Benjamin

FAULK Benjamin 4 Nov 1860 02-Apr-1938 h/o FAULK Attie Lula McRae

FAULK Beulah 14-Apr-1944

FAULK Charles Jennings 29-Aug-1938 Large grave

FAULK Jewel Double stone marker with Free, Robert Renolds & Aler May

FAULK Joel Kirby ?h/o FAULK Jewell Double stone marker with Free, Robert Renolds & Aler May

FAULK Leola Omera 5 Sep 1891 10-Oct-1918 In Benjamine Faulk lot

FAULK Martha A. 1855 1918

FAULK William Grant 08-Jun-1930 ALA Y 3 C USNavy 1 adult unm grave beside

FAULKNER Jennie Mae Ward 4 Sep 1893 09-Dec-1950 w/o FAULKNER W. C.

FAULKNER Joseph William 08-Apr-1922 21-Jan-1932 ?s/o FAULKNER W. C. & Jennie

FEAGLE Ernest Lamar 19 Jan 1887 06-Apr-1954 ?h/o FEAGLE Lily Dell

FEAGLE Lily Dell 10 Oct 1892 12-Nov-1954 ?w/o FEAGLE Ernest Lamar

FENN Margaret 4 Apr 1899 22-Nov-1900 d/o FENN W. C. & Maggie

FENN William Crawford 1874 1954 h/o FENN Maggie

FERGUSON John Thomas 15 Jun 1882 08-Aug-1953 M.Sgt 6 Eng WWI N. C.

FIELDS Shirley Lasseter 26 Aug 1890 29-Jan-1958 Emery Lasseter lot

FLEMING Anna Norwood 5 May 1860 28-Nov-1936 "Mother" Born in Marianna, FL. Died AL buried next to Walter Lee Folk

FLETCHER Jack Thomas 23-Apr-1922 15-Oct-1923 s/o FLETCHER O. M. & Anne In Rev. H. T. Johnson lot

FLOWERS Emma Rutledge 23 Apr 1849 25-Jun-1930 w/o FLOWERS James D.

FLOWERS James D. 2 Mar 1844 19-Jul-1924 h/o FLOWERS Emma Rutledge

FLOWERS James Henry 7 Aug 1875 27-Mar-1954 h/o FLOWERS Lelia Edmonson

FLOWERS Janie Farmer 10 Aug 1892 25-Jun-1946 w/o FLOWERS F. A.

FLOWERS John Jefferson 24 Mar 1878 15-Oct-1957

FLOWERS Katherine Moran 29-Nov-1950 19-Jul-1951 ?d/o FLOWERS Richmond & Mary In plot of Richmond and Mary Flowers

FLOWERS Lelia Edmonson 14 Feb 1878 19-Oct-1956 w/o FLOWERS James Henry

FLOWERS William Rutledge 18 Mar 1872 18-Mar-1921

FOLKES Alabama 1872 1946

FOLKES Angus Milton 16 Apr 1880 17-Apr-1917

FOLKES Anna J. 5 Sep 1812 29 Oct 1886 w/o FOLKES William

FOLKES James P. 22 Sep 1837 26-May-1921 h/o FOLKES Mary F.

FOLKES Mary F. 12 Feb 1839 01-Aug-1921 w/o FOLKES James P.

FOLKES Mary Frances 11-Jun-1908 18-Jun-1914 d/o FOLKES W. L. & N. F.

FOLKES Oyd D. 1891 1948

FOLKES W. D. 14 Mar 1859 1 Jul 1899

FOLKES Walter Lee 24 May 1878 20-Nov-1953 ?h/o FOLKES N. F. See Flem

FOLKES William 14 Feb 1812 19-Nov-1901 h/o FOLKES Anna J.

FOLSOM Grace Nash w/o FOLSOM James L.

FOLSOM James L., Dr. h/o FOLSOM Grace Nash

FORD Dwight H. 31-May-1921 27-Feb-1945 h/o FORD Louise Collier PFC, USMC

FORD Janette 27-Feb-1918 22-Mar-1918 ?d/o FORD Morris K.

FORD Morris K. 11 Jul 1880 04-Oct-1937 D.D.S.

FORRESTER Erline 19-Jun-1915 30-Nov-1921 d/o FORRESTER F. G. & G. M.

FORRESTER Florrie 16 Dec 1898 2 Nov 1899 d/o FORRESTER R. B. & Willie G.

FORRESTER Floyd C. 23 Sep 1893 18-Jul-1944

FORRESTER Infant 07-Feb-1919 s/o FORRESTER H. G. & C. P.

FORRESTER J. I. 1 Dec 1894 29-Dec-1947 W. M. Forrester lot

FORRESTER James I. 12-Jun-1921 22-May-1940 ?s/o FORRESTER J. I. In W. M. Forrester lot

FORRESTER James Tyson 5 Oct 1895 26-Aug-1954 ALA Pvt. Hq. Co. Conv. Center WWWI Headstone lists death as 27 Aug 1954

FORRESTER Kess Lawson, Sr. 4 Jan 1883 09-Nov-1941

FORRESTER Mary C. 22 May 1872 07-Apr-1946 ?w/o FORRESTER W. M. In W. M. Forrester lot

FORRESTER R. B. 11 Sep 1869 25-Feb-1927 h/o FORRESTER Willie G

FORRESTER W. M. 20 Sep 1869 29-Mar-1946 ?h/o FORRESTER Mary C.

FORRESTER Willie G. 9 Sep 1874 12-Jun-1922 w/o FORRESTER R. B.

FORTNER Annie Bradley 23 Oct 1873 28-Sep-1940 ?w/o FORTNER W.A.

FORTNER H. M. 1 Dec 1883 09-Jul-1902 s/o FORTNER W. J. & N. A.

FORTNER Marian Ernest 12-Sep-1947 14-Nov-1955 s/o FORTNER Jake & Nell Johnson In William M. Fortner lot

FORTNER Nancy Amanda 1846 1924 w/o FORTNER William Jacob

FORTNER Quay B. 16 Feb 1892 09-Aug-1910 ?child/o FORTNER W. A. & Annie

FORTNER Robert R. 13 Aug 1890 5 May 1891 s/o FORTNER W. J. & N. A.

FORTNER W. A. 21 Oct 1869 22 Oct 1896 ?h/o FORTNER Annie Bradley

FORTNER William Frasier 24-Dec-1919 22-Sep-1942 In William M. Fortner lot

FORTNER William Jacob 1839 1918 h/o FORTNER Nancy Amanda

FORTNER William Maxwell 26 Jan 1894 26-Aug-1957

FOSTER Ezra 11 Aug 1842 10-Nov-1924 ?father of DOW Rebecca J. C.S.A 5 Ala Inf

FOWLER Jimmy 09-Jul-1937 23-Nov-1938 s/o FOWLER E. M. & Vivian

FOX William H. 11-Nov-1907 09-Jun-1950

FOY plot with no marked graves

FRAZIER Henry Quiller 4 Feb 1853 08-Mar-1919 h/o FRAZIER Mary E. Stuckey

FRAZIER John Lloyd 22 May 1896 28-Nov-1941 s/o FRAZIER Henry Q. & Mary E. Stuckey

FRAZIER Mamie Goff 4 Nov 1885 09-Aug-1921 w/o FRAZIER William Henry

FRAZIER Mary Elizabeth (Gallie) Stuckey 4 Sep 1863 13-Apr-1941 w/o FRAZIER Henry Q.

FRAZIER William Henry 4 Dec 1885 26-Jan-1954 h/o FRAZIER Mamie Goff In lot with HenryQ. & Mary E. Frazier - could be their son.

FREE Aler May No dates, double stone with Faulk, could be husbands & wives

FREE Robert Renolds No dates, double stone with Faulk, could be husbands & wives

FRITH Arthur C. 11 Jun 1888 24-Jul-1937

FRITTER James Erle 1885 1951 In William Clarke Fritter lot

FRITTER Nellie Edith 1864 1936 ?w/o FRITTER William Clarke

FRITTER William Clarke 1862 1919 ?h/o FRITTER Nellie Edith

FRYER Sarah E. 29 Apr 1841 10-Nov-1918 ?m/o PIERCE George Paul Buried beside Georgia Paul Pierce

FULFORD Anita Faye 02-May-1946 20-Aug-1952 d/o FULFORD Willie Thelma

FULFORD Willie Thelma 11-Nov-1921 20-Aug-1952 m/o FULFORD Anita Faye

FULLER Alice Cornelia 19 Jun 1882 27-Nov-1945

GAINES Frank Moss 17 Jul 1875 12-Apr-1951

GAINES Mollie Davis 27 Sep 1873 08-Jun-1947 ?w/o GAINES Robert Lewis

GAINES Philip M. 26-Jan-1945 29-Jan-1945

GAINES Robert Lewis 23 Jul 1872 14-Aug-1957 ?h/o GAINES Mollie Davis

GALLOWAY John E. 1 Dec 1891 20-Feb-1956 "Husband & Father"

GANTT Thomas L. 9 Jan 1880 29-Apr-1950

GARNER George Alto 19 Jul 1879 18-Oct-1914 s/o GARNER Luther & Nancy L. Miller

GARNER Luther 27 Mar 1838 04-Feb-1923 h/o GARNER Nancy L. Miller

GARNER Nancy L. Miller 14 Jun 1848 21-Aug-1920 w/o GARNER Luther

GARRETT Infant 28-Aug-1945 28-Aug-1945 I/o GARRETT N. J. & Mary Lucy

GARRISON Victoria E. 1889 1943 w/o GARRISON Chester E. Garrison Chester (living) (b. 1894)

GARY Narcissus Reaves 1852 1942 Buried beside Margaret Reaves Ventress

GAY Alfred N. 4 Mar 1867 26-May-1948 h/o GAY Clara N.

GAY Clara N. 13 Apr 1873 06-Aug-1925 w/o GAY Alfred N.

GAY Estelle Emanuel 21 Aug 1879 11-Feb-1952 ? Sec w/o GAY Alfred N.

GAYLORD Thomas L. 26 Feb 1888 07-Aug-1957 2 unm adult graves by this

GELLERSTEDT S. Eric 7 Sep 1885 28-Oct-1938

GESSNER Peter Plot with 2 large unm graves

GHEESLING Nora Knox 10 Jan 1897 29-Apr-1943 ?w/o KNOX Morton M. Sr. Or could be sister of Morton M. Knox, Sr.

GIBBS Jewell Borland 3 Jan 1889 07-Jul-1922 w/o GIBBS Robert S. In Borland lot

GIBSON Della P. 20 Aug 1881 06-Jan-1954 w/o GIBSON George E.

GIBSON George E. 10 Dec 1874 h/o GIBSON Della P.

GINN Allice Iona 3 Aug 1893 6 Apr 1896 d/o GINN A. & J.

GINN Johnnie Idelle 22 May 1894 8 Feb 1896 c/o GINN A. & J.

GISSENDANNER Alton R. 24 Jul 1888 04-May-1952

GIVENS Macy A. Griffin 04-Jun-1902 20-May-1946 w/o GIVENS W. J.

GLENN Annie Mabry 6 Aug 1873 14-Apr-1955 w/o GLENN John Andrew

GLENN John Andrew 14 Feb 1867 03-Aug-1911 h/o GLENN Annie Mabry

GLOVER John Bryan 1878 1944

GODWIN Bobby 1907

GOINS Earl L. 24 May 1884 08-Mar-1956

GOLSON Infant 25-Jan-1915 25-Jan-1915 d/o GOLSON C.O. & V. B.

GORDON Singer S. 3 Jan 1889 30-May-1955 in George T. Cooper lot

GORE A. M. 13 Jan 1858 20-Jul-1905 h/o GORE Claudie J.

GORE Claudie J. 31 Oct 1863 1 Sep 1893 w/o GORE A. M.

GRANBERRY Curtis E., Dr. 25 Jul 1875 10-Aug-1910 h/o GRANBERRY Eva Pearl Hammond

GRANBERRY Eva Pearl Hammond 28 Jan 1881 09-Sep-1939 w/o GRANBERRY Dr. Curtis E.

GRANGER Eddie Sp. Am. War Co. G 3 Ga Int.

GRANGER Johnnie Thelma 26-Jun-1900 09-Nov-1901 d/o GRANGER J. W. & L. W. 4 large unm graves in lot

GRANGER Rebecca Carol 04-Apr-1949 12-Jul-1953 d/o GRANGER Randolph & Chrestine

GRANT A. G. Sr. 1 Apr 1874 26-Nov-1930

GRANT Benjamin J. 1884 1940 Grave near and same kind as W. H. Grant

GRANT Ella Huey 1854 1922 w/o GRANT J. B.

GRANT J. B. 1847 1911 h/o GRANT Ella Huey

GRANT James W. 1872 1928

GRANT Margaret Elizabeth 29-Aug-1916 17-Jun-1918 d/o GRANT Mr. & Mrs. A. G. 1 other child unm grave in plot

GRANT Mollie 1879 1951 Buried beside Hattie Hinson

GRANT W. H. 6 Apr 1877 08-Mar-1928

GRANTHAM Charlie 7 Jan 1882 12-Oct-1956 h/o GRANTHAM Margaret Johnson

GRANTHAM Margaret Johnson 25 Jan 1888 02-Dec-1952 w/o GRANTHAM Charlie

GRAVES Clarence J. 7 May 1896 07-Aug-1938

GRAY Nora Bell McGilvray 19 Apr 1869 09-Mar-1937 w/o GRAY Jesse David Also w/o William Washington Mizel (See McGilvray & Mizell lots

GREEN Anna E Rhodes 3 Apr 1877 08-Jul-1943 w/o GREEN Henry, (M.D.) Mother of Nell, Whit, Hal, Dorothy, Susie & Anna

GREEN Henry (M. D.) 9 Feb 1867 22-Feb-1934 h/o GREEN Anna E. Rhodes

GREGORY Early M. 2 Feb 1890 27-Jan-1910 s/o GREGORY W. F. & Margarette A.

GREGORY Emma J. Wingate 24 Dec 1861 22-Jul-1936 w/o GREGORY W. F.

GREGORY Guy H. 21 Oct 1892 07-Feb-1946

GREGORY Margarette A. 18 Dec 1854 3 Jul 1894 w/o GREGORY W. F.

GREGORY William Franklin 4 Jul 1849 21-Oct-1914 h/o GREGORY Margarette A.

GRIFFIN Bessie Clifford 27 Oct 1893 25-Apr-1902

GRIFFIN Christine G. 03-Jul-1903 02-Apr-1957 w/o GRIFFIN John Hiliary

GRIFFIN Emma L. 20 Dec 1869 15-May-1940 w/o GRIFFIN William H.

GRIFFIN Ida Belle 6 Feb 1868 05-Sep-1947 ?w/o GRIFFIN James M.

GRIFFIN Infant 02-Jun-1924 I/o GRIFFIN Mr. & Mrs. J. H.

GRIFFIN James M. 29 Dec 1860 25-Dec-1950 ?h/o GRIFFIN Ida Belle

GRIFFIN John Hiliary 5 Sep 1895 26-Dec-1951 h/o GRIFFIN Christine G.

GRIFFIN Wade H., Sr. 9 Sep 1890 05-Nov-1945

GRIFFIN William H. 4 Mar 1866 02-Jun-1928 h/o GRIFFIN Emma L.

GRIGGS Robert Earl 08-Aug-1923 11-Sep-1943

GRIMSLEY Bessie Mae 2 Jun 1899 05-Sep-1938 w/o GRIMSLEY W. B. (Bob)

GRIMSLEY W. B. (Bob) 27 Oct 1893 13-Aug-1940 h/o GRIMSLEY Bessie Mae

GUILFORD Joseph G. 28 Feb 1859 15-Sep-1909 3 other graves by this, one marked J.W.G.

GUNNELS Carey C. 19 Dec 1871 13-Mar-1953

GUNNELS Carroll F. 2 Jun 1874 02-Feb-1917 In Pilcher lot

GUNNELS Raymond E. 25-Feb-1908 19-Sep-1949 In Pilcher lot

GWALTNEY John Robert 15 Sep 1885 24-Oct-1947

HAGE Infant 28-Sep-1944 28-Sep-1944 d/o HAGE Mr. & Mrs. W. M.

HAGNAS Mildred Seymour 22-Mar-1911 20-Mar-1948 In Seymour lot

HALE Herschel D. 11 Sep 1885 04-Oct-1938

HALL Ada Maria 28 May 1868 19-May-1917

HALL Charlie S. 29 Jul 1882 31-Jan-1951

HALL Donie Blackshear 30 Jun 1873 30-Sep-1921 w/o HALL Samuel T.

HALL Joseph West 27 Oct 1879 16-Feb-1954

HALL Josie Cordelia 1874 1955 w/o HALL William Theodore

HALL Julian Orison 02-Dec-1900 22-Dec-1939

HALL Permelia A. 1847 1915 w/o HALL William R.

HALL Samuel T. 15 May 1869 30-Dec-1953 h/o HALL Donie Blackshear May be the s/o William R. & Permelia A. Hall

HALL William R. 1835 1914 h/o HALL Permelia A.

HALL William Theodore 1871 1924 h/o HALL Josie Cordelia

HALLMAN Infant 30-Jan-1931 01-Feb-1931 Sons/o HALLMAN Ludlow Boyd & Mary

HALLMAN Ldulow Boyd 15 Feb 1885 09-Sep-1929 h/o HALLMAN Mary Hallman

HAMMOND George A. (Dr.) 2 Apr 1859 04-Jan-1940 h/o HAMMOND Gertrude Nicholson

HAMMOND Gertrude Nicholson 7 Mar 1867 2 May 1895 w/o HAMMOND Dr. George A.

HARDEN Infant 13-Aug-1931 I/o HARDEN William C. & Esther H. In Howell lot with Susie May Howell & others

HARDRICK Laura E. 20 Jul 1870 01-Dec-1904 w/o HARDRICK R. L. Could be Hardwick

HARPER Ada Stapleton 20 Dec 1880 21-Oct-1943

HARPER Carolyn Lucile 18-Mar-1944 19-Mar-1944 d/o HARPER J. T. & Josie

HARPER Earnest B. H. 07-Sep-1915 30-Nov-1943 Ala. Pvt. Col. L. 10 QM Tng Regt. WW II

HARPER Infant 16-Apr-1949 17-Apr-1949 I/o HARPER W. A. Jr.

HARPER John David 09-Feb-1951 27-Feb-1951 s/o HARPER W. A. Jr.

HARRIS Dermonte 24-Oct-1920 31-Aug-1925 s/o HARRIS R. H. & Lessie May In John A. May lot

HARRIS Froella E. 2 Dec 1848 10-Jul-1930 w/o HARRIS George W.

HARRIS George W. 5 Nov 1844 21-Mar-1909 h/o HARRIS Froella E.

HARRIS George Walter 1886 1943 ?s/o HARRIS George W. & Froella E.

HARRIS Henry Grady 21 Apr 1890 23-Nov-1918 ?s/o HARRIS John Kirk & Mary Banks In same lot

HARRIS John Kirk 20 Nov 1857 06-Feb-1921 ?h/o HARRIS Mary Banks

HARRIS Mary Banks 24 Mar 1869 14-Sep-1937 ?w/o HARRIS John Kirk

HARRIS Ovid K. 10 Nov 1898 25-Oct-1900

HARRIS William C. 27 Aug 1894 22-Jun-1945 Ala. Sgt. 9 Inf.

HARRIS William H. 7 Jul 1879 31-Jan-1948 h/o HARRIS Cloie H.

HARRIS William S. 14 Dec 1866 21-Oct-1928

HARRISON Abraham L. 10 Dec 1868 07-Feb-1938 h/o HARRISON Nancy J.

HARRISON Galloway 1904 1918 s/o HARRISON A. L. & N. J.

HARRISON J. W. 25 Jul 1860 26-Jun-1910 h/o HARRISON Lavicy A.

HARRISON Jefferson 22 Apr 1820 7 May 1898 "Father" buried by Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson & Mrs. Henrietta Ulhfelder

HARRISON Lavicy A. 19 Sep 1862 05-Dec-1925 w/o HARRISON J. W.

HARRISON Lillie Maude 29-Jan-1900 18-Sep-1921 d/o HARRISON Mr. & Mrs. W. J.

HARRISON Lucretia 30 Nov 1886 living w/o HARRISON Samuel S. Samuel S Harrison is buried in Mills plot

HARRISON Marie Harris 13-Dec-1956 ?d/o HARRIS John Kirk & Mary Banks 68 yr. 8 mo. 16 da., in same lot with John Kirk & Mary Banks Harris

HARRISON Marjorie Vonceil 08-Jul-1922 18-Jul-1931 In Marvey Harrison lot

HARRISON Marvey 16 Jan 1885 21-Jan-1956

HARRISON Nancy J. 8 Nov 1865 23-Jun-1928 w/o HARRISON Abraham L.

HARRISON Robert J. 1876 1947

HARRISON Samuel S. 29 Mar 1881 17-Aug-1949 In Mills plot

HARRISON W. J. 12 Oct 1871 01-Apr-1925

HART J. W. 9 Jul 1882 07-May-1922

HART Junnie B. 19 Sep 1882 17-Nov-1948

HARVARD Alfonso J., Jr. 27 Feb 1878 02-Feb-1948

HARVARD Joe C. (Major) 28-Jun-1903 24-Jan-1950 h/o HARVARD Mary MacLaughlin In Harvard lot

HARVARD Lucie Byrd Farmer 17-Jan-1913 14-Nov-1951 w/o HARVARD Dave E.

HARVARD Mary MacLaughlin 12-Nov-1901 28-Apr-1952 w/o HARVARD Joe C.

HATCHER Annie L. 8 Sep 1879 24-Mar-1909 w/o HATCHER Obed On stone: Mother of Flora Young Hatcher

HATCHER Obed 30 Oct 1876 30-Mar-1918 h/o HATCHER Annie L.

HATTON Lester 1894 1901

HATTON Wesley L. 1863 1902

HAWKINS Charles 20-Feb-1929 08-Aug-1947 s/o HAWKINS Herbert

HAWKINS Edward Worthington 22 Sep 1885 30-Aug-1947

HAWKINS Herbert 21-Sep-1905 21-Oct-1938

HAWKINS Rebecca 26 May 1858 25-Dec-1901 2 other Hawkins graves unm. Large

HAY Benjamin O. 12 Sep 1881 01-Jun-1931

HAYES Alto Joseph 20 May 1896 01-Jun-1945 ?s/o HAYES William Marion "Father"

HAYES John Wilson 09-Apr-1908 23-Nov-1948

HAYES William Marion 9 Sep 1868 24-Jun-1933 "Father"

HAYNES Ethel Frances 09-Jul-1917 20-Nov-1920 d/o HAYNES Mr. & Mrs. J. C.

HAYNES James Clanton, Sr. 24 Feb 1869 16-Nov-1950

HEATON Kerney 19 Feb 1880 26-Oct-1942 (had children)

HEINSE Earnest 2 Feb 1893 24 Jul 1893

HELMS Vibert 12-Sep-1900 25-Feb-1917 Mexican Border Service Bugler, Troop E, lst Ala. Cav.

HENDERSON Mary Ellen 12-Aug-1939 17-May-1945 d/o HENDERSON Mr. & Mrs. J. B.

HERRING Infant Grave next to infant d/o Mr. & Mrs. W. M. Hage

HICKS Cazzie P. 18 Sep 1883 15-Mar-1933

HICKS Clara Brown 13 Apr 1895 11-Feb-1931 ?d/o BROWN Henry Hynds & Ethel Whelchel Born in Gainesville, GA

HICKS James E. 04-Oct-1928 12-May-1943 Katherine Hicks is his sister

HICKS Katherine 12-Nov-1916 30-Dec-1933 James E. Hicks is her brother

HIGGINS Jose G. 1 Jan 1892 24-Jul-1954

HIGHTOWER Annie Parks 22 Feb 1874 31-Jan-1946 w/o HIGHTOWER Edgar M.

HIGHTOWER Edgar M. 8 Feb 1882 27-Feb-1952 h/o HIGHTOWER Annie Parks

HILL Clarence Montgomery 27 Jun 1896 21-Oct-1952

HILL Ernest H. 1 Apr 1871 31-May-1930 h/o HILL Gramia P.

HILL Ernestine 1897 1898 d/o HILL Ernest H. & Gramia P.

HILL Gramia P. 29 Jan 1878 24-Aug-1954 w/o HILL Ernest H.

HILL Lulu Gertrude Jones 11 Jul 1866 11-Feb-1940 w/o HILL Orrin Montgomery

HILL Obrin Eugene 26 Jan 1887 13 Sep 1888 s/o HILL O.M. & L. G.

HILL Orrin Montgomery 16 Jul 1858 12-Jul-1924 h/o HILL Lulu Gertrude Jones

HILL William Haylow 23 Oct 1898 27-Dec-1940 A.E.F. 1918 Co C 106 Eng

HILSON John 6 Apr 1891 15-Nov-1956

HINSON Harry Donovan 25-May-1931 18-Jun-1949

HINSON Hattie 1862 1936 Buried beside Mollie Grant in Grant lot

HOBBEY Johnnie Estell 25 Mar 1890 26 Jun 1891 c/o HOBBEY J. W. & B. N>

HOBBY Edna Jones 06-May-1912 05-Oct-1955 w/o HOBBY Odell

HODGES Alice Clark 14 Feb 1881 23-Aug-1931 w/o HODGES Thomas Frederick, Sr.

HODGES Thomas Frederick, Sr. 2 Jan 1878 14-Feb-1931 h/o HODGES Alick Clark

HOGUE Arlene 04-Oct-1941 27-Sep-1943 d/o HOGUE James H. & Frances M. In James Wren Mullen lot

HOLLAN Cordelia White 6 Mar 1849 06-Feb-1942 w/o HOLLAN John William

HOLLAN John William 23 Sep 1851 09-Apr-1915 h/o HOLLAN Cordelia White

HOLLAND Daniel E 8 Oct 1888 06-Mar-1928

HOLLAND DeWitt Talmage 27 Sep 1893 13-Jun-1929

HOLLAND Dock Floyd 26 Jul 1895 03-Sep-1933 1 unm adult grave

HOLLAND Epsey A. 6 Sep 1866 08-Feb-1936 w/o HOLLAND Joseph E.

HOLLAND Isaac L. 1 Mar 1857 19-Apr-1925

HOLLAND Joseph E. (or J.) 29 Mar 1866 10-Jul-1936 h/o HOLLAND Epsey A.

HOLLAND King P. 18 Sep 1876 22-Dec-1940 h/o HOLLAND Lela Dawsey

HOLLAND Lela Dawsey 30 Jan 1876 27-Jun-1953 w/o HOLLAND King P.

HOLLEY Penny 10 Feb 1838 27-Oct-1925 On same stone as Martha A. Lightner

HOLLOMAN Juliet 29 Apr 1876 29-Mar-1921 w/o HOLLOMAN J. D.

HOLMES Addie B. 18 Oct 1880 17-Jul-1955 ?w/o HOLMES Daniel D.

HOLMES Daniel D. 17 Sep 1871 22-Mar-1926 ?h/o HOLMES Addie B.

HOLMES Etta B 23-Aug-1904 living w/o HOLMES William Y.

HOLMES William Y. 14 Feb 1888 01-May-1955 h/o HOLMES Etta B.

HOLT Rosa L "Mother

HOMOLA Joseph, Dr. 1887 1957 "Father"

HOPKINS Alvira 1859 1922 w/o HOPKINS Elias

HOPKINS Elias 1854 1922 h/o HOPKINS Alvira

HORNSBY Pearl Jones 24 Jun 1895 30-May-1940 w/o HORNSBY B. M.

HORSEMAN Mary E. 22 Dec 1869 27-Apr-1950 ?w/o HORSEMAN Stephen

HORSEMAN Stephen Jan 1860 14-Feb-1950 ?h/o HORSEMAN Mary E.

HOUSE Silbey B. 1890 1950 ?w/o HOUSE T. W.

HOUSE T. W. 9 May 1887 19-May-1944 ?h/o HOUSE Silbey B.

HOWARD Claudia E. 1889 living w/o HOWARD William Columbus

HOWARD William Columbus 1876 1950 h/o HOWARD Claudia E.

HOWELL F. Lougenia Young 11 Mar 1869 31-Mar-1956 w/o HOWELL J. R. G. (Dr.)

HOWELL J. R. G. Dr. 8 Apr 1862 16-Jan-1909 h/o HOWELL F. Lougenia Young

HOWELL Susie May 2 Sep 1896 19 Sep 1897 d/o HOWELL J. R. & F. L.

HUDSPETH Angus Gordon 3 Apr 1874 living ?h/o HUDSPETH Costella Lenora

HUDSPETH Costella Lenora 8 May 1878 18 Ma 1951 ?w/o HUDSPETH Angus Gordon

HUDSPETH J. L. 1854 1927

HUDSPETH James Molton 20 Feb 1893 09-Mar-1921

HUGHES Alto L. 5 Jan 1885 22-Jul-1915 ?s/o HUGHES Jefferson & Elizabeth In Jefferson & Elizabeth Hughes' lot

HUGHES C. C. 2 May 1873 28-Jul-1917 ?s/o HUGHES Jefferson & Elizabeth In Jefferson & Elizabeth Hughes' lot

HUGHES Clearnce Marcus 13-Oct-1948 26-Nov-1949 Could be Clerance, or Clarence

HUGHES Elizabeth 22 Apr 1847 09-Jan-1911 w/o HUGHES Jefferson

HUGHES J. F. 1913 1926 Buried by Alto L. Hughes

HUGHES Jefferson 12 Jan 1848 03-May-1911 h/o HUGHES Elizabeth

HUGHES Lemual Roy, Jr. 02-Nov-1928 04-Dec-1949

HUGHES Mary Ola Ingram 11 Jan 1878 13-Oct-1940

HULSE Seldon J. 03-Aug-1927 04-Sep-1945

HUNTER John Leroy 29-Aug-1912 17-Feb-1955 h/o HUNTER Mildred Hall

HUNTER Maxwell Dexter 25-Mar-1947 26-Mar-1947 s/o HUNTER John Leroy & Mildred Hall

HUNTER Rebecca Hall 23-Aug-1955 d/o HUNTER John Leroy & Mildred Hall

HUSKEY Pauline Baxley 05-Jul-1907 03-Mar-1949

HUSSEY Johnnie R. 19 Nov 1866 10-Jun-1934 h/o HUSSEY Viola Tolson

HUSSEY Robert Estell 28 Jun 1891 20-Oct-1918 ?s/o HUSSEY Johnnie & Viola Tolson Pvt 48 Co. M.T.D.M.G.T.C. Graduated Battery mechanic School, Camp Hancock, GA.

HUSSEY Viola Tolson 27 Oct 1872 02-Jun-1948 w/o HUSSEY Johnnie R.

HUTTO Cornelia Boone 10 Nov 1865 04-Aug-1937 w/o HUTTO Noah J.

HUTTO John Jasper 8 Apr 1876 31-Dec-1929 ?h/o HUTTO Lula Alice

HUTTO Lula Alice 23 Apr 1880 15-Oct-1952 ?w/o HUTTO John Jasper

HUTTO W. M. (Bill) 07-Oct-1901 17-Nov-1956 In plot with Dovie D. Butler

HUTTO Warren G. 27-Nov-1901 22-Apr-1948

HUTTO 2 adult & 1 child unm graves

INGRAM David W. 1844 1904 ?h/o INGRAM Fannie F.

INGRAM Fannie F. 1845 1921 ?w/o INGRAM David W.

INGRAM W. Farley 1878 1945 ?c/o INGRAM David W. & Fannie F.

IVEY Carrie A. 21 Jun 1872 08-Apr-1946 ?w/o IVEY Willie E.

IVEY Missouri E. 19 Oct 1879 18-Apr-1954

IVEY Willie E. 22 Jul 1867 01-Mar-1942 ?h/o IVEY Carrie A.

JACKSON Banna Dillard 3 Mar 1868 03-May-1947 ?w/o JACKSON Charlie L.

JACKSON Charlie L. 12 Sep 1868 03-Sep-1909 ?h/o JACKSON Banna Dillard

JACOBS Robert M. 28 Nov 1873 18-Mar-1944

JAMES James David 3 Nov 1877 20-Jul-1929

JEFFCOAT Arietta 1852 1912 "Mother" in same lot as Abraham B.& Elizabeth E. Amaker

JENKINS George W. 11-May-1906 31-Jan-1947

JENRETTE Joe D. 21-Sep-1904 29-Nov-1932

JERKINS lot with 2 adult & 3 children unm graves

JETER John M. 27 Feb 1850 10-Jun-1919

JETER Samuel A. 11 Apr 1862 29-Dec-1928

JOHNSON Amanda 23 Jan 1878 25-Dec-1945

JOHNSON Annie Enfinger 25 Apr 1899 02-Nov-1940 w/o JOHNSON J. L.

JOHNSON Arthur Hurst 16 Jun 1888 27-Aug-1949 h/o JOHNSON Florence E. dMass. 1st Lt. Ordnance WWI

JOHNSON Emmett G. 16-Aug-1902 30-Apr-1927 2 adult unm graves in lot

JOHNSON H. T. Rev 1852 1923 h/o JOHNSON Willie Caver

JOHNSON Infant I/o JOHNSON W. I. & Mamie

JOHNSON John David 7 Jun 1868 31-May-1930 h/o JOHNSON Lula Lovei

JOHNSON John J. 14 Jan 1872 01-Oct-1953 h/o JOHNSON Eula M. Eula M. born 26 May 188? Living

JOHNSON Lula Love 3 Feb 1876 13-May-1916 w/o JOHNSON John David

JOHNSON Mamie 24 Jul 1873 15 Jun 1899 w/o JOHNSON W. I Could be sister of James Thrasher

JOHNSON Mary Elizabeth 25 Sep 1894 12-Jan-1932 w/o JOHNSON J. L., Sr.

JOHNSON Sarah Cawthon 8 Sep 1848 10-Oct-1928

JOHNSON Sarah Kathryn 22-Dec-1927 11-May-1951

JOHNSON Thrasher 1 Feb 1896 5 May 1896 s/o JOHNSON W. I. & Mamie Could be related to James M. Thrasher family

JOHNSON William Layne 07-Jul-1935 08-Nov-1949

JOHNSON Willie Caver 1862 1940 w/o JOHNSON Rev. H. T.

JOINER Bessie L. 22 Nov 1897 18-Jun-1923 w/o JOINER L. A.

JOINER Louis Arthur 20 Nov 1892 13-Feb-1956 h/o JOINER Bessie L. Cook, 167 Inf. 42 Rainbow Div. WWI

JOINER Mary Jun-1923 Dec-1925 ?d/o JOINER Louis A. & Bessie L.

JONES B. F. 1855 1929 Also 1 large unm grave

JONES Daniel Glynn 1871 1940

JONES Edward Gay 20 Jan 1887 05-Oct-1943

JONES Emma Loraine 15 Oct 1868 08-Dec-1948 w/o JONES J. H.

JONES J. H. 11 Jun 1865 02-Mar-1941 h/o JONES Emma Loraine

JONES J. H., Jr. 03-Dec-1903 31-Mar-1953 ?s/o JONES J. H. & Emma Loraine

JONES John W. 13 Jul 1860 04-Sep-1936

JONES Louise Pilcher 06-Nov-1901 08-Oct-1918 d/o PILCHER B. R. & Sallie Hobby In Pilcher lot #3

JONES Margret 19-Jul-1913 21-Jul-1913 d/o JONES E. O. & M. S.

JONES Mattie S. 11 Aug 1854 09-Jun-1935

JONES Minnie Gay 15-Jul-1903 06-Mar-1952 w/o JONES William B.

JONES Philpena S. 1830 1915

JONES Sarah P. Poyner 15 Mar 1852 23-Jun-1941 w/o JONES Rev. B. T. In James Clanton Haynes, Sr. lot

JONES William B. 21-Apr-1909 30-Aug-1952 h/o JONES Minnie Gay FL Pfc 1306 Engineers, WWII

JORDAN Edward Bascomb 20 Jun 1853 10-Aug-1921

JORDAN Eliza Leonora 30 Jul 1856 14-Dec-1932

JORDAN Ezra B. 26 Aug 1889 15-Feb-1935 ?s/o JORDAN Mary Elizabeth

JORDAN H. Alonzo 26 Sep 1881 20-Mar-1954

JORDAN Henry Ernest 14 Oct 1852 27-Oct-1930

JORDAN Henry Lewis 5 Oct 1821 06-Aug-1907

JORDAN Mary Elizabeth 3 Dec 1849 06-Nov-1948

JORDAN Mary Frances 1877 1934 w/o JORDAN Noah H.

JORDAN Noah H. 1872 1942 h/o JORDAN Mary Frances

JORDAN William R. 8 Jun 1885 07-Feb-1950 1 unm infant grave in plot

KEAHLEY J. F. 12 Mar 1845 19-Nov-1926 Inscription on marker "By Mary Dawsey" unm adult grave next to this grave

KEEL Edd S. 27 Feb 1873 12-Mar-1934 h/o KEEL Mamie

KEEL Mamie 26 Jul 1883 04-May-1950 w/o KEEL Edd S.

KELLEY Tulless 17 Sep 1897 31-Jul-1920 2 unm adult graves next to this

KENNEDY Angus S. 25 Aug 1895 23-Jan-1900 q unm adult grave also

KENNEDY Wayne McFatter 06-Jun-1943 Infant s/o KENNEDY Earl & Thelma

KENNINGTON Ada Francis Smith 28 Sep 1875 02-Mar-1932 w/o KENNINGTON John David

KENNINGTON Jewel Bryan 14-Mar-1904 04-Jul-1928 w/o KENNINGTON J. R.

KENNINGTON John Daniel 20 Oct 1871 14-Feb-1934 h/o KENNINGTON Ada Francis Smith

KEY S. E. 2 Jan 1830 04-Dec-1906 "Mother" in Young & Hatcher lot, also other unm graves

KEYTON Ida Newton 25 Nov 1871 09-Jun-1933 w/o KEYTON John Reuben

KEYTON Ida Thelma 16 Nov 1894 21 Apr 1895 d/o KEYTON John Reuben & Idan Newton

KEYTON John Reuben 17 Aug 1869 06-Sep-1945 h/o KEYTON Ida Newton

KEYTON 2 unm graves in granite tomb

KILLENBECK Annie Ruby 10-Dec-1953 52 yr 11 mo 27 da (Funeral home tab is only marker. It showed name as given, but someone had penciled Cumbie Cooper in place of Killenbeck. Unm adult grave beside her.

KILLINGSWORTH Philip Berry 01-Mar-1901 28-Jul-1948

KINEEY Harvey Lafayette 28-Aug-1906 10-May-1907 s/o KINEEY H.M. & T. L.

KING Albert E. 29 Jun 1883 25-Jul-1927 In Watford lot

KING Effie Theresa 01-Apr-1930 22-Nov-1935 ?d/o KING William Calvin

KING Rufus L. 2 Feb 1885 04-Aug-1934

KING William Calvin 27 Mar 1899 16-Feb-1945

KIRBY L. L. 1886 1952

KIRBY Stella Fellows 1913 1952 w/o KIRBY Gilbert

KIRKLAND Annie Cliatt 4 Mar 1873 17-Aug-1947 w/o KIRKLAND Robert Lee

KIRKLAND Edna Earl 5 Apr 1891 26-Mar-1936 "Mother" on stone, buried in Harrison plot

KIRKLAND Fannie F. 9-Jan-58 large grave

KIRKLAND Floyd 1902 1928 Related to N. T. Kirkland

KIRKLAND J. T. 1907 1939 Related to N. T. Kirkland

KIRKLAND Jennie 5 Feb 1875 04-Jan-1952 w/o KIRKLAND Lindsay In Kirkland-Murphy plot

KIRKLAND Jim Frank 16-Feb-1920 25-Mar-1932 s/o KIRKLAND Wesley P.

KIRKLAND Lindsay 22 Oct 1870 08-Dec-1923 h/o KIRKLAND Jennie In Kirkland-Murphy plot

KIRKLAND N. T. 1879 1951

KIRKLAND Robert Lee 30 Sep 1861 03-Sep-1933 h/o KIRKLAND Annie Cliatt Masonic symbol

KIRKLAND Wesley P. 31 Dec 1884 12-Jan-1936

KIRKLAND William T. 16 Feb 1875 28-May-1955 h/o KIRKLAND Anna B. Ala Inf. Co. G. 2 Regt. Sp. Am. War Anna B. Kirkland's bd 2 Dec 1880

KNIGHT J. C. 10-Jan-1901 15-Oct-1946

KNOX Allie 27 Apr 1869 26-Nov-1947 w/o KNOX David R.

KNOX David R. 26 Apr 1869 22-Sep-1931 h/o KNOX Allie

KNOX Morton M., Jr. Capt. 16-Apr-1922 26-Apr-1945 s/o KNOX Morton M. Knox, Sr. and probably Nora Knox Gheesling? Pacific WWII

KNOX Morton M., Sr. 5 Nov 1893 21-Jan-1925 Either husband or brother to Nora Knox Gheesling

KNWLES Susan Kornegay 01-May-1904 22-Jan-1952

KOCH Infant 26-Dec-1916 26-Dec-1916 I/o KOCH E. H. & B.

KOONCE Pearl B w/o KOONCE William R.

KOONCE William R. 02-Apr-1926 h/o KOONCE Pearl B.

LANE Henry B. M/Sgt 10-Jan-1915 10-Feb-1952 s/o LANE Sion Thomas

LANE Marguerite H. 21-Apr-1913 10-Nov-1957

LANE Sion Thomas 25 Aug 1885 14-Jul-1953

LANE Walter Ben 21-Mar-1907 09-Jan-1946 On tomb: "W4ETY" Could be short wave number of some kind - may be Ham radio number.

LANTON Sallie L. 18 May 1883 02-Aug-1950 w/o LANTON Arthur L. (living)

LASSETER Cecil H. 15 Aug 1894 12-May-1947 h/o LASSETER Linnie

LASSETER Emery 23 Jan 1853 20-Nov-1932 h/o LASSETER Henrietta McNair

LASSETER Henrietta McNair 17 May 1853 06-Jul-1936 w/o LASSETER Emery

LASSETER Walter Emery 04-Apr-1923 08-Jun-1923 s/o LASSETER C. H. & Linnie

LATHAM Christine Reid 15-Mar-1902 11-Jul-1923 d/o REID Ben w/o ??? Latham

LATHRAM Leslie P. 3 Mar 1865 20-Jun-1923 h/o LATHRAM Vida Hill 2 unm adult graves also

LATHRAM Vida Hill 15 Apr 1869 13-Feb-1941 w/o LATHRAM Leslie P.

LAW Marian E. Ramsey 30 Jul 1883 18-Nov-1954 w/o LAW Roscoe

LAW Roscoe 16 Nov 1886 05-Dec-1936 h/o LAW Marian E. Ramsey

LEE Carlos 21-Sep-1905 10-Sep-1909 s/o LEE John & Jenie

LEE Jesse R. 2 Jul 1891 06-Sep-1949

LEE John C. 18 Dec 1862 24-May-1952 h/o LEE I. E.

LEE John C. 10 Sep 1899 Jul-1901 s/o LEE W. B. & A. E.

LEE John Mack 20 Aug 1875 14-Jan-1955 In Lee-Murrell lot, also 1 adult & 1 child unm in lot

LEE Lucy A. 8 Nov 1835 05-Jan-1900 w/o LEE J. B.

LEE Wade Leslie 1 Feb 1896 17-Apr-1915 s/o LEE J. C. & I. E.

LEE Willie B. 10 Oct 1873 02-Feb-1938 ?h/o LEE A. E.

LESLIE Annie Marie 12-Jun-1906 07-Jun-1907 d/o LESLIE George & Eddie Dean

LESLIE Eddie Dean 20 Feb 1872 08-May-1914 w/o LESLIE George

LESLIE George 2 Nov 1859 09-Feb-1912 h/o LESLIE Eddie Dean

LESLIE George Jr. 29-Sep-1909 15-Sep-1910 s/o LESLIE George & Eddie Dean

LEWIS Emma Frances 1878 1938 ?m/o JOINER Bessie L. "Mother" in Joiner lot

LEWIS Margaret 09-Jan-1918 01-Jan-1949

LEWIS Obie 16-Oct-1912 26-Jan-1948

LIGHTNER Martha A. 2 Jan 1828 11 Jul 1899 w/o LIGHTNER Michael On same stone as Penny Holley

LINTON Paul 19 Apr 1886 18-Jun-1916

LISENBY Annie White Oct 1872 May-1942 w/o LISENBY Haley (Rev)

LISENBY Asa W. 20 Sep 1879 25-Oct-1955

LISENBY Dora H. 19 Jul 1873 01-May-1957 w/o LISENBY Redic W.

LISENBY Haley (Rev) 3 Aug 1873 05-May-1950 h/o LISENBY Annie White Also s/o J. S. & S. E. Lisenby

LISENBY Hilary and Janey 28-Oct-1914 29-Oct-1914 children/o LISENBY B. H. 2 in grave

LISENBY J. S. 1839 1907 h/o LISENBY S. E.

LISENBY Josie A 4 Sep 1898 25-Nov-1929 w/o LISENBY Kendall

LISENBY Kendall 26 Nov 1870 11-Feb-1919 h/o LISENBY Josie A.

LISENBY Malcolm 23-Apr-1908 24-Apr-1908 c/o LISENBY Mr. & Mrs. B. H.

LISENBY Mollie 11 Feb 1873 17-Jan-1935 w/o LISENBY S. E.

LISENBY Noel S. 29 Dec 1874 08-Jul-1946 ?h/o LISENBY Mollie

LISENBY Redic W 16 Apr 1866 14-Sep-1937 h/o LISENBY Dora H.

LISENBY S. E. 1840 1915 w/o LISENBY J. S.

LOFTIN Infant 01-Sep-1915 d/o LOFTIN Hobart & Essie Lee Probably born same day as death

LOGAN Katherine L 1900 1918 d/o LOGAN John & Lilla By Ross & Long graves

LOGUE Alice W. 22 Jul 1870 31-Jul-1921 w/o LOGUE J. D.

LOGUE J. D. 9 Sep 1857 06-Jan-1925 h/o LOGUE Alice W.

LOGUE Julian B. 6 Aug 1887 04-Mar-1902 s/o LOGUE J. D. & A. W.

LONG Annie Ross 17-Mar-1900 27-Mar-1928

LONG Emile Pilcher 03-Sep-1929 03-Jun-1943

LONG Evelyn Neal 6 Dec 1856 17-Jan-1929 w/o LONG Thomas Dudley

LONG Lindon Royce 20-Sep-1919 01-Dec-1920

LONG Thomas Dudley 19 Sep 1849 26-Nov-1930 h/o LONG Evelyn Heal

LONG W. S., Jr. 05-Sep-1924 02-Jul-1944 s/o LONG W. S & Maude May Phm. 3/C U.S.N. Killed on Saipan, Marianna Islands WWII

LOO Name Adult grave marked "Loo Name" with chinese-like characters underneath.

LOUIS Hellie May 25 Nov 1878 25-Apr-1918 w/o LOUIS William Miller

LOUIS William B. 05-May-1903 17-Oct-1918 s/o LOUIS William Miller & Hellie May Died at Camp Knox, Louisville, Ky.

LOUIS William Miller 11 Feb 1866 06-Feb-1947 h/o LOUIS Hellie May

LOVE Charles T. 25 Jul 1855 31-Oct-1918 h/o LOVE Sarah Leila

LOVE Lennie V. 27 Feb 1869 02-May-1923 w/o LOVE T. B., Sr.

LOVE R. L. 12 Jun 1882 14-May-1914

LOVE Sarah Leila 20 Nov 1863 02-Feb-1938 w/o LOVE Charles T.

LOVE T. B. , Jr. 17-Jun-1908 29-Oct-1908 s/o LOVE T. B. & Lennie V.

LOVE T. B., Sr. 5 Apr 1863 19-Aug-1921 h/o LOVE Lennie V.

LUCAS Ethel "Buddy" Sellers 8 Dec 1889 14-Oct-1943 w/o LUCAS William E.

LUCAS William E. 26 Feb 1892 18-Sep-1947 h/o LUCAS Ethel Sellers

LYNN Annie Laura 26 Dec 1889 04-Apr-1951

MABRY Mary Walton 25 May 1863 25-Feb-1939

MacKENZIE Edgar William 25 Sep 1895 1 May 1896 s/o MacKENZIE William Robert & Marie Gluck

MacKENZIE Marie Gluck 3 Sep 1864 18-Feb-1944 w/o MacKENZIE William Robert

MacKENZIE William Robert 12 Oct 1833 13-Jan-1918 h/o MacKENZIE Marie Gluck

MADDOX James Edward 4 Sep 1883 22-Nov-1938

MALONE Arthur Y. 23 Jan 1870 30-Sep-1925 s/o MALONE George Y. & Tabitha

MALONE Charles G. 5 Sep 1877 27-Nov-1926 s/o MALONE George Y. & Tabitha

MALONE Edgar Robert 21 Dec 1867 30-May-1951 On same stone with Mary Laura Ellsberry Malone & Marcia Montgomery Sebastian Malone - could be the husband to both of them

MALONE Elizabeth Gardner 24-May-1910 08-Feb-1911 d/o MALONE A. Y. & M. L.

MALONE Florence Roberta 18 Jan 1869 29-Jul-1944 w/o MALONE George H.

MALONE Fred Dekle 05-Nov-1902 06-Sep-1903 s/o MALONE George H. & Berta (Roberta)

MALONE George H. 19 May 1863 01-May-1939 h/o MALONE Florence Roberta S/o George Y. & Tabitha Malone

MALONE George H., Jr. 26 Jun 1894 17 Dec 1894 s/o MALONE George H. & Berta (Roberta)

MALONE George Yewell Capt. 1830 1906 h/o MALONE Tabitha Wallace

MALONE Infant 26-Feb-1930 I/o MALONE Robert & Lucy

MALONE John T. 29 Dec 1897 30-Nov-1907 s/o MALONE George H. & Berta (Roberta)

MALONE John Wallace 14 Apr 1879 16-Jun-1951 h/o MALONE Nettie Moseley S/o Geoge Y. and Tabitha

MALONE Mable Steagall 03-Jan-1903 06-Oct-1925 w/o MALONE Arthur E.

MALONE Marcia Montgomery Sebastian 17 Jan 1873 07-Oct-1932 On same stone as Edgar Robert Malone

MALONE Mary Laura Ellsberry 10 Dec 1872 30-Oct-1904 On same stone as Edgar Robert Malone

MALONE Morris Boyd 31-Oct-1905 31-Jan-1955 h/o MALONE Annette S/o George H. and Berta

MALONE Morris Boyd 06-Apr-1929 06-May-1929 s/o MALONE Morris Boyd and Annette

MALONE Nettie Moseley 4 Sep 1878 08-Feb-1928 w/o MALONE John Wallace

MALONE Robert H. 19-Jul-1901 24-Jul-1945 s/o MALONE A. Y. & M. L.

MALONE Tabitha Wallace 1840 1909 w/o MALONE George Yewell (Capt.)

MANSILL Walter B. 30 Aug 1894 21-Feb-1954 Ala. Pvt 124 Spruce Sq. WWI

MANSILL plot with 8 adult unm graves

MARBURY E. L. 15 Apr 1879 12-Apr-1923

MARBURY E. L., Jr. 15-Jun-1907 30-Oct-1931 s/o MARBURY E. L.

MARCHMAN Albert T. 7 Jan 1872 07-Nov-1934

MARTIN Arthur 15 Aug 1880 08-Nov-1946

MARTIN Charles L. 23-Apr-1922 27-Apr-1939

MARTIN Clyde C. 9 Jan 1894 10-Nov-1944 h/o MARTIN Gladys W. (living)

MARTIN Elizabeth Bullington 15-Nov-1921 23-Jul-1954 w/o MARTIN Vernon C.

MARTIN George W. 22 Feb 1855 23-Jun-1951 h/o MARTIN Lizzie Lela Thomas

MARTIN Lizzie Lela Thomas 27 May 1858 08-Jun-1921 w/o MARTIN George W.

MARTIN Sidney B. 4 May 1874 12-Mar-1944

MARTIN Sydney Rachel 29-Dec-1950 23-Jul-1954 c/o MARTIN Vernon C. & Elizabeth B.

MARTIN Thomas R. 04-Aug-1920 18-Nov-1943 ?s/o MARTIN W. F. Martin, Sr. Lt. U. S. Army Air Corp, WWII Lost in Action. Buried close by W. F. Martin, Sr. Also 2 adult & 2 children unm graves

MARTIN Vernon C. 04-Oct-1917 23-Jul-1954 h/o MARTIN Elizabeth Bullington 1 unm child in same lot 25 ft away.

MARTIN W. F. Jr. 16-Nov-1912 08-Jul-1952 s/o MARTIN W. F. & Alice M.

MARTIN W. F. Sr. 12 Jan 1885 08-May-1944 h/o MARTIN Alice M.

MARTIN 17-Sep-1959 w/o MARTIN W. F. This information was taken from the Dothan Eagle Newspaper. Widow of W. F. Martin, dau. Mrs. Thurman Robertson, son S/Sgt George W. Martin, Orlanda, FL d-I-l Mrs. W. F. Martin, Jr. 6 great grandchildren, 5 grandchildren.

MATHENY Roy J. Jr. 21-Aug-1913 27-Nov-1914 s/o MATHENY Roy J. & Bess

MATHIS William Howell 25 Aug 1874 13-Oct-1942

MAY Alex H. 9 Dec 1882 18-Oct-1940

MAY Ben Jr. 24-Oct-1921 27-May-1939 s/o MAY Ben & Cauza

MAY Clarence Hooks 11 Sep 1889 16-Mar-1944 Lt. 38th Inf. 3rd Div. A E F

MAY J. W. 23-Nov-1904 03-Nov-1913 c/o MAY J. A. (John) & W. I.

MAY John A. 7 Sep 1870 07-Mar-1942 ?h/o MAY W. I.

MAY John Thomas 1956 Infant grave

MAY Seth Reynolds 24 May 1881 10-Jul-1949

MAY Talmadge 20 Apr 1892 31-Mar-1911

MAY Warren 10 Feb 1878 25-Sep-1944

McARTHUR F. M. 15 Apr 1838 09-Jun-1920 ?h/o McARTHUR Jennie

McARTHUR Jennie 22 Oct 1847 24-Feb-1928 ?w/o McARTHUR F. M.

McARTHUR Mary Virginia 12 Nov 1862 17-Oct-1937 w/o McARTHUR O. L.

McARTHUR O. L. 3 Feb 1859 07-Nov-1919 h/o McARTHUR Mary Virginia

McARTHUR Raleigh W. 4 Sep 1868 15 Oct 1898 1 unm grave in lot

McBRYDE Harvey Burns 08-Apr-1903 16-Jan-1944 could be related to Wm. Ross McBryde

McBRYDE Mattie Chancey 3 Jun 1877 19-Sep-1951 w/o McBRYDE William Ross

McBRYDE William Ross 25 Mar 1874 14-Sep-1927 h/o McBRYDE Mattie Chancey

McCALLUM Maude 29 Jul 1884 09-Sep-1923 w/o McCALLUM Neill Hinton

McCALLUM Neill Hinton 3 Feb 1875 06-Apr-1946 h/o McCALLUM Maude

McCARTY Caroline Bell 6 Apr 1849 19-Aug-1918 w/o McCARTY J. R. 2 large unm graves also

McCARTY Dallis G. 30 Jul 1886 18-Feb-1900 c/o McCARTY R. C. & M. L.

McCARTY Eugene Richard 17 Jul 1889 28-Jul-1934 ?s/o McCARTY Richard C. & Mary L.

McCARTY Henry Floyd 21 Sep 1877 19-Dec-1941 h/o McCARTY Lilla

McCARTY Infant 31-Aug-1916 s/o McCARTY H. F. & Lilla

McCARTY James R. 27 Jan 1853 17-Mar-1922 h/o McCARTY Caroline Bell

McCARTY Martha 14 Oct 1844 29-May-1914

McCARTY Mary Louise 17 Feb 1858 02-Apr-1941 w/o McCARTY Richard Cornelius

McCARTY Richard Cornelius 28 Feb 1862 24-Jun-1931 h/o McCARTY Mary Louise

McCARTY Roger Eugene 08-Mar-1918 12-Nov-1928

McCARTY Thomas F. 30 Apr 1860 30-Jun-1907 3 large and 3 small lunm graves by Martha, Infant, Dallas G., Henry Floyd, James R, Caroline Bell and Thomas F. McCarty all in same lot

McCARTY William Whiting 20 Nov 1883 11-Apr-1953

McCLINTOCK Herbert D. 16-Apr-1908 08-Apr-1946 ?s/o McCLINTOCK Herbert R. & Maude Susan Ala. Tec 5 U. S. Army

McCLINTOCK Herbert Richmond 5 Oct 1881 09-Jul-1948 h/o McCLINTOCK Maude Susan

McCLINTOCK Maude Susan 3 Jan 1884 13-Apr-1947 w/o McCLINTOCK Herbert Richmond

McCLUNE Maggie Lee 29 Mar 1880 02-Oct-1900 1 other grave in lot

McCLUNG Beatrice 10 Apr 1870 03-Mar-1911 w/o McCLUNG G. L.

McCLUNG Susie May 26-Apr-1907 21-Jun-1907 d/o McCLUNG Gl. & B.

McCORD Faye 03-Jan-1945 05-Nov-1954 "Daughter"

McDAVID John 30 Jul 1839 25-Jul-1905 In Flowers lot, also 1 unm grave

McEACHIN George E. 15 Aug 1877 13-Aug-1916

McELVAIN Christine D. 30-Aug-1916 living ?w/o McELVAIN Hugh S.

McELVAIN Hugh S. 23-Oct-1900 07-Nov-1952 ?h/o McELVAIN Christine D.

McENTYRE Jessie Young 1 Oct 1887 06-Mar-1939 w/o McENTYRE Thomas Hughes, Dr.

McENTYRE Thomas Hughes, Dr. 3 Mar 1875 07-May-1949 h/o McENTYRE Jessie Young

McGILVRAY Nora Belle 19 Apr 1869 09-Mar-1937 w/o MIZELL William Washington Also w/o Gray, Jesse David (See Mizell & Gray)

McKAY Alto 18 Feb 1879 28-Feb-1950 h/o McKAY Pearl

McKAY Pearl 18 Dec 1878 12-Jul-1948 w/o McKAY Alto

McKAY Unity, Mrs. 18-Feb-1906 In Richard L. Pilcher lot - could be related to Henrietta McKay Pilcher

McKEITHEN Patrick Henry 11-Nov-1941 Fla. Comsy ? Steward U. S. Navy

McKINNEY Carol Sue 19-Mar-1945 infant d/o McKINNEY John & Rose Nell

McKINNEY Rawlins 29 Feb 1888 12-Aug-1947

McKINNON Edna 24 Dec 1890 29-Sep-1946 w/o McKENNON Neil T.

McKINNON Neil T. 16 Jan 1881 30-Mar-1955 h/o McKENNON Edna

McLAIN Pat O'Burns 28 Apr 1882 06-Jan-1945

McLAUGHLIN Ronald Bruce

McLENNAN Eliza E. 30 Sep 1820 26 May 1892

McLENNAN Nepp A. 4 Nov 1845 28-Jan-1912

McLENNAN Robert B. 27 Nov 1860 14 May 1898

McMICHAEL Joseph Landon 9 Sep 1890 10-Nov-1945

McNEESE 1 large unm grave

McQUAGGE Curtis Worthan 1907 1945 h/o McQUAGGE Martha Reeves These were written up as husband and wife, but probably should be mother and son

McQUAGGE Martha Reeves 1883 1947 w/o McQUAGGE Curtis Worthan These were written up as husband and wife, but probably should be mother and son

MEARS Emma E. 14 Oct 1861 28-May-1937 In plot with Sarah Jane & J. W. Mercer

MELTON H. D. 10 Oct 1899 14-Mar-1940

MERCER Charity Thomas 23 Jul 1875 21-Feb-1946 w/o MERCER James M. "Mother"

MERCER Charlie R. 9 Jan 1898 14-May-1953

MERCER J. W. 18 May 1843 18-Nov-1933

MERCER Jacob C. 7 Jul 1878 07-Feb-1935

MERCER James M. 25 Dec 1870 24-Feb-1954 h/o MERCER Charity Thomas "Father"

MERCER Sarah Jane 5 Feb 1863 09-Oct-1942 "Mother"

MERCER Shirley Ann 23-Mar-1936 11-Oct-1939 1 unm ch. Grave beside

MERRILL Allen K. 26 Mar 1885 21-Jan-1952

METCALF H. L. 19 May 1890 30-Mar-1924 In same lot as Mennie P. Metcalf

METCALF Mennie P. 22 Oct 1870 05-Apr-1923

METCALF Reuben P. 23 Mar 1894 24-Mar-1935

MEYEN Conrad Paul 22 Jan 1895 28-May-1950 Nebraska Pvt 9 Construction CO.A S WWI Slab gives birth as 14 Jan 1893 buried beside Beulah Meyen Mullen

MIDDLEBROOKS E. E., Dr. 6 Jan 1823 08-Jan-1906

MIDDLEBROOKS Elva D. Lilla 1 Dec 1868 18-Jul-1918 w/o MIDDLEBROOKS W. T., Dr.

MIDDLEBROOKS W. E., Dr. 7 Mar 1888 02-Jul-1954 ?s/o MIDDLEBROOKS W. T., Dr.

MIDDLEBROOKS W. T. 14 Dec 1862 03-Dec-1941 h/o MIDDLEBROOKS Elva D. Lilla Could be s/o Dr. E. E. Middlebrooks

MILFORD India Collier 4 Mar 1869 20-Jan-1927 w/o MILFORD Marion

MILFORD Marion 21 Mar 1867 20-Oct-1935 h/o MILFORD India Collier

MILLER Angus Hugh 15 Dec 1884 20-Oct-1944 ?h/o MILLER Laura May

MILLER Laura May 9 Jul 1888 02-May-1948 ?w/o MILLER Angus Hugh

MILLER Lillie Parkman 26 Aug 1888 18-Jan-1954 ?d/o MILLER John Daniel & Maggret A. Stewart Parkman Buried by John Daniel & maggret A. Stweart Perkman

MILLER Lillie R. 03-Jan-1913 04-Jun-1922 ??? After birthdate. Child grave

MILLER Louis Paul 23-Jul-1954 26-Jul-1954

MILLER Woodrow W. 30-Oct-1912 07-Jan-1953

MILLS Dalton L. 02-Jun-1913 23-Dec-1948

MILNER R. L. 14 Dec 1882 11-Oct-1923

MIXON Annie Crawford 29 Dec 1889 21-Oct-1920 w/o MIXON Wester

MIXON Mary 26 Oct 1877 13-Mar-1958

MIZELL E 14 Feb 1876 29-Apr-1917 1 unm child grave also

MIZELL Helen Louise 15-Jul-1920 02-May-1922

MIZELL Nora Belle McGilvray 19 Apr 1869 09-Mar-1937 w/o MIZELL William Washington Also wife of Jesse David Gray (See McGilvray & Gray)

MIZELL William Foy 23 Sep 1891 27-Jan-1952 ?h/o MIZELL Claude

MIZELLE Infant 07-Oct-1914 07-Oct-1914 I/o MIZELLE Foy & Claude

MOODY Alva B. 1917 25 years old

MOODY Braxton I. 1 Jun 1862 30-May-1929 h/o MOODY Minnie Armstrong

MOODY Braxton Isham 24 Nov 1893 14-Apr-1936 s/o MOODY Braxton I & Minnie A.

MOODY Earle Farley, M.D. 22 Oct 1880 16 Aug 1952 h/o MOODY Ilona Cameron

MOODY Eleanor 15 Nov 1898 12 Jun 1899 d/o MOODY Braxton I & Minnie A.

MOODY Fleming I. 03-Jun-1900 21-Apr-1901 s/o MOODY Braxton I & Minnie A.

MOODY Fleming I., Dr. 22 Feb 1856 20-May-1900 h/o MOODY Iona G. Their son Fleming Moody b. 9 Oct 1884 d 20 Jul 1888 is buried in Columbia City Cem, Houston Co. AL.

MOODY Ilona Cameron 3 Jul 1879 22-Aug-1944 w/o MOODY Earle Farley, Dr.

MOODY Infant 22-Feb-1909 22-Feb-1909 s/o MOODY Riley Augustus & Hattie Virginia Morris

MOODY Iona G. 10 Feb 1862 15-May-1900 w/o MOODY Fleming, Dr.

MOODY Jacob Sr. 26-Apr-1903 h/o MOODY Mary Tillman 92 yr. 1 mo. 10 day

MOODY Mary Tillman 16-Feb-1900 w/o MOODY Jacob 77 yrs old

MOODY Minnie Armstrong 5 May 1867 24-Dec-1939 w/o MOODY Braxton I.

MOODY Riley Augustus 12 Apr 1867 07-Dec-1939 h/o MOODY Hattie Virginia Morris

MOODY Robert D., Dr. 19 Oct 1891 s/o MOODY Jacob & Mary T. 22 years old

MOODY Rosaline Cornelia 26 Feb 1891 30 Dec 1891 d/o MOODY Walter S. & Azie B.

MOODY Sherod H., Dr. 12 Jan 1884 13-Apr-1937

MOODY Sloan Armstrong 27 Jul 1891 6 Dec 1892 s/o MOODY Braxton I. & Minnie A.

MOORE Adger 1890 1944

MOORE Edwin 27-Nov-1923 06-Feb-1924

MOORE Infant 06-Jun-1950 06-Jun-1950 d/o MOORE Myron & Mary Sue

MOORE Infant 27-Feb-1940 27-Feb-1940 d/o MOORE Myron & Mary Sue

MOORE James Claude 31-Aug-1905 01-Aug-1946

MOORE Jesse J. 4 Apr 1889 living h/o MOORE Roxie Ann

MOORE Maggie 4 Jun 1875 17-Jun-1949

MOORE Roxie Ann 21-Sep-1901 living w/o MOORE Jesse J.

MOOREFIELD Maurice "Beloved Husband"

MORGAN Albert R. 12-Jul-1900 28-Apr-1911

MORGAN Otis R. 8 Aug 1873 31-Mar-1931

MORGAN Richard Gerald Infant s/o MORGAN Richard & Jessie In Buntin lot

MORRIS Charles J. 27 Jun 1871 18-Nov-1955 Maj 123 Inv. WWI, In James O. Morris lot

MORRIS Guy 16-Jun-1906 19-Sep-1946

MORRIS Guy W. 31 Jul 1890 29-Dec-1925

MORRIS J. A. 3 Oct 1857 09-Jan-1927 W. O. W. 1 unm grave by this

MORRIS James Oscar 7 Oct 1868 20-Feb-1948 h/o MORRIS Rosa Redding 3 adult unm graves in lot

MORRIS John J. 13 Jan 1861 06-Jan-1930 h/o MALONE Willie In Malone lot

MORRIS Lizzie, Miss 29 Oct 1860 21-Jun-1934 In James O. Morris lot

MORRIS Mary Ann 1833 1912 2 other unm adult graves in lot

MORRIS Max Folsom 09-Nov-1907 29-May-1945 h/o MORRIS Sue

MORRIS Nita Elizabeth 21-Jul-1930 15-Jul-1932 d/o MORRIS Max & Sue

MORRIS Rosa Redding 6 Dec 1868 w/o MORRIS James Oscar

MORRIS S. C. 1 Nov 1879 01-Aug-1917

MORRIS Willie Malone 31 Jan 1865 26-Jun-1945 w/o MORRIS John J.

MOSELELY Laura Waites 8 Jul 1883 31-Jul-1950

MOSELEY Laura Neil 29-Sep-1918 02-Feb-1936

MUIR Wallace T. 07-Mar-1931

MULLEN Beulah Meyen 27-Feb-1905 25-Aug-1955 Buried beside Conrad Paul Meyen

MULLEN Garland Walker 20 Aug 1860 20-Nov-1909 h/o MULLEN Hattie McLendon

MULLEN Hattie McLendon 23 Jul 1862 29-Jul-1914 w/o MULLEN Garland Walker

MULLEN James Wren 02-May-1939 03-May-1939 s/o MULLEN Billie & Evelyn Also 1 unm infant grave in lot

MURDOCK James M. 23 Mar 1852 16-Apr-1928 h/o MURDOCK Melissa

MURDOCK Melissa 17 Aug 1853 19-Jun-1929 w/o MURDOCK James M.

MURPHREE F. H. 18 Apr 1872 09-Apr-1917 h/o MURPHREE George B.

MURPHREE George Wallace 25-Nov-1900 23-May-1931 ?s/o MURPHREE F. H. & Georgia B.

MURPHREE Georgia B. 2 Dec 1872 09-Aug-1915 w/o MURPHREE F. H. & Georgia B.

MURPHREE Laura Glower 26-Jan-1909 30-Nov-1911 d/o MURPHREE F. H. & Georgia B.

MURPHREE Sarah Helen 25 Aug 1898 15-Oct-1900 d/o MURPHREE F. H. & Georgia B.

MURRAY Joseph L. 9 Jan 1892 16-Aug-1917 In Stripling lot

MURRAY William Charles 17-Aug-1917 20-Dec-1940 h/o MURRAY Valeria Hudspeth (See Murry)

MURRELL Carrie E. McNeese 21 Jun 1869 10-Apr-1952 w/o MURRELL Sterling Price 3 other large unm graves in lot

MURRELL Sterling Price 19 Nov 1861 28-Nov-1940 h/o MURRELL Carrie E. McNeese

MURRELL Wade David 2 Mar 1898 15-Mar-1942 Sgt 49 Inf Ala In Lee-Murrell lot

MURRY Annie E. Cary 28 Aug 1884 23-Jan-1957 w/o MURRY James B.

MURRY Isaac B. 20 Nov 1853 24-Nov-1913 h/o MURRY Mary A.

MURRY James B. 23 Mar 1880 03-Mar-1938 h/o MURRY Annie E. could be son of Isaac B & Mary A. Murry - in same lot

MURRY Mary A. 17 May 1862 08-Feb-1914 w/o MURRY Isaac B.

MURRY Valeria Hudspeth 23-Apr-1920 25-Dec-1943 w/o MURRY William Charles Also wife of Ralph D. Smith (See Murray)

MYERS Billy 24-Nov-1923 18-Dec-1945

MYERS plot with 1 adult unm grave

NEELEY Arthur B. 15-Sep-1911 03-Dec-1933

NEELEY Ella Hall 5 Apr 1880 27-Jul-1944 w/o NEELEY J. S.

NELSON Bart, Sr. 12 Jul 1887 08-Jun-1950 Buried next to Willie Matt Nelson

NELSON Barton James 28 Nov 1896 19-Feb-1956 Missouri W A G R Co. C 1 Engineers WWI PH

NELSON John 1 Jan 1892 3 Jan 1895 s/o NELSON Wiilliam & Kate

NELSON Willie Matt 05-Feb-1906 09-Feb-1954

NEWSOM Charlie R. 1855 1926

NEWTON Alice L. 27 Jul 1864 20-Nov-1936 w/o NEWTON W. F.

NEWTON Chester W. 6 Oct 1886 19-Jul-1937 s/o NEWTON W. F. & Alice L.

NEWTON Hattie B Collier 13 Aug 1864 02-Oct-1937 w/o NEWTON Jeptha M.

NEWTON J. J. 7 Aug 1874 08-Dec-1953 Male

NEWTON Jeptha M. 5 Jul 1861 13-Sep-1927 h/o NEWTON Hattie B. Collier

NEWTON Morgan T. 20 Apr 1875 10-Aug-1950

NEWTON W. F. 25 Oct 1856 16-Feb-1922 h/o NEWTON Alice L.

NEWTON William Franklin, Jr. 28 Jun 1895 13-Dec-1950 ?s/o NEWTON W. F. & Alice L.

NEWTON Wyatt C. 02-Oct-1901 25-Feb-1951 "Daddy"

NOLAN Delia Ann Phillips 13 Sep 1874 09-Mar-1942 w/o NOLAN W. M. W. M. Nolan - living

NORRIS Edward B. 8 Nov 1878 26-Dec-1950 h/o NORRIS Ollie Williford "Father"

NORRIS Ollie Williford 21 May 1878 22-Mar-1946 w/o NORRIS Edward B. "Mother"

OAKES Infant 25-Mar-1954 s/o OAKES Roy, Jr. & Marie

OAKS Catherine L. 22-Aug-1907 14-Mar-1955 w/o OAKS Roy D Roy D. Oaks - living

ODOM W. Alvin 08-Jan-1909 13-Mar-1945

O'NEAL Florence Deese 21 Jan 1876 11-Dec-1941

O'NEAL John Thrasher 25 Mar 1896 8/17/1898 s/o O'NEAL William Calvin & Johnie

O'NEAL Laura Caudle 8 Oct 1879 24-Jun-1950

O'NEAL William Calvin 29 Nov 1866 11-Jan-1904 h/o O'NEAL Johnie

OPPERT James A. 17 Jun 1896 24-Jun-1944

OWENS James Gary 13 May 1870 22-Aug-1955

OWENS Stephen B. 17 Dec 1893 29-Mar-1937

PACE Albert E. 12 Aug 1866 02-Jul-1928 ?h/o PACE Jennie M.

PACE Jennie M. 30 Jul 1866 08-Mar-1950 ?w/o PACE Albert E.

PAGE Bruce Bennett 22 Dec 1889 15-Sep-1951 son-in-law/o PAGE Milton M. Grave in Shelley lot with Mark Shelley

PARISH Gadi J. 25 Sep 1871 15-Apr-1955 h/o PARISH Jane E. Jane kE. Parish - living - born 6 Jun 1875

PARKER Ethel Farrow 5 Apr 1890 19-Aug-1925

PARKER George M. 31 Oct 1899 09-Apr-1924

PARKER Robert Cameron 14-May-1902 17-Nov-1902 s/o PARKER R. H. & Gordie E.

PARKER Susan Rebecca 08-Feb-1907 16-Nov-1908 d/o PARKER R. H. & Gordie E.

PARKMAN Bertha Stanton 2 Nov 1892 02-Dec-1932 w/o PARKMAN J. W.

PARKMAN John Daniel 17 Feb 1855 15-Mar-1933 h/o PARKMAN Maggre A. Stewart

PARKMAN Maggre A. Stewart 31 Mar 1854 02-Jan-1944 w/o PARKMAN John D. (Daniel)

PARMER Henry Lee 20 Jan 1878 24-Mar-1956 h/o BETHANY Ida Ida Bethany, b. 5 Aug 1882

PARRISH Henry P. 12 Nov 1874 17-Mar-1942 h/o PARRISH Lucy

PASCHAL Majorie 15-Nov-1911 21-Jul-1927 d/o PASCHAL William Davis & J. W.

PASCHAL William Davis 30 Oct 1877 18-Dec-1946 h/o PASCHAL J. W.

PATE James R. 31 Jan 1886 22-Aug-1946 Woodman of the World Memorial, also Masonic Symbol

PATE Stephen 19 Nov 1899 24-Dec-1947 Ala S/Sgt Air Service WWI

PATE William H. 16 Jun 1888 14-Jan-1922 Woodman of the World Memorial

PATTERSON Jarrett Franklin 3 Aug 1867 04-May-1947

PATTERSON Mary J. Baker 7 Jul 1866 07-Sep-1938

PAYNE A. B. 21-Jan-1906 17-Nov-1906 c/o PAYNE Ben P. & Daisy L.

PAYNE Alto 1890 1918 Related to James A. Payne, probably

PAYNE B. P. 17 Apr 1882 10-Jul-1928 h/o PAYNE Daisy L.

PAYNE Daisy L. 5 Nov 1882 22-Sep-1928 w/o PAYNE B. P.

PAYNE Earl 29-Dec-1910 05-Dec-1925 ?s/o PAYNE B. P. & Daisy L In B. P. Payne lot

PAYNE James Abijah 13 Feb 1880 18-Jan-1914

PEACOCK J. P. Jr. 7 Sep 1897 26-Aug-1955

PEACOCK Jennie Brown 8 Jan 1879 23-Nov-1951

PEEL Claudia Marie 19-Jul-1905 17-Aug-1953 In Berry lot with Charlie Berry

PELHAM Clyde A. 10-Oct-1909 26-Apr-1928 s/o PELHAM Clyde L. "Brother"

PEMBERTON Robert D., Jr. 20-Jul-1912 29-Aug-1953

PETERMAN Alice J. 20 Feb 1885 26-May-1951 w/o PETERMAN Charles W.

PETERMAN Charles W. 2 Aug 1873 02-Mar-1949 h/o PETERMAN Alice J. Also 2 small unm graves

PETERMAN John A. 1868 1928 h/o PETERMAN Lula S.

PETERMAN Julia A. 14 Feb 1840 19-Sep-1921 ?w/o PETERMAN T. E.

PETERMAN Lena Kirkland 17 Dec 1871 14-Nov-1917 w/o "Mother" 1 baby grave by

PETERMAN Lula S. 1884 1936 PETERMAN John A.

PETERMAN M. D. 20 Dec 1860 09-Jul-1939 ?h/o PETERMAN Sallie Love

PETERMAN Sallie Love 18 Jul 1861 23-Aug-1943 ?w/o PETERMAN M. D.

PETERMAN T. E. 25 Sep 1835 24-Feb-1923 ?h/o PETERMAN Julia A.

PETTUS John Walter 7 Jan 1896 26-Jan-1957 Born in AL.

PHILLIPS Eldridge 25 Feb 1886 24-Jan-1942

PIERCE Georgia Paul 4 Nov 1864 01-Nov-1956 Beside Sarah E. Fryer, could be dau.

PIGGE Infant 14-Mar-1935 14-Mar-1935 s/o PIGGE John English In H. S. Ballard lot

PIGGE John English 20 Nov 1889 27-Jun-1951 In H. S. Ballard lot

PILCHER Alice 3 Mar 1886 13 Jul 1888 d/o PILCHER H. R. & Eliza 1 other small unm grave

PILCHER B. R. 18 Feb 1866 22-Nov-1925 h/o PILCHER Sally Hobby #3 lot

PILCHER Della Bailey 27 Oct 1870 27-Nov-1913 w/o PILCHER Richard LaFayette, II

PILCHER Ecenith Forrester 9 Jul 1879 20-Jun-1948 w/o PILCHER George W.

PILCHER Edward Ralph 15-Aug-1907 19-Jan-1931 ?s/o PILCHER Joseph M., Sr. "Son & Brother" on marker

PILCHER Eliza 1850 1946 w/o PILCHER H. R.

PILCHER Elizabeth 26 Mar 1836 9 Jun 1893 w/o PILCHER Richard LaFayette, II

PILCHER Florence E. Wright 19 Sep 1892 08-May-1949 w/o PILCHER Louie Crayton

PILCHER Frank 1870 1950

PILCHER George W. 22 Jul 1870 22-Oct-1928 h/o PILCHER Ecenth Forrester

PILCHER H. R. 1851 1915 h/o PILCHER Eliza

PILCHER Henrietta McKay 14 Jun 1868 16-Jul-1946 w/o PILCHER Richard L.

PILCHER Hermine 1881 1949

PILCHER James Lewis 25 Dec 1873 22-Sep-1926

PILCHER Jefferson Davis 7 Oct 1893 27-Apr-1954 s/o PILCHER B. R. & Sally Hobby Pilcher lot #3, also unm grave

PILCHER Joe M., Jr. 18-Sep-1904 22-Oct-1939 s/o PILCHER Joseph M. Sr. Husband & Father - Son & Brother on marker

PILCHER John Earl 24 Jan 1881 18-Aug-1950 "Father"

PILCHER Joseph Mitchell, Sr. 29 Apr 1869 05-Nov-1941 "Husband & Father"

PILCHER Louis Crayton 26 Aug 1891 23-Feb-1953 h/o PILCHER Florence E. Wright

PILCHER Lula Surles 20 Aug 1866 13-Feb-1953 w/o PILCHER William Crayton Pilcher lot #2

PILCHER Mary Lou 1894 living

PILCHER Richard 23 Mar 1829 29-May-1900 h/o PILCHER Elizabeth

PILCHER Richard L. 18 Jun 1861 8 Aug 1899 h/o PILCHER Henrietta McKay In Pilcher lot

PILCHER Richard Lafayette II 13 Nov 1871 01-Mar-1941 h/o PILCHER Della Bailey

PILCHER Robert Douglas 21 Oct 1891 16-Feb-1900 s/o PILCHER B. R. & Sallie Hobby

PILCHER Sallie Hobby 29 Oct 1872 16-Nov-1952 w/o PILCHER B. R. In Pilcher lot #3

PILCHER Simmie 1881 1946

PILCHER Walter Crayton 18 Jun or Nov 1901 18-Mar-1955 s/o PILCHER William Crayton & Lula Surles In Pilcher lot #2

PILCHER Will J. 24 Dec 1897 04-Oct-1954 s/o PILCHER B. R. & Sallie Hobby In Pilcher lot #3

PILCHER William Crayton 8 Nov 1864 17-Dec-1917 h/o PILCHER Lula Surles In Pilcher lot #2

PITTMAN Cassie O. 16 Apr 1888 living w/o PITTMAN Norman A.

PITTMAN Charlie R. 1860 1944 h/o PITTMAN Emma 5 other graves in lot

PITTMAN Eddie 1 Jul 1874 08-Oct-1950

PITTMAN Emma 1862 1934 w/o PITTMAN Charlie Baby grave beside this one.

PITTMAN H. G. 26 Jul 1862 5 Oct 1891

PITTMAN Henry 26-Oct-1900 16-Jul-1944 h/o PITTMAN Ruby

PITTMAN Infant 06-Sep-1936 06-Sep-1936 s/o PITTMAN Henry & Ruby

PITTMAN Mary Emma 1864 1945 w/o PITTMAN Willie R. 2 adult unm graves in plot

PITTMAN Norman A. 23 Apr 1886 15-Sep-1952 h/o PITTMAN Cassio O.

PITTMAN Willie R. 1862 1942 h/o PITTMAN Mary Emma

POITEVINT Jerry Lamar 02-Dec-1935 02-Jan-1945 In Francis Erwin Brown lot

POPE Bertie E. 15-Apr-1904 27-Aug-1939

POPE Nancy Ann 12 Dec 1879 27-May-1949

POPE 1 unm adult grave

PORTER Edwin Russell 1869 1944

PORTER Sue 21-Mar-1937 d/o PORTER Paul & Ruth

PORTER Thressa E. 11-Feb-1910 28-Oct-1928 ? Twin of PORTER Tresslar A. Female

PORTER Tresslar A. 11-Feb-1910 30-Sep-1922 ? Twin of PORTER Thressa E. Male

PORTER William Paul 22-Jun-1908 14-Feb-1947 h/o PORTER Ruth

POWELL DeWilton 20-Jul-1967 12-Jul-1948 ?h/o POWELL Gussie Ellis

POWELL Gussie Ellis 1 Dec 1887 24-Oct-1922 w/o POWELL D. W.

POWELL India A. 14 Sep 1875 27-Jul-1902 w/o POWELL B. M.

POWELL Infant 09-Feb-1954 10-Feb-1954 d/o POWELL Mr. & Mrs. R. L.

POWELL J. J. 18 May 1864 19-Jun-1943

POYNER Anna Pace 23 Jun 1859 01-Oct-1923 w/o POYNER Benjamine Patrick

POYNER Benjamin Patrick 10 Apr 1858 18-Mar-1947 h/o POYNER Anna Pace Could be related to Sarah P. Poynar Jones

POYNER Bert P. 3 May 1884 14-Apr-1956

PREVATT Francis J. 4 Jul 1847 11-May-1903 w/o PREVATT W. A. 55 yr 10 mo 7 day. In L. W. Watson lot with 5 other unm graves

PRICE B. M. 13 Jul 1875 05-Jan-1951 male

PRIDGEN Belinda A. 23 Jun 1841 17-Oct-1910 w/o PRIDGEN Z. T., Dr.

PRIDGEN Z. T. Dr. 22 Nov 1848 16-Feb-1916 h/o PRIDGEN Belinda A. "Father"

PRITCHARD Sue 23-Jun-1906 18-Feb-1920 d/o PRITCHARD John T. & Elizabeth

PRUITT Mary Elizabeth 21 Oct 1848 17-Apr-1933 w/o PRUITT William Pinckney

PRUITT William Pinckney 30 Nov 1844 21-Feb-1923 h/o PRUITT Mary Elizabeth

PUCKETT John H. 13 Sep 1894 18-Aug-1947 Kentucky. Cpl 138 Field Arty 38 Div WWI

RAABA Gloria 14-Sep-1911 21-Apr-1912 d/o RAABA Lula Raaba and Rabb are buried near each other - could be same name.

RABB John B. 2 Sep 1858 02-Sep-1923 ?h/o RABB Mary B. Raaba and Rabb are buried near each other - could be same name.

RABB Mary B. 13 Jan 1871 23-Jul-1949 ?w/o RABB John B. Raaba and Rabb are buried near each other - could be same name.

RAINEY Charles Walter 12 Oct 1877 27-Apr-1948

RAMSEY Cora Dowling 10 Feb 1877 21-Aug-1950 w/o RAMSEY R. Hawthorne

RAMSEY Elizabeth Ruth 02-Jan-1910 02-Jan-1910 d/o RAMSEY R. Hawthorne & Cora D.

RAMSEY Joseph Robert, Jr. 10-Jun-1938 28-Jul-1946 In same lot as Cora Dowling Ramsey & Elizabeth Ruth Ramsey

RAY C. E. 27-Oct-1901 09-Jun-1950 h/o RAY Nell Hester

RAY Connel Emory 24-Jun-1928 06-Jun-1948

RAY Infant s/o RAY C. E. & Nell Hester

RAY Nell Hester 03-Dec-1903 01-Jun-1936 w/o RAY C. E.

REEDER Henry Grady 1 Jan 1891 13-Jul-1943 h/o REEDER Julia Nina Moody

REEDER Hugh Wesley 16-Jun-1919 09-Jul-1940 ?s/o REEDER Henry G. & Julia Nina Moody U.S.N.

REEDER Julia Nina Moody 14 May 1896 w/o REEDER Henry Grady

REEVES Cecil R. 15-Dec-1908 19-Aug-1909 s/o REEVES E. & S. G. 2 large & 1 small unm graves in lot

REEVES Cora Virginia 11 Oct 1877 10-Oct-1949 w/o REEVES William Walter

REEVES Eliza Stucky 6 Jan 1855 23-Apr-1925 w/o REEVES William J.

REEVES I. T. 18 Dec 1854 29-Aug-1928 h/o REEVES Malvina Matthews

REEVES J. I. 11 Sep 1851 17-Mar-1930

REEVES J. Marvin 21 Aug 1878 07-Jan-1941

REEVES James E., Sr. 5 Jan 1897 30-Oct-1953 Ala. Sfc. Co. A. 1 Develoopment Br. WW?

REEVES Malvina Matthews 27 Apr 1853 17-Jul-1949 w/o REEVES I. T.

REEVES Mary A. Williams 1841 1926 w/o REEVES W. J. In Bush lot

REEVES Ruby 10-Oct-1900 04-Jun-1901 d/o REEVES W. W. & C. V.

REEVES William Walter 24 Jan 1876 22-Sep-1944 h/o REEVES Cora Virginia

REGISTER Robert Paul 31-Jan-1925 17-Jul-1943

REID B. F. 23 Mar 1869 27-Mar-1926

REYNOLDS Etta A. 6 Jul 1883 living w/o REYNOLDS William P.

REYNOLDS William P. 9 Nov 1877 26-Jul-1955 h/o REYNOLDS Etta A.

REYNOLDS William P., Jr. 07-Oct-1916 15-Jul-1936 s/o REYNOLDS William P. & Etta A.

RICHARDS Dora B. 14 Oct 1882 26-Feb-1950 w/o RICHARDS King H.

RICHARDS King H. 18 Oct 1878 11-Aug-1947 h/o RICHARDS Dora B.

RICHEY J. W. (or Z. W.) 8 Apr 1872 24-Nov-1937

RILEY Arthur C. 05-Apr-1911 10-Feb-1939

RILEY Enoch T. 2 Jan 1880 h/o RILEY Mary L.

RILEY Francis Lean 10-Sep-1910 08-Aug-1951 w/o RILEY William Henry

RILEY Fred C. 26-Jul-1916 24-Aug-1944 Ala. Sgt 66 Armd. Regt. 2 Armd Div WWII 2 large unm graves close by

RILEY Gussie H. Bell 12 Jan 1883 27-Jul-1953 w/o RILEY George W.

RILEY James Early 17 Jul 1876 02-Nov-1950 The following was written on copy sli?? (Mary Comer Curtis Riley - no dates - all in same plot, one grave no name or date) I don't know if it is one person, or three. (AGD)

RILEY Jewett S. 14-Nov-1907 07-Aug-1951

RILEY Leroy 22 Aug 1882 25-Sep-1944

RILEY Lewey Frank 13-Dec-1909 20-Jul-1951 "Father"

RILEY Mary L. 6 Oct 1875 22-Jun-1957 w/o RILEY Enoch T.

RILEY William Henry 3 Dec 1887 29-Mar-1954 h/o RILEY Francis Lean

RIVERS Bertie Hill 12 Apr 1875 29-Mar-1924

ROBERTS Lonie 18 Dec 1879 living w/o ROBERTS Marvin M.

ROBERTS Marvin M. 27 Aug 1879 08-Sep-1953 h/o ROBERTS Lonie Written "Bishop M. Roberts" on Spanish American War marker) Co. G.

ROBERTS Thomas Allen 24 Sep 1865 23-Nov-1928 h/o ROBERTS Kathleen McIntire Kathleen McIntire Roberts - born, 27 Oct 1872 living

ROBERTSON Clarence 22-Dec-1911 19-Aug-1944

ROBERTSON John D. 08-Aug-1909 11-Sep-1937

ROBERTSON Penicie 14 Apr 1884 05-May-1951

ROBINSON John B. 16 Jan 1864 21-Apr-1943 h/o ROBINSON Hattie Hattie B 23 Apr 1903 Unm adult grave on other side

RODGERS Helen Bartlett 22 Oct 1873 08-Aug-1937 w/o RODGERS R. H. Also wo J. E. Bartlett. See Helen Bartlett

ROEBUCK Alfred Abner 17 Feb 1875 01-Nov-1952 h/o ROEBUCK Tullie Octavia Tullie Octavia Roebuck b. 12 Nov 1874 - living

ROGERS John F. 26 Apr 1880 24-Aug-1923

ROGERS John W. 18 Nov 1857 13-Sep-1925

ROLAND E. 4 Jul 1823 12-Nov-1912 h/o ROLAND Mary V. Mary V. Roland, born in Columbia Co., Ga.

ROLAND George E. 16 Jan 1870 24-Feb-1923 h/o ROLAND Minnie E.

ROLAND Harry 17 Aug 1899 30-Nov-1902 ?s/o ROLAND Geo. E. & Minnie

ROLAND Mable 10 May 1897 20 Oct 1898 ?d/o ROLAND Geo. E. & Minnie

ROLAND Mary V. 12 Sep 1829 15-Nov-1910 w/o ROLAND E. Roland Born in Jasper Co. Ga. 1 inf & 1 child unm graves at foot of grave

ROLAND Minnie E. 10 Feb 1878 28-Sep-1950 w/o ROLAND George E.

ROLING Henry Lee 6 Feb 1873 25-Sep-1947 h/o ROLING Leetie Dykes

ROLING Leetie Dykes 27 Jan 1872 14-Jun-1939 w/o ROLING Henry Lee

ROLLINS Bennie C. (or G) 10 Sep 1893 19-Sep-1912

ROSS Anna E. 16 Feb 1860 16-Oct-1912 w/o ROSS R. A. "Mother"

ROSS Robert Alexander 24 Sep 1886 13-Jan-1940

ROSS Robert Allison 20 Aug 1850 31-Dec-1934 ?h/o ROSS Anna E.

RUDD Maggie V. 1879 1926 w/o RUDD M. C. M. C. Rudd born 1868

RUNNALS Allison J. 7 Oct 1844 29-Dec-1928 ?h/o RUNNALS Mary E.

RUNNALS Mary E. 26 May 1847 20-Feb-1927 ?w/o RUNNALS Allison J.

RUSH Dorothy McFaddin 7 Mar 1893 16-Sep-1947 w/o RUSH Charles Wesley

RUTLEDGE Mary Elizabeth 4 Nov 1840 29-May-1921 In Flowers lot, could be related to Emma Rutledge Flowers

RYDER John A. 16 Jun 1855 04-Apr-1903

RYDER S. E. 3 Sep 1854 14-Mar-1902 Female, buried close by John A. Ryder, but not beside

SALIBA Abe Thomas 12 Jul 1886 07-Aug-1951 s/o SALIBA Mrs. Thomas

SALIBA Charlie 11-Oct-1904 05-Jan-1907 s/o SALIBA E. T. & W. 1 small & 2 large unm graves also

SALIBA D. A. 1867 1938 h/o SALIBA Mrs. D. A. May be s/o Mrs. Thomas Aliba - in same lot (Born in Betgreen Syria)

SALIBA D. A., Mrs. 1871 1950 w/o SALIBA D. A. Born in Betgreen, Syria

SALIBA George 12 Mar 1875 13-Feb-1949

SALIBA T. S. 1865 1938 ?s/o SALIBA Mrs. Thomas In same lot, born in Betgreen, Syria

SALIBA Thomas, Mrs. 1850 1945 w/o SALIBA Thomas On stone is marked "Our Mother" "Mose" "Abe" "Mike"

SALMON John W. 1860 1939 h/o SALMON Mary C.

SALMON Mary C. 1855 1952 w/o SALMON John W.

SANDERS Delia 31 Mar 1872 03-Nov-1924 ?w/o SANDERS J. W. Also could be dau-in-law of J. G. & Nancy Sanders

SANDERS J. G. 7 Sep 1847 17-Oct-1905 ?h/o SANDERS Nancy A.

SANDERS J. W. 31 Jan 1878 22-Aug-1923 ?h/o SANDERS Delia Also could be s/o J. G. & Nancy A. Sanders

SANDERS Joe Deck 15-Nov-1907 24-Sep-1940 1 unm adult grave in plot

SANDERS John 17 Oct 1870 27-Oct-1945

SANDERS Nancy A. 19 Aug 1844 30-Nov-1932 ?w/o SANDERS J. G.

SAPP Kalil 20 Aug 1886 01-Apr-1956

SAUNDERS Cora B. 14-Dec-1955 1 unm grave by this

SAXON Jennie Heard 7 Nov 1870 14-Sep-1957 w/o SAXON John B.

SAXON John B. 14 Aug 1865 19-Dec-1951 h/o SAXON Jennie Heard

SCARBOROUGH Infant 02-Dec-1923 02-Dec-1923 s/o SCARBOROUGH I. P. & Ozie

SCARBOROUGH Ira Pearson (Tom) 26 Nov 1898 04-Dec-1950 h/o SCARBOROUGH Ozie - living

SCOTT Nancy M. 6 Mar 1842 24-Jan-1916

SCOTT Rosa E. 10 Mar 1896 04-Dec-1955

SEABORN Addie F. 1873 1935 w/o SEABORN William J.

SEABORN D. Garland 13 Nov 1876 03-Feb-1957

SEABORN Linda Gayle 02-Nov-1946 09-Nov-1946 In D. Garland Seaborn lot

SEABORN Mildred Grace Marley 07-Nov-1922 13-Aug-1954 w/o SEABORN Jack In D. Garland Seaborn lot

SEABORN William J. 1858 1927 h/o SEABORN Addie F.

SELLERS Martha O. 24 Mar 1844 11-Jul-1912 In plot with Angus I. Kennedy

SENN Lee Ella Cannon 22 Oct 1874 25-Mar-1930 w/o SENN Robert J.

SENN Robert J. 26 Oct 1874 16-May-1923 h/o SENN Lee Ella Cannon

SEYMOUR Carrie Janie 23 Jul 1885 30-Nov-1948 w/o SEYMOUR Walter B. In W. B. Seymour lot

SEYMOUR Tarlton T. 20 Nov 1899 08-Aug-1948

SHACKELFORD Leonard Townsend 9 Jan 1880 20-Nov-1944 ?h/o or b/o SHACKELFORD Osee Knight

SHACKELFORD Osee Knight 16 Jun 1884 23-Aug-1954 ?b/o SHACKELFORD Leonard

SHADGETT George D. 28 Aug 1898 09-Jun-1942 ?s/o SHADGETT Minnie B.

SHADGETT Minnie B. 30 Jan 1871 08-Sep-1932

SHAW Addie Lee Hodges 14 Mar 1887 16-Nov-1939 w/o SHAW Raymond

SHAW Raymond 23 Apr 1881 03-Apr-1952 h/o SHAW Addie Lee Hodges

SHEAROUSE Infant 24-May-1941 24-May-1941 s/o SHEAROUSE Carl & Pauline

SHELLEY C. C. 1 Nov 1861 08-Dec-1929 ?c/o SHELLEY Mary & Mary Jane

SHELLEY Mark 24 Jun 1836 07-Oct-1921 h/o SHELLEY Mary Jane

SHELLEY Mary jane 15 Feb 1846 21-Mar-1924 w/o SHELLEY Mark

SHELLEY Milton M. 8 May 1873 14-Jan-1944 ?s/o SHELLEY Mark & Mary Jane

SHENT Ralph 22 Aug 1890 12-Jan-1950

SHEPPARD Henrietta 27 Apr 1857 09-May-1938 ?w/o SHEPPARD M. M.

SHEPPARD Inez Gray 13-Apr-1951 d/o SHEPPARD Henrietta 1 unm grave by this inSheppard lot

SHEPPARD M. M. 24 Mar 1854 30-Dec-1905 ?h/o SHEPPARD Henrietta

SHIRLEY Frankie Jean 16-Apr-1923 21-Apr-1926 Related to R. F. & Mamie Shirley

SHIRLEY James R. 11-Oct-1901 13-Jun-1928 ?s/o SHIRLEY Robert I. & Maggie S.

SHIRLEY Maggie S. 4 Oct 1875 02-Feb-1937 ?w/o SHIRLEY Robert I.

SHIRLEY Mamie Parrish 10 Feb 1888 27-Jun-1941 w/o SHIRLEY R. F.

SHIRLEY Nettie L. 11-Jul-1904 18-Feb-1906 ?d/o SHIRLEY Robert I. & Maggie S.

SHIRLEY Robert I. 13 Nov 1873 15-Apr-1952 ?h/o SHIRLEY Maggie S.

SHUTE Robert 13 Aug 1893 17-May-1944 1 unm child grave at foot

SHUTE Robert, Jr. 28-Jan-1922 03-Jul-1954

SIMONTON Carl Porter 8 Sep 1883 15-Jun-1949 s/o SIMONTON Joseph Henry & Frances Rosa Lee

SIMONTON Frances Rosa Lee 4 Feb 1846 27-Oct-1919 w/o SIMONTON Joseph Henry

SIMONTON Joseph Henry 22 Feb 1844 25-Feb-1910 h/o SIMONTON Frances Rosa Lee

SIMONTON Nellie Rosa Lee 11 Sep 1878 12-Jun-1909 d/o SIMONTON Joseph H. & Frances Rosa Lee

SIMS Eldridge 15 Oct 1884 20-Nov-1951

SIMS Julius C. 22 May 1882 13-Nov-1933 "Husband"

SIMS Mozelle 13-May-1905 11-May-1954

SINGLETARY Nancy Smith 15 May 1865 02-Jan-1949 w/o SINGLETARY William Thomas

SINGLETARY William Thomas 4 May 1866 29-Nov-1949 h/o SINGLETARY Nancy Smith

SKIPPER Alice Petrey 23 Apr 1876 20-Aug-1954 w/o SKIPPER John J.

SKIPPER Benjamin Green 5 Nov 1855 07-Dec-1923 s/o SKIPPER James C. & Eliza A.

SKIPPER Charlie 15-Apr-1907 18-Sep-1946 s/o SKIPPER John J. & Alice Petrey

SKIPPER Eliza A. 31 Jan 1890 w/o SKIPPER J. C. About 64 yrs old.

SKIPPER J. L., Rev. 13 Nov 1835 15-Sep-1904 h/o SKIPPER Lou Martin

SKIPPER James C. 28 Mar 1823 01-Nov-1903 h/o SKIPPER Eliza A. Key Adrene G. Dean, 204 Hill St., Dothan AL has other info on Skipper family

SKIPPER John C. 31 Mar 1848 14-Nov-1911 h/o SKIPPER Mrs. M. V. s/o James C. & Eliza A.

SKIPPER John J. 21 Jan 1872 18-Apr-1943 h/o SKIPPER Alice Petrey s/o Charles W. & Mary Jane Ward Skipper; grandson of Benjamin J. & Lovie Ann Newton Skipper

SKIPPER Lou Martin 19 Aug 1853 14-Mar-1927 w/o SKIPPER J. L.

SKIPPER Mrs. M. V. 5 Mar 1845 13-Mar-1918 w/o SKIPPER John C. Her name could be Martha Vandaley

SMART Mollie Cotton 29 Aug 1858 08-Apr-1936

SMITH A. J. 29 Sep 1844 01-Feb-1912

SMITH Alice Culver 22 Mar 1861 02-Jan-1951 ?w/o SMITH George W.

SMITH Andrew H. 5 May 1870 02-Jun-1938 h/o SMITH Elizabeth T. Lindsey

SMITH Early Lawrence 02-May-1911 25-May-1943

SMITH Elizabeth T. Lindsey 3 Oct 1873 17-Apr-1945 w/o SMITH Andrew H.

SMITH Frank D. 14 Jun 1845 19-Apr-1931 h/o SMITH Fannie E. Collins

SMITH Frannie E. Collins 29 Apr 1849 07-May-1900 w/o SMITH F. D.

SMITH George R. 1 Oct 1887 22-Sep-1936

SMITH George W. 5 May 1854 16-Nov-1926 ?h/o SMITH Alice Culver

SMITH Green 19 Sep 1867 living h/o SMITH Mollie

SMITH Mary Carolyn 13-Nov-1920 02-Sep-1931 d/o SMITH Mr. & Mrs. Ed.

SMITH Melva 23-Jul-1911 26-Jun-1913 d/o SMITH G. R. & Roxie George W. Smith lot

SMITH Michael H. 03-May-1952 05-May-1952

SMITH Mollie 4 Oct 1876 30-Apr-1948 w/o SMITH Green

SMITH Neva Marbury 30 Jun 1875 08-Jun-1942 ?s/o MARBURY E. L., Sr. In Marbury lot

SMITH Thomas E 4 Mar 1890 22-Mar-1948 Near George W. & Alice Culver Smith

SMITH William Frederick 16 Apr 1882 28-Feb-1948

SNELL J. M. (Jack) 20 Mar 1861 20-Jun-1923 1 unm adult grave also

SNELL W. L., Rev 25 Oct 1881 24-May-1937

SNELLGROVE Alton L. 10-Oct-1908 02-Nov-1933 W.O.W. N. 131

SNELLGROVE Alton Lee, Jr. 16-Apr-1934 12-May-1941 s/o SNELLGROVE Mr. & Mrs. A. L.

SNELLGROVE John 7 Jul 1883 01-Jul-1951 h/o SNELLGROVE Mary

SNELLGROVE Mary 24 Feb 1887 20-Jan-1948 w/o SNELLGROVE John

SNELLGROVE Thomas B. 12 Feb 1884 26-Mar-1954

SNELLGROVE W. W. 28 Mar 1882 08-Aug-1939 W.O.W.

SNYDER Edward Samuel 1873 1924 h/o SNYDER Hattie Williams In William J. Williams lot

SNYDER Hattie Williams 1874 1951 w/o SNYDER Edward Samuel

SOUTHERLAND New unm adult grave

SPANN Bessie O'Hara 21 Jun 1882 03-Jan-1943 ?w/o SPANN M. Stedman

SPANN Beverly Burks 25-Nov-1928 28-Nov-1928

SPANN Infant 27-Jul-1925 d/o SPANN Hugh & Mary Jim

SPANN M. Stedman 29 Jul 1874 12-May-1952 ?h/o SPANN Bessie O'Hara

SPANN Philip N. 20 Jun 1869 18-May-1927 h/o SPANN Viola Stoll

SPANN Philip N., Jr. 10-Jun-1911 04-Jun-1912 s/o SPANN Philip N & Vola C. Stoll

SPANN Vila Stoll 3 Jan 1873 29-Oct-1955 w/o SPANN Philip N.

SPARROW Irma Trawick 01-Jul-1903 05-Oct-1944 ?d/o SPARROW John Thomas & Laura Wherrette

SPEIGNER Infant 15-Jul-1944 15-Jul-1944 s/o SPEIGNER Alex & Kathryn

SPENCER Margarett 16-Feb-1914 29-Nov-1923

SPOONER Willie Ryals 03-Jul-1919 10-Mar-1928 s/o SPOONER Tannie & Beachum

STAGG Mildred Grace Adair 5 Aug 1895 30-Apr-1943 w/o STAGG Loring d/o Dr. John D. & Carrie B. Adair

STALLINGS James Cecil 10 Oct 1897 26-May-1941

STALLINGS Z. T. 8 May 1846 28-Nov-1914

STAMPER Ennis Carlton 11 Jul 1888 07-Feb-1903 s/o STAMPER W. D. & E. J.

STANLEY Lucy Griffin 1879 1939 Buried next to Thomas C. Crawford

STEPHENS Grover C. 19 Jul 1886 28-Apr-1946 s/o STEPHENS J. P. & Mary Lou

STEPHENS J. P., Sr. 10 Oct 1858 08-Nov-1923 h/o STEPHENS Mary Lou

STEPHENS Mary Lou 5 Apr 1860 27-Mar-1942 w/o STEPHENS J. P., Sr.

STEPHENSON Albert 8 Dec 1896 21-Oct-1946

STEPHENSON Charles Judson 24 May 1865 14-May-1919 h/o STEPHENSON Mary Clifford

STEPHENSON Luther Lee 29 Jul 1891 04-Dec-1950

STEPHENSON Mary Clifford 22 May 1869 24-May-1948 w/o STEPHENSON Charles Judson

STEVENS George Raymond 08-Apr-1904 28-Apr-1904 s/o STEVENS J. D. (Dr.) (Sr) & Annie L.

STEVENS J. D. , Jr. 31-Jan-1907 02-Aug-1908 s/o STEVENS J. D. (Dr.) (Sr) & Annie L.

STEWART Daniel M. 31 Pct 1848 08-Aug-1926 h/o STEWART Fannie Lewis

STEWART Fanny Lewis Bussey 20 Aug 1858 21-Nov-1916 w/o STEWART Daniel M.

STODDARD Infant 08-Apr-1955 d/o STODDARD Harry C. & Edna E.

STOUGH Marvin S., Dr. 22 Nov 1877 03-Jan-1938 Male

STOUGH Robert L. 1866 1957 h/o STOUGH Sallie Tex

STOUGH Sallie Tex 1869 1939 w/o STOUGH Robert L.

STRATTON Ruth Crawford 8 Jun 1880 08-Sep-1913 w/o STRATTON Lucien M. ?d/o James Read & Martha Ann D. Crawford

STRICKLAND Charles W. 17-Mar-1932 31-May-1949

STRICKLAND Daniel Durand 6 Jun 1847 19-May-1903

STRICKLAND Eliza Ann Matthews 7 Jun 1856 31-Aug-1937

STRICKLAND Estella E. 1870 1942 w/o STRICKLAND William L.

STRICKLAND Frances Bell 1875 1956 w/o STRICKLAND W. C.

STRICKLAND Infant 19 Sep 1891 d/o STRICKLAND W. L. & S. T.

STRICKLAND James M., Sr. 15 Oct 1873 23-Feb-1948 h/o STRICKLAND Rosa Lee

STRICKLAND Nettie Florence 27 Mar 1879 28-Jan-1950

STRICKLAND O. G. 27 Nov 1890 18-Nov-1924

STRICKLAND Rosa Lee 24 Aug 1875 08-Jul-1927 w/o STRICKLAND James M.

STRICKLAND W. C. 1876 1927 h/o STRICKLAND Frances Bell

STRICKLAND W. H. 15 Apr 1825 28 Mar 1893

STRICKLAND William L. 1855 1914 h/o STRICKLAND Estella E. ?s/o W. H. Strickland - all these Stricklands seem to be of the same family.

STRIPLING John D. 17 Jul 1896 13-Apr-1931 ?h/o STRIPLING Ludie Murray

STRIPLING Ludie Murray 27 Feb 1896 10-May-1950 ?w/o STRIPLING John D.

STRONG Ada Ethel 1869 1928 ?w/o STRONG Samuel Miller

STRONG Samuel Miller 18 Apr 1865 02-Apr-1913 ?h/o STRONG Ada Ethel

STURGES Wilton 6 Dec 1876 15-Jan-1955

SUMMERS Infant 02-Nov-1944 02-Nov-1944 s/o SUMMERS Irving & Quinton Smith

SURLES Kansas C. 17 Feb 1857 13 Feb 1892

TATUM Fred M., Sr. 15-Aug-1902 06-Aug-1954 ?s/o TATUM Menefee & Leola Ala. Pvt. Sup. Det. 1 Sup. Div. WWII

TATUM Hamling 1 Oct 1860 15-May-1948 1 unm adult grave by this

TATUM Leola 19 Jul 1872 23-Dec-1949 w/o TATUM Menefee

TATUM Menefee 10 Oct 1872 21-Oct-1945 h/o TATUM Leola

TAYLOR Rupert C. 04-Jul-1910 19-Apr-1938

TEDDER Clarence Ray 01-Nov-1926 03-Aug-1947

TEMPLES Ethel E. 13 Dec 1892 21-Jun-1957 w/o TEMPLES Charles C. Charles C. Temples born 30 Nov 1890 - living

TEW John Alex 23 May 1877 27-Sep-1940 ?h/o TEW Lula I

TEW Lula I. 31 Oct 1882 15-Mar-1957 ?w/o TEW John Alex

THAGARD James Eldridge 7 Jun 1899 02-Sep-1950

THIGPEN James Brown 21 Jun 1893 09-Apr-1950 2nd Lt. Co. A. 167 Inf. In John A. May

THOMAS James H. 1 Apr 1898 23-Oct-1954

THOMAS Mrs. Martha 1850 1927 "Mother 1850-1927 Always in My Heart - Mike" In Saliba lot

THORNELL Pershing 27-Nov-1918 24-May-1947

THORNTON Lillie 13 Jan 1889 30-Apr-1918 w/o THORNTON Rufe Newell

THORNTON Rufe Newell 30 Jun 1884 19-May-1950 h/o THORNTON Lillie

THRASHER Infant 24-Jun-1900 24-Jun-1900 I/o THRASHER D. B. & Florence

THRASHER James M. 19 Jan 1871 24-Nov-1906

THRASHER John T. 15-Feb-1947 09-May-1907 h/o THRASHER Ophelia R.

THRASHER Ophelia R. 12 Aug 1852 27-Apr-1929 w/o THRASHER John T.

TOBIN Joseph Steven 23-Aug-1943 bd only date given Infant s/o THRASHER J. T. & Margaret

TOLLESON Otis Odell 28 Mar 1883 05-May-1950

TRAIL Dianne 05-Mar-1956 only date given

TRAMMELL Annie Catherine 31-Jan-1904 15 Apr no year

TRAMMELL Byron 6 Oct 1873 24-Aug-1938

TRAMMELL David Arch 1867 1957

TRAMMELL Ellie M. 18 Aug 1893 living w/o TRAMMELL Oscar E.

TRAMMELL Oscar E. 11 Jun 1882 08-Jan-1944 h/o TRAMMELL Ellie M.

TRANT Columbus L. 14 Aug 1874 24-Aug-1942 unm adult grave beside

TRAWICK J. T., Jr. 24-Sep-1907 26-Aug-1939 ?s/o TRAWICK John Thomas & Laura Wherrette

TRAWICK John Thomas 7 Feb 1880 19-May-1953 ?h/o TRAWICK Laura Wherrette

TRAWICK Laura Wherrette 1 Sep 1880 29-Dec-1936 ?w/o TRAWICK John Thomas

TROTT William A. 24 Sep 1881 23-Feb-1954 Sgt. Co. E. 123 Inf. 31 Div. WWI Pilcher lot #2

TUCKER Ashley K. 1887 1956 h/o TUCKER Pearl L.

TUCKER Pearl L. 1889 living w/o TUCKER Askley K.

TURNBULL J. T. H. 7 Dec 1879 16-Apr-1922 h/o TURNBULL Emma Lasseter In Emery Lasseter lot

TURNBULL S. Emma Lasseter 26 Sep 1875 16-Sep-1952 w/o TURNBULL J. T. H. ?d/o Emery & Henrietta Lasseter

TURNER Newman S. 4 Sep 1874 03-Apr-1955

TURNER Roy R. 1899 1942 ?h/o TURNER Jimmie - living

ULHFELDER Henrietta, Mrs. 19 Sep 1865 14-Dec-1944 Buried by Jefferson Harrison & Mrs. Elizabeth

UNDERWOOD Fannie F. 11 Feb 1875 01-Aug-1945

USSERY 4 unm graves

VANN Addie L. 05-Jun-1913 19-Aug-1956 1 unm adult & 2 unm chldren in lot

VANN Colon 18 Nov 1895 29-Jan-1950

VANN Marvin E. 22-Feb-1905 01-Nov-1936

VANN 3 large unm graves

VENTRESS Margaret Reaves 1855 1936 Buried beside Narcissus Reaves Gary

VICKERY Chester R. 21 Mar 1888 15-Jul-1918 Entered service May 9, 1917, served with Rainbow Div. Co. F. 167 Inf. Killed in action

VINCENTELLI John F. 20 Mar 1887 14-Feb-1954 Ala. kCpl. Co. D. 1 Bn. Repl. Tng. Cen WWII

WADDELL Byrd F. 15-Sep-1914 14-May-1916 s/o WADDELL L. H. & M. G.

WADDELL L. H. 28 Dec 1876 25-May-1956 h/o WADDELL M. S.

WADDELL Maddie Sue, RN 10 May 1894 22-Mar-1923 ?d/o WADDELL S. F. in same lot

WADDELL S. F. 27 Mar 1854 01-Sep-1918 3 other unm graves in lot

WALDEN John Ernest 21 Nov 1890 24-Nov-1954

WALDING Hoyt M. 09-Nov-1930 20-Sep-1940

WALDRON Elva M. 14-Dec-1909 02-Feb-1952

WALKER Dorothy Cambell 11-Nov-1919 19-Sep-1953 In Willis lot. Name could be Campbell

WALKER John Stuart 23 Aug 1866 11-Apr-1951 h/o WALKER Mary E. Clendinen

WALKER Mary E. Clendinen 1863 1932 w/o WALKER John S.

WALTERS Claudia Ann 08-Jan-1955 only one date Infant

WARD Elizabeth Williford 25 Jun 1887 25-Aug-1956 ?w/o WARD Jasper Allie

WARD Elva Marie 06-Sep-1909 22-Jun-1930

WARD Erma Agnes 30-Jun-1908 21-Sep-1920

WARD J. L. 4 Jul 1863 06-Mar-1931 h/o WARD Robert Lillian Phipps

WARD Jasper Allie 1 Nov 1882 23-Dec-1940 ?h/o WARD Elizabeth Williford

WARD Robert Lillian Phipps 30 Sep 1863 06-Sep-1950 w/o WARD J. L.

WARD Vance 12 May 1890 06-Sep-1948

WARD William Oscar 21 Dec 1874 13-Jan-1929

WARREN Lawrence Lynn 16-Feb-1946 18-Feb-1946 Twin s/o WARREN Linton Collins & Jane

WARREN Linton Collins 13-Nov-1914 18-Apr-1951 h/o WARREN Jane

WARREN William Linton (Billy) 20-Oct-1941 12-Nov-1948 s/o WARREN Linton Collins & Jane

WARRICK Harry M. 10 Dec 1895 10-Sep-1935

WARRICK J. G. (plot) 1 adult unm grave

WARRICK Laura Pierce 20 Sep 1865 28-Jun-1952 ?w/o WARRICK W.

WARRICK Lewis Sidney 10 Apr 1866 21-Apr-1938 h/o WARRICK Susan

WARRICK Pat 3 Jul 1890 16-Mar-1937

WARRICK Susan 25 Jan 1871 24-Nov-1915 w/o WARRICK Lewis Sidney

WARRICK W. 26 Sep 1860 01-Mar-1927 ?h/o WARRICK Laura Pierce

WATERS L. M. 9 Jul 1891 19-Sep-1950

WATERS Maggie E. 18 Nov 1890 16-Jun-1926 w/o WATERS O. W.

WATERS Oscar W., Jr. 18-Nov-1930 19-Jan-1931 s/o WATERS Oscar W. Waters, Sr. 1 smal unm grave beside - same size

WATERS Thomas L. 28 Apr 1875 06-Jul-1943 In Moody lot

WATFORD Clarence L. 27 Feb 1887 11 Aug 1891 s/o WATFORD H. & M. Y. (or V.)

WATFORD Eddie L. 1892 1945 "Mother"

WATFORD Hilary 3 Oct 1860 10-Oct-1928 h/o WATFORD Masina Baxter

WATFORD Margret Cona (Cora?) 2 Dec 1884 05-Apr-1931

WATFORD Masina Baxter 25 May 1862 07-Nov-1916 w/o WATFORD Hilary

WATFORD Mittie Camp 16 Jan 1881 01-Jan-1942

WATFORD Nancy Helen 05-Jul-1943

WATFORD Nancy Olive 18 Feb 1858 10-Mar-1930 ?w/o WATFORD Seaborn

WATFORD Seaborn 26 Apr 1855 24-May-1933 ?h/o WATFORD Nancy Olive

WATFORD Susie A. 14 Aug 1858 25-Nov-1940

WEATHERS Annie Belle 25 Mar 1873 20 Aug 1892 w/o WEATHERS F. J.

WEATHERS Ernest W. 29 Aug 1898 23-Sep-1942

WEATHERS F. J. 26 Dec 1868 30-Jul-1926 h/o WEATHERS Annie Belle Also 1 small unm grave

WEATHERS Henry T. 31-Jul-1906 03-Jan-1945

WEATHERS Susan Annie 11 Jan 1841 25-Aug-1906

WEAVER Allen F. 5 Feb 1856 19-Dec-1926

WEETE Lillie 1857 1939 In Herschel D. Hale lot

WELLS Daniel E. 2 Oct 1879 04-Nov-1948

WELLS Eldridge Miron, Sr. 18 Aug 1886 14-Feb-1952 h/o WELLS Lillian Lewis

WELLS Lillian Lewis 18 Jun 1894 10-Aug-1957 w/o WELLS Eldridge Miron, Sr.

WELLS Ollie D. 27-Nov-1913 29-Sep-1919 c/o WELLS D. E.

WEST Willie Ethel Ducker 28-Jan-1906 28-Jul-1942 w/o WEST E. L.

WEYENEGER Bertha 1866 1920 Pilcher plot

WHATLEY Lawson A. 13 Mar 1894 04-Mar-1925 h/o WHATLEY Nancy Ruby

WHATLEY Nancy Ruby Cherry 14-Mar-1903 01-Jan-1927 w/o WHATLEY L. A.

WHIDDON Alfred Davis 1 Apr 1866 01-Dec-1941 h/o WHIDDON Jennie Camp

WHIDDON Jennie Camp 11 Apr 1874 20-Jun-1946 w/of WHIDDON Alfred Davis

WHIDDON Maude 03-Jan-1900 22-Oct-1932 d/o A. D. & Jennie Camp

WHISNANT M. J. 24 Dec 1889 05-Feb-1942

WHITE Eloise 16 Oct 1893 30-Dec-1900 d/o WHITE I. A. (Rev.) & Mary E.

WHITE Infant I/o WHITE Russ & Alice In Logue lot

WHITE Isaac Andrew, Rev. 9 Oct 1857 21-Jan-1948 h/o WHITE Mary Ella

WHITE John E., Rev. Sep 1833 Dec 1910 h/o WHITE Mary Elizabeth

WHITE Mary Elizabeth 2 Jul 1837 02-Aug-1920 w/o WHITE John E., Rev.

WHITE Mary Ella 8 May 1860 18-Dec-1901 w/o WHITE I. A., Rev.

WHITE Mina Strickland 25 Apr 1893 08-Feb-1924

WHITEHEAD B. J. (Speedy) 03-Dec-1910 21-Mar-1951

WHITEHEAD Lizzie 6 Nov 1882 23-Jul-1903 w/o WHITEHEAD J. J.

WHITING Mary L. 27 Dec 1875 living w/o WHITING Sherman S.

WHITING Sherman S. 16 Jun 1867 16-Apr-1945 h/o WHITING Mary L. - living

WHITTEN Benj. F. (Capt.) 1836 1912 s/o WHITTEN William & Myra R. 9th Reg. Maine Vol. Inf. Only son

WILKERSON Ella Mae 15 Oct 1872 17-Mar-1943 w/o WILKERSON Edmond E.

WILKINS James Carlton 08-Apr-1925 13-Apr-1952

WILKINSON Cleveland Orlando 1 Jun 1890 30-Oct-1953 ?h/o WILKINSON Leila L.

WILKINSON Leila L. 13 Jan 1897 28-Jul-1955 ?w/o WILKINSON Cleveland Orlando

WILLIAMS A. T. 29-Oct-1906 05-Jun-1942 1st Lt.

WILLIAMS Alto Lee 11 Dec 1883 19-Jul-1954

WILLIAMS Alto T. (or L.) 15 Jul 1876 06-Dec-1913 In J. Williams lot

WILLIAMS Annie Enos 31 Dec 1865 08-Mar-1957 m/o WILLIAMS Arthur Keyton

WILLIAMS Arthur 17-Aug-1907 09-Apr-1929 2 large unm graves in lot

WILLIAMS Bill Charles 29-Jul-1904 19-Apr-1906 In W. J. Williams lot

WILLIAMS Billie 01-Aug-1931 1933 c/o WILLIAMS Mr. & Mrs. B. P.

WILLIAMS Catherine Stuckey 26-Mar-1941 03-Mar-1925 w/o WILLIAMS William J.

WILLIAMS Daniel h/o WILLIAMS Elizabeth & Ella R.

WILLIAMS Daniel J. 28 Oct 1858 07-May-1938 h/o WILLIAMS Missouri A.

WILLIAMS Duva Leila 25-Jul-1902 09-Oct-1905 William J. Williams lot

WILLIAMS Effie Reeves 2 Nov 1871 26-Mar-1934 ?w/o WILLIAMS Oscar E. In William J. Williams lot ?d/o Eliza Stuckey Reeves

WILLIAMS Elizabeth 19 Mar 1835 2 May 1893 w/o WILLIAMS Daniel

WILLIAMS Ella R. 2 Jul 1854 30-May-1907 w/o WILLIAMS Daniel

WILLIAMS Fannie Sims 14 May 1876 05-Nov-1956

WILLIAMS George E. 30 Apr 1894 11-Oct-1954 Ala. S F C Base Ord Depot 2 WWI

WILLIAMS Infant s/o WILLIAMS Ernest & Lorene

WILLIAMS Joseph S., Jr. 18 Feb 1894 5 Nov 1897 s/o WILLIAMS J. S., Sr., & T. B.

WILLIAMS Joseph Sidney 17 Apr 1862 04-Feb-1937 ?h/o WILLIAMS T. B.

WILLIAMS Mary Allie 19-Apr-1907 14-Mar-1922

WILLIAMS Missouri A. 10 Dec 1858 05-Apr-1939 w/o WILLIAMS Daniel J.

WILLIAMS Nat Pace 14 Mar 1890 23-Aug-1900 c/o WILLIAMS J. S. & T. B.

WILLIAMS Oscar E. 8 Mar 1868 12-Feb-1918 ?h/o WILLIAMS Effie Reeves In William J. Williams lot. ?s/o Wm. J. & Catherine S. Williams

WILLIAMS Pixie Lee 17 Nov 1879 15-Jul-1952 w/o WILLIAMS Robert Clyde In William J. Williams lot.

WILLIAMS Quinn T. 22 Oct 1872 09-Feb-1936

WILLIAMS Robert Clyde 10 Oct 1879 15-Sep-1945 h/o WILLIAMS Pixie Lee

WILLIAMS Tattie B. 5 Jan 1859 18 Jul 1895 w/o WILLIAMS Joseph S., Sr 1 unm grave in Williams lot

WILLIAMS Thomas Edgar 21 Mar 1863 19-Nov-1906 In William J. Williams lot

WILLIAMS William H., Jr. 12 Sep 1893 11-Oct-1951 1st Lt. 10 Fld. Sig. Bn. 31 Div WWI In William J. Williams lot

WILLIAMS William J. 24 Jul 1839 01-Oct-1907 h/o WILLIAMS Catherine Stuckey In William J. Williams lot

WILLIAMS unm adult grave

WILLIS Euna Cannon 19-May-1901 17-Nov-1940 w/o WILLIS J. C.

WILLIS Fannie S. 12 Apr 1860 17-Mar-1935 w/o WILLIS John J.

WILLIS George Hayward 26 Sep 1883 02-Sep-1910 ?s/o WILLIS John J. & Fannie S.

WILLIS Jeremiah C. 22 Sep 1867 04-Jan-1923 h/o WILLIS Mollie E.

WILLIS John J. 13 Jul 1855 09-May-1930 h/o WILLIS Fannie S.

WILLIS Mollie E. 27Jan 1869 23-Sep-1919 w/o WILLIS Jeremiah C.

WILLIS Robert G. 23 Jun 1893 03-Mar-1938 ?s/o WILLIS Jeremiah C. & Mollie E.

WILLOUGHBY Infant 14-Dec-1933 d/o WILLOUGHBY Broadus & Olga

WILLOUGHBY Sidney 1 Jul 1859 25-Dec-1938

WILSON Elizabeth, Mrs. 4 Mar 1856 29-Mar-1930 Buried by Jefferson Harrison & Mrs. Henrietta Ulhfelder

WILSON Hosea Earl 23-Nov-1914 04-Feb-1957 s/o WILSON John T. & Lena Stringer

WILSON James Willis 24-Oct-1900 29 Mar 1950

WILSON John David, Jr. 09-Jan-1920 08-Nov-1951 s/o WILSON John David, Sr.

WILSON John David, Sr. 17 Oct 1872 25-Sep-1935

WILSON John T. 28 Jan 1884 16-Mar-1951 h/o WILSON Lena Stringer

WINDSOR Isabel 07-Feb-1922 28-Feb-1940

WINTER Elizabeth McPhelan 3 Oct 1889 19-Jul-1951

WISE Francis Marion 4 Oct 1892 03-Mar-1944

WISE J. Edward 21 Jan 1860 01-Oct-1937 h/o WISE Ola Beatrice

WISE Ola Beatrice 10 Jan 1878 02-Jul-1956 w/o WISE J. Edward

WISE Rex M. 19 Nov 1897 16-Jul-1951

WISE W. W., Sr. 22 Dec 1873 25-Apr-1955

WISE Willa G. 21 Jul 1876 10-May-1957

WOOD A. M. 1 May 1880 19-Jan-1903 s/o WOOD Mr. & Mrs. J. A.

WOOD L. G. 14 Sep 1884 14-Aug-1907 s/o WOOD Mr. & Mrs. J. A.

WOODHAM Brady Morgan 10 Oct 1888 21-Jan-1944 h/o WOODHAM Lillie Mae Warrick

WOODHAM Lillie Mae Warrick 15 Jan 1893 14-Sep-1941 w/o WOODHAM Brady Morgan

WOODHAM Mary Bell 10 Apr 1891 05-Mar-1949 1 adult unm grave by hers

WOODHAM Mary Evelyn 08-Jul-1917 05-Jul-1945 In W. M. Forrester lot

WOOTEN Willie L. 22 Jun 1869 06-Sep-1916 w/o WOOTEN J. T. "Mother"

WORTHY Edwin 1 Oct 1891 01-Nov-1955

WORTHY George F. 28-Jan-1931 27-Nov-1935 ?s/o WORTHY Edwin

WRIGHT Callie Mary Godfrey 28 Apr 1897 16-Mar-1947 could be hus. As there is a double stone. Unm adult grave

WRIGHT K. L. 1 Oct 1879 11-Nov-1925

WYATT Annie Gray 28 Jan 1894 04-Sep-1950 In Adderhold lot

WYATT Baby 22-May-1910 17-Jun-1910

YARBROUGH Harvey A. 14 Apr 1889 01-Apr-1939

YARBROUGH Robert E. 4 Dec 1891 23-Mar-1948

YARBROUGH William H. 31-Dec-1955 31-Dec-1955

YARBROUGH William H. 6 Sep 1861 27-Jul-1926

YARBROUGH William Hal 17 Dec 1893 02-Jun-1916


YOUNCE Lovvie 28 Feb 1895 29-Nov-1937 Buried next to M. L. Yonce

YOUNCE M. L. 10 Feb 1889 17-Jan-1948 Buried next to Lovvie Yonce

YOUNG Carrie O. 1851 1907 w/o YOUNG Milas O.

YOUNG Claude 24 Feb 1889 19 Nov 1897 s/o YOUNG James Robert & Lucy

YOUNG David Emanuel 26 Oct 1859 24-Jun-1936 h/o YOUNG Johnie Lula Stokes

YOUNG Felix J. 11 Sep 1881 13-Mar-1945

YOUNG George H. 6 Nov 1894 05-Sep-1933

YOUNG Goudie M. Curenton 15 Jul 1871 29-Nov-1930 w/o YOUNG William E. ?d/o William & Susan C. L. Curenton

YOUNG H. M., Dr. 2 Aug 1871 27-Jul-1909 h/o YOUNG Luta Irene

YOUNG Infant 27 Nov 1890 17 Jan 1891 d/o YOUNG James Robert & Lucy

YOUNG James Arthur 11 Nov 1882 31-Jan-1930

YOUNG James Robert 18 Aug 1866 15-May-1927 h/o YOUNG Lucy

YOUNG Johnie Lula 7 Sep 1862 15-May-1933 w/o YOUNG David Emanuel

YOUNG Lucy 2 Jan 1867 29-Oct-1909 w/o YOUNG James Robert

YOUNG Luta Irene 7 Jan 1873 02-Jul-1905 w/o YOUNG H. M., Dr.

YOUNG Milas O. 1834 1909 h/o YOUNG Carrie O. Co. H. 9th Ga. Regt. 1861-1865

YOUNG William E. 27 Nov 1859 27-Nov-1936 h/o YOUNG Goudie M. Curenton

YUNCK Wynelle Cook 12-Jan-1911 18-Aug-1938 w/o YUNCK Charles

ZIGLER Lillian J. 14-Aug-1904 10-Aug-1945 w/o ZIGLER Porter R.

ZIGLER Porter R. 18-Dec-1902 26-Jan-1946 h/o ZIGLER Lillian J.

C. J. 1 Dec 1866 08-Jul-1934 ?h/o ROLLINS Ella Jane

Clyde H. 5 Jul 1880 22-Mar-1937 "Mother"

Elizabeth E. 15 Dec 1870 28-Jul-1925 w/o AMAKER Abraham B. In lot with Arietta Jeffcoat, could be her dau.

Ella Jane 9 Aug 1870 05-Sep-1951 ?w/o ROLLINS C. J.

Homer H. 02-Feb-1902 10-Dec-1951 ?s/o PELHAM Clyde L.

J. W. 05-Nov-1900 14-Jan-1945 s/o PELHAM Clyde L. "Brother"

Joe 22 Jan 1893 06-Aug-1942 ?s/o ROLLINS C. J. & Ella Jane Ala Captain Inf

John T. 08-Jun-1934 ?s/o ROLLINS C. J. & Ella Jane Ala. 1st Sgt 123 Inf. 31 Div

Josephine Casey 20 Aug 1863 18-Sep-1949 ?w/o BAILEY Benjamin Walter Buried in Wade H. Griffin lot.

Kalil, Mrs. 1862 1927 Born in Bate Green, Mount Lebanon

Louise 1888 1944

Remus W. 18 Mar 1895 27-Jul-1944 ?s/o ROLLINS C. J. & Ella Jane Ala. Sup. Sgt. 117 Field Arty 31 Div

Walter Loyd, Sr. 06-Jun-1911 15-Mar-1957 In Hutto lot

William H. 9 Oct 1879 12-Aug-1951 h/o CARAWAY Malinda D. Malinda born 15 May 1882