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Leon County 1826 Election Returns

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The first session of the Florida Legislative Council met in Tallahassee in November 1824 in a log cabin near the present-day capitol building. Reproduced below is one of the earliest surviving election returns for members of the territorial legislature. It documents an election held at Fort St. Marks in Leon (now Wakulla) County to elect a member to the Seventh District of the Legislative Council. The two candidates receiving votes in Precinct Fourwere William Wyatt and David Macomb (also spelled McComb or McCombe). Wyatt, who won the won the vote totals in the Fourth Precinct by a vote of 6-5, also won the overall election. Wyatt represented the Seventh District in the 1826, 1827, and 1827 sessions of the Legislative Council, and Leon County in the 1838 session. In addition, he was a member from Leon County of the 1838-1839 Constitutional Convention held at St Joseph.

We the Subscribers Judges of the Election for Member of the Legislative Council for the Terotory of Florida. held at Fort St Mark in the County Leon 7 District and 4 precinct. do hereby certify that the Said Election. held at the aforesaid place that
Mr. McComb 11111 ---- 5
Mr. Wyat 111111 ----- 6
Doctr. Gibson ---------
Mr. McNeill -----------
Mr. Livanis -----------
they were Candidates and there were given to Mr. McComb five votes and given to Mr. Wyatt Six votes.

Signed T.H. [?] Chamberlain S and C G Y [?] Tested [?] Edwd Hickey Octr 4 1826 Clerk

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