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Archived Surnames

The surnames on this page are placed here merely as a reference tool. The system used for submission of these surnames was replaced by the Rootsweb/Ancestry e-mail lists and message boards, which has since been supplanted by the use of a Leon County Google Group for the submission of Leon County Surnames and Queries.

Please do not contact the County Coordinator regarding these submissions as we have no information other than what is on these pages. We also do not have any current contact information for the submitters either. If you do have valid contact information for any of the researchers, please contact the County Coordinator.


Query Name


ATKINSON Atkinson Tom B. Atkinson
BALKUM Balkum-Burney-Byrd Richard V. Byrd
BAZEMORE Bazemore Addie P. Howell
BRADEN Braden Sue Beach
BRADFORD Bradford Terrance H Fregly
BURNEY Balkum-Burney-Byrd Richard V. Byrd
BYRD Balkum-Burney-Byrd Richard V. Byrd
BYRD Moseley-Byrd John Byrd
CAUSSEAUX No Query Donna Sarchet
COX Cox Delores Wilson
CREEL Creel-Dickerson Charlie Faye Young
CRISTMAN/CRESTMAN Cristman/Crestman Garcia Gerald Berry, Jr.
DICKERSON Creel-Dickerson Charlie Faye Young
EDGE Edge Mary Ellen Wexler
FERRELL No Query Donna Sarchet
FISHER Fisher Cynthia Crigler
GEDDIE Oliver-Geddie Virginia Cohen
HALE Hale John Byrd
HANCE Hance Ann Crews Hance
HAWES Hawes-Russell Mary J. Murphy
HORN Horn Michael Parker
HOUSTON Houston Thomas D. Houston
JOHNSON Johnson Deanna Miles
LEVY Levy Ron Thompson
MCCULLERS McCullers Wendy Folse
MCDANIEL McDaniel-Moody Jackie Hobbs McInnis
MCINTOSH McIntosh Irwin McIntosh
MILLER Miller Cadet Griffith
MITCHELL No Query Joyce E. Walker
MOODY McDaniel-Moody Jackie Hobbs McInnis
MOSELEY Moseley-Byrd John Byrd
OLIVER Oliver-Geddie Virginia Cohen
OWENS Owens Tom Owens
PENDLETON Pendleton Judy Wright
PHILLIPS Phillips Denise Ney
RAKER Raker A. Virgil Barnhill, Jr.
REDD Redd John Byrd
RUSSELL Hawes-Russell Mary J. Murphy
SADBERRY Sadberry Dan R. Sadberry
SKIPPER Skipper Bobbie Rice
STRICKLAND Strickland A. Virgil Barnhill, Jr.
THOMAS No Query Janice Alexander
TRAWICK Trawick Virginia K. Trawick
TUCKER Tucker Fran Powell
WALKER/b> Walker Kathleen Pate
WALTON Walton Rick Richardson
WARD No Query Joyce E. Walker
WARD No Query James B.Johnson
WHITEHURST Whitehurst Sheila Melvin
WILCOX Wilcox Carla Ratcliff