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Leon County 1823 - 1828 Marriages Sorted by Groom

This Leon County Marriage Index was extracted from the Leon County Clerk's Records. They were extracted by Lynn Glover on 9/12/2011. This index may not be used on other websites, for commercial purposes or copied from this website without prior written permission from Lynn Glover.

If you have more information regarding the people listed in this marriage index, such as family group sheets, a family history narrative, photos or other documents, please consider submitting them for display on this website. To submit such items please contact the County Coordinator for submission instructions.

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ADDISON, James GRIMES, Elizabeth 12/04/1828 00WX 00006
BLAKELY, Joseph ALLEN, Essie 01/10/1827 00C7 00187
BUCKLOW, John DAVIS, Charlotte 07/25/1826 00WX 00001
BURCH, Daniel E. BILLIME, Sarah M. 06/10/1826 00WX 00001
BURNETT, Samuel GRANAD, Martha 06/12/1823 00WX 00036
CHAPMAN, John WALKER, Nancy 10/17/1828 00WX 00006
CRAVEY, Jacob LEWIS, Temperance 01/15/1824 00WX 00033
EDWARDS, Benjamin WIGGINS, Elizabeth 01/10/1828 00WX 00004
FAIRCLOTH, John FAIRCLOTH, Jane Eliza 07/06/1826 00WX 00001
FORREST, Raymond J. ARRINGTON, Grace 04/04/1823 00W2 00076
GOODWIN, John MILLER, Abagail R. 05/19/1825 00WX 00001
GREEN, Clarence J. McCORMICK, Florence 03/01/1824 00W2 00305
HATTON, Allen PARKER, Mourning 01/07/1828 00WX 00004
HOWARD, Elemuel STAFFORD, Lydia 02/23/1827 00WX 00002
IVEY, Benjamin H. LOFTON, Ellinor 11/05/1824 00WX 00004
KEN, T. L. POWELL, Eunice 08/15/1826 00W2 00446
KERR, William BROCKMAN, Epsey B 12/26/1827 00WX 00004
MURAT, Achille GRAY, Catherine 07/11/1826 00WX 00002
RICHARDSON, David D. MILLS, Nancy Ann 05/06/1825 00WX 00001
RUNNELS, John BRUMLY, Mary 12/16/1827 00WX 00004
SAUNDERS, Walter WALKER, Melintha 08/31/1827 00WX 00003
SPEAR, James WILLIAMS, Sarah 10/02/1828 00WX 00005
THOMAS, Thomas J. JONES, Frances 11/24/1827 00CZ 00006
VAUGHAN, Major VAUGHAM, Louisa 10/09/1826 00CX 00312
WEAVER, Harry Duffield TRISLER, Lora Christine 08/31/1825 00W2 00378
WILLIAMS, Henry JAMES, Sallie 09/26/1825 00CY 00288
WINDHAM, William COTTON, Mahala 05/01/1827 00WX 00003