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1885 Mortality Schedule For Leon County



1 - Name of the person deceased
2 - Age at last birthday
3 - Sex: Male (m), Female (f)
4 - Color: White (w), Black (b), Mulatto (m), Chinese (ch), Indian (I)
5 - Single (s), Married (m), Widowed (w), Divorced (d)
6 - Place of birth of this person - Father's place of birth - Mother's place of birth
7 - Profession, occupation or trade (not to be asked if under 10 years of age)
8 - Month in which the person died
9 - Disease or cause of death
10 - Length of time that this person lived in this county
[X = blank]

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Adams, Martha 19 f w m FL-GA-GA X Jan childbirth 19
Adams, Mathew 14 m b s FL-FL-FL laborer Jan don't know 14
Aldrich, Mary 17 f b s FL-FL-FL laborer Nov hemmorrhage 17
Baby 1day m w s FL-FL-FL X Sep X 1day
Banks, Margaret 4 f b X FL-FL-FL X Mar dropsy 4
Barney, Clara 43 f b m FL-FL-FL laborer Mar pneumonia 43
Barrs, Arthur 1 m w s FL-GA-FL X Sep complication of diseases 1
Barrs, John A. 15 m w s FL-GA-FL laborer Feb complication of diseases 3
Barrs, L. E. 26 f w m FL-NY-FL housekeeper Feb congestive pneumonia 15
Beatie, Allice 25 f b m FL-FL-FL laborer Mar hemmorrhage 25
Boatwright, J.L. 50 m w m FL butcher Jul pneumonia 50
Boatwright, Mary 45 f w m FL X Mar pneumonia 45
Brainleft, Misouri 17 f w X FL-FL-FL X May dropsy 2
*Bryant, Elizabeth 1 f b s FL-FL-FL X May pneumonia 3mo
Bryant, Homer 70 m b m NC-NC-NC minister Dec pneumonia 1
Bull, Dalceida 83 f w w Fr-Fr-Fr X Nov Decay 50
Burgess, Nazareth 1 m b X FL-FL-FL X Jun convulsions 1
Burny, Infant 2mo f b X FL-FL-FL X Feb whooping cough 2mo
Byrd, W.P. 26 m w m FL-FL-NC lawyer Aug malarial hemog. fever 26
Campbell, Hannah 70 f b d GA-GA-GA cook May paralytic stroke 35
Chairs, Douglass 2 m w X FL-FL-GA X Nov congestion 2
Chairs, Green 69 f w m GA-GA-GA farmer Feb urinary infection 50
Chandler, John 1 m b X FL-GA-FL X Jan diphtheria 1
Child 1day m b s FL -X-FL X Mar debility 1day
Christmas, Alice 17 f m s NC-NC-NC seamstress Feb hemmorrhage 6
Cofield, Victoria 3 f b X FL-FL-FL X Jun drowned in a well 3
Cook, Henry 11mo m w s FL-FL-FL X Sep inflammation of bowels 11mo
Cooper, Ephraim 47 m b m FL-NC-NC Carpenter Mar pneumonia 47
Craig, John A. 48 m w m MD-MD-MD farmer Feb pneumonia 27
Crawley, Rebecca 11 f b X FL-FL-FL X May convulsions 19
Cricklow, Amanda 47 f w w FL-TN-SC housekeeper May consumption 47
Dantzler, James 2mo m b X FL-FL-FL X Feb whooping cough 2mo
Decorcie, Mini 68 f w 1 Fr-Fr-Fr farmer Apr pneumonia 48
Delphi Nix 2 f b s FL-FL-FL X Jul poisoned 2
Demilt, A.P. 53 m w X NY-NY-NY comm. trav. Sep bowel disease 3
Dent, Julia 25 f m m FL-SC-FL cook Dec typhoid malarial fever 24
Dorsey, John Wes.
m b s FL-FL-FL X Jun brain disease 4mo
Dorsey, Starling 2 m b s FL-FL-FL X Oct brain disease 2
Duhart, James 87 m b w VA-VA-VA laborer May disentery 20
Evans, Robert 37 m m m FL-GA-GA Painter Sep typhoid malarial fever 4
*Fairbanks, Andrew 35 m w s FL-ME-FL conductor Dec meningitis & paralysis 34
Fleming, Celeste 23 f w s FL-SC-SC X Dec pneumonia 23
Footman, Julia A. 26 f w m SC-SC-SC X Sep malerial fever 5
Footman, Nettie B. 1day f w X FL-FL-FL X Aug cholera infantuus 1 day
Frierson, Wilson 44 m b m AL-AL-AL laborer Dec effects of broken leg 30
Fulsum, Hessee 30 f b 1 FL laborer Mar childbirth 30
*Gallic, Alex 1 m w s GA-TN-FL X Apr membranous croup X
Gibbons, Nancy C. 5 f w X FL-GA-FL X Aug brain fever 5
Giles, Josephine 7mo f b s FL-FL-FL X Aug chronic diarrhea 7mo
Gipson, James 27 m b m FL-FL-FL laborer Mar pneumonia 27
Hale, R. L. 48 m w m FL-NC-NC farmer Jan dropsy 48
Hammond, Ann 3mo f b X FL-FL-FL X Apr whooping cough 3mo
Harrison, Clarissa 3 f b s FL-FL-FL X Oct kidney disease 3
*Hawkins, Wm. Henry 29 m b s FL-NC-KY cook Aug drowned 28
Hendon, Baby 2 m b s FL-FL-FL X Jun X 2
Hill, Richard 35 m b m FL-VA-VA laborer Sep pneumonia 35
Hogan, Pearl 1 f b X FL-FL-FL X Aug dropsy 1
Holloway, Abram 65 m b m NC-NC-NC laborer Jan general debility 27
Holloway, Allice
f m m FL-NC-FL laborer Feb pneumonia 19
Holms, Celia 39 f b X FL-FL-FL laborer Jan dropped dead 39
Hopkins, Green D. 50 m w m FL-GA-GA farmer Jan pneumonia 50
Hopkins, Jesse 3mo m b s FL-FL-FL X May pneumonia 3mo
Horger, W. T. 40 m w s FL-FL-FL farmer Jul congestion of the brain 40
Humphers, Daniel 2 m b X FL-FL-FL X Apr pneumonia 2
Hunter, Ann 43 f b m FL-FL-FL laborer Sep congestive fever 43
Hurst, Martha 16 f b s FL-FL-FL laborer Jan pneumonia 16
Hutto, Ola Bell 4 f w X FL-FL-FL X Jun congestion of the brain 4
*Jackson, Henry 23 m b s AL-NC-NC farmhand Jul crushed to death 22
Jackson, Lewis 18 m b s FL-FL-FL laborer May congestion 18
Jackson, Selim 6mo m b s FL-FL-GA X Jun brain fever 6mo
Johnson, Louisa 1 f b X FL-FL-FL X Aug congestion of bowels 1
Jones, Eve 105 f b w NC-NC-NC laborer Apr affection of the heart 6
Jones, George H. 24 m b s FL-NC-NC waiter May crushed to death 24
Jones, Mary 73 f b w GA-GA-GA laborer Jan decay 46
Kelley, Lillian 1 f w X FL-FL-FL X Apr cholera infection 1
Kelly, Angus H. 3 m w X FL-FL-FL X Jan billious fever 3
Knight, Adeline 55 f b m FL-SC-NC housekeeper Sep dropsy of the heart ?
*Kwilecki, M. 32 m w s Ge-Ge-Ge merchant Nov brain fever 1
Leon, Robert 45 m b m NC-NC-NC laborer Feb pneumonia 40
Levy, H.C. 44 m w m FL-NC-FL farmer Mar pneumonia 44
Lindsey, Mariah 35 f b m FL-VA-FL laborer Apr dropsy 35
Mitchell, Goodie E. 21 f w m GA-FL-GA X Jul malerial blood poison 20
Mitchell, Richard H. 2 m w X FL-FL-FL X Aug congestion 2
Moore, Alex 33 m b m FL-VA-VA barber Feb X 33
Nix, Barney 8mo m b s FL-FL-FL X Jul poisoned 8mo
Norman, Amanda 24 f b s FL-FL-FL laborer Apr childbirth 24
Not Named, Christine 1mo f w X FL-FL-FL X Feb cholera infantuus 1mo
Oliver, Hattie 43 f b d FL-NC-NC cook Sep ulceration of stomach ??
O'Neal, Jesse 1 m b X FL-FL-FL X Jul congestive fever 1
Pepper, James D. 37 m w m GA-GA-GA butcher May pneumonia 10
Pratorius, J. 69 m w w Ge-Ge-Ge tailor Aug chronic asthma 50
Randall, Abbie 68 f b m NC-NC-NC cook Jul decay 45
Randolph, A. L. 36 m w m FL-NC-NC physician Jul consumption 36
Rhodes, Amy 38 f b m SC-SC-SC laborer Jun syphelitic fever 20
*Robertson, Edmond 44 m b m FL-VA-VA minister May lung disease 6
Robertson, W. F. 72 m w m VA-VA-VA Physcian Jan pneumonia 40
Ruffin, John 50 m b w NC-NC-NC laborer Jul syphelus 30
Sheffer, Elizabeth 63 f m w FL laborer Jun pneumonia 63
*Shine, John H. 27 m w s FL-FL-FL lawyer May dysentery 27
Smith, Lydia G. 63 f m m FL-X-SC teacher Aug abscess of stomach 32
Smith, Noah H. 41 m b m FL-MD-VA farmer Apr pneumonia 30
Smith, Patrick 82 m w w GA-GA-GA farmer Aug internal injury by fall 54
Spencer, Edward 4 m b X FL-FL-FL X Mar pneumonia 4
*Stafford, Isaac 35 m b m AL-AL-AL farmer Aug dropsy 20
*Stewart, Fanny 24 f b m FL-FL-FL Laundress Mar pneumonia 20
Stewart, Malinda 3mo f b X FL-FL-FL X Mar don't know 3mo
Stringer, W. T. 46 m w m GA-GA-GA farmer Feb pneumonia 7
Stubbs, Elizabeth 49 f b m FL laborer Dec don't know 49
Switzer, Charity 65 f b m NC-NC-NC laborer Sep throat disease 50
Thompson, Austin 63 m b m AL-AL-AL laborer Dec congestion of the brain 35
Thompson, Daniel 7mo m b X FL-FL-FL X Jul convulsions 7mo
Thompson, Irena 60 f b m AL-AL-AL laborer Mar heart disease 35
Turner, George 3 m b s FL-FL-FL X Mar debility * 1day
Turner, Lucien 4mo m b X FL-FL-FL X May pneumonia 4mo
Verson, John 29 m b m FL laborer Apr don't know 13
Whitfield, R. A., Jr. 25 m w s NC-NC-AL farmer Mar pneumonia 22
Williams, Laura 24 f w s GA-GA-GA seamstress Feb typhoid pneumonia 23
Williams, David 7 m b X FL-FL-FL X Jan pneumonia 7
Williams, Eliza 68 f b m VA-VA-VA laborer Mar congestion of the brain 50
Williams, Frank 60 m b m SC-SC-SC laborer May dropsy of the heart 50
Williams, Priscilla 45 f b w GA-GA-GA cook Mar decay 30
Williams, Rachel 24 f b m NC-NC-NC cook Jan childbirth 25
Williams, Robert 3day m m s FL-FL-FL X Jul X 3day
Willis, Billie 25 f m s FL-FL-FL seamstress Aug X 25
Wilson, Charity 2 f b X FL-FL-FL X Aug worms 2
Wilson, Clifford 7mo m w s FL-FL-FL X Aug X 7mo
Woodward, Mack 2 m b s FL-FL-FL X Aug congestion of brain 2
Yeoman, Susanna 50 f b m FL-FL-FL laborer Feb asthma 50

[Notes at end of schedule - names denoted with an asterisk in table]
Of the deaths reported above, the following occurred in this enumeration district, but the families to which the deceased belonged, resided June 1, 1885, out of enumeration district as follows:
Bryant, Elizabeth - Madison, Madison Co
Fairbanks, Andrew - Birmingham, AL
Gallic, Alex - Thomasville, Thomas Co, GA
Hawkins, W. Henry - Jacksonville, Deval Co, FL
Jackson, Henry - Lake City, Columbia, FL
Kwilecki, M. - Bainbridge, Decatur Co, GA
Robertson, Edmund - Gadsden
Shine, John H. - Orlando, Orange Co
Stafford, Isaac - Bull Pl, Leon, FL
Stewart, Fanny - Sanford, Orange Co, FL

[Transcribed by Gail Vickrey]


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