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Creek and Seminole History on West Florida and Middle Florida

One thing you might do, though, is link into the Seminole War reenacting web page of Chris Kimball. He has some Creek and Seminole history on West Florida and Middle Florida that is relevant to the area, and besides is interesting as he wrote it from an Indian viewpoint. (Great information on Jackson, Liberty, Gadsden and all of west Florida bjs)

The URL is:

Please note a couple of things about what we call the "Seminole Wars".

1. The U.S. government records all refer to the "Florida War" for much of it, even though it was all over Georgia and Alabama too.

2. The was no such thing as a Seminole Tribe. The U.S. government created it as a convenience for fighting the Creeks in Florida. The Seminoles have since adopted it as a legal necessity and sometimes convenience, and play word games with it.

3. There was all kind of conflict between the states wanting to call up militia that the U.S. govt had to pay for, to defend homes... because the U.S. Army preferred to chase Indians instead of protecting homesteads.

4. The Seminoles were in a legal state of war with the U.S. government longer than any other tribe anywhere any time, and were never defeated.  They were betrayed a number of times under flags of truce, but the Army just couldn't defeat them in any kind of decisive battle or in the sense of totally eliminating them from Florida even by that low-life ploy of repetitively violating truce agreements.

Richard White Richard White researches H___res (Haire,Hare) in Florida

Indian Reservation at Dellwood in Jackson Co FL

Also, at one time we were talking about a Indian Reservation at Dellwood in Jackson Co FL. If anyone can give some input please send that also. Thanks ...Betty

There were two Indian Reservations in Jackson County. The first, "Econchatimico's Reserve" was on the Chattahoochee River north of Sneads. The actual reservation centered around the Butler and Port Jackson communities. This was occupied by the "Tock-to-ethla" band of Creek Indians, headed by Econchatimico ("Red Ground King"). They were connected to the Hoithlewaulee band in Central Alabama.

The second reservation, "Mullatto King's Reserve," was on the Apalachicola River a few hundred yards above where the Gulf Power Plant is located today, near Sneads. This reserve was created at the same time as Econchatimico's reserve and was headed by "Mullatto King" and "Yellow Hair." The former was either a runaway slave or free African American, the latter was connected to the Tomatley band of Lower Creeks.

These reservations were occupied until the early 1830s when the Indians signed away their rights to the land and were peacefully moved west. This was a non-violent removal that was NOT connected to the later Seminole and Creek wars.
Dale Cox

I noticed your note on the web about Malone area history and Indian villages in that area.

I have done extensive research into this topic and would be glad to provide you with what I have.

The primary known Indian villages in that area were "Ekanachatte" (Red Ground) which stood exactly at Neal's Landing, "Old Fields" which lay at Forks of the Creek and "Tellmochesses" which lay further down the Chattahoochee River just north of Parramore Landing.

The information you were given about "Neamathla's Town" is incorrect, although the mistake is understandable. On the Georgia side of the Chattahoochee river was a village called "Old Fowltown" which was occupied by members of the Perryman family of Lower Creeks. Your informant seems to have confused this with a second village named "Tutalosi Talofa" (which means "Fowltown" or "Chickentown" in Hitchiti Creek). This village, headed by the prominent warrior Neamathla, actually lay near Bainbridge in Decatur County, Georgia.

If you would more information on these villages, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Best, Dale Cox

Subj: Dellwood Indian reservation
Date: 6/15/99
From: (William H. Perkins Jr)
To: (Betty James Smith)

Ms. Smith-
I hope I am contacting the correct person. There is an inquiry at the internet address regarding an Indian reservation at Dellwood in Jackson Co., FL which reads: "Also, at one time we were talking about a Indian Reservation at Dellwood in Jackson Co FL. If anyone can give some input please send that also. Thanks ...Betty"

This is the first time I have heard of a possible reservation in Dellwood. I am hoping that you may have received more information about it which you could pass on to me.

My ggggrandmother, Mary Jennie Bridges, was supposedly a full-blooded Creek Indian who married Andrew Jackson "Babe" Bevis on Nov. 1, 1865 in Jackson Co., FL. They lived in and around Dellwood all of their married lives.

"I have been unable to find any info on Jennie Bridges' parents other than that their names were supposedly Robert Bridges and Frances Airs..." . Perhaps she was taken from them as a child...Maybe they were able to stay in Jackson County rather than being herded out west...There are many possibilities.

I do know that she was educated at a Methodist mission and went on to become a teacher in schools at Lovedale, Two Egg, and Clarksville, FL. She had to be recertified each year in Tallahassee.

In addition to anything you may be able to tell me about the Dellwood reservation, if you know of a resource I could use to find info about students in mission schools in that area or teachers at any of the above-mentioned schools, please let me know.
Your time and help is very much appreciated!
-J.C. Davis

Subj: Re: Mary Jennie Bridges and Andrew Jackson "Babe" Bevis

I might add my two cents worth. There was a band of creeks in SE Ala known as Yamasees. Was very local band. Anyhow, they went up to help fight Andrew Jackson and having lost, guess what. They lost their local land and not much is written about what happend to them. Some history says that some of them went to NW Fla and settled around Appalachee River, near where it did junction with other rivers, probably vic of today's south end of Lake Seminole. One of the older stories in this area, is that a woman from Kinsey, NE edge of Dothan, said that when she was a child, they would get milk from an old Indian woman from that tribe. Anyway, they lost the war and lost their land!

Indian Reservations

Marian McCormick,  Principal Chief
The tribe is run by the Principal Chief, and the Tribal Council
Gartsnar, a town originated in the Moutrie, Georgia area

The Tribe will be hosting the Seminar Dec. 5th, at Tama Tribal Town.

Everyone is encouraged to attend. I am sure there will be many

questions answered for everyone.

Thank you,

Peggy Venable

Now, about Indian Reservations. , my 12-year-old grandson and I went on the warpath up and down both sides of the Chattahoochee-Apalachicola looking for info on Indians which I want to include in a book about the history of the Malone area. We discovered there is a Lower Muscogee-Creek Tribe Reservation at Whigham, GA, called Tama Tribal Town and The tribe is run by the Principal Chief, and the Tribal Council with Marian McCormick,  Principal Chief. She is not on the internet. Sean and I visited the reservation, but they had been entertaining busloads of school children from Tallahassee that day and she was too exhausted to talk much with me, so I am supposed to go back. Meanwhile, the Tama Tribal Town is hosting a full day of Seminars on Dec. 5 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.(EST) for anyone interested in Indians. The registration fee is $20. The phone numbers are 912-762-3165 or 912-762-3355. The town is located at 106 Tall Pine Drive near Whigham, GA.  Seminar topics will be: History, Myths & Legends of the Muskogee Creek; Examples of Muskogee Clothing; Aspects of Daily Living Among the Creeks; Survival After the Trail of Tears; Demonstrations of Creek Tools & Weapons. This organization also tracks Indian genealogy--for a fee. In the short time that I talked with Peggy she said that Neomathla's (spelling?) Town was located in Jackson County not far from the place we now call Neal's Landing (off Hwy. 2). Some of the Indians did not take part in the removal.   Miriam Bailey

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