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Photos and text Courtesy, Florida State Library and Archives.

United States Commissioner and Governor of the Territories of East and West Florida

(March 10, 1821)

The ceremonies of transfer from Spain to the United States took place on July 17, 1821 in Pensacola.

Previously, on March 10, 1821, General Andrew Jackson was named by President Monroe as "Commissioner of the United States with full power and authority to take possession of and to occupy the territories ceded by Spain to the United States..."

On the same day, he was also appointed by President Monroe to use in the territories of East and West Florida "all the powers and authorities heretofore exercised by the Governor and Captain General and Intendant of Cuba, and by the Governors of East and West Florida."

Three months later Jackson left Florida, never to return.

Richard Keith Call met General Andrew Jackson in 1813 in the Creek War and subsequently served as Jackson's aide de camp, beginning a lifelong friendship.